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Chapter 500 - The First Dance of the Gala

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 500: The First Dance of the Gala

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    Wen Xinya scanned her surroundings to see that lots of guests were attempting to step into the dance floor. However, it was only right for the Wen Family to lead the first dance since they were the organizers.

    She closed her eyes slowly and opened them again to see that everything had changed. She smiled and said, “Grandpa, I wonder if I can do the first dance with Grampy. I’ve never danced with Grampy before.”

    In her previous lifetime, she had to watch Old Mr. Wen and Xia Ruya step onto the dance floor to perform the significant first dance. She felt helpless and hopeless.

    In this lifetime, she was no longer that ignorant Wen Xinya who would turn a blind eye to everything for the sake of kinship. She was determined to make the right decisions in order to bring herself the greatest benefit regardless of the situation.

    Hence, Wen Xinya decided to suggest performing the first dance with her maternal grandfather, Old Mr. Mo, who was prestigious and reputable in the literary world and upper-class society. No one dared to challenge him, and others would not assume that Xia Ruya had a higher status than Wen Xinya, though she was valued by the Wen Family. After all… the Wen Family wouldn’t dare to disrespect her since she had the support of Old Mr. Mo.

    Old Mr. Wen glanced at Wen Xinya who had a bright and clear gaze in her eyes when staring at him. She kept a calm face and an innocent smile.

    Xia Ruya did not expect that she would make such a request on the spot and hence, stood rooted to the ground in shock.

    She intentionally invited Old Mr. Wen for a dance because she believed that Wen Xinya was well aware of the importance of the first dance, and thus expected that the latter to reject vehemently. When that happened, she would just have to sow some discord and provoke Wen Xinya further, embarrassing her.

    Besides, she was the center of attention now that there were various reports of her becoming a member of Zhishan Club and helping out in disaster relief efforts during the aftermath of the Yun Chuan earthquake. When compared to her, Wen Xinya would pale greatly.

    Not only would it seem like Wen Xinya was not as outstanding as her, but she could also use her status as a member of Zhishan Club to become the rightful adoptive daughter of the Wen Family.

    “Xinya, you…” Old Mr. Wen was at a loss for words.

    At this moment, Old Mr. Mo walked towards them and looked at Old Mr. Wen solemnly. “May I take the opportunity to perform the first dance with Xinya from you?”

    Old Mr. Wen could not bring himself to turn Old Mr. Mo down at all, especially since everyone was looking. Hence, he conceded. “Xinya has been under your care ever since she reunited with the Wen Family. You deserve credit for nurturing her into such an outstanding girl. It’s only right that she performs the first dance with you.”

    Xia Ruya glanced at Old Mr. Mo, who then led Wen Xinya to the dance floor and performed the first dance on behalf of the Wen Corporation. Listening to the enthusiastic applause around her, she knew that her plans had been foiled.

    “Grandpa!” Xia Ruya exclaimed, staring at Old Mr. Wen.

    Old Mr. Wen sighed and held her hand while leading her to the dance floor.

    A smile formed on Xia Ruy’s face, with resentment hidden beneath her teary eyes.

    Although Wen Xinya could not perform the first dance with Old Mr. Wen, she had managed to do it on behalf of the Wen Corporation together with the esteemed Old Mr. Mo. Not only did it emphasize her status as the successor of Wen Corporation, but it also proved that Old Mr. Wen valued her greatly, and Old Mr. Mo supported her.

    Although Xia Ruya got to perform the first dance with Old Mr. Wen and achieved her goals of getting adopted by the Wen Family, she was still inferior to Wen Xinya. At this moment, Wen Xinya enjoyed the attention of all the guests, and Xia Ruya would forever be reminded that she was only but the adoptive daughter of the Wen Family.

    The rest of the guests gradually stepped foot onto the dance floor as well.

    The ambiance became much livelier.

    Who would have known that a simple dance would involve a battle of wit and courage?

    Old Mr. Mo said calmly, “Everyone knows that all of the members of Zhishan Club come from wealthy and powerful families, and the fact that she’s the illegitimate daughter of the Xia Family will forever be a stain in her life. She wants the Wen Family to openly acknowledge her as the adoptive daughter of the Wen Family, simply because she doesn’t want others to use her identity against her and affect her reputation and status as a member of the Zhishan Club.”

    Wen Xinya was suddenly enlightened by his words, for she was preoccupied with the memories from her previous lifetime, so much that she had forgotten about it. “So, she came prepared and is bent on reaching her goals.”

    Old Mr. Mo nodded and said, “She’s at the peak of her fame and glory now, you don’t have to vie with her. She’s always been scheming and sneaky, to the extent that it’s almost impossible to guard against her. You just have to let her know that she can’t replace you even though she’s become the adoptive daughter of the Wen Family.”

    It was the reason why he took the initiative to give Wen Xinya an out.

    Wen Xinya nodded and said, “Grampy, I understand!”

    Old Mr. Mo said, “The Wen Family has always valued benefits and interests more than anything else. Since you can’t put your status as the successor to your advantage yet, you must remember not to let the Wen Family find out that you’re also a member of Zhishan Club. Otherwise, you won’t be able to escape their devious schemes.”

    “Got it, Grampy,” Wen Xinya answered.

    She did not inform the Wen Family of her involvement in Zhishan Club precisely because of the reason that Old Mr. Mo had mentioned. Although the Wen Family would definitely be more pleased with her after finding out about that fact, they’d also be upset and blame her for failing to put the Wen Family’s interests first.

    Staring at her solemnly, Old Mr. Mo said, “You’ll be turning eighteen in a few more months and you’ll be able to join in managing the Wen Corporation. The media, employees, shareholders and other members of the circle are going to pay attention to each and every move of yours. You must think twice before acting and make sure not to commit any mistakes.”

    Wen Xinya understood what Old Mr. Mo meant. She had once led a wandering life for fifteen years and lots of people had been paying attention to her changes. Unlike ordinary people who could learn from their mistakes, the slightest mistake could cause her to plunge from heaven to hell.