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Chapter 506 - I Recognize Xinya!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 506: I Recognize Xinya!

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    “Stop it! What are you doing?” Old Mr. Wen interjected. He rushed to the hospital to see that Old Mrs. Wen seemed to have broken into hysterics and was tugging at Wen Xinya’s hair.

    “Old… old man!” exclaimed Old Mrs. Wen, who was shocked to hear his voice all of a sudden. She instinctively let go of Wen Xinya’s hair and took a step back. She then placed her hands behind her back and sobered up.

    Old Mr. Wen hurriedly rushed forward and asked, “Xinya, are you alright?”

    Old Mr. Wen had heard about what happened during the gala. However, he did not expect that Ning Shuqian’s pregnancy would be exposed during the annual gala.

    Ning Shuqian had decided to do so simply because she wanted to shame Wen Xinya in front of everyone else and make her feel awkward. Even Old Mr. Wen was slightly intimidated by how vicious Ning Shuqian was.

    He did not expect that Ning Shuqian would come up with such a relentless and cunning move after laying low for two years. She had caught Wen Xinya off guard and left her with no chance to retaliate.

    However, it was not appropriate for him to intervene since his stand would determine everyone’s perspective of the matter. Wen Xinya was the freshly minted successor of the Wen Family while Ning Shuqian was the newly pregnant expectant mother. Although he did not acknowledge Ning Shuqian, he could not deny that she was carrying the Wen Family’s flesh and blood. One misstep and the reputations of both the Wen Family and Wen Xinya would be affected.

    Fortunately, Wen Xinya had managed to keep things under control and the matter had not been blown out of proportion yet. However, he had to stand up and handle the rest of the situation since he was the organizer of the annual gala.

    Shaking her head, Wen Xinya said, “Everything’s alright!”

    “I’ll take you to the doctor’s to get it sorted out,” said Old Mr. Wen, who noticed that Wen Xinya’s hair was all messed up and her clothes were unkempt as well. There were also several bruises on her arm which looked extremely terrifying. How could she be alright?

    He felt as if a boulder was sitting on top of his chest the moment he thought about Wen Xinya allowing Old Mrs. Wen to hit her without retaliation.

    “Grandpa, it’s alright. These wounds look scary but not serious at all,” said Wen Xinya, despite feeling a dull ache in her body due to the heavy blows that Old Mrs. Wen had inflicted on her in a moment of pique.

    Old Mr. Wen flew into a rage upon sight of how aggrieved Wen Xinya looked while hanging her head low, covered in bruises. He glowered at Old Mrs. Wen and chastised. “Old Woman, are you out of your mind? You haven’t gotten the facts right and yet you started hitting Xinya and even beat her up into a pulp. Do you even still care about me?”

    Old Mr. Wen made it sound extremely serious and Old Mrs. Wen’s eyes widened in shock. Throughout the decades that they had been married, Old Mr. Wen had never warned her using his identity as the leader of Wen Corporation. Clearly, he was extremely angered. She had no choice but to explain. “Old Man, you have no idea how Wen Xinya this evil child…”

    A sullen expression formed on Old Mr. Wen’s face and he interrupted. “Don’t keep berating Xinya and calling her names. She’s Miss Wen, the successor of the Wen Family. I acknowledge her and she doesn’t deserve to be called a rascal.”

    Old Mrs. Wen stared at Old Mr. Wen’s expressionless face and was suddenly overwhelmed with fear. She said in a mellower tone, “Not only did Wen Xinya cause Haowen’s wife to fall onto the ground, she even had the audacity to hit Haowen. I was too angry, so I…”

    Old Mr. Wen again interrupted Old Mrs. Wen sternly and berated. “Don’t you keep accusing Xinya of causing Ning Shuqian to fall. I know clearly what kind of a person Xinya is. I, Wen Zhihang, will never have a ruthless descendant who gets up to no good and goes against their morals. There were lots of guests present at the gala, and Ning Shuqian wasn’t careful despite knowing that she was pregnant. How could she blame Xinya for it?”

    He recalled witnessing Wen Haowen giving Wen Xinya a tight slap without hesitation at the gala, not showing her any face at all. He had even forgone the reputation of the Wen Family. He could imagine the process of Wen Xinya getting into a scuffle with Wen Haowen.

    Wen Xinya was extremely touched, for Old Mr. Wen did not intervene during the gala. She initially thought that he had valued Ning Shuqian’s baby more than her and even suspected her of pushing Ning Shuqian. To her surprise, he was clear-headed and had merely refrained from intervening because he was afraid of complicating things.

    Just like Old Mr. Wen said, there were no cowards in the Wen Family. Old Mr. Wen was decisive, Wen Haowen was narcissistic and arrogant, Old Mrs. Wen was full of herself, while Wen Xinya would only harm those who harmed her first.

    Old Mrs. Wen was at a sudden loss for words. She glared at Wen Xinya with a look of resentment and exclaimed, “Old Man, Ning Shuqian’s baby is our flesh and blood too! How could you be so cruel as to say such unfeeling words?”

    Ning Shuqian had brought it upon herself, but her child was a member of the Wen Family!

    Old Mr. Wen glanced at Wen Haowen and said, “I do value the Wen Family’s flesh and blood, but if anyone tries to use that to cause a stir and sow discord, I won’t allow it. I won’t put the Wen Family’s reputation and interests at stake.”

    Blood ties mattered a lot to the Wen Family and Old Mr. Wen. Otherwise, he would not have gone through painstaking means to search for Wen Xinya and reunite with her, despite knowing that she had an embarrassing past. That was the very reason why Ning Shuqian decided to use her pregnancy to cause a stir during the gala.

    Noticing the icy cold stare in Old Mr. Wen’s eyes, Wen Haowen felt a cold shiver down his spine and sneered. “Father, you’re making yourself to be so high-sounding. I bet you just don’t value me, Shuqian and our child.”

    Ever since Old Mr. Wen arrived at the hospital, the first thing he was concerned about was Wen Xinya’s injuries, though Ning Shuqian was still in the treatment room. He had even spoken harshly to Old Mrs. Wen and blamed Ning Shuqian for being careless. Moreover, he had even begun blaming Wen Haowen.

    All the old man cares about is Wen Xinya and no one else, not me, Shuqian, nor our child.

    Old Mr. Wen did not wish to waste any more time talking to Wen Haowen, though he was rather worried about the possible chaos that would happen within the Wen Family, considering how chaotic things were even before Ning Shuqian’s child was born. He ought to make a decision.