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Chapter 508 - A Call from Grampy

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 508: A Call from Grampy

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    Instead of entering the room to see Ning Shuqian, Wen Xinya walked out of the hospital slowly.

    She did not expect that Ning Shuqian would execute her next move at the Wen Corporation annual gala after keeping a low profile for two years. Ning Shuqian had even used her pregnancy to embarrass Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya could totally imagine what the headlines would be like tomorrow; they’d no longer be about Xia Ruya appearing in the same outfit as Sun Xiaorou, but rather an accusation against Wen Xinya, claiming that she had caused her stepmother to fall and almost suffer a miscarriage. Once the news spread like wildfire, the media was also going to start doubting her identity as the successor of the Wen Family.

    Wen Xinya took a deep breath. As much as she hated to admit, Ning Shuqian’s scheming plan was indeed impressive.

    Due to the fact that she had been too preoccupied with being restricted by her memories of the previous lifetime, she did not expect that Ning Shuqian would use her pregnancy against her.

    Fortunately, she had kept things within her control.

    Although Wen Haowen had mentioned about disowning her, Old Mr. Wen’s words had stabilized her position in the Wen Family and she believed that she would one day grow to the point of being completely independent of the Wen Family. She believed that she could snatch everything that belonged to her, using her own capabilities.

    After calming herself down, Wen Xinya whipped out her mobile phone and sent an email to the Tianchao Private Investigation Agency. She was bent on making an issue out of Xia Ruya coincidentally appearing in the same outfit as Sun Xiaorou. Since I was unlucky to have been framed by Ning Shuqian, I must drag Xia Ruya down with me and get her to share some of the attention with me.

    At this moment, she received a call from Old Mr. Mo.

    Wen Xinya teared up at the thought of everything that happened at the hospital and the bruises on her body, as well as how aggrieved she felt. She got a grip on her emotions before picking up the call.

    Old Mr. Mo sounded extremely aged and anxious. “Xinya, where are you now? I tried to call you just now but I couldn’t reach you at all.”

    During the banquet, he had witnessed Ning Shuqian accusing Wen Xinya and Wen Haowen hitting her in front of everyone. However, it was the Wen Family’s issue, so it would be inappropriate for him to intervene. Furthermore, he did not want to complicate matters and make Wen Xinya feel even more awkward, though he was exasperated.

    Hence, he decided to look for Old Mr. Wen and inform him of the matter. By the time he was done talking to Old Mr. Wen, Wen Xinya was no longer at the banquet hall and could not be reached by phone either. He was filled with worry at the thought of what happened.

    Wen Xinya covered the microphone and sniffled while holding her tears back. She then answered calmly, “Grampy, I’m at the hospital now. I think the reception is poor here. That’s why you couldn’t reach me.”

    Old Mr. Mo instantly knew what she was at the hospital for. Although he admired her for being able to remain composed, he was extremely sympathetic towards her as well. “How are your injuries? Ruoruo has concocted some ointment for you. Remember to apply them when you’re home. The medicine provided by the hospital is not as potent as the ones concocted by Ruoruo.”

    “Yes! Got it,” said Wen Xinya. Although she tried to hold her tears back, she could not stop them from rolling down her cheeks. She suddenly realized that the wound on her face hurt and she felt an excruciating, stinging pain in the corner of her lips.

    Old Mr. Mo’s heart softened the moment he heard her sobs. “Remember to apply some ice to your face before putting on the ointment. You’ll recover sooner that way.”

    Wen Xinya murmured assent.

    Old Mr. Mo began to feel more and more upset. “Your father has hit you on several occasions and he’s so muddled up. All he does is let that woman manipulate him. You must be wary and stand up to him.”

    Wen Haowen had completely angered Old Mr. Mo, who knew long ago that he was heartless to Mo Yunyao and Wen Xinya. However, he had never witnessed such an atrocious behavior from him before. Wen Haowen had truly crossed the line this time.

    Wen Xinya teared up silently and said, “Grampy, Wen Haowen is not fit to be my father.”

    “Good that you understand. I’m here for you no matter what happens. I don’t believe that you’re as bad as what he made you out to be. No one can accuse you so long as you have my approval,” said Old Mr. Mo, who could tell that she was in the midst of an emotional turmoil. He could not help but be filled with resentment at the thought of Mo Yunyao’s early death and the mistreatment that his granddaughter had been subjected to. He absolutely regretted letting Mo Yunyao marry Wen Haowen.

    Wen Xinya teared up and choked with sobs. She had always known what Wen Haowen was like. She was not afraid at all even though Wen Haowen mentioned about publishing a notice in the newspapers to sever all ties with her.

    Old Mr. Mo sighed and he said, “Don’t worry about Ning Shuqian’s fall. Leave this to me. I won’t let you take the blame and have your reputation ruined.”

    He could turn a blind eye to other matters and allow Wen Xinya to handle them by herself. However, he could not do so for this one. If anyone dared to spread false rumors and defame Wen Xinya, he would definitely intervene.

    A large lump formed in Wen Xinya’s throat and she said, “Grampy, I know what to do…”

    She began sobbing and choking terribly, so much that she could not say a single word.

    Old Mr. Mo said solemnly, “Ning Shuqian has always been scheming and full of tricks. You must be more wary of her pregnancy.”

    Now that Ning Shuqian was pregnant, she would definitely use it to cause a stir.

    Having understood her grandfather’s words, Wen Xinya said, “Grampy, don’t worry! Although I was caught off guard by Ning Shuqian’s pregnancy, I’ll be very careful.”

    Ning Shuqian’s unborn child had become her trump card, and Wen Haowen and Old Mrs. Wen would hence stand on her side. She had also expected that Old Mr. Wen would begin to waver.

    After all, nothing was more important than blood ties.

    Old Mr. Mo was still clear-headed. He heaved a sigh of relief and said, “There’ll definitely be news reports regarding your status as the Wen Family successor all over the news tomorrow. You don’t have to take them to heart. Your Grandpa has already promised me that he won’t let Ning Shuqian’s child affect your status and position in the Wen Family.”

    Securing Wen Xinya’s position in the Wen Family was Old Mr. Mo’s main purpose for visiting Old Mr. Wen tonight. Ever since Mo Yunyao passed away, he had never had a deep conversation with him before. However, he did not mind using Mo Yunyao’s death to drive Old Mr. Wen into a corner and fulfill the promise that he had made.

    Wen Xinya was greatly startled. Recalling what Old Mr. Wen had said to Wen Haowen previously, she finally understood that it was the outcome of their chat. “Grampy, thank you!”

    Old Mr. Mo sighed and said, “This is all I can do for you. The rest will still be on you. Your Grandpa only agreed to my request because you don’t pose a threat to the Wen Family’s interests for now. Once you do, he’ll be less likely to fulfill his promise.”

    Wen Xinya understood what he meant. Xia Ruya was extremely outstanding but was not the flesh and blood of the Wen Family. Hence, the Wen Family decided to reunite with Wen Xinya. If Wen Xinya was not outstanding enough, her place in the Wen Family would be unstable, especially after the birth of Ning Shuqian’s child.