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Chapter 511 - Come Here, I’ll Apply Some Medicine on Your Wounds!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 511: Come Here, I’ll Apply Some Medicine on Your Wounds!

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    Although she had only sustained minor injuries, Si Yiyan treated her like a fragile glass doll. He carried her into the car carefully before driving towards Lishan Mansion.

    Upon returning to Lishan Mansion, Si Yiyan immediately filled the bathtub with warm water and added a few drops of lavender oil which had disinfectant properties. It could also numb pain, catalyze skin recovery, and relieve tension in muscles. Soaking in the tub of water would help Wen Xinya’s wounds heal faster.

    The aroma of lavender wafted up to Wen Xinya’s nose and she began to feel a little fuzzy. After soaking in the water for more than twenty minutes, her skin began to turn red and tender and she felt as if her bruises had dissipated, no longer as intense as they used to be.

    Wen Xinya walked to the living room, clad in her pajamas. Si Yiyan waved at her and said, “Hurry and come here. I’ll help you apply some medicine on your face.”

    “The wounds don’t hurt as much as they did before. After putting on some medication, they’ll be more or less fine by tomorrow. Can we not put on ice?” Wen Xinya pleaded coquettishly while hugging Si Yiyan’s arm. Her swollen face would hurt with the slightest touch. She did not wish to experience the pain of ice on her face.

    Si Yiyan raised her face gently and said coaxingly, “Be good, your face is so swollen. It’ll heal faster after you ice it. I’ll be as careful as I can. I won’t hurt you, alright?”

    Wen Haowen had hit her harder this time than before. Her lips cracked and she even began to bleed. However, the stinging pain in her lips had already subsided, though there was still a dull ache. Staring at her reflection in the mirror, she reckoned that it would take a few days for her wound to heal.

    Wen Xinya’s attitude softened, though she was still pouting her lips. She conceded reluctantly. “Okay, but you have to be gentle.”

    Wen Xinya only agreed to let Si Yiyan ice her face after he promised her repeatedly.

    “It’s going to hurt a little at the start, bear with it,” Si Yiyan said while icing her face carefully with a block of ice that was wrapped in cloth.

    Wen Xinya winced at the sudden stinging pain in her face which soon began to burn. She was then struck with a sudden biting cold and instinctively moved her face away.

    Noticing that her brows had furrowed, Si Yiyan felt a sudden tinge of sadness and hurriedly moved the ice away. “Was I too rough?”

    Wen Xinya shook her head and said with a frown, “No, I’m just not used to it.”

    At that instant, Wen Xinya could feel how much Si Yiyan cared about her.

    Si Yiyan finally felt much more relieved. However, he reduced the strength in his hands and said, “Is it better now?”

    “Yes!” exclaimed Wen Xinya, who felt much more relaxed after the pain in her face was alleviated. The ice had also numbed her face.

    After icing her face for three minutes, Si Yiyan grabbed a dry towel and gently patted the water droplets on her face before carefully applying some ointment. The medication was concocted by Du Ruo and given to him when he was hurt by Shen Mengting two years ago. Due to the fact that he had been keeping it properly, the medication was still in good condition.

    “After icing it, the pain feels much less excruciating and I feel a lot more comfortable,” said Wen Xinya, who heaved a sigh of relief after the medication soothed her wound.

    Although the swelling was going down, Si Yiyan was still rather worried. He said, “You’re not to act so foolishly again.”

    Recalling the cold and stern expression on Si Yiyan’s face earlier on, Wen Xinya pouted her lips and said, “I wouldn’t dare to!”

    “There are lots of wounds on your body too. I’ll apply some ointment on you,” Si Yiyan said affectionately while glancing at the bruises on her body. However, they were less greenish than before, perhaps because of the lavender oil, though they still appeared daunting.

    An icy cold stare formed in his eyes.

    “Be gentler, I’m afraid of pain,” said Wen Xinya, who was behaving as meek as a lamb.

    “Yes! I’ll be careful,” said Si Yiyan. He placed some ointment on his finger and gently rubbed it along her face and towards her ear with a tender delicateness. Although it hurt slightly, she felt a soothing relief that made her want to moan.

    Sensing that he was rubbing the ointment on her skin continuously, Wen Xinya felt much more relieved as the pain slowly subsided.

    “I’ve already applied the medicated ointment on your arms. Let’s see if you still have any other wounds,” Si Yiyan said in a raspy and alluring voice.

    A little frightened, her mind was sent into a state of turmoil and she hurriedly stood up from the couch. “I… it’s alright. The other wounds are not as serious as the one on my arm. I can manage on my own.”

    She began to blush red like a tomato, looking extremely bashful.

    Si Yiyan’s eyes began to get more and more looming and he quipped with a smirk. “You can apply medicated ointment on the front of your body, but you can’t do it for your back.”

    Wen Xinya suddenly realized that she had overreacted. After all, she was still underage and Si Yiyan would definitely not go overboard or do anything atrocious to her. She then sat back down on the couch awkwardly.

    Before she could even react, Si Yiyan pressed her down onto the couch and covered her waist with a large towel before lifting her pajamas gently.

    Her beautiful back was clear and smooth like jade, and her muscles were defined. So were her shoulder blades. Her perfectly sculpted back and bones gave her a beautiful silhouette.

    However… there were some bruises on her spine which ruined her beauty slightly.

    Si Yiyan stared coldly at her back.

    Feeling a cold shiver in her spine, Wen Xinya turned shy and chided. “Si Yiyan, you hooligan. Let go of me…”

    All of a sudden, the fragrant aroma wafted up into her nose and seemingly penetrated through her skin as well. She shivered and felt as if she was being bitten by ants, making her feel an itchy pain and numbness in her swollen skin. However, it was rather soothing as well.