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Chapter 516 - Ninth Young Master, You Were Being Violated!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 516: Ninth Young Master, You Were Being Violated!

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    Ever since Ning Shuqian’s pregnancy was revealed, the rumors of Wen Xinya’s position being threatened had been spreading in the circle, giving Wen Xinya a huge blow. During the events that she attended in the past few days, the public cast strange glances at her and looked at her with doubt, sympathy, and a whole lot of other emotions. Some even gloated over her misfortune.

    However, everyone soon began to lose interest because of the Wen Family’s nonchalant attitude towards it. Most importantly, it was because everyone was focused on preparing for the Lunar New Year.

    Old Mr. Mo had cast his work aside to prepare for the Lunar New Year, whereas Wen Xinya had been frequenting the Mo Family home and helping her maternal grandfather with the purchase of festive goodies, in a bid to organize a lively and boisterous Lunar New Year celebration.

    After Wen Xinya accompanied Old Mr. Mo for reunion dinner, he gave her a hefty red packet. She then accompanied Mother He to wrap some dumplings using different fillings. Of course, most of the dumplings were made using Old Mr. Mo’s favorite fennel filling.

    She arrived back at the Wen Family home on the morning of the 29th of December.

    After having the reunion dinner with Old Mr. Wen and receiving the red packet from him on the 30th, Wen Xinya headed to Lishan Mountain, beaming with joy.

    Si Yiyan was in the midst of a discussion with Gu Yuehan. Upon sight of Wen Xinya, he immediately wrapped up and grabbed the bags of items in her hands, which he then carried into the kitchen.

    “I bought some fresh chives and pork. Let’s make some dumplings later. You guys have to help too,” Wen Xinya said, after which she instructed Si Yiyan to mince the pork and make the filling while she washed the vegetables.

    Gu Yuehan watched Si Yiyan, who was usually commanding, prestigious and noble, roll up his sleeves and chop some pork using a knife. He could not help but get a great shock.

    “Wow, Ninth Young Master of Xiasi, you do look like you’re very proficient in mincing meat,” remarked Wen Xinya, who almost burst into laughter.

    The pork was soon turned into minced meat.

    Si Yiyan hurried over to help Wen Xinya wash the vegetables.

    Wen Xinya suddenly reached a hand out to press it against the opening of the faucet, causing the water to splash all over Si Yiyan’s face.

    “Hahaha…” Wen Xinya guffawed loudly in amusement.

    “So mischievous of you!” Si Yiyan chided while wiping the water off his face with his sleeve.

    After making all the necessary preparations, Wen Xinya stirred the minced meat and placed it inside a wok. She then stir-fried the meat and vegetables while ordering Si Yiyan around.

    “Hand me the salt!”

    Si Yiyan did as instructed.


    After fumbling around for a while, Si Yiyan found a box of what seemed to be pepper and handed it to Wen Xinya.

    Without even looking at it, Wen Xinya said, “This is chili powder, not pepper. The pepper is right beside it.”

    Gu Yuehan stared in disbelief, unable to get used to seeing the prideful and proud Si Yiyan being at someone else’s beck and call.

    By the time Si Yiyan found the pepper, Wen Xinya was already done stir-frying the filling. While smelling the fragrant aroma of the meat, Si Yiyan immediately grabbed a spoonful of it and tasted it. “It’s delicious.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “It’ll taste better in a dumpling.”

    Due to the fact that the dough-skin-making process was tedious and lengthy, Wen Xinya decided to buy ready-made ones. She stuffed a dumpling skin into Si Yiyan’s hand and said, “Ninth Young Master, everyone has to take part in making dumplings and you’re no exception.”

    Dumbfounded, Si Yiyan stuffed it into Gu Yuehan’s hand before the latter could even react. “Make your own food.”

    Gu Yuehan stared at the dumpling skin in shock.

    Si Yiyan watched as Wen Xinya scooped some meat filling onto the circular dumpling skin before folding it into a crescent shape.

    Noticing that Si Yiyan seemed a little lost and confused, Wen Xinya said in bafflement, “I thought that you were invisible, Ninth Young Master. I didn’t expect there to be something that you’re not good at.”

    “Please teach me,” said Si Yiyan.

    Wen Xinya instantly felt like she was superior to him and she was filled with a sudden sense of pride. She leaned closer towards him and taught him step by step. “Do you know how to do it now?”

    “I’ll give it a try.” Si Yiyan then grabbed another dumpling skin and followed Wen Xinya’s instructions and demonstration. He scooped some meat filling with a spoon and did what Wen Xinya did.

    Wen Xinya felt a sudden urge to curse and swear the moment he placed the small dumpling on her palm. Although she had only taught him the right way to wrap dumplings once, he actually did a far better job than her.

    The sense of pride and superiority within her instantly vanished.

    Noticing that she had a sullen expression on her everchanging face, Si Yiyan asked, “Did I do a bad job?”

    Gritting her teeth in disgruntlement, Wen Xinya answered, “No, you did an excellent job!”

    Back then, she only mastered the skill of dumpling-wrapping after several failed attempts and had even spent several minutes learning from Mother Jiang.

    She only dared to show off her skills to Si Yiyan because she had become an expert at it. Yet…

    Indeed, comparison often gets one riled up.

    The age-old saying “practice makes perfect” did not apply to outstanding people like Si Yiyan who seemed to excel in everything he did.

    Si Yiyan compared his dumpling to Wen Xinya’s carefully and immediately realized why she was upset.

    Hence, he calmly picked up another piece of dough and proceeded to wrap another dumpling. However, the dough was broken because of the excessive filling.

    After taking a look at his broken dumpling, Wen Xinya chuckled and said, “It’s alright, I’ll pan-fry the broken ones later. Practice makes perfect. You’ll get better after making a few.”

    Those were the exact words that Mother Jiang and Mother He had used to comfort her with back then.

    Si Yiyan stared at her affectionately. However, he deliberately did a worse job than Wen Xinya in his following attempts.

    Besides, when Gu Yuehan made better-looking dumplings than Wen Xinya did, Si Yiyan glanced at the dumplings in Gu Yuehan’s hand composedly.

    Sensing a cold chill down his spine, Gu Yuehan hurriedly pinched his dumpling, after which… a hideous looking dumpling was produced.

    Discovering that she had made the best dumplings, Wen Xinya began to get smug again and even smeared some flour onto Si Yiyan’s face when he was not noticing. Staring at his flour-stained face, she burst into laughter and raised his chin. She teased. “Hey, which gigolo is this? You’re so handsome! Smile for me!”

    Gu Yuehan grimaced in shock and bewilderment.