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Chapter 518 - Ning Shuqian Is Moving Back to the Wen Family Home!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 518: Ning Shuqian Is Moving Back to the Wen Family Home!

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    Although Wen Xinya had run into Chu Jingnan, she was not affected at all. Her feelings of disdain towards Chu Jingnan had vanished within two years.

    Chu Jingnan was nothing more than just a stranger to her now and she did not feel anything at all, except some aloofness.

    However, she was a little worried about Gu Junling and Zhou Tianyu. She could imagine how Gu Junling and Zhou Tianyu ended up in the previous lifetime, for the latter had become a foreign affairs minister. It was an outcome that she was dreading.

    In this lifetime, she had to find a way to prevent the possibility of Zhou Tianyu becoming a foreign affairs minister before the latter got the idea. Given how powerful the Zhou Family was, there were many other career alternatives for Zhou Tianyu.

    She could not help but rub her forehead, finding herself to have been brooding over lots of matters lately.

    As soon as Wen Xinya returned home, she was greeted with the sight of Ning Shuqian sitting on the couch and watching television.

    Due to the symptoms of an unstable pregnancy that Ning Shuqian was showing, she had been staying in the hospital to nurse her pregnancy and did not spend the New Year at the Wen Family home. Hence, Wen Xinya kept her guard up at the instant that she saw Ning Shuqian.

    Wen Xinya stared coldly at the plethora of fruits and snacks on the glass coffee table in front of Ning Shuqian. There was also some nutritious dried fruit.

    Upon sight of Wen Xinya, the wrinkles on Ning Shuqian’s face deepened and she asked smilingly, “Xinya, are you done with school?”

    Remaining calm and composed, Wen Xinya answered coldly, “Aunt Ning, you’re home. Didn’t the doctor say that you have to stay in the hospital to nurse your pregnancy for at least three months before getting discharged?”

    Seemingly having failed to notice her aloofness, Ning Shuqian smiled wider and answered, “Yeah, I was discharged this afternoon. The doctor said that my condition is already stable now. I just have to be mindful of my food intake and make sure that I have a balanced diet. I have to go for weekly checkups, that’s all. Hence, I got discharged to come home and nurse my pregnancy.”

    She scanned Wen Xinya from head to toe, only to see that Wen Xinya had gotten much thinner than she was during the Wen Corporation annual gala a year ago.

    She sneered and thought to herself,

    Wen Xinya nodded and remained silent.

    Ning Shuqian grinned and stared at Wen Xinya sinisterly. “By the way, I have something else to tell you.”

    Ning Shuqian was intentionally trying to keep her in suspense.

    Wen Xinya’s right eyelid began to twitch and she was filled with an ominous feeling. She smiled and asked, “What’s the matter?”

    Ning Shuqian smirked with raised brows and said, “Your Uncle Wen and I are moving back here.”

    Greatly taken aback, Wen Xinya quickly recovered from the shock and said, “Aunt Ning, it’s only right for you to move back now that you’re pregnant.”

    She suddenly felt a sense of danger, though she was still uncertain if Ning Shuqian was actually pregnant. However, if she were to move back to the Wen Family, it would mean that they were going to live under the same roof. Should anything happen to Ning Shuqian, the blame would be put on her.

    Ning Shuqian smiled and said, “I think so too. It won’t be convenient for me and your Uncle Wen to stay outside. He’s so busy all the time and there won’t be anyone to look after me. Besides, the servants here are much better and more experienced in taking care of others. After all, I’m carrying the Wen Family’s flesh and blood and I can’t be responsible if anything happens to my child.”

    Ning Shuqian slowed down when she was at the end of her sentence, seemingly trying to hint at something.

    She then kept her eyes fixed on Wen Xinya.

    “That’s true,” said Wen Xinya, whose heart began pounding rapidly. It was as if Ning Shuqian was trying to warn her about how important her unborn child was. Wen Xinya thought to herself,

    The smile on Ning Shuqian’s face seemed to have become much more genuine all of a sudden. “I have been nursing my pregnancy in the hospital, so I didn’t even get to spend New Year’s with your grandparents. I feel rather bad about that, actually. Hence, I requested to nurse my pregnancy at home. It’s the end of New Year’s tomorrow. We can have a reunion dinner together.”

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “Grandpa and Grandma are going to be elated.”

    Ning Shuqian’s smile was perfectly exquisite and she looked rather radiant. “Yeah! Your grandma was the one who suggested that I move back in here. Your Grandpa agreed to it too.”

    Ning Shuqian recalled the scenario of Old Mr. Wen and Old Mrs. Wen visiting her at the hospital back then. Although Old Mr. Wen had a cold expression on his face, he no longer stared at Ning Shuqian menacingly in a commanding manner. He had also agreed to let her move back home, though he was slightly reluctant.

    Old Mr. Wen had always been commanding and intimidating. Ever since she married Wen Haowen eighteen years ago, Old Mr. Wen had never been so kind to her. Thus, Ning Shuqian truly realized how important the baby was to the Wen Family.

    With the existence of this child, it would be a piece of cake to deal with Wen Xinya.

    “Grandpa and Grandma are getting on in their years and they’re definitely hoping to spend some time with their grandchild,” said Wen Xinya, who could tell that Ning Shuqian was intentionally trying to spite her. Old Mrs. Wen had always detested Wen Xinya and her attitude had gotten worse ever since Ning Shuqian got pregnant. She would often mock her, though she had stopped because of Old Mr. Wen.

    Now that her only backer, Old Mr. Wen, was standing on Ning Shuqian’s side because of the child, she no longer had anyone to rely on.

    Ning Shuqian, who had never had the courage to hold her head high in front of Old Mr. Wen in the past, was now proud and unashamed because of the fact that she was pregnant. Hence, she was arrogant and smug. Ning Shuqian was merely trying to tell Wen Xinya that she was no longer the only successor of the Wen Family.

    Staring at Wen Xinya, Ning Shuqian said, “Xinya, are you happy about me moving back home?”

    Wen Xinya smiled calmly and said, “Aunt Ning, what are you talking about? Back then, you guys had merely moved out temporarily. It’s only right for you guys to move back in. Besides, Father is a part of the Wen Family too.”

    The smile on Ning Shuqian’s face faded and she thought to herself,