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Chapter 525 - I Want to Give You a Surprise

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 525: I Want to Give You a Surprise

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    Ning Shuqian made use of the baby in her belly to stir turmoil in the Wen Family. She didn’t aim directly at her but engaged in flanking tactics, wanting to use the opportunity to drive Mother Wang out of the Wen Family and weaken her standing in the Wen Family. Such a tactic wasn’t used by Ning Shuqian usually—the person who was the best at using this kind of method was instead Xia Ruya.

    Although Ning Shuqian didn’t succeed, this incident was enough to alert her.

    After all, regardless of her past lifetime or this lifetime, she had dueled with Xia Ruya many times, yet she had never gotten any advantage—seemed like the both of them were on par.

    And since Ning Shuqian returned to the Wen Family, she had been acting non-stop and was predicted to have other methods. This made her have no choice but to be on guard.

    Thinking of which, Wen Xinya couldn’t help but ponder—what would Xia Ruya and Ning Shuqian’s next step be? Making use of this pregnancy, how could Ning Shuqian obtain more advantages from it?

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but think hard about her previous lifetime’s memories, wanting to detect the slightest clue from them.

    Very quickly, she had a guess in her heart.

    Her fingers kept twirling the pen in her hand, an icy glow filled her eyes, and even the smile on her lips became sharp.

    She threw away the pen in her hand, landing her gaze on Si Yiyan who was standing at the French windows, speaking on the phone.

    He had on a rare red shirt, the chestnut red color had a tinge of low-key gorgeousness, and, as if dashed with the showiness and extravagance of red color, became elegant yet dignified, vaguely emitting a silent gracefulness.

    Hair seemingly dyed with ink spread loosely across his forehead. Sunlight tainted his hair with a soft glow, his jet-black eyes twinkled brilliantly, yet were mild and distant, elegant like a portrait.

    As if detecting her gaze, Si Yiyan turned over and looked at her. A slight smile on his lips stole her breath as she hurriedly looked away.

    Si Yiyan said something to the person on the phone and hung up shortly after.

    In order to conceal the awkwardness of being caught looking at him secretly, Wen Xinya hurriedly asked, “Who were you speaking on the phone with—the call lasted quite a while?”

    Si Yiyan held Wen Xinya in his embrace and replied with a smile, “It’s a teacher who specializes in researching ancient etiquette. I was asking about some things related to ancient etiquette.”

    Wen Xinya was very curious as she didn’t expect Si Yiyan to actually be interested in ancient etiquette. However, she didn’t ask more—after all, he was conversant with both ancient and modern learning and had profound knowledge. Thus, this wasn’t strange to her.

    Si Yiyan saw her pouting her lips, couldn’t help but kiss her lips, and said with a smile, “It’s to prepare for your coming-of-age ceremony.”

    Wen Xinya instantly widened her eyes. Her clear, black, bright, and silently gorgeous pupils twinkled and glowed. “You’ve already thought of my coming-of-age ceremony theme in such a short time?”

    Previously, she had asked a few times about the content of her coming-of-age ceremony, but Si Yiyan had acted all secretive and smiled without speaking, which made her really curious. Unexpectedly, he took the initiative to mention it today.

    Si Yiyan said, “The sooner we complete the planning, the earlier we can start preparations, which will, in turn, be more complete and things will less likely crop up.”

    Furthermore, since her homecoming party, he had been brainstorming for her coming-of-age ceremony theme. The two years of brewing not only made him want to see her bedazzling complete transformation process but was also a kind of longing for her growing up—he couldn’t tolerate the slightest mishap.

    Wen Xinya grabbed Si Yiyan’s arm, the glow in her eyes intensifying like a sapphire gem—deep yet radiant. “Si Yiyan, you’re so awesome.”

    Although the planning of her coming-of-age ceremony theme had been handed to Si Yiyan, she had also tried to think of some theme that she liked. Currently, she also had some good ideas which still needed some deeper refinements. Unexpectedly, Si Yiyan had actually already finished planning.

    Si Yiyan watched her instantly softening expression and how she smiled without speaking. Every time she gave such a soft expression, it meant that she had something to ask from him.

    Wen Xinya tugged at his arm and said coquettishly, “What’s the theme you’re planning—please, let me have a look! Previously, I had also come up with some good ideas when I had nothing better to do. Maybe I can give you some suggestions to make the plan even more perfect…”

    After rambling on and on, Wen Xinya only realized then that Si Yiyan looked at her extremely gently and dotingly. However, his pair of eyes were as determined as rocks, as if even she had no way of moving them.

    She couldn’t help but become disheartened. Previously, this method had obviously worked very well for Si Yiyan—did she overuse it recently?

    Si Yiyan kissed her gorgeous eyebrows and consoled her. “I’ve already finished planning. However, due to the peculiarity of the plan, I found a similarly professional group to assist the Soaring Public Relations company. Regarding this, I’ll still need you to negotiate with the Soaring Public Relations company.”

    In Country Z, when it came to organizing banquets, indeed no other public relations company could compare to the Soaring Public Relations company.

    Compared to the Soaring Public Relations company which she had worked with many times, Wen Xinya trusted Si Yiyan’s professional group more. She couldn’t help but giggle and said, “No problem about this. I’ll call the Soaring Public Relations company in a while and get them to work closely with your professional group for all arrangements.” Changing the topic, she rubbed against Si Yiyan and acted cute again. “Look… I trust and cooperate with your request so much, can you…”

    Si Yiyan pretended not to get her intentions of using both hard and soft tactics and continued, “The venue of the banquet may have to change—it can’t be held at the Shangri-La grand hall.”

    Wen Xinya hurried asked, “If not Shangri-La, then where?”

    In the capital city, other than the Shangri-La grand hall and the Oriental Pearl Hotel’s conference hall, there were not many other places that were suitable for holding a large-scale coming-of-age ceremony.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “It’s a secret for now.”

    Wen Xinya reached out with both her arms, twirled them around Si Yiyan’s neck, pouted slightly, and acted cute. “Si Yiyan, please tell me! Look… you’re not letting me in on the planning details and don’t even want to tell me the venue. It wasn’t easy for me to beg Grandpa to hand the organization of the coming-of-age ceremony to me. If Grandpa were to ask and I don’t know most of it, how can I answer to him…”

    “Naturally, you’ll be able to answer to him.” There was no reason for Si Yiyan to reject a beauty throwing her arms at him. He suddenly kissed Wen Xinya’s lips and a heated exchange took place.

    Wen Xinya lost her soul in the kiss, had a slight feeling of having gone for wool but come home shorn, and couldn’t help but glare at him. “Wretched hooligan. You lecher.”

    She definitely wouldn’t admit that she was angry from being embarrassed.

    Si Yiyan licked his lips gently as if savoring the taste left behind on his lips, looking content. “I want to give you a surprise. When I’ve completed preparing everything, I’ll naturally tell you.”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but simmer down completely as a sweet and touched feeling gradually flowed in her heart for some reason. “You promised to give me a surprise. Come that time, if there’s no surprise…” She purposely put up a fierce expression.

    Si Yiyan watched her acting all fierce, and her eyes, moist from the kiss just now, sparkling with a mercury-like glow, gorgeous, shimmery, and shockingly beautiful. Her slightly teeth-baring expression made her appear extra mischievous and adorable. His heart instantly softened completely.