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Chapter 528 - Your Pregnancy Won’t Pose a Threat to My Status

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 528: Your Pregnancy Won’t Pose a Threat to My Status

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    Auntie Wu managed to finish cooking the goat’s milk broth in less than half an hour.

    Old Mrs. Wen took a spoonful of it, only to discover that it tasted better than what Mother Zhou used to make. After asking Auntie Wu about it, she found out that Auntie Wu had added some vanilla into the broth, thus getting rid of the overwhelming odor of goat’s milk and making it much more fragrant.

    Old Mrs. Wen was greatly pleased with Auntie Wu.

    Wen Xinya broke into a smile upon seeing how satisfied Old Mrs. Wen was with Auntie Wu.

    There was no better candidate than Auntie Wu who was the daughter of Mother Zhou. Hence, Wen Xinya took advantage of how close Mother Zhou was to the Wen Family. Auntie Wu had done such a great job that Old Mrs. Wen could not pick on her at all.

    Seeing how pleased Old Mrs. Wen was with Auntie Wu, Ning Shuqian gritted her teeth in anger, for her meticulously-planned scheme had backfired.

    Since the butler had always been in charge of the household matters, Ning Shuqian dared not take matters into her own hands and hire someone without permission. She did not want to offend the butler, for offending him would be worse than offending Mother Wang.

    She had finally found the chance when there was a vacancy for Mother Zhou’s place. Hence, she tried to convince Old Mrs. Went to hire someone else to replace Mother Zhou. Yet, Wen Xinya had foiled her plans.

    She initially wanted to use her child as an excuse to hire her follower. However, after seeing how Wen Xinya had glanced at her, she realized that Wen Xinya would not let her have her wishes. She had no choice but to suppress her emotions. She would rather put her plans on hold than let Wen Xinya take advantage of the situation and make Old Mr. Wen doubt her.

    Since Auntie Wu was hired by Old Mr. Wen and had gained the approval of Old Mrs. Wen, there was no reason for Ning Shuqian to chase her away.

    I’ve belittled Wen Xinya that bitch.

    Just as Wen Xinya was about to return to her room, she caught sight of Ning Shuqian standing by the rose jardiniere in the backyard. She had long kept her guard up against Ning Shuqian who had moved back into the Wen Family home after using her pregnancy as an excuse. Hence, she made a conscious effort to keep a distance from Ning Shuqian.

    Ning Shuqian stared at Wen Xinya coldly and said, “Xinya, why do you have to be so wary of me? No matter what, I wouldn’t put my baby at risk.”

    Ning Shuqian was exceptionally thrilled to see how wary Wen Xinya was towards her.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “We can’t be too sure about that. Aunt Ning, you’re already planning to use your pregnancy to stir trouble in the Wen Family. Is there anything that you won’t dare to do? Maybe… the next thing you’ll do now is to intentionally slip and fall like that day. You’ll then frame me because of it. Or perhaps you might squat down and pretend to have a tummy ache again. Others might just think that I had said something to agitate you.”

    “Xinya, what are you talking about?” Ning Shuqian retorted with a look of disdain. She had indeed pretended to feel an ache in her tummy, so as to make Old Mrs. Wen get the wrong idea about Wen Xinya. Although she could not exactly defeat Wen Xinya, she could at least avenge herself.

    Keeping her eyes fixed onto Ning Shuqian, Wen Xinya said coldly, “Actually, even if you pretend to have a tummy ache, it’s not really going to work. Once I take your pulse, I’ll know if you’re really pregnant or not. If Grandma and Grandpa don’t believe me, I’ll then suggest that you undergo a checkup by another doctor. By then, the truth will be out.”

    She glared at Ning Shuqian coldly, seemingly having seen through her soul. Not only was she indirectly threatening her, but she also tried to sound her out and warn Ning Shuqian that her pregnancy posed no threat to her. If she were really pregnant, she would not be afraid of a doctor’s checkup.

    “Xinya, please don’t say that. You and I are the same. I’m worried that you’d harm my child. After all… my child is going to cause you to no longer be the only successor of the Wen Family. Besides… you might actually be stripped off your title as successor,” said Ning Shuqian, who did not show her fear and worry. Just like what Xia Ruya had warned her about, Wen Xinya had really doubted her pregnancy.

    Wen Xinya believed that Ning Shuqian was smart enough not to continue making use of her pregnancy. Hence, she walked towards Ning Shuqian and whispered, “Don’t be too quick to sound so confident. We’ll only find out in a few months, whether or not you’re really pregnant.”

    Ning Shuqian’s heart began to pound rapidly, and Wen Xinya’s cold and terrifying voice rang in her ears continuously. It was as if her voice had penetrated into her soul. After all, she was indeed faking her pregnancy and hence, felt worried about her lie getting exposed.

    Just as Ning Shuqian was about to answer, Wen Xinya hurriedly retreated and stared at Ning Shuqian from afar. She guffawed and said, “Everyone says that pregnancy makes women dull-witted. Seems like you’re no exception, Aunt Ning! I’ll be turning eighteen very soon and Grandpa has instructed Soaring Public Relations company to organize my coming-of-age ceremony.”

    All Ning Shuqian had been thinking about was how she should use her pregnancy as an excuse and cause more trouble in the Wen Family. Yet, she actually forgot about such an important matter because she had been overly confident.

    Ning Shuqian’s eyes widened in shock. It was merely a coming-of-age ceremony and yet the old man has handed it over to Soaring Public Relations company. He’s just planning to use the coming-of-age ceremony to inform everyone not to doubt Wen Xinya’s status as the successor of the Wen Family.

    I actually didn’t know about it.

    Wen Xinya’s rosy lips curled into a smile and she sneered. “So… your pregnancy is not going to pose a threat to me.”

    “You…” Ning Shuqian clenched her jaw in exasperation. Despite having risked her health and put in lots of effort, her plan did not work out in the end.

    Wen Xinya smiled and continued, “By the way, did my father tell you? If you give birth to a son, Grandpa will discipline the child himself and neither you nor father can intervene. Otherwise… your son will not be fit to be the successor of the Wen Family.”

    Wen Xinya was certain that Wen Haowen did not tell Ning Shuqian about what Old Mr. Wen had said at all, for he was afraid of agitating her.

    “You… you’re lying!” Ning Shuqian exclaimed, her face turning as pale as a sheet. Regardless of whether she was pregnant or not, she could not tolerate Old Mr. Wen’s actions. Isn’t he just trying to come in between me and the child? If I can’t depend on my child, what can I do in the Wen Family?

    Wen Xinya stared at her and gibed. “If you don’t believe me, you may ask my father about it. By the way… don’t tell Father that I was the one who told you this. Otherwise, he’ll definitely teach me a lesson too!”

    Ning Shuqian gritted her teeth, overwhelmed with resentment and anger. The Wen Family is actually so heartless and cruel towards me.