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Chapter 532 - Are You Just Faking Your Pregnancy?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 532: Are You Just Faking Your Pregnancy?

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    Wen Xinya shifted her gaze onto Xia Ruya, who had a gentle and tender expression on her face, seemingly worried for Ning Shuqian. However, a tinge of coldness could be seen in her eyes when one focused on them.

    As expected, Old Mrs. Wen was angered after hearing Xia Ruya’s and Ning Shuqian’s words. She glowered at Wen Xinya, greatly resembling Wen Haowen. “Wen Xinya, your Aunt Ning is still your stepmother at the end of the day. She’s already swallowed her pride and apologized to you. What more do you want?”

    Old Mrs. Wen’s words made Ning Shuqian put on an aggrieved look and she began sobbing. “Mother… as long as I can deliver safely, I’ll be willing to do anything. Besides, it’s just an apology to Xinya…”

    Ning Shuqian’s words made Old Mrs. Wen even more exasperated. “Wen Xinya, do you really think I don’t know that you’re just keeping the recipes to yourself because you don’t want your Aunt Ning to give birth safely? You’re just afraid that the child will threaten your position in the family. You’re simply too selfish and vicious.”

    Xia Ruya smiled slowly and said coldly, “Xinya, saving one’s life is a great merit. Even if you don’t wish to save Aunt Ning and Uncle Wen, you should help them on the account of their baby. Please don’t be so cold and unfeeling.”

    Three women made a market for a fair. Seeing how pretentious they were, Wen Xinya said, “Since when have I ever said that I don’t want to take the recipes out?”

    Wen Xinya’s words caused them to be stunned speechless.

    Staring at how calm Wen Xinya was, Xia Ruya continuously tried to guess just what Wen Xinya meant. Is she really going to share the recipes? No… that can’t be at all. She definitely knows the pros and cons of doing so. No fool would do that.

    But… why does she seem so nonchalant? What could she be getting up to?

    She was suddenly alarmed.

    Ning Shuqian thought the same as Xia Ruya and she stared at Wen Xinya warily.

    Wen Xinya looked at Old Mrs. Wen and said, “Grandma, you can’t just take Traditional Chinese Medicine so casually. The body conditions of expectant mothers often change quickly and it’s mandatory for them to consult doctors before taking any kind of medication. Normal colds have to be looked out for too. The recipes were given to me by Master Du and Miss Du. If I were to give them to Aunt Ning and something happens to her, whose fault is it going to be? Master Du’s or mine?”

    Old Mrs. Wen was at a sudden loss for words, though she felt that Wen Xinya was intentionally giving her an excuse because she did not wish to share the recipes. “At the end of the day, you just don’t want to share the recipes.”

    Shaking her head, Wen Xinya said, “Grandma, I’m not done yet. Du Xinlin’s daughter, Du Ruo is well versed in formulating health recipes and she’s very reputable as well. I’m on close terms with her, so I’m planning to let Du Ruo take Aunt Ning’s pulse tomorrow and develop a recipe for a herbal soup that suits Aunt Ning’s health condition. Wouldn’t that be better?”

    Xia Ruya had been overly confident and assumed that Wen Xinya would be at a loss for what to do. She thought that she had seen through the Wen Family and understood how much blood ties meant to them. She thought that they could make use of Ning Shuqian’s pregnancy to plot against me. I shall wait and see if Ning Shuqian is actually pregnant or not.

    After hearing her words, Old Mrs. Wen’s eyes lit up and she asked delightfully, “Can you really invite Miss Du here to take your Aunt Ning’s pulse?”

    Du Ruo was well known in the circle for being the founder of Lanxin Cosmetics and developing a series of effective Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare products, as well as a plethora of nourishing soups.

    Wen Xinya nodded and said, “Of course.”

    Wen Xinya’s words gave Ning Shuqian the chills, for there was no way she could deceive the expert Du Ruo.

    She felt as if she had just shot herself in the foot.

    Xia Ruya was overwhelmed with bewilderment. She did not expect that Wen Xinya would use such a method to give herself an out.

    If they were to agree to let Du Ruo take her pulse… Wen Xinya would escape unscathed. And even if something were to go wrong with Ning Shuqian’s health after taking the recipes, it would have nothing to do with her. Ning Shuqian’s plan did not work out in the end.

    Most importantly, Wen Xinya was obviously trying to test if Ning Shuqian was actually pregnant or not. If she was really pregnant, she would definitely accept the rare opportunity for Du Ruo to take her pulse. After all, Du Ruo enjoyed a great reputation.

    Ning Shuqian suddenly felt as if she had harmed herself while trying to harm others. She had clearly laid a trap for Wen Xinya and yet… she was harmed by Wen Xinya instead. Her pregnancy was now put to test.

    Everyone in the circle said that Du Ruo was an eccentric and arrogant person who would spend all her time researching. Ning Shuqian thought that it would be difficult to get along with Du Ruo and that Du Ruo would despise Wen Xinya who used to be a gangster.

    She had thought wrong.

    Pangs of panic engulfed Ning Shuqian and she glared at Wen Xinya. “Wen Xinya, you almost caused me to suffer a miscarriage and now you’re offering to let Miss Du come over and take my pulse. Are you that kind?”

    Greatly taken aback, Old Mrs. Wen suddenly realized that it indeed did not seem too appropriate for Wen Xinya to let Du Ruo take Ning Shuqian’s pulse. After all, Ning Shuqian’s child posed a threat to Wen Xinya and Old Mrs. Wen felt that she would not be that kind.

    She clearly tried to cause Ning Shuqian to suffer a miscarriage during the gala.

    Wen Xinya looked at Ning Shuqian and said calmly, “Aunt Ning, since you don’t trust me, don’t ask me for herbal recipes again. I don’t want to be blamed even after doing a kind deed.”

    At this point, she had already deduced that Ning Shuqian’s pregnancy was fake. In order to collect the evidence, she would have to start by taking action on Ning Shuqian’s main physician.

    Xia Ruya watched as Wen Xinya shirked the responsibility effortlessly and felt extremely disgusted. However, she could not relieve her discomfort at all.

    She was cold and heartless for refusing to share the recipes and with a twist of fate, it seemed that Ning Shuqian had mistaken her goodwill for ill intentions. Regardless of what happened to Ning Shuqian from now on, it would have nothing to do with Wen Xinya.

    Her meticulous plan had been foiled by Wen Xinya.