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Chapter 540 - Si Yiyan Gets Jealous of Cleopatra

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 540: Si Yiyan Gets Jealous of Cleopatra

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    After giving them some instructions on how to brew the herbs and medicine, Wen Haowen walked Luo Le out of the Wen Family home. He mentioned that he would return in another few days to take Ning Shuqian’s pulse again.

    Old Mr. Wen took glanced at her before turning around to go upstairs. However, he did not ask her about her conversation with Luo Le.

    However, Wen Xinya understood what he meant.

    She had already attained her goal. When Ning Shuqian revealed her pregnancy, Old Mr. Wen had already asked her for her opinion about the pregnancy. He had even tried to find out how Wen Xinya felt about Ning Shuqian moving back home. Back then, she was rather conservative about her opinion for she was unsure if Ning Shuqian was actually pregnant.

    She had indirectly informed Old Mr. Wen of her viewpoint about Ning Shuqian’s pregnancy by posing those questions to Luo Le.

    She believed that Old Mr. Wen would definitely give it some thought.

    Xia Ruya wanted to make use of Luo Le to get rid of Old Mr. Wen’s suspicions towards Ning Shuqian. However, Wen Xinya managed to turn it against them.

    Wen Xinya sprawled herself across the carpet and stared at the television screen attentively while the lonely Cleopatra licked the soles of her feet.

    “Hehe! Cleopatra, don’t be so mischievous!” Wen Xinya exclaimed while giggling and glaring at the dog beside her.

    Seeing that his mistress had laughed, Cleopatra leaped up and pounced onto her.

    Wen Xinya guffawed loudly and hugged Cleopatra’s head while rolling on the ground. “Hahahahaha! Cleopatra, stop fooling around…”

    Cleopatra immediately stuck its tongue out in a bid to lick her face again.

    All of a sudden, Si Yiyan stuck his long, slender and bony fingers into Cleopatra’s mouth, causing it to be unable to stick its tongue out.

    Si Yiyan squinted and a threatening gaze formed in his alluring, narrow eyes. He questioned in a crisp voice, “Cleopatra, did you forget what I said to you previously?”

    Cleopatra remembered that he was not allowed to lick Wen Xinya, of course. Hence, he retreated reluctantly.

    Si Yiyan finally let go of Cleopatra.

    Cleopatra looked at Si Yiyan and barked at him a few times.

    Wen Xinya could not help but guffaw loudly. She caressed Cleopatra’s nose and instructed. “Be good, Cleopatra, go play on your own!”

    Cleopatra rubbed his face affectionately against hers and flaunted its teeth at Si Yiyan before leaving the living room with its tail wagging.

    Si Yiyan answered coldly, “Cleopatra is becoming more and more unruly. I must send him to Italy someday and let Gu Yuexi train him again.”

    He did not realize earlier that the narcissistic dog was just a lecherous one which would take every chance to leap onto Wen Xinya and kiss her face. Wen Xinya would often give in to his advances as well.

    Wen Xinya could not help but guffaw loudly. She then rolled around on the carpet and said, “Seriously, aren’t you sick of getting jealous of Cleopatra all the time?”

    Throughout the past two years, Si Yiyan had been forbidding her from spending time alone with Cleopatra because of how mischievous and lecherous it was. It would take every chance to kiss Wen Xinya. However, Cleopatra had never succeeded because of Si Yiyan’s strict supervision.

    Si Yiyan pulled her up and said solemnly, “Cleopatra is a lecherous dog. Don’t give in to him all the time. Also… you have to know that you’re mine. You can’t let Cleopatra take advantage of you.”

    Wen Xinya laughed uncontrollably and chided. “You’re so tyrannical. Like owner, like dog. I wonder who often takes the chance to flirt with me whenever he can.”

    Upon hearing Wen Xinya comparing him to a dog, Si Yiyan grimaced and glared at her coldly. He then grabbed his mobile phone in a bid to make a call.

    Wen Xinya grabbed his hand and said, “Enough… I was wrong. Ninth Young Master, you’re smart, brilliant, intelligent, magnanimous, charming, alluring and suave. How could you be compared to Cleopatra?” She then pouted her lips and continued coquettishly, “So, don’t send Cleopatra away!”

    “What?” Si Yiyan said, staring at Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Okay! Okay! I promise I won’t indulge him again.”

    Si Yiyan remained still, though his expression became much more tender.

    Wen Xinya glowered at Si Yiyan and said, “I also won’t let it lick me again.”

    Si Yiyan finally smiled and said, “What else?”Read the next chapter on our

    Wen Xinya suddenly leaped towards Si Yiyan, causing him to fall onto the ground. Glowering at him menacingly, Wen Xinya warned. “Si Yiyan, that’s enough! Don’t go overboard.”

    Si Yiyan looked at Wen Xinya, who was pretending to be fierce, and burst into laughter. “Yes! Cleopatra does have some redeeming qualities, actually.”

    For example, he had taught Wen Xinya how to pounce on him.

    Wen Xinya humphed and said, “Hmph! Good that you know!”

    Staring at her and finding her extremely lovable, Si Yiyan asked, “In that case, do I get any rewards?”

    “No…” Wen Xinya bared her teeth at Si Yiyan before biting his lip. “There’s a punishment for you, though.”

    He looked up at her glistening eyes, though she was too afraid to hold his gaze. He could not help but be amused by it. In fact, she did not use too much strength and he only felt a dull ache in his lips.

    He frowned slightly.

    Unable to keep up with her pretense, Wen Xinya frantically asked, “Was I too violent? I didn’t bite down too hard…”

    She could not help but feel a little guilty. Before she bit him, she felt that she had to bit down harder to teach him a lesson. However, she could not bring herself to bite down too hard. After some thought, she bit him… and increased her strength bit by bit.

    Si Yiyan pinned her down onto the ground and said, “No… I was just considering…”

    Wen Xinya asked curiously, “Considering what?”

    Si Yiyan suddenly nibbled on her lips gently and answered, “Whether or not to pay you back in your own coin.”

    Wen Xinya turned red and glared at him angrily. She chastised. “Shameless gangster. Lecher!”

    Unable to contain his amusement, Si Yiyan burst into laughter. She had been scolding him using the same words for two years and he wanted to tell her that she could change the way she scolded him. However… she could not bring herself to be harsh to him.