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Chapter 542 - Xia Ruya Has Set Her Sights on Something That Belongs to Her

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 542: Xia Ruya Has Set Her Sights on Something That Belongs to Her

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    By the time Wen Xinya returned, the servants had already organized the fourth room for Xia Ruya and moved all of her belongings from the guest room into that room.

    Old Mrs. Wen then ordered for the servants to move the rest of Xia Ruya’s belongings into the Wen Family home. Fortunately, Xia Ruya had been living in an apartment that she had bought for herself ever since she returned to the city, thus making the moving over extremely successful.

    Wen Xinya finally understood that Xia Ruya was actually going to stay in the Wen Family home and it would be difficult to chase her away.

    Wen Xinya pursed her lips and thought to herself,

    “Didn’t Old Madam tell you to help Miss Xia Ruya clean her room? What are you doing loitering around Missy’s doorstep?”

    “Old Madam told me to look for the porcelain vase that Missy likes, and move it to Miss Ruya’s room. However, Old Sir had long given it to Missy.”

    “Since Old Madam has already given the orders, you just have to get it from Missy’s room.”

    “But Missy…”

    “What has Missy have to do with you? Even if Missy isn’t happy about it, that has nothing to do with us. Old Madam was the one who made you take it. Us servants just have to do what our masters instruct us to.”

    “But Missy…”

    “Can’t you tell? Old Madam has already made us clean up the fourth room. I don’t think Miss Ruya is going to leave ever again. From now on, she’ll be one of our masters too.”

    “But Miss Ruya is the illegitimate daughter of the Xia Family and is only the adoptive daughter of the Wen Family in name.”

    “You mustn’t say such things ever again. So what if she’s the adoptive daughter? Everyone knows that Old Madam raised Miss Ruya and dotes on her greatly. Old Sir had educated her since she was young too. Missy can’t replace Miss Ruya’s place in their hearts since she had lived with them for twelve years. From now on, just serve Miss Ruya as you would Missy. Otherwise, Old Madam is not going to spare you if you offend Miss Ruya.”

    It was indeed human nature to lean towards the powerful. Xia Ruya had only moved in today and yet, they were already harboring such thoughts.

    However, she realized that Xia Ruya had grown up with the Wen Family and was known to be pure, kind and innocent. Hence, it was only normal that she had a stronger foundation.

    Wen Xinya shifted her gaze onto the ancient shelf to see that there was indeed an emerald porcelain vase that had a streamlined shape and was extremely beautiful and exquisite.

    She could not help but be reminded of her previous lifetime.

    Old Mr. Mo had hoped that he could help her develop a habit of drinking tea. Because tea was good for nourishing one’s health. Hence, he gifted her with a glazed peony tea set. Yet, Xia Ruya set her sights on the tea set.

    The same thing happened in this lifetime. When she was not around, Old Mrs. Wen instructed the servants to send the tea set to Xia Ruya’s room.

    When she found out about the matter back then, she flew into a rage and immediately barged into Old Mrs. Wen’s room to create a din. She had even berated Xia Ruya and alarmed Old Mr. Wen. Although Old Mr. Wen knew that Old Mrs. Wen was at fault, he could not tolerate her unruly ways.

    Hence, Old Mr. Wen instructed Xia Ruya to return the tea set to her, after which he gave Xia Ruya a set of blue and white porcelain tea set from the Tang Dynasty.

    Although it was just a porcelain vase, Wen Xinya was shocked by Xia Ruya’s scheming ways.

    No one would give their prized possessions to someone else, let alone their arch enemy. Besides, it concerned her status and pride in the Wen Family.

    It seemed like Xia Ruya was far more important to the Wen Family despite being an adoptive daughter, as compared to Wen Xinya, the biological daughter of the Wen Family.

    If she were to refuse to give up the vase, all Xia Ruya had to do was to sow some discord and Old Mrs. Wen would definitely punish her. If things were to get blown out of proportion, everyone would definitely think that Wen Xinya was being too tyrannical and overreacting over a vase. In the end, she could very likely be the one losing out.

    She walked towards the ancient shelf and grabbed the vase. “Xia Ruya, since you want it, there’s no harm in giving it to you…”

    An inexplicable feeling formed in her eyes.

    Wen Xinya proceeded to Xia Ruya’s room with the vase to see that the servants were pacing back and forth. It seemed as if half of the servants in the mansion were deployed to clean the room.

    “Xin… Xinya!” Xia Ruya exclaimed in shock.

    Wen Xinya smirked at Xia Ruya and said, “Miss Xia, I heard that you’ve set your sights on this porcelain vase in my room?”

    Xia Ruya shifted her gaze onto the vase and her eyes widened in shock. “It was in your room? Did Grandpa give it to you again?”

    She managed to shirk the responsibility with such a simple sentence.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “This porcelain vase belongs to me in the first place. Grandpa had merely returned it to me. Do you really think Grandpa will commit such an inappropriate act of giving a gift to someone else?”

    “Of… of course not.” Xia Ruya was bewildered.

    Wen Xinya stared at her nonchalantly and smugly. “It’s just a vase. If you wanted it, you could have just asked me for it. Just take it as a gift from me to you. Congratulations on getting your wishes fulfilled and becoming the actual adoptive daughter of the Wen Family.”

    She had emphasized the words “adoptive daughter” so as to mock her and imply that she would forever be just an adoptive daughter regardless of what she did.

    Xia Ruya had to do her best to suppress the resentment that was growing within her. She forced a smile and said, “Xinya, in that case, thank you very much.”

    Wen Xinya stared at Xia Ruya with raised brows and handed the vase to her. “Hold it properly. This is a porcelain vase that’s as valuable as prized antiques.”

    Upon hearing her words, Xia Ruya’s heart wrenched in pain and she took a deep breath before grabbing the vase.

    As soon as Xia Ruya extended her hand, Wen Xinya dropped the vase onto the ground, causing it to shatter into bits like flower petals.

    A look of pity formed on Wen Xinya’s face and she said, “I’m really sorry. It was just a slip of the hand. It’s such a shame that a beautiful vase like this has to go to waste.”

    Xia Ruya took a deep breath in a bid to calm herself down and contain her anger. “You never wanted to give the vase to me in the first place. You were intentionally trying to smash the vase.”

    Wen Xinya stepped on the broken bits, causing there to be loud sounds. “You’re right, I did smash it on purpose. I want you to know that I’d rather ruin my belonging than let you have it.”

    Xia Ruya was a smart person who definitely knew that it wouldn’t work.

    A sullen expression formed on Xia Ruya’s face and the sounds of the vase shattering rang in her ears. It was as if Wen Xinya was stepping on her heart.