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Chapter 543 - Wen Xinya Learns Russian

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 543: Wen Xinya Learns Russian

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    Although Old Mr. Wen found it a pity that such an expensive vase had been broken, he did not say anything else. However, he gave Old Mrs. Wen a lashing for taking matters into her own hands and giving Mo Yunyao’s belonging to Xia Ruya.

    Old Mrs. Wen did not defend herself since she knew that she was at fault.

    Wen Xinya still remembered the expression on Xia Ruya’s face. It was as if web-like structures and cracks began to form in a mirror. She looked extremely hideous, grotesque and awful…

    Wen Xinya felt that it was not that unbearable to live under the same roof as Xia Ruya.

    She was no longer the angst and easily-agitated Wen Xinya that she used to be in her previous lifetime. Xia Ruya’s scheming tricks and attempts to provoke her were not going to pose a threat to her.

    Wen Xinya had been in high spirits lately and passed her tests with flying colors, thus giving her lots of confidence for the upcoming final year examinations. She did not have to worry about the preparations for her coming-of-age ceremony either. Thanks to her competent subordinates, her career had been going on rather successfully too. Hence, she decided to use her spare time to pick up Russian. Not only did she enroll herself into Russian tuition classes, but she had also even downloaded Russian songs on her mobile phone. She also began watching Russian movies which depicted World War II, instead of her favorite Chinese historical television dramas.

    Wen Xinya sat on the carpet and munched on some snacks while watching an old Russian Movie. She kept her eyes fixed on the Chinese subtitles while trying to learn how to pronounce Russian words.

    “Are you learning Russian?” Si Yiyan asked, listening to her mimic the Russian actors like a parrot. He was incredibly amused by her, too distracted to even read his documents.

    Wen Xinya threw her Russian beginner’s textbook aside and groused angrily. “I’m not going to learn anymore. I don’t want to learn anymore. Russian is way too difficult and the pronunciation is too complicated.”

    Although she had good memory skills and could memorize everything easily within a short amount of time, she lacked talent in picking up new languages. During her English lessons, she did better in theoretical knowledge compared to dictation. Fortunately, dictation only made up 20% of the total score of the English paper of her examination. Otherwise, her final grades would definitely be pulled down by the English subject.

    In her previous lifetime, she was not fluent in English at all.

    Hence, she decided to blame it on the complicated theory of genetics and never once admitted that it was a problem of hers.

    After all, her mother still had to bring a translator along when she went to England for an interview with a fashion magazine, despite being intelligent and brainy. On the other hand, her respectable maternal grandfather would also frown at the sight of English books.

    Si Yiyan smiled alluringly and said, “Forget it if you don’t wish to learn any more then. However, it takes a lot of time and energy to pick up a new language, regardless of what it may be.”

    Although he could guess how frustrated she was with learning Russian… he was too embarrassed to tell her that talent was of the utmost importance when picking up a new language.

    “I was just picking it up casually. I’ll learn whatever I can,” said Wen Xinya, who then picked up the textbook again. Russian could be considered Si Yiyan’s second mother tongue which he would speak in almost all the time, except when he was with Wen Xinya. Hence, she wanted to master the Russian language and understand his world.

    However, Si Yiyan understood what her intentions were and grabbed the textbook from her hands. After browsing through it casually, he threw it into the rubbish bin and said, “Such a lousy Russian textbook. It’s not going to help you learn Russian at all.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes lit up and she thought to herself,

    Si Yiyan pulled her into his arms and said smilingly, “There’s an easier way for you to learn Russian!”

    Wen Xinya held Si Yiyan’s hand and said, “What is it? Hurry and tell me. It’s too difficult to learn Russian. The pronunciations are too complicated.”

    Si Yiyan smiled mysteriously and said, “Right before you!”

    “Are you going to teach me?” asked Wen Xinya, who realized that Russian was Si Yiyan’s second mother tongue and hence, he would definitely be proficient in it.

    Si Yiyan kissed her lips gently and said, “Of course I can teach you, but not for free…” He then continued suggestively, “I’m taking into account our relationship, so I’ll make an exception this time and let you make up for it with your body. Once every lesson…”

    Wen Xinya blushed red and glared at him before caving in to his intense gaze. “Si Yiyan, you’re too despicable. Shameless, gangster, lecher! You’re full of lustful thoughts. If I…” She lowered her voice and continued, “If I still can’t master Russian even after having paid for my school fees, wouldn’t I be at a loss?”

    She had no confident in herself at all.

    Si Yiyan grinned widely and said, “If you can’t learn it well, I’ll return it to you. Twice… every lesson!”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes widened in shock and she glared at him again. “You… you’re too shameless!”

    Si Yiyan chuckled and said, “So… do you want to learn from me or not? This is an extremely rare opportunity. Although I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to make it your second Mother tongue, it won’t be a problem for you to speak it well.”

    Wen Xinya glared at Si Yiyan and turned as pale as a tomato. Gritting her teeth, she gave in to temptation and answered, “Fine, I’ll learn. What’s there to be afraid of?”

    She suddenly realized that she would be his after she turned eighteen. It wouldn’t matter how many times they did it then…

    Finding her actions to be extremely adorable, a warm and fuzzy feeling filled Si Yiyan’s heart and he said, “We’ll start now then!”

    “Wait a minute!” Wen Xinya sprung up from the carpet and grabbed her bag that was sitting on the couch. She then retrieved a journal and pen that she would often bring around with her.

    Si Yiyan stared at the journal and pen in her hands.Read the next chapter on our

    Wen Xinya made a stroke on the journal and said, “I must take notes, lest you go back on your word and abuse your authority.”

    She could not help but be reminded of the time when Si Yiyan brought her to an auction on a cruise in Nantong. She had gambled with Si Yiyan then and made a huge loss. She still owed Si Yiyan a lot.

    “Baby, you’re too lovable.” Si Yiyan then pinned Wen Xinya beneath him and began smooching her passionately.