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Chapter 553 - The Wen Corporation Belongs to Me and Only Me

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 553: The Wen Corporation Belongs to Me and Only Me

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    The bright rays of the sun shone through the French window and the fine gleams seemed to be frolicking in the air, making the light brown sofa look posh and elegant, yet warm. He could see a white magnolia tree standing gracefully in the yard like a demure young girl, elegant and beautiful.

    However, Wen Haowen was not in the mood to admire the beautiful scenery at all. Instead, he sat in the room and smoked continuously, perplexed and frustrated. The ashtray was filled with cigarette buds and he was engulfed by tobacco smoke, making him look mysterious and daunting.

    After discovering that Old Mr. Wen no longer saw him as a son, he was filled with anger, resentment, fear, panic, and disgruntlement.

    Wen Haowen was again reminded of Wen Xinya who resembled Mo Yunyao greatly. Afterward, the face in his mind contorted and turned into the way Mo Yunyao looked before she died. Her eyes were bulging and she looked extremely terrifying, thus causing him to shudder in fear and break out into cold sweat.

    Due to the fact that Ning Shuqian was barely three months pregnant, she could not stay out for long and had to come home after shopping for a while. As soon as she stepped into the room, she was greeted with overwhelming and thick fumes of smoke which caused her to cough incessantly.

    Cough, cough…

    Ning Shuqian instinctively covered her nose with her sleeve. The overbearing fumes of smoke made her tear up uncomfortably. Once it got better, she caught sight of Wen Haowen sitting on the chair. She questioned, “Haowen, did you get your document? Don’t you have an important meeting to attend this afternoon? Why are you still at home?”

    Wen Corporation remained silent while anger simmered within him. He exploded all of a sudden and flew into a rage. He sprung up from his seat and smashed the file onto the glass coffee table with all his might, hollering. “I’ve done so much for the Wen Family throughout all these years and painstakingly managed the Wen Corporation. I deserve some credit for my hard work. Yet… at the end of the day, I’m just paving the way for someone else…”

    “Haowen, what happened?” Ning Shuqian asked fearfully, greatly taken aback by Wen Haowen’s sudden outburst. She instinctively took a step back, overwhelmed with terror. Ever since she feigned her pregnancy, Wen Haowen had been treating her with much care and concern and often stopped himself from losing his temper. She wondered,

    A million questions flooded Ning Shuqian’s mind.

    Wen Haowen glared at Ning Shuqian as if there was electricity darting out of his eyes. He rebuked. “Bitch, it’s all your fault… if only you got pregnant earlier. That bastard Wen Xinya wouldn’t have returned to the Wen Family then. Had she not returned, everything would belong to me…”

    “Hao… Haowen…” Ning Shuqian spluttered. Wen Haowen’s intimidating voice was like ferocious flames that swarmed towards her, causing her heart to pound rapidly in fear. She suddenly found it difficult to breathe and felt a sudden sense of nausea.

    “Wen Xinya, that little bitch. So what if she’s reunited with the Wen Family? Nothing’s going to change the fact that she had led a wandering life for fifteen years. Nothing is going to change her nature of being a gangster. That old man actually made her the successor of the Wen Corporation. He must be old and senile!” Wen Haowen yelled at the top of his voice, completely losing his rationality. It seemed he had lost his mind as he pushed all of the items on the coffee table onto the ground, causing them to fall and smash with a loud crash.

    “Haowen, what exactly happened? Does this have something to do with Wen Xinya?” Ning Shuqian asked worriedly as an ominous feeling filled her heart.

    All she could see was Wen Haowen hitting the roof and losing his temper like an irrational beast. He continued to smash everything in sight, causing a huge din.

    After venting his anger, Wen Haowen felt like most of his energy had been depleted and he was hot and angry. Thumping himself down onto the couch in exasperation, Wen Haowen groused. “Have you any idea what happened when you were out shopping with Mother? That old man actually secretly invited Lawyer Luo here to change the terms of his will again. It also has something to do with Wen Xinya. What is he trying to do to me? I have already pretended to be a filial son and yet, he doesn’t value me at all…”

    “Haowen, how could Father do that?” asked a flabbergasted Ning Shuqian as her eyes widened in shock. She appeared intimidated and tears began to stream down her face uncontrollably. “Haowen, even if Father doesn’t care about you and me, he can’t ignore our child! Our child is the flesh and blood of the Wen Family and could very likely be the only successor of the Wen Family. We went through so much pain and hardship in order to conceive and yet, he completely ignored our efforts and treated you so harshly. How could he…”

    She then began sobbing in a hoarse and melancholic voice.

    Vexed and angered by her crying, Wen Haowen snapped. “All you do is cry! You’re getting on my nerves!”

    Ning Shuqian opened her mouth and stopped sobbing. Instead, she teared up silently and stared at Wen Haowen. “Haowen, I’m just feeling indignant for you. You’re Father’s only son and the Wen Corporation should have been yours in the first place. Besides, you have been running the major corporation for so many years, you ought to be rewarded for your hard work. How could Father hand it over to Wen Xinya? Wen Xinya is just a gangster who had led a wandering life for fifteen years. She lacks education, culture, and substance. How could she run the Wen Corporation well? Haowen, everything in the Wen Family should go to you in the first place. You can’t let anyone else have it.”

    Wen Haowen remained seated on the couch without uttering a word.

    Ning Shuqian continued, “Haowen, that bitch Wen Xinya is sly, cunning and vicious. She’s so full of tricks and she even had the gall to hit you at the hospital. That’s very treacherous of her. The Wen Family can’t land in her hands. Otherwise, it’d only be a matter of time before she ruins it.”

    “That bastard can forget about it,” Wen Haowen said menacingly.

    An icy cold gaze formed in Ning Shuqian’s eyes and she said, “Haowen, she knows that you and I are the ones who caused her mother’s death. If the Wen Family ends up in her hands, do you really think she’ll let us off?”

    Her words had hit the nail on the head, causing Wen Haowen to feel incredibly ashamed. He kicked the coffee table with all his might and scowled. “I won’t let that bitch Wen Xinya get what she wants. The Wen Corporation belongs to me and only me.”