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Chapter 554 - The Situation in the Wen Family… Is Changing

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 554: The Situation in the Wen Family… Is Changing

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    During sunset, streaks of orange graced the sky tenderly, coating the rims of the fluffy cloud with vibrant hues. However, the beauty was fleeting and was soon destroyed by a sudden gush of wind which blew some gray clouds towards the colorful ones, causing the beautiful sky to turn gloomy. The strong winds caused the trees in the yard to sway unsteadily as if they were performing a dance. The leaves rustled loudly and the air grew stuffy and suffocating.

    Lightning struck and lit up the dark and gloomy sky while the thunder rumbled loudly. It soon began to pour and the rain splattered onto the ground.

    Xia Ruya stood by the window and stared at the pouring rain outside the window while the sounds of the raindrops pattering filled her ears. She could not help but feel a little uncomfortable.

    Soon, the sounds of the door being knocked could be heard coming from outside.

    Xia Ruya turned around and opened the door, only to get a great shock. “Aunt Ning, what’s the matter?”

    “Your Uncle Wen said that Father-in-law met Lawyer Luo when we were out shopping this afternoon. The two of them had a chat in the study and even the servants didn’t dare to go near. The servants who served him the herbal soups happened to overhear their conversation and it seems to be something about the altering of his will. I think it has something to do with Wen Xinya,” said Ning Shuqian, who felt extremely gloomy.

    Wen Haowen’s words were like thunder and lightning that struck Ning Shuqian’s heart, making her panicked and anxious even till now.

    Xia Ruya’s eyes widened in shock and the light shone into her eyes glaringly, causing her pupils to constrict.

    Old Mr. Wen chose to meet Lawyer Luo just before Wen Xinya’s coming-of-age ceremony. Needless to say, it definitely had something to do with Wen Xinya. Xia Ruya felt as if there was a loud explosion in her head the moment she thought about the Ruyao ceramic that Old Mr. Wen had given Wen Xinya. The light in her eyes seemed to be strong enough to tear her apart.

    Ning Shuqian’s eyes were filled with resentment and she said, “Wen Xinya, that little bitch. Just what did she feed the old man to make him regard her so highly? He even defends her all the time and leaves his son alone. Ruya, what should we do now?”

    Resentment consumed her at the thought of Ning Yuya who was still abroad. If it weren’t because of that bitch, Wen Xinya, Yuya wouldn’t have been sent abroad at a young age. Two days ago, Ning Shuqian again tried to test Wen Haowen and sound him out. However, Wen Haowen refused to budge and even said that there was Xia Ruya there to accompany her. She could not help but feel anxious and worried, especially since Wen Xinya’s coming-of-age ceremony was approaching.

    Xia Ruya felt a sudden coldness and goosebumps began to form on her skin. She then realized that there was a crack in the window and the wind had entered the room, causing the temperature in the room to plunge and wake her up. “Aunt Ning, don’t get too worked up yet. Did you hear clearly, which servant was the one who overheard Grandpa and Lawyer Luo’s conversation?”

    Ning Shuqian nodded and said, “Yes. I even questioned that servant directly. Although she only heard bits and pieces of the conversation, the Wen Corporation’s shares and Wen Xinya were both mentioned.”

    She then repeated the servant’s words to Xia Ruya.

    Remaining calm and composed, Xia Ruya turned around and took a few steps towards the window. She then closed it.

    By the time Ning Shuqian was done talking, Xia Ruya was filled with a sudden ominous feeling. She rubbed her twitching eye and said with a frown, “Since Old Sir decided to meet Lawyer Luo right before Wen Xinya’s coming-of-age ceremony, it could very likely have something to do with her. I wonder what will happen during the coming-of-age ceremony.”

    Old Mr. Wen had always been unpredictable, ever since she was young.

    “If it’s really like what you said, it’d be even more difficult for us to deal with Wen Xinya from now on!” Ning Shuqian exclaimed at the thought of Old Mr. Wen transferring 5% of the Wen Corporation’s shares to Wen Xinya during her homecoming party two years ago. She was extremely ill at ease.

    Ning Shuqian’s words made Xia Ruya’s face stiffen. “The only pawn we have now is your ‘baby’. If Grandpa begins to suspect your pregnancy, the trick is not going to work at all.”

    Staring at the sullen expression on her face, Ning Shuqian asked worriedly, “Do we…”

    Having understood what she meant, Xia Ruya nodded gently and said, “No, that will make the matter worse.”

    They wanted to frame Wen Xinya for causing Ning Shuqian’s miscarriage. They were certain that the domineering and overbearing Wen Xinya would definitely not take it lying down and cause a stir. Since Old Mr. Wen already had his doubts about the pregnancy, they could take the chance to put the blame on Wen Xinya.

    Ning Shuqian thumped herself down onto Xia Ruya’s bed with a sullen expression.

    Xia Ruya took a deep breath and licked her dry lips. She soon got a grip on her emotions and said in a coarse voice, “Aunt Ning, you don’t have to get too flustered or worried. Grandpa has merely met Lawyer Luo. We still don’t know if he has really changed his will and we can’t jump to conclusions. Besides, Grandpa is still in the pink of health and it’s normal for him to change his will every now and then. It’s not a big deal.”

    However, Xia Ruya was still filled with resentment.

    Xia Ruya looked out of the window at the weather, only to see that it was still as gloomy as ever, though it had stopped pouring. It was as if the weather was a warning that symbolized the impending change in the Wen Family.

    Upon hearing her words, Ning Shuqian got a grip on her emotions and said, “You’re right. We still don’t know who’s getting the last laugh.”

    Although Wen Xinya could take part in the management of the Wen Corporation once she turned eighteen, she still had a long way to go. Just like what Xia Ruya had said, life was unpredictable and ever-changing. She looked out at the drizzling sky and thought to herself,

    Xia Ruya asked, “What did Uncle Wen say?”

    Ning Shuqian sneered. “No one would give up such a great corporation and such a massive amount of assets to someone else. Besides, your Uncle Wen has always detested Wen Xinya. He won’t let her get her wishes fulfilled.”

    Xia Ruya smirked and looked extremely enticing like a poisonous flower. She felt that she had a clear idea of how to deal with Wen Xinya.