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Chapter 560 - Xinya, You’re a Flower That Blooms in Adversity

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 560: Xinya, You’re a Flower That Blooms in Adversity

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    Wen Xinya sat on the couch and began reading some newspapers, on which there were reports about her and Wen Haowen being at odds with each other. The Wen Family’s failure to clarify had allowed the media to continue making an issue out of it. Hence, there had been more and more reports sprouting out on all media platforms.

    Wen Xinya could understand the media’s viewpoint. After all, her coming-of-age ceremony was just around the corner and they could gain more publicity and attention by reporting about such a juicy piece of news that involved her. Besides, they would be able to help the company hit their sales quota. Who would say no to a big bonus at the end of the month?

    Si Yiyan dumped her magazine into the rubbish bin and said, “What’s there to read about these nonsensical news? Your coming-of-age ceremony is just around the corner and your stand on this decides the outcome. You must stay firm.”

    He had long expected that Wen Xinya’s coming-of-age ceremony would not proceed smoothly and he had also guessed that there would be some sneaky troublemakers getting up to no good and plotting against Wen Xinya. Hence, he did not let it affect him, though he was rather worried that Wen Xinya would be affected.

    Wen Xinya took out another news report and said calmly, “I know that, of course. I was just browsing casually. However, this minor piece of news has exhibited lots of interesting things.”

    Staring at her mesmerizing beauty, Si Yiyan felt as if she was a blooming peach blossom, alluring and graceful.

    Wen Xinya giggled and said, “Si Yiyan, there had been lots of reports about me. Aren’t you curious about my past at all?”

    It would be difficult to believe that a gangster like her would be given a new lease on life and turn over a new leaf within just months of returning to the Wen Family. However, a smart and intelligent person like Si Yiyan would have guessed it.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “I know that you used to be just an ugly caterpillar before you broke out of your cocoon. However, I just have to take a look at how beautiful you are now and I’ll know how ugly you used to be. What’s the use of being curious?”

    He had already checked up on Wen Xinya’s past and found out enough about it. Although he was appalled of her change, he knew that only extreme grotesqueness could accentuate her beauty. He was not at all curious about what exactly had sparked her change.

    Tears welled up in Wen Xinya’s eyes, for she was incredibly touched that Si Yiyan still loved her and chose to be with her despite knowing about her shameful past.

    Si Yiyan gazed at her affectionately.

    Blushing slightly, Wen Xinya looked down at the newspapers and said, “Look at this piece of news that’s calling me ‘treacherous’. Wen Haowen must be the one behind this and the photo must be published by him. It was probably a screenshot of the footage from the surveillance cameras at the hospital.” She then pointed at another article and said, “Look at this. It openly claims that I’m at odds with the old woman. It must have been written by Xia Ruya. She’s the only one who likes resorting to such scheming tricks and adding fuel to the fire.” Pursing her lips, she continued, “The one that claims that I’ve been stirring trouble in the Wen Family ever since I returned must have been written by Ning Shuqian.”

    Si Yiyan chuckled and said, “These news can hurt you, but they can’t change you. What’s most important now is your coming-of-age ceremony. It’s the real thing that can help you change your life.”

    “I know. As long as I organize my coming-of-age ceremony to perfection, I’ll definitely be able to overcome all the controversy. By then, everyone will know that the meanest comments will not shake or affect me,” Wen Xinya said while staring at him calmly, her face glowing and radiant.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “You’re right.”

    Pursing her lips, Wen Xinya said, “But, I can’t just let them continue plotting against me. They’re just trying to take the chance to jeopardize my coming-of-age ceremony and ruin it using these controversial news. They’re planning to make the supposedly glorious coming-of-age ceremony a stain in my life. Hence, I shall screw everything up and join in the fun.”

    Wen Xinya then grabbed her mobile phone and opened her mailbox on her mobile phone, after which she sent some information which she had been keeping for a long time to Tianchao Private Investigation agency.

    “Since everything’s already in such a mess, why don’t I give you a hand!” Si Yiyan exclaimed, gazing into her sparkling and mesmerizing eyes.

    Wen Xinya’s eyes lit up and she said, “That’s great. Doesn’t the media love condemning others through speech and writing? I shall play them this time and have them wrapped around my finger.”

    Although Wen Xinya was filled with resentment in the previous lifetime, she was extremely disgusted with the media in this lifetime.

    Si Yiyan kissed her brows gently, finding it to be beautiful. “Xinya, flowers can only bloom beautifully after they’ve been through heavy rains and thunderstorms. You’ve always been a flower in adverse situations. However, adversity will not hinder your growth. Instead, it will aid you in braving through all odds and blossom into the ravishing flower that you are.”

    Si Yiyan looked at Chinese roses that Wen Xinya had planted in the yard through his peripheral vision. Although they had already been through a heavy storm and were ruined by the rain, they were still hanging on tightly onto the vines. After the heavy rainfall, they appeared even more green and dewy.

    The withered flowers laid in between the sprouting leaves. It was as if they had been ruined overnight and become lifeless. However, the fresh flower buds seemed to have given it a new burst of life.

    Wen Xinya smiled alluringly and said, “Si Yiyan, you’re coaxing me again.”

    However, she actually agreed with him. The flowers in the courtyard had become much more flamboyant and vibrant after the rain. She was never like flowers in greenhouses and hence, she could unleash her potential and bloom after adversity, just like those in the yard.

    “I’ve never said that with the intention of coaxing you. I mean those words and they come from the bottom of my heart. Look… even after all that happened during your homecoming party, you had still managed to break out of your cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly. Clearly… the truth is two-fold.” Si Yiyan then grazed his fingers gently against her rosy lips, causing his heart to flutter and race. The sensation of her tender and enchanting lips was deeply etched in his mind and lingered in his heart.

    Wen Xinya said with a nod of approval, “You’re right, there are two sides to everything and there will always be pros and cons as well.”

    If it weren’t because of the imbecile Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian, her homecoming party wouldn’t have been so chaotic. Ever since then, she had led herself onto the path of evolution.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “Just let them be. The more trouble they create, the more attention will be cast onto your coming-of-age ceremony. In a positive light, they’re just bringing you more fame and attention.”

    Wen Xinya burst into laughter and thought to herself,