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Chapter 108

Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here
     Chapter 108

    Translator: Nigaria

    Proofreader/editor: Piper

    He Poan had always stayed in the hotels arranged by the crew.

    This incident was erupting and their contract had been exposed.

    It caused a very bad influence, and all the reporters were desperately chasing them.

    With great difficulty, they left the reporters and chasing fans behind. He Poan finally got into the new hotel with Bai Weiwei.

    For safety reasons, He Poan always asked for a single room.

    Bai Weiwei took a shower and put on a new set of pajamas.

    The clothes were bought in a bigger size, so she rolled up the trousers and sleeves and walked out of the bathroom wearing the oversized clothes and slippers.

    He Poan was on the phone, “Delete Weibo and delete the forum posts ah, those idiots, when the public relations team has cleaned everything several times, it will cool down. If it really does not work, directly create other hot topics, and let this matter be pushed down.”

    Something was said at the other side.

    He Poan brows tightly wrinkled. “You said that this matter has already made the headlines in various news, it can’t be suppressed?”

    He impatiently walked back and forth several times before he said fiercely into the phone, “If it's too late to delete the post, then track down the one who wrote the original post and give me that lowly person, I want to cut his fingers off one by one until he dies."

    Bai Weiwei: "…"

    System: "If the target discovers it was you who wrote the post, I reckon we'll have a very embarrassing and beautiful spectacle."

    Bai Weiwei tried hard to calm down, then slowly went out.

    He Poan had just hung up the phone, his mood was practically exploding, the humiliation of these past five years, he never thought it would be revealed.

    In the end, it was about to burst now, wanting to thoroughly nail him to the shame column for a lifetime.

    To say that it was all that woman’s fault.

    If it weren’t for her, how could he be degraded to the point where he was lying down and mocked to this degree?

    He Poan heard the footsteps behind him, and he turned around fiercely. As a result, he saw Bai Weiwei wearing a cute princess-patterned pajamas, with her long hair somewhat wet landing on her shoulders. That bright beauty became a bit more soft and lovely.

    She saw He Poan looking over and couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

    He Poan breathed a sigh, then he said irritably, “What are you doing so sneakily?”

    Bai Weiwei hesitated, and then asked, “Can you let your assistant, send some cosmetics over?”

    At this time, still wanting to put on makeup, as expected she really was vain.

    He Poan sneered, “So what if you like to be beautiful? You don't act in any drama, could it be that you plan on letting the reporters photograph you at this time, so that when you are headlines in the scandal news you can be beautiful?"

    Bai Weiwei's face flashed some hurt, she lowered her head and hesitated for a few seconds before whispering, “Without makeup, I don't feel confident.”

    He Poan looked up and down seizing her and found that, without makeup, although Bai Weiwei lost a bit of her gorgeous feeling, but without makeup her face was exceptionally clear and soft, with much less of that awful attack power.

    The former Bai Weiwei looked annoyed, that was, she was too delicate, and He Poan felt that she was very fake, no different from other women in the entertainment circle.

    Now that she had nothing on at all, she looked more comfortable to the eyes than before.

    He Poan snorted coldly, “When you are like this, wearing makeup is just as ugly. Anyway, you don’t have any good looks to begin with, not having any confidence is taken for granted.”

    Bai Weiwei and the system: “…”

    Never had they seen such a narcissistic person.

    Bai Weiwei looked down and looked at her own oversized slippers, she seemed to hesitate.

    He Poan looked at her bowed head. For this woman, he felt resentful and hateful, but he didn't know why after seeing her now, his heart had this kind of unknown boiling feeling.

    Bai Weiwei suddenly raised her head, and her eyes were astonishingly bright, "Let's divorce, He Poan.”

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