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Chapter 561 - The Jiang Family and the Xiao Family Are at It Again

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 561: The Jiang Family and the Xiao Family Are at It Again

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    Two-odd years ago, the Jiang family and the Xiao Family had cooperated to buy the Ai Shang Group over. They ended up suffering great losses and because of this, the Jiang family had encountered a major financial crisis and became a non-existent part of the four major families.

    Of course, the worst thing was, previously he had instructed people to throw Wen Haowen out of the Jiang Corporation office tower. Unexpectedly, this shameless dog, Wen Haowen, was actually so narrow-minded to go against him all the time and make things difficult for the Jiang family. In recent years, due to the poor management of the Jiang family, it had already completely retired from the playing field of the four major wealthiest families and reduced to a second-grade family.

    Because of this, Jiang Shaofeng hated Haowen to the bones.

    Of course, he also regretted deeply in his heart. If he had known, he wouldn’t have burned the bridge with the Wen Family.

    Also because of this, Madam Jiang, who had previously initiated the fallout with the Wen Family, also suffered complaints in the Jiang family. Naturally, Jiang Ruoyin, who had gone head to head with Wen Xinya, also had a hard time.

    At the Wen Corporation’s annual gala last year, the Jiang family finally laid their hands on an invitation card and brought Jiang Ruoyin to attend the gala, wanting to apologize to the eldest daughter of the Wen Family in front of everyone as a show of the Jiang family’s sincerity. Unexpectedly, the Wen Family didn’t buy it.

    Only then did Jiang Shaofeng clearly understood that the Wen Family would never cooperate with the Jiang family again, and would definitely not help the Jiang family out again.

    “Brother Xiao, what a coincidence! I didn’t expect to bump into you here, it’s really befitting of, what’s that saying again… oh yes—it’s a small world.” Jiang Shaofeng just finished soaking in the hot spring when he saw Xiao Zhiyuan who similarly just finished soaking in the hot spring. Instantly, he put on a flattering smile and rushed up hurriedly.

    “What a coincidence—how has Chairman Jiang been?” Xiao Zhiyuan also didn’t expect to bump into Jiang Shaofeng at such a setting. His gentlemanly and elegant face was nonchalant and distant. Previously, when the Xiao Family was buying the Ai Shang Group over, if not for the Jiang family backstabbing the Xiao Family, the Xiao Family wouldn’t have ended up suffering a double loss and finally giving the Wen Family a chance.

    As if Jiang Shaofeng didn’t detect Xiao Zhiyuan distancing himself, the smile on his face became even more enthusiastic. “I’m still the same. Instead, I didn’t expect that you, Brother Xiao, being a busy man, still has the time to enjoy yourself at Jiayuan.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan said nonchalantly, “Chairman Jiang has misunderstood. I’m here at Jiayuan merely for a business appointment with a client and not to enjoy myself. Instead, I heard that the Jiang Corporation’s financial crisis is worsening, yet Chairman Jiang actually still has the mood to pursue pleasures at Jiayuan.”

    Jiang Shaofeng was merely a despicable scum. Had it been two years ago, when the Jiang family still had the status of being one of the four major families, he would perhaps have given him some face. However, now that the Jiang family was already reduced to a second-grade family, there was no need for him to be polite to him.

    Jiang Shaofeng lost some control over his expression, but eventually kept his cool and widened the smile on his face. “Don’t say that! Although work is important, being a man, I’ve gotta relax to a certain extent. Work-life balance is the most important.”

    He only came to Jiayuan today because he heard that a wealthy businessman from abroad was very interested in investing in daily necessities and food. Thus, he came over to try his luck.

    Xiao Zhiyuan’s expression became mild again. “In that case, Chairman Jiang, you continue to relax. I still have a client over there and can’t continue chatting.”

    He didn’t wish to continue the insincere chat with a capricious scum like Jiang Shaofeng.

    Jiang Shaofeng hurriedly smiled and said, “Brother Xiao, since it’s rare that we meet each other, why don’t we have a good chat over there?”

    Xiao Zhiyuan’s expression became cold. “There’s nothing much to chat about between us. Please excuse me.”

    Saying which, Xiao Zhiyuan turned his back, wanting to leave.

    Jiang Shaofeng hurriedly said, “Brother Jiang, don’t be in such a hurry to leave! Two years ago, the Wen Family acquired the Ai Shang Group. Subsequently, they recalled all the products in stores and invested in new research. I have related information on these research products.”

    After the Xiao Family’s failure to acquire the Ai Shang Group, they had spent more than two years to pick themselves up and returned to their old days. Because of this… they hated the Wen Family. Thus, he dared to guarantee that Xiao Zhiyuan was very interested in the related information of the Wen Corporation’s Ai Shang Group’s cosmetics products.

    Indeed, Jiang Shaofeng’s words made Xiao Zhiyuan stop in his tracks instantly. He turned back and asked, “You actually know?”

    Since the Ai Shang Group became a subsidiary of the Wen Corporation, the Xiao Family had been following the Ai Shang Group’s cosmetics products with great interest. However, the Wen Corporation had only done a large-scale reorganization of the company’s internal departments and related staff and let out no news after that.

    Jiang Shaofeng looked at Xiao Zhiyuan arrogantly and said, “I know Brother Xiao is an open and generous person who can’t be bothered with a scheming and evil person like me. However, a scheming and evil person like me has some connections which enable me to obtain information that others don’t know.”

    The Xiao Family hated the Wen Family, giving the Jiang family an opportunity to strike. After all, the Jiang family had cooperated with the Wen Family for many years, and, coupled with Wen Haowen’s stupidity, he actually knew quite a bit about the Wen Family. He didn’t believe that these couldn’t move Xiao Zhiyuan.

    The smile on Xiao Zhiyuan’s face deepened slightly. “Chairman Jiang, in that case, let’s go over there and have a chat. I’ll treat this meal, how’s that?”

    Jiang Shaofeng immediately agreed with a smile.

    The two of them found a secretive place and ordered a round of delicious food and good wine.

    Jiang Shaofeng said arrogantly while drinking, “The research for the Ai Shang Group’s cosmetics products has already long been completed since last year. The research products have already been refined to perfection and the distribution and sale of the products are currently being prepared intensely. The first batch of sales and distribution is estimated to be completed after the coming-of-age ceremony of the eldest daughter of the Wen Family.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan’s expression darkened. Such an important piece of information was actually concealed by the Wen Corporation.

    Jiang Shaofeng looked at Xiao Zhiyuan’s expression and became even more arrogant. “The researched cosmetics products of the Ai Shang Group are very impressive this time. Previously, the philosophy of letting the skin absorb fruits by the Ai Shang Group’s cosmetics products was already very popular, just that the research costs and standards had restricted their research on the whole. With the Wen Family’s huge investment and setting up the finest research team to aid with the research, many research problems have been addressed completely, allowing them to invent truly natural, organic, and irritant-free rare fruits-based skincare products. I estimate that once the products are on the market, they can rapidly occupy market share locally and also do well abroad.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan’s expression became even more terrible. However, he still maintained his cool. “Brother Jiang, I didn’t expect you to actually get wind of such secretive information. You’re really brilliant.”

    Instantly, Chairman Jiang became Brother Jiang—naturally, Jiang Shaofeng was very satisfied. “But of course. The Jiang family and the Wen Family had cooperated for many years, I naturally have my source of information.”

    An idea struck Xiao Zhiyuan as he felt that although Jiang Shaofeng was despicable and evil, he had his connections and sources of information which enabled him to get wind of information unknown to them. Additionally… he had cooperated with the Wen Family for many years and would definitely know many things about the Wen Family. Perhaps he could make good use of him.

    Thinking of which, his expression became even more enthusiastic.

    Jiang Shaofeng suddenly said, “That’s Wen Haowen! What is he doing at Jiayuan?”

    Xiao Zhiyuan looked over and couldn’t catch a view of Wen Haowen. “Brother Jiang is mistaken!”

    Jiang Shaofeng’s eyes twinkled as he nodded. “Perhaps I was mistaken.”