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Chapter 14

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 14.1: Man and Wife In Their Previous Lives

    She had forgotten that she was just berating her husband a moment ago.

    “Little Young Master, what’s your name? How old are you this year….. Where do you live? Let Big Sister here walk you home alright~ Heh heh heh…..”

    Everyone stared at the woman scornfully. With that big face and thick body of yours, with the fact that you’re already past thirty, you can jolly be seen as the lad’s mother! Big Sister, pooh! How shameless! Isn’t your pick up line too corny! ?

    “…..” Qing Yu was speechless.

    Rubbing her temples she smiled helplessly. “Excuse me, can I pass through? I still have more things I need to do.”

    The extent of the situation truly did not leave a single gap between the people in the crowd. Even the slender and petite sized Qing Yu was not able to squeeze herself out.

    The moment that gentle voice of hers came out, it was as if everyone fell under a spell. The people uniformly spread to the sides to open up a path for her, their eyes entranced with mindless adoration as they were all fixed upon the lad.

    This youth was truly the pet of the Heavens, so beautiful to look at from far, that beauty completely flawless when seen up close.

    Under the raptured gazes of everyone, Qing Yu then departed fleetingly.

    After some moments, someone regained his senses and went charging inside the Global Aid Hall. “Proprietor! Did the little lad just now leave a name?”

    “Err, no.” The old proprietor shook his head helplessly.

    “The herb was touched by that little Young Master earlier. I want to buy it!”

    “I want it too!”

    “I saw this first! It’s mine!”

    “Humph! The highest price wins. I’ll pay a hundred tales.”

    “Seeing who has more money? I’ll pay five hundred tales!”

    “All of you do not need to compete with this woman here. This woman is taking out all of my secret stash here. Five thousand tales!”

    “You sneaky woman…..”

    The old proprietor had not seen the inside of his shop so busy for many years already and he had not thought that one single youth would bring him so much riches today.

    His eyes then narrowed up. “He’s really the Global Aid Hall’s benefactor!”

    “What happened in here?” A blue robed Young Master holding a folding fan in his hand poked his head in and asked curiously.

    “Don’t come interfering with my purchase of that little Young Master’s herbs!” The man being asked was also a young man, who did not even turn his head around as he snapped impatiently, disregarding the other man completely.


    An undisguised mocking snicker immediately caused the blue robed man’s face to turn bright red.

    “Mo Fei Ran! What are you laughing at! ?”

    “Oh, nothing.” The elegant white robed man quickly shook his head solemnly, suddenly turning stern looking. “I have said that you should not fool around with women so much. See how unsteady your steps are, dark eye rings. Look, even the charm you’ve always been so proud of has dropped so drastically.”

    “Utter nonsense! I checked myself in the mirror before I came out today. How dare you malign me like that?” The blue robed man was furious, fire burning in his eyes.

    “Heh heh, are you a woman? Checking yourself in the mirror? You just exposed yourself there! Hahaha…..”

    “The two of you must have been man and wife your previous life.” From behind, a man in a dark green robe, slender figure with a gentle and handsome looking countenance commented expressionlessly.

    “Hence, the two of you are destined to love but will kill each other in the end.”

    The smile on Mo Fei Ran’s face then froze, while the blue robed Yu Jing Zhuo was also stunned.

    Man and wife? Love but kill each other….. What the Hell! ?

    Your Highness’ mouth usually doesn’t say much but once you do, it scares even my mother for Heaven’s sake! !

    That man was Xuanyuan Che himself.

    The other two men were two among the few good friends he had. Yu Jing Zhuo was the Left Prime Minister’s second son, and Mo Fei Ran was General Shang’s eldest grandson.

    The two of them had grown up together with Xuanyuan Che and they were of a similar age. The three of them were also in the Faint Mist Sect, all of them possessing a significant level of cultivation.

    Chapter 14.2: Man and Wife In Their Previous Lives

    “Alright, stop the nonsense. It’s rare that we could come out from the sect for some leisure.” Mo Fei Ran said with a helpless shrug of his shoulders. “Che, let’s go get a couple of drinks.” Upon saying that, he hooked his arm around Xuanyuan Che’s shoulders.

    Xuanyuan Che’s eyebrow arched up and he slipped out from under Mo Fei Ran’s arm without indifferently. “What you should be doing now is to soothe a certain man’s wounded heart.”

    Mo Fei Ran was suddenly taken aback where he then saw Yu Jing Zhuo beside him who was looking at him with darkened eyes that looked like he was going to kill someone.

    A chill ran through his body. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    “You make it clear to this Young Master here right this instant! Which part of this Young Master’s steps is unsteady and where do you see dark eye rings? ! Though this Young Master here is flirtatious, but I have never touched any of those women before!”

    He was still a pure hearted man all right! ?

    “Ohh~” Mo Fei Ran nodded his head and exclaimed meaningfully. “Now I know….. Jing Zhuo is still a virrr~gin…..”

    His eyes were filled with mocking ridicule.

    Afterall, in the Green Wave Kingdom, one a boy reached twelve years of age, they would have a live in personal servant girl that resides within an adjoining room to the boy’s bedchambers, and they could marry once they are fourteen years old.

    Yu Jing Zhuo was already nineteen and was still without a woman. Hence, it was hard for people to not suspect otherwise. Especially for a nefarious friend like Mo Fei Ran who found joy in teasing him mercilessly.

    “Damn you! Mo Fei Ran! I’ll fight you to the death!” It was truly a case of even if the uncle could tolerate it, the aunt couldn’t hold back anymore!

    Those two people came to blows right in the middle of the street, not caring about their illustrious identities at all.

    The two of them were known to everyone in the capital city as they were frequently fooling around as an whole bunch of rascals, usually appearing together as a group. But there were only two of them today and….. How did they come to be fighting each other like dreadful enemies?

    As for Xuanyuan Che, no one knew where he had slipped off to even before those two started to brawl.

    It was known that those two were always unruly but not to such an extent. He must have been mad to have agreed to meet up to reminisce about old times.

    Back to Qing Yu, after she finally managed to shake off the maniacal crowd, she slipped herself in through the Gathered Cloud Loft’s back door and heaved a sigh of relief.

    Sheesh, those people are too frightening!

    “Arh! That person is…..” A cry of delighted surprise reached her and Qing Yu raised her head. She saw two women not too far away, seemingly rather excited to see her.

    “Me?” Qing Yu pointed at herself, her face one of bewilderment.

    “Young Master Qing!” She remembered that voice. It was the little beauty who had ruthlessly wanted to kill her before, Lian Ji.

    That woman had seemed to wish for nothing more than to be able to eat her alive back on that day so why was she being so….. welcoming today? Something’s not right. Those two other women had also been rather excited when they saw her just now.

    “You’ve finally come. You’ve saved me the trouble of looking for you.” Lian Ji came walking over and pulled her hand to bring her scurrying towards a certain location.

    “Ay ay, release me first. Where are you bringing me? Tell me first.”

    “There’s no time. Come with me to see our Lord first. We searched the whole wide world and could not find you. Fortunately you have come.”

    Huh? Looking for her?

    Of course they would not be able to locate her. They were searching for a young lad but she’s a girl!

    After a series of left and right turns, just as Qing Yu was growing dizzy from the endless turns, Lian Ji finally came to a stop before a loft building.

    The place stood independently detached which made Qing Yu realize that the Gathered Cloud Loft truly was a place where there was a lot more to it than meets the eye. From the outside facade, it was clearly just a small little place but it seemed as though the inside had another space and time, where it was incredibly vast.

    The level of luxury and opulence of this place was seen to be about equal to the Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor.

    Lian Ji pushed the door open and went in, leading her in a direction that kept to the right, and they finally came before a door, she then announced: “My Lord, Young Master Qing has come.”

    It was almost instantaneous that the door was opened and a enchanting red robed man appeared before their eyes.