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Chapter 15

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 15.1: A Grub Worm Resides Just Above The Little Brother

    Qing Yu looked at the man before her eyes and she lifted an eyebrow up in slight surprise. “This is…..”

    The last time she saw this man he was a handsome looking and enchanting man.

    What had happened to this messy haired person in torn and tattered clothes with a big blue bruise on his face?

    When Bai Zhi Yan saw her, his eyes were filled with undisguised fervor. When she was waiting for him to speak up, a tyrannically loud crash sounded inside, accompanied by a voice that cursed sinisterly: “Bai Zhi Yan, you better pray that you will be able to bind this Lord forever.”

    The weak smile on Bai Zhi Yan’s lips stiffened. He was guessing that he would most probably not be able to escape death this time. That man must be wishing for nothing more than to be able to strangle him to death…..

    “What happened?” Qing Yu noticed the expression on his face, and went straight past him into the room.

    It was dimly lit inside, the walls inlaid with densely packed fluorescent rocks that glowed in darkness. And upon the only bed in there, was a man seated cross legged.

    His body looked to be highly stiffened up, as he sat there unmoving.

    Qing Yu’s heart was puzzled and she walked over to him with a few steps. That was when he saw that the man’s upper half of his body was bare, his fair skin covered with a kind of abnormal red, and that pair of devilishly alluring eyes, strangely showed one to be violet, while the other displaying a swirling blue and red, the original violet in that eye almost being completely engulfed.

    Seeing that someone was approaching, that one strange eyes swept coldly over.

    “Young Master Qing, dodge!” In a fluster, Bai Zhi Yan had let her barge past him and suddenly seeing that she had made her way straight over to the Lord, his heart almost stopped from fright.

    The blue and red eye suddenly shot a menacing ray of light right at Qing Yu.

    Bai Zhi Yan’s face filled up with terror and he summoned up his speed, all prepared to go rescue the stunned little lad from there.

    But he then saw that figure disappear into thin air.

    The next second, the lad appeared without a sound just a half step’s distance away from Lou Jun Yao and her slender hand whipped out lightning quick to strike pointedly two times at the strange eye.

    In an instant, that eye seemed to lose its sparkle, before it slowly closed.

    The other full violet eye that had been filled with a tyrannical aura also gradually quietened down. Bai Zhi Yan had not been able to get close to his Lord before and he was not aware that his Lord had not been conscious all this while but his body had just been lashing out to attack indiscriminately.

    Bai Zhi Yan was overwhelmed in shock when he saw Qing Yu standing there safe and sound where he then stepped in close as well. “What is going on? !”

    Lou Jun Yao had one eye tightly shut and the other open, but it looked hollow and lifeless, like his spirit had left from his body.

    “Tell me first what happened to him! How long has he been in this state! ?” Qing Yu’s brows were tightly knitted together, her tone unconsciously tinged with a certain amount of severity.

    Bai Zhi Yan was stunned for a moment. “After the Lord took the elixir you left behind that day, he showed clear signs of improvement in his condition. However, he suffered another relapse that very night but not much change showed up on his body except that he became exceptionally violent and kept attacking me. So I had no choice but to confine him in here. But though the Lord’s body is immobile, the power his eyes are able to shoot out still packs quite a blast and I was hit several times by him.”

    Bai Zhi Yan said with a bitter laugh, as he rubbed his aching chest.

    “I had been too careless.” Qing Yu lowered her eyes, her expression slightly remorseful. “I had not thought that such a thing would appear in this world.”

    Chapter 15.2: A Grub Worm Resides Just Above The Little Brother

    When she had first seen the man afflicted with the demonic ice and fire poison, she had been very surprised.

    Because people who were afflicted with such a poison would not be able to withstand the way it ravaged the body. But he was still living after so long and that was really rather amazing.

    An idea had briefly crossed her mind then but she had quickly denied any possibility of it. She had not thought that the slimmest sliver of possibilities had really come true.

    This man, was not afflicted by any so called demonic ice and fire poison. Living in his body, was a ice and fire Yin Yang Grub that was at least two hundred years old.

    A grub named among the top ten demonic larvaes and grubs in the <<Heavenly Insights of Medicine>>.

    The ice and fire Yin Yang Grub would find nourishment by feeding on a human’s essence. Conversely, it would also cause its victim’s cultivation to increase exponentially, giving him tyrannical and invincible power. But once the person the grub was feeding on displays that maniacal power increase three times, then the human host would not be that far from having his life essence completely depleted.

    What was most prickly about the whole situation was that that kind of grub was extremely contemptible. The hosts that it chose, were only handsome looking male specimens with high levels of cultivation.

    And the location it resided in within the person was at the man’s lower abdomen….. near to….. the little brother.

    Damn it! She just could not continue on with that thought.

    Qing Yu’s face looked highly constipated and a vein throbbed on her forehead, as she looked sympathetically at the unconscious Lou Jun Yao.

    Bai Zhi Yan stared at the young lad with a suspicious look on his face. Why was the youth looking at the Lord like that?

    And….. staring at that particular part of the Lord’s body? ! !

    “Young Master Qing?” Unable to hold himself back from calling out to interrupt the youth’s chaotic thoughts. “With the Lord like this, is there a way to cure him?”

    “There is a way.” Qing Yu drew in a deep breath, and then rubbed her temples in frustration. Why must she meet with such a predicament? That disgusting little grub would turn her stomach for months at least!

    She looked at Bai Zhi Yan whose face was one of complete bewilderment. Her expression serious, she then said: “I need to tell you the truth, if you are able to take it.”

    “What?” Bai Zhi Yan asked in puzzlement.

    “In your Lord’s lower abdomen, three inches above his “little brother”, resides a grub of pure evil.”

    “Wh….. What….. What did you say? !” Bai Zhi Yan was completely shocked, his pair of pretty peach blossom like eyes two wide circles as he stared. “Can you tell me one more time?”

    “I said, he is not afflicted with any devilish ice and fire poison, but a parasitical grub called the ice and fire Yin Yang Grub is living in his body. That little worm is now comfortably lying in his lower abdomen in a that sensitive position and showing off blatantly.”

    As to how she would know that that disgusting little fella was showing off, ever since she inherited the <<Heavenly Insights of Medicine>>, she had cultivated her pair of Heavenly blessed life saving eyes that were able to see through a patient’s body. At that moment, that grub was waving the antennae on its head, staring at her with its two baleful eyes.

    You dare stare?

    Heh, you don’t know doom is upon you. You will only be able to prance for a while longer, and I will be your doombringer.

    The harmless looking smile upon the lad’s face, even when it was seen through its male host’s body, the ice and fire Yin Yang Grub could not help but subconsciously feel fear run through itself, causing its body to shrink back and cower.

    This youth was somehow giving it an uneasy feeling.

    Caught in a long spell of silent speechlessness, Bai Zhi Yan was further struck senseless by the heavy weight of the news he had just heard.

    All that time they had thought that it was some devilish ice and fire poison, was now all realized to be just a complete joke?

    Grub larvae?

    But however one looked at him, this lad had not even come of age. He’s still so young, how could he possibly be able to tell that the Lord’s condition was not poison?

    Bai Zhi Yan was even more certain at that moment that the lad was definitely not from these low grade lands.

    He was not so arrogant as to assume that the Heavenly Healers Sect was the proficient and skilled in Medicine and sure enough, there’s always someone stronger and better, another Heaven beyond the Heavens.

    He could not help but to mock himself in laughter.