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Chapter 17

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 17.1: The Mystery Behind Their Birth

    The woman had obviously not expected things to take such a turn and she turned woodenly to look at Yan Su’s face. As expected, she saw an unfriendly expression, his face dark.

    She immediately fell from her chair in fright. “Your Highness, your lady did not mean it. I beg for Your Highness’ forgiveness.”

    On her knees, she scampered to go over to Yan Su’s side, pushing her ample bosom against his thigh, looking highly seductive.

    But Yan Su had lost all his mood as he pushed her away from him. “To think that this Duke had been with such a foolish woman for so many years. How nauseating!”

    “Your Highness…..” The woman’s face turned pale, realizing that she had committed a grave wrong. Her body trembling as she sobbed in plea, she heard Yan Su say impatiently: “Bring her away from here. This Duke does not want to see her at this moment.”

    It was as if a bolt had struck down from clear skies, and she whom had been exceptionally favoured was suddenly condemned into Hell just because of a statement she made.

    With Yan Su saying that he did not want to see her anymore, then she would have no chance of rising up again.

    “Don’t do this….. Your Highness….. Your lady has realized her mistake and I beg for Your Highness to give me another chance….. Your Highness….. Your Highness…..”

    The woman was forcefully dragged out by the guards outside the doors.

    It fell ominously silent around the table and no one dared to speak another word.

    Yan Ning Luo’s eyes were darkened in incomprehension. What was her elder brother thinking? Is he going turn his elbows outwards to go help those two people? Doesn’t he know how much Mother hates that woman’s children? How could he…..

    Yan Su rubbed his temples to soothe his headache. “Little Cheng, why have you suddenly come to concern yourself with the manor’s internal affairs? And, who were you talking about earlier…..”

    “They live in the Tranquil Abode. The two children birthed by Lady Qing.” Yan Xi Cheng replied softly. “I had gone to see them before and saw that they were living in abysmal conditions. Even the servants of a slightly higher position were living better than them and I do not wish for such a thing to spread outside the Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor, for people to say that we illtreat the children of deceased concubines.”

    Yan Su’s expression turned slightly startled.

    Lady Qing…..

    The foolish woman one who insisted on protecting her two children even at the cost of her own life?

    That’s right. It should have been ten years since her death. It has been so many years that he was almost about to forget, that such a person had once existed.

    Maybe, he did not forget, but just that he did not want to remember that sorrowful past.

    “You are a good man, but I am already someone’s wife. I am currently on the run and I do not want to drag you into it.”

    “I do not care, and I am not afraid of being implicated. I only want to protect you!”

    “Yan Su, I am already with child.” The cold and peerless beauty’s expression was so unbelievably gentle at that moment, so beautiful and a look he had never seen before.

    Even if it was only to protect just that short ephemeral smile, he was most willing to.

    “Then, let me the child’s father, and allow me to protect both of you!”

    Despite the fact that he already had a wife and children, but for some unknown reason, he just could not seem to control his heart but to be attracted to her.

    Like a moth to a burning flame, even if he had to give up his own life, it would be sweet as syrup to him.

    That person, had exactly that kind of charm to make people fall head over heels!

    But he, had come to feel an inexplicable kind of jealousy towards the man, the one who had been able to possess her, a man whom she had been willing to carry his child for.

    And he himself had now gone back on his word?

    Having promised to protect her children, but he had never cared about them before, to the extent that he never knew what they looked like at all.

    It was his jealousy that had blinded both his eyes, that made his heart turn cold and hard as steel!

    Yan Su was immediately feeling rather exhausted and he stood up from his seat. With saying a single word, he then walked slowly out.

    The remaining people all fell deep in thought, everyone making their own guesses in their minds.

    Chapter 17.2: The Mystery Behind Their Birth

    Yan Ning Luo was also not in the mood to eat together with these women and she pulled her chair back to stand up as the chair made a ear piercing screech. “Big Brother, come outside with me for a moment.”

    The sibling pair then walked out one behind the other.

    Under a quiet pavilion within the Duke’s Manor, Yan Ning Luo’s face was cold as she said insipidly: “Why are you speaking up for those people from the Tranquil Abode?”

    Yan Xi Cheng creased up his brows. “What about it?”

    “What about it?” Yan Ning Luo’s lips stiffened as she turned her eyes back to look at him. “Don’t you know that the reason Mother has shut herself in for so many years is all because of that woman from the Tranquil Abode? Mother has already been so benevolent to allow that woman’s seeds to remain and Big Brother is now even pleading on their behalf?”

    Yan Xi Cheng looked at person who had always been exceptionally beautiful suddenly showing such a cold and malicious looking face and his heart sank with a chill.

    All this, must have been thoughts that Mother had inculcated into Little Ning from young!

    Is it really that difficult to tolerate those two siblings?

    Afterall, that woman had already died so many years ago and had been laid to rest. Is there any meaning in continuing to hold it against the children?

    He was suddenly very disappointed in his mother.

    “Little Ning, you don’t understand.” Yan Xi Cheng shook his head. “The pain that that woman brought upon Mother, has already been repaid back in folds by her two children.”

    “A mother’s debts must be paid back by her children. It is still not enough by far. She was the one who torn our family apart!” Yan Ning Luo said in a shrill voice.

    “You’re so naive. Then how are you going to explain the existence of that bunch of other women in the back manor? All of this was caused by Father!” Yan Xi Cheng suddenly did not feel like continuing to talk with this obstinate little sister of his. His emotions were rather unstable today and he should instead be calming his heart down to go practice his cultivation!

    Yan Su did not go back to his room. His steps had unknowingly brought him to the Tranquil Abode he had come so many countless times before.

    He still remembered that she loved the swing. Everytime he came over, he would see her sitting upon the swing and caressing her abdomen, speaking gently to the child in her tummy, the scene beautiful and touching.

    Ten years have passed, and everything here has changed.

    There was no long that swing he was familiar with, but just a stretch of quiet overgrowth. On both sides of the yard, many vibrant and beautiful plants had been planted, the surroundings filled with vegetation and shrubbery, the place looking just like a piece of the old woods deep in the mountains.

    Just as Yan Su was deeply entranced by the surroundings, the tightly shut doors suddenly opened with a creak.

    A tall and slender figure came walking out from inside.

    Her head of long hair like a waterfall was lightly bound up, the simple white dress worn on that person exuding an indescribable sense of pure enchanting beauty, where just the back view already made one’s heart race and the mind captivated.

    She carried a wooden bucket in her hand, sprinkling the green liquid inside onto the plants, shining with lustrous brilliance, beautiful beyond compare.

    Yan Su was spellbound at that moment as a twig snapped under his feet.

    “Hmm?” The person heard the noise and she turned her body around to look in puzzlement.

    Yan Su’s eyes flared wide as he stared.

    Those mesmerizing eyes were overflowing with brilliant light, the elegant nose outstanding and sharp, the corners of her faintly pink lips slightly lifted, forming an incredibly irresistible arc. Her skin was fair as could be, especially under the sun’s ray it seemed almost translucent in its smoothness, her face’s beauty completely flawless.

    The two people looked at each other over that distance between them for a moment. Thereafter, that person’s eyes then blinked, and the arc at the ends of her lips deepened further, to reveal a faint smile.

    Qing Fei…..

    No, it’s impossible.

    How could two people possibly look so much alike?

    Even the arc at the corners of their lips she showed when they first met was almost exactly alike!

    Yan Su was shocked to the core, and he did not have the courage to remain there a moment longer, immediately taking quick steps to depart from that place.

    “Haha, interesting…..”