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Chapter 20

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 20.1: Little Grub That’s a Beauty Fanatic

    That voice had a clear raspiness to it, a little stinging and harsh on the ears.

    And that sound had come out from that fleshy looking grub that was now unable to move in the slightest.

    “The grub’s cultivation must have let it evolve into an evil spirit! It can actually talk?” Bai Zhi Yan knew that the worm no longer posed to be a threat and he was crouched down in a squat, looking at it appraisingly.

    It’s body was about the size of a baby’s fist, rotund in shape, with two antennae on its head, its body in alternating colours of blue and red. Its eyes were grey, and they looked a little malevolent.

    “Heh heh, it looks really ugly.” Bai Zhi Yan surmised.

    “You’re the ugly one! Your whole family’s ugly!” The ice and fire Yin Yang Grub retorted angrily.

    Of course it knew that it was not great looking and that was why it would only choose people with outstanding looks to be its host. It had an inferiority complex and was highly irritable, detesting people who said it was ugly the most.

    If not for the fact that it was not able to move right at that moment, then it would surely have wanted to kill that foul mouthed man.

    Qing Yu observed the man lying on the bed carefully for a while. After ascertaining that there was no other symptoms that presented a threat to his life, she then slowly turned herself around, to look down at that little grub who was exchanging glares with Bai Zhi Yan.

    It looked utterly disgusting and Qing Yu was getting an uncomfortable feeling in her stomach, the expression on her face turning cold.

    The grub worm that had still been rambling on with curses suddenly froze and stared in a daze at the dazzling white clothed youth.

    It was impossible to tell whether those exquisite facial features were male or female but they were imbued with a kind of gentleness that was more beautiful than what most youths possessed, and without the wilful recklessness of young girls, with a sort of heavenly indolence. His eyes were tinged with a bit of iciness, and a noticeable amount of disgust, but none of that reduced any of his good looks.

    The ice and fire Yin Yang Grub had lived for more than a hundred years and it had never seen a person with such flawless looks. He was in fact more beautiful looking than all the handsome men it had ever seen put together.

    At that moment, its eyes were filled with surprise and joy, completely disregarding the fact that it was currently trapped, and it was all caused by that very same youth.

    Qing Yu saw the way the worm was staring at her and she became even more impatient. She pulled out another wooden bottle and then put the bug into it.

    That little fella was completely immersed in her beauty and it did not put up any resistance as it was being put into the bottle.

    It was only after it was trapped in that sealed space that it was finally able to react, struggling and roaring out in violent rage.

    Qing Yu closed her palm over the bottle and sent a bolt of spirit power to strike inside the bottle. The grub worm immediately quietened down, having been knocked unconscious by that surge of power that had struck so abruptly.

    She tossed the bottle to Bai Zhi Yan and he caught it instinctively. He then asked feeling rather confused: “Why have you given it to me for?”

    In the end, all he got was a roll of the lad’s eyes as he said: “You don’t really think that your Lord is fine just by getting that worm out of him are you?”

    “Isn’t that the case? ?”

    “The ice and fire Yin Yang Grub is one that is ranked highly among voodoo grubs used in Ancient Witchcraft. If not for the fact that I had a certain understanding about them from before, I would not have been able to get it out so easily. That worm has stayed in your Lord’s body for too long a period of time and I think it has consumed quite a bit of your Lord’s essence energy. You will need to refine that grub within the span of three days and extract the crystal out of its brain for your Lord to absorb to root out his condition completely.”

    “I see.” Bai Zhi Yan nodded, but then suddenly seemed to have thought of something. “Why do you not do the refinement yourself?”

    Things have already come to such a late stage, why not see the treatment all the way through to its end?

    “I don’t want.” Qing Yu crinkled up her nose in contempt. “That thing is too disgusting.”

    “…..” Bai Zhi Yan was speechless but could not help laughing. At that moment, the lad was acting very much like a little kid.

    Chapter 20.2: Little Grub That’s a Beauty Fanatic

    In the midst of their conversation, it was not known when the man lying on the bed had quietly opened his eyes, the pair of violet eyes more brilliant than before. Where there had always been a layer of haze over those eyes, they were now clear and pristine, like the purest and most natural of purple crystal.

    Qing Yu was stunned for a moment, seemingly mesmerized by that pair of eyes that were so flawlessly in their beauty, where she then gave a faint smile with a slight curl of her lips and said: “Looks like you are fine now.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes were blank for a few seconds, but they recovered very quickly.

    There was something that changed in his body and he felt different, a kind of comfortable easiness, except for a almost imperceptible….. chilliness?

    His gaze then subconsciously looked down at his body and the colour on his face immediately darkened visibly. His teeth gritted together as he called out: “Bai Zhi Yan!”

    Bai Zhi Yan had served under him for so many years afterall and he must have understood the Lord’s temperament the best. At almost the very same moment his voice fell, Bai Zhi Yan moved in the very next second to pull the thin blanket at the side to cover his Lord up well and fully.

    That was no joke. That fella Lou Jun Yao was not only a clean freak but the extent of his paranoia towards certain things were just indescribable you know?

    One did not have to mention placing him in an almost complete state of nakedness and for him to be seen by others like that, just how big of a face losing act that would be to him.

    It was thought that if this was not done only to save him, that fella would not have hesitated in the slightest as he struck him dead with a single palm strike.

    The two men before her had one raging with fury and the other smiling awkwardly as Qing Yu then slowly regained her senses. That particular person’s irregular actions earlier had her feeling rather bamboozled and it was a moment later that she tossed out a statement indifferently: “Are you….. feeling shy?”

    “What did you say?” Lou Jun Yao’s eyes dimmed, his malevolent gaze sweeping over to the nonchalant and languid youth leaning against the wall.

    Seeing the situation, Bai Zhi Yan blocked off his line of sight. “My Lord, it was Young Master Qing who saved you.”

    Just how powerful the Lord’s pair of eyes were was something he had tasted before himself. If in a moment of carelessness the Lord came to hurt the lad, wouldn’t that make the Lord an ingrate who forgets kindness rendered to him?

    Seeing that there was no reaction, Bai Zhi Yan then said: “My Lord, Young Master Qing is really very skilled. Your body was not afflicted with the ice and fire poison but it was all brought about by a grub that resided in your body.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes narrowed. “Grub?”

    Even in the Cloud Heaven, a voodoo grub was something that everyone feared, a exceptionally rare and mystical kind of existence.

    Usually, only in the big family clans would they keep a hidden trump card or two, and that would be Grub Breeders. These breeders were born from people using the grubs against their enemies or to gain control over others. The Grub Breeders lived perpetually in darkness, among thousands and thousands of grub worms, highly terrifying people.

    Lou Jun Yao had never liked to have any dealings with these dark and sinister people. Although he could really be considered to be a good person himself, but with something that was so horrendously evil, once one was tainted, one would be consigned to inextricable damnation. That was something he knew clearly in his heart.

    And now, he was being told that the thing that had tormented him for so long was not poison, but a terrifyingly evil voodoo grub!

    What made it even more unbelievable was that no one had been able to survive after being caught under the ravages of a voodoo grub, while he, had miraculously survived for such a long time.

    Even for one as powerful as he was, could not help but feel fear lingering within.

    “You don’t need to worry about it as it has already been extracted. You are lucky, that you met me.” By looking at his expression, Qing Yu already knew what he was thinking. She then pointed at Bai Zhi Yan’s hand and said: “It’s in there. You will only need to have it refined, and you will recover fully. You will also gain quite significantly from this as your cultivation will increase greatly.”

    A thing like the ice and fire Yin Yang Grub was not without its advantages, as it would at least be able to bolster one’s speed in cultivation progress, where what could be achieved in a day would equal what would take others half a month.