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Chapter 21

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 21.1: Golden Red Elixir Flames

    “Thank you.” Lou Jun Yao restrained his emotions, and nodded his head slightly. “You have saved me, and I will remember this as a debt I owe you.”

    Qing Yu could not help but laugh. “Shouldn’t I be the one who owes you a favour? Afterall, I took your Polar Fire Core.”

    “That is a completely separate matter. The debt owed for having saved my life is not what a mere bunch of herb can offset.” Lou Jun Yao was in a great mood, as the smile at the corners of his lips deepened slightly. “I had been bogged by this for many years which had greatly wrecked my body. If my body is ravaged for another few years by it, it will not be long before I will lose my life.”

    Qing Yu lips unconsciously curled up. “It will be alright. I will prescribe some medicine for you in awhile. Your body’s constitution is rather good and you will slowly recover.”

    It was clear with just one glance that the man’s identity was anything but ordinary and his heart must be proud and arrogant, where the things he would not be able to accept would be to see that something was wrong with his own body!

    The elegant white clothed handsome lad already looked exceptionally exquisite when he did not smile and when a faint smile hung on his lips, it was like the sun had lit up the entire dim and dark room.

    Lou Jun Yao smiled. “For that, I would have to trouble you.”

    Bai Zhi Yan looked at the two people from the side, seeing them exchange pleasant courteous words alternatively, and the expression on his face became a little strange.

    My Lord….. Has the poison not been purged completely? This manner of speech isn’t like you at all you know?

    His personality was one of “great as the Heavens and Earth are, I am the greatest!”, wildly arrogant, never knowing what courtesy was in the slightest, so there was no need to even mention him knowing how to beat around the bush in humble politeness. What could have possibly possessed him today?

    Could it be…..

    His gaze then discreetly turned to peer at the lad’s face of unmatched beauty and allure.

    Could the reason be because the lad is so good looking?

    “I wonder from where the Young Master received tutelage? Seeing that you are still so young but your attainment in the field of Medicine has already reached the realm of alchemists whose age have reached past half a century, I would think that your teacher must surely be a person of extraordinary significance.” Lou Jun Yao went on in a roundabout manner, before he finally spoke what was really on his mind.

    This lad, had some great moves, possessed great skills in Medicine, and even held knowledge about witchcraft. With such a great talent, wouldn’t he be recklessly wasting a gift from Heaven if he did not rope the lad in over to his side?

    Qing Yu laughed helplessly and said: “I belong to no sect or clan, my skills acquired through self study.”

    These two master and servant pair are rather quaint. Both of them asking the same things one after another. Have alchemists really become such a rare existence in this world? And that’s why they were trying so hard to win over the power behind her after just seeing she was skilled in Medicine? ?

    Very unfortunately, she really did not have any powerful sects or clans.

    “It was through one single chance encounter that I inherited knowledge in Medicine that allowed me this small accomplishment and I did not have a Master.”

    When she said it the last time, Bai Zhi Yan had looked half dubious and she thought she might as well make it clear this time.

    Lou Jun Yao raised an eyebrow slightly. The lad did not look like he was lying.

    But, wasn’t his luck a little too good? To be able to inherit those skills in Medicine, that was something that all alchemists would hope to get their entire lives.

    And, there was one more thing that he was still a little curious about.

    “Then, I wonder at what grade of alchemy are you at now?”

    His level shouldn’t be too low.

    That was also something Bai Zhi Yan was curious about. He had not been able to decipher the lad’s cultivation nor his grade as an alchemist. If the grade was did not far surpass his, it would then mean that the lad had employed some special method to conceal it.

    Once that question was asked, Qing Yu was first taken aback a moment, before she blinked her eyes and then went on to ask: “Grade….. How are they gauged?”

    The air grew heavy for a moment.

    Was this kid making a joke out of all this?

    Could it be that he was not from this world and that was why he did not even know what levels and grades were? ?

    Chapter 21.2: Golden Red Elixir Flames

    Bai Zhi Yan coughed twice to lend relief to the awkward atmosphere. “Young Master Qing….. err….. doesn’t seem to understand it all that well. It works like this. As every single person possess a different level of gift, so at the moment of birth, infants undergo a test to ascertain how gifted they are. Some people possess prodigious gift in the area of alchemy while some others would be more gifted in martial cultivation.”

    “Regardless whether it is in alchemy or martial prowess, they are differentiated into high and low grades. Like for alchemists for example, their grades are Gold, Silver, Bronze and above that would be Platinum, White Silver and Green Bronze. The Bronze grade is the lowest level and they need to rely on Beast Fire or its equivalent as a source of fire when they practice alchemy. When one attains the Silver level, they would then be able to slowly garner their own Elixir Fire.”

    After that explanation, Qing Yu was finally able to understand.

    So that was how the grading of alchemists worked in this world.

    “Then, what grade are you at already?” Qing Yu asked as she looked at the man in front of her. She knew that the man was an alchemist.

    Bai Zhi Yan smiled and a highly intense silver flame suddenly sprouted from his fingertip. “I have just advanced into White Silver.”

    “Then you would considered to be a very great alchemist already.” Qing Yu said as she nodded her head.

    “Young Master Qing’s proficiency in Medicine is at a much higher level than mine and I think you must already be at the Platinum grade…..” The smile on Bai Zhi Yan’s face suddenly congealed. The blinding flickering red flame caused him to be stunned for a moment.

    “Is that what Platinum grade fire….. looks like? But based on what you said earlier, it should be golden in colour…..” Qing Yu said in puzzlement as she looked at the little golden red flame on her fingertip.

    That fire had been with her all the way since her previous life and it had gained spirit consciousness. Having released it out like this, it was like a child who had been locked up for a long time, highly active and lively, moving around on her hand, and even bouncing a time or two intermittently.

    Bai Zhi Yan was shocked beyond words, and he was unable to speak at all at that moment.

    “Could that Elixir Fire possibly have gained its own spirit consciousness?” Although Lou Jun Yao was not an alchemist, but he had seen Bai Zhi Yan cultivate and refine medicines so many times. His Elixir Fire was not so lively and the colour in this one was….. really rarely seen.

    Seeing that he had been able to tell, Qing Yu did not try to conceal it. “That’s right. This little fella has been with me for a very long time, and is capable of human emotions.”

    As she had thought, she shouldn’t have let it come out. That playful little fire source was twirling around her fingers in circles, from one finger onto the next, zipping around happily.

    It went on for awhile, and it must have sensed that its Mistress was getting a little impatient before it showed some restraint, coming to a stop on her palm and did not move anymore.

    Bai Zhi Yan looked like he had been dealt a devastating blow as his face turned sorrowful and highly despondent. “It‘s really….. so infuriating to be compared with other people…..”

    He was afterall well and proper recognized as the most gifted prodigy among the Divine Healers Sect but when compared to this young lad, he paled in comparison completely.

    Lou Jun Yao’s gaze grew deep as it darkened. ‘Is Young Master Qing also from the Cloud Heaven?”

    It was the second time she had heard that unfamiliar name.

    Qing Yu cast a glance at Bai Zhi Yan. The first time had been him asking her the same thing.

    “I do not know what this Cloud Heaven both of you have spoken of really is. I only know that this is the Green Wave Kingdom and I, grew up here in this place.”

    “This place is only one among low grade lands.” Seeing that the lad really did not know it, Lou Jun Yao still explained it patiently to him. “The place you are in is called the Jade Pearl Continent, where martial cultivation is seen to be slightly more inadequate. The continent is split up three ways, into the Green Wave, Water Edge, and Martial Blue, three kingdoms.”

    “Above this place is the White Marsh Continent, medium grade lands, where the cultivation of any regular person there is equivalent to a powerful pugilist here. And another level higher up will be the Cloud Heaven.”

    Qing Yu nodded her head, and immediately arched an eyebrow up. “Seems like you people are people from Cloud Heaven?”

    Chapter 21.3: Golden Red Elixir Flames

    “That’s right.”

    “To have crossed over two continents at once, it must have drained your cultivation quite a bit. Are you people running away from enemy persecution?” Qing Yu asked as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

    ‘It can be considered to be that!” Lou Jun Yao smiled. “With my body becoming weaker by the day, encountering an enemy would only mean being slaughtered. In that case, wouldn’t hiding far far away from them be the smarter thing to do?”

    “Mm. Being adaptable is definitely a virtue.”

    Bai Zhi Yan was speechless. “…..”

    Only mean being slaughtered….. Aren’t you taking it too far with pretending to be weak and helpless…..

    And you’re saying it with such a serious face, almost deceiving me as well.


    Bai Zhi Yan’s surveying eyes then came back onto the two people who were chatting away happily, and he came to a conclusion.

    Lou Jun Yao was indeed showing a fondness for that lad.

    As he had never seen his Lord ever being so chatty.

    In another part of the capital city…..

    Yan Ning Luo and Yan Xi Cheng had a fight and they parted on an unhappy note.

    All the way from when they were very young, Yan Xi Cheng had always doted on her very much, never once raising his voice at her.

    And this time, just because of a completely unrelated person, he had actually scolded her. In a fit of anger, Yan Ning Luo then decided not to return home.

    Although she did not come back to the Imperial Capital much, but she still had several fast and steady friends, and the Left Prime Minister’s youngest daughter was one that she was usually closest to.

    Among the famous women in the Imperial Capital, besides Yan Ning Luo being hailed as the greatest beauty, Yu Xiao Ning was also well known to be a lady who was both talented and beautiful.

    Known as the Imperial City’s dual pride together as Yan Ning Luo.

    Su Xiao Ning had a fair and tiny almond shaped face, her sharp chin tinged with a faint line of Beauty’s cleft which was exceptionally enchanting. Her quick witted limpid pair of sparkling eyes seemed to talk, a highly intelligent and graceful young lady.

    At that moment, her dainty cherry lips were slightly curled up, amused as she looked at her gloomy and unhappy good friend.

    “Who could have angered our greatest beauty now? What audacity. Tell me and I will vent your frustration onto them for you.”

    Yan Ning Luo rolled her eyes at her friend. “And you’re still teasing me?”

    “When did I do that? Am I not showing concern here! ?” Su Xiao Ning covered her mouth and laughed lightly. “Aiyah, don’t be so unhappy. It’s not often we can meet and reminisce of old times. With you becoming the Faint Mist Sect’s greatest female senior, I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with you.”

    Yan Ning Luo scoffed at her. “Here you are squeezing out sourness to make vinegar again. How am I as capable as you! ? Our entire Green Wave Country will have to depend on you!”

    Although the Left Prime Minister was a weak and frail literary official, but his children had all done well for themselves. This one here was his youngest daughter, a prodigy genius born to do business and trade.

    A good half of the Green Wave Kingdom’s industries were all Yu Xiao Ning’s and it could be said that she controlled the kingdom’s economic lifeline.

    So beautiful and was able to make so much money. Only the Heavens knew how many young men were harbouring some ideas towards her.

    “I have heard that the Water Edge Kingdom is going to send a princess here to propose a match in marriage?” Yu Xiao Ning stopped fooling around and started to speak of serious business.

    “Marriage proposal? It’s just a cover, sheer camouflage.” Yan Ning Luo answered with a sneer. “The one coming here is not any princess, but the Water Edge Kingdom’s most favoured Ninth Princess, Xin Yan. Would Yue Mu Chen who is so crazily protective of that sister of his really marry her off to an enemy kingdom? Only when the sun rises up from the west!”

    Yu Xiao Ning rubbed her chin. “That’s quite true. But then….. What are they coming here for?”

    Could it be that because the kingdoms were at peace and they were feeling idle, so they are thinking to start a war?

    “You are so busy making money all the time and I think you are not aware that that demonic Duke of Vast Seas has awoken, and he will be the one escorting Yue Xin Yan here.”

    “That….. That can’t be true!” The smile at the corners of Yu Xiao Ning’s lips then showed a rare moment of stiffening.