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Chapter 26

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 26.1: Stirrings of Love in the Youth

    “Tsk. How cold blooded. We are still brothers afterall you know!” The man said as he clicked his tongue at the corner of his mouth. Climbing down off the soft lounge, he picked up the flask of wine from the table and took a long drag from its spout.

    The crystal clear liquid spilled out from one end of his lips and dripped down from his perfectly sculpted chin, running down his neck and into his clothes.

    “Ah Chi, I told you that you must not drink for awhile!” Xuanyuan Che creased up his brows, reaching out with his large hand to snatch the wine flask over.

    The man was not bothered but merely propped his chin on one hand to look at Xuanyuan Che. “Is the Crown Prince always such a busybody? That he doesn’t even allow people to drink?”

    It had not been clear earlier with the light behind him, but after he had turned around, it could be seen that the man was extremely good looking, his pair of eyes that could smile from birth were able to hook away a person’s soul, those brows more alluring and seductive that a woman’s.

    A pair of full luscious lips, glistening brightly under the nourishment of wine, were incomparably enchanting. They were curved up in a devilish smiling arc at that moment, giving of a feeling of a bad boy.

    Xuanyuan Che could not help but lost his senses for a moment, before his gaze deepened. “I heard that Father came to see you. Did you reject him?”

    “What a joke. He thinks he can see me just because he wants to. Who does he think he is! ?”

    “Xuanyuan Chi, he is your Imperial Father!” Xuanyuan Che was a little displeased, and he called out his full name.

    The man put a finger in his ear to dig it nonchalantly as he cast a sideways glance at Xuanyuan Che. “Have you gotten old and have grown forgetful? Ten years ago, he had already decreed to the world that he has broken off all ties with me! If not for you, I will not even care to come to this place!”

    Pausing for a while, he then continued: “And one more thing. I am now called Mu Chi. Don’t call me by the wrong name. Xuanyuan is the Imperial Family’s surname and anyone using that surname carelessly will have to lose his head, and I still want to live for a few more years!”

    Xuanyuan Che’s eyes then dimmed.

    The two of them, were originally the two most qualified candidates in competition to become the heir apparent to the throne.

    But because of an unforeseen accident, Xuanyuan Chi incurred the wrath of the Green Wave Emperor, causing him to fly into a rage and removed his title as a prince, completely severing their ties as Father and son.

    But the real reason behind it was not known by anyone.

    Xuanyuan Che’s character had been cold and one of indifference from young and only Xuanyuan Chi was able to really get him to play together. Hence, the two of them had naturally been inseparably close.

    That incident had happened too suddenly and even Xuanyuan Che had not been prepared for it.

    But Xuanyuan Chi who had always talked to him about everything had not said a word about that to him. After he endured the palace’s punishment, he had then left the place without any hesitation.

    And with that departure, it was for ten whole years.

    Xuanyuan Che had only just met him about a year ago, the brothers reunited.

    But it seemed like something had changed.

    He was clearly still a jovial guy, who loves to play and laugh, but between them….. there seemed to be a certain kind of obstacle, and they were no longer able to return back to the way they were before.

    Xuanyuan Che sat down beside him, and slowly opened his mouth to say: “Just why did you….. have to leave, to abandon your brother so callously?”

    Back then, they had clearly said that, they would be brothers for life, never turning their backs to that brotherhood.

    Mu Chi smiled, and slapped Xuanyuan Che on the back of his shoulder. “Why are you doing looking so gravely depressed? Who abandoned you, you strange freak? Is it because you couldn’t find anyone to play with when I was not around?”

    Xuanyuan Che stared fixedly at him, there wasn’t the slightest bit of mirth in his expression.

    Seeing Xuanyuan Che looking like that, Mu Chi then sighed and said helplessly: “Alright. I said that we are brothers, and we forever will be. No matter for whatever reason, it will never change.”

    That just clearly showed that he was not willing to speak much about that.

    Chapter 26.2: Stirrings of Love in the Youth

    Xuanyuan Che’s eyes were dark, and he did not force the issue. Ah Chi looked outwardly like a completely heartless fella, but his heart and mind were sensitive and meticulous. If he did not want to speak about it, then no one would be able to get anything out of him no matter how much one asked.

    “That’s right, I wanted to ask how did you get injured? You got yourself into such a wretched state.”

    The moment he asked that, Mu Chi’s smile on his face immediately congealed, and he then said seemingly rather discomfited. “I don’t even want to speak about that. I went out with my friends to reminisce about old times while having a few drinks. On the way back, I just had to stumble into a intense fight between two great forces in the pugilist world. I did not want to draw trouble to myself and was just about to make detour around them when those people suddenly assumed that I was going to make a report and tell on them, where they then attacked me like mad.”

    Xuanyuan Che grinned and said: “I’ve told you that drinking will only bring you trouble and you refuse to listen. The day will come that you could be killed by a knife in the back and you won’t even know.”

    This fella had already begun to sneak into the Imperial wine cellar and stole wine to drink when he was just three years old. Hence, he had trained his body to develop a great tolerance for wine, sober after a thousand cups, drinking wine like he was drinking water.

    Hearing the admonishing words, Mu Chi remained indifferent but just curled his mouth up in a sneer. Suddenly remembering something, the corners of his mouth then curled up and that good looking and handsome face became more excited in an instant.

    Xuanyuan Che arched up an eyebrow. “What are you thinking of that made you so happy?”

    “Huh? Nothing.” Mu Chi shook his head with a smile. “Ah yes. Big Brother, aren’t you engaged to the Duke of Eternal Peace’s daughter? How is it progressing? When do you intend to get married?”

    Xuanyuan Che was taken aback a moment. “Why are you asking about that?”

    “I’m just showing you some concern!” Mu Chi blinked his eyes lovingly. “I heard that this Yan Ning Ruo is a rare beauty throughout the lands, and only the Water Edge Kingdom’s Ninth Princess can match up to her beauty under the Heavens. You’ve really become the envy of people.”

    “If you like, why not you marry her?” Xuanyuan Che’s lips stiffened as he said, his mouth an imperceptible smile.

    “No no no, that must not happen. I do not have that kind of fortune. Firstly, I have no money, and secondly, I hold not authourity. Even just marrying a woman from a good family will be hard for me!” Mu Chi’s face was looking sorrowful and forlorn, his brows knitted in grief.

    Xuanyuan Che could not help but kick out with his foot at him. “You’re still crying here about being poor? Do you think that I do not know that you took out a million in gold a few days ago? Why did you need so much money?”

    Mu Chi lifted an eyebrow up. “You’re spying on me?”

    “What spying! ? I had merely come over to see you and I unintentionally overheard you giving orders to your subordinates.”

    “Oh I see…..” Mu Chi rubbed his chin. “It wasn’t anything much. I was poisoned and injured, but was saved by someone. That was the remuneration that I promised the other party.”

    Xuanyuan Che’s brows jumped up violently. [Has this fella been conned and he doesn’t even realize it?]

    [It was a million! And in gold!]

    [That would be enough to buy an entire city already you know? Isn’t person just committing daylight robbery! ?]

    “Who is this person that saved you?” Xuanyuan Che asked with his brows knitted up.

    “What are you thinking of doing?”

    “Humph. That is pure extortion. A million in gold. You’re so generous aren’t you? Giving it out just like that.”

    “Isn’t my life not worth that one million in gold?” Mu Chi snorted derisively. “Don’t tell me you’re going to ask for it back? As the Crown Prince of the country, aren’t you being a little too petty?”

    Xuanyuan Che burst into mocking laughter from anger. “Seeing that you’ve been extorted of a million in gold, you seem to still be rather happy about it aren’t you?”

    Chapter 26.3: Stirrings of Love in the Youth

    “It’s only a million in gold, merely a drop in the ocean to me. Heh, all those people were so eager to flatter me they were all rushing forward, only too happy to pay for me foolishly. It’s not my money anyway, what’s paid is paid!” Mu Chi’s eyes were two crescent arcs, his face split with a harmless and benign smile, looking just like an obedient boy next door.

    This fella had great looks, a highly intelligent mind, and possessed great gift in cultivation.

    Although he had been stripped of his title as a prince, but the lad still had a Master who was from one of the Three Great Sects of the lands, the Limitless Sect.

    He was the last disciple accepted by the Master and was also the youngest among the disciples. Great looking and with a honeyed tongue, he was greatly doted upon by his seniors male and female alike. However big the amount of people who were fighting tooth and nail seeking to gain the instruction of the Limitless Sect’s Sect Leader would mean that the same number of people would be fawning on and trying to win the favour of this most favoured disciple in the inner circle. Hence, it could well be imagined how rich this fella could very well be.

    So, a million taels in gold to him, really did not mean much.

    Xuanyuan Che sighed, feeling really helpless against him.

    “Alright alright. don’t stay here to give me such looks anymore. Hurry up and go busy yourself with your own things. Yawn~ I’ll sleep for awhile more.” Mu Chi yawned lazily, and waved his hand dismissively at Xuanyuan Che, before he climbed back up onto the soft lounge. Turning his back to the Crown Prince, Mu Chi then fell asleep.

    Xuanyuan Che was speechless. “….”


    Qing Yu had been helping her younger brother to train his actual combat abilities the past few days and she also had to engage in a battle of wits and guts with Mo Han Yan.

    And those Ladies and Young Misses who were so idle with nothing better to do were intermittently coming in through her doors as well. It was only till she had some free time that she came to realize that she had forgotten about her promise to go purge the poison for Lou Jun Yao another time after a few days.

    She changed into a set of male clothing and disguised her face slightly before she went out through a side door.

    The Gathered Cloud Loft was two streets away from the Duke’s Manor, in a dark alley. Saying that it was far, it really wasn’t all that long a distance away. It was about time for dinner and there wasn’t too many people on the street or Qing Yu would have been stuck for quite a while, blocked by the crowd before she would be able to get out.

    Actually if she were to disguise her looks to become uglier, then she wouldn’t attract that much attention. But she had found that too bothersome and was too lazy to spend so much effort just to turn her face into one that she would not be able to recognize herself.

    She traversed past two streets and was just walking into the alley where she would soon see the Gathered Cloud Loft.

    “Miss!” A nice sounding voice tinged with smiles suddenly rang out.

    Qing Yu lifted a brow, guessing that it must be a young couple out and about. The setting sun’s rays were beautiful. [Arranging to meet at dusk, yup. It’s great to be young.]

    “Miss, why are you ignoring me?” The voice had become a little mournful. She guessed that the young lad must have made his sweetheart unhappy and his sweetheart must be throwing a tantrum.

    Qing Yu was confident she was right and she continued her way forward. [Mm, almost there at last.]

    A gust of wind suddenly blew past her from behind, and a person was suddenly standing in front of her. Dressed in silver, slender and tall figure, a head of black hair bound up by a single silver hair band, looking refreshed and highly trained.

    It was a young man who looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old, his smiling eyes making him easily likeable, not to mention his exceptionally handsome good looks, a splendid example of a fine young man.

    When one saw beautiful things, their moods were always great.

    And Qing Yu was no exception.

    But, having him appear so suddenly in front of her to block her way, and addressing her as….. Miss, that wasn’t really all that great for her.

    “This Young Master here, are we acquainted?” Qing Yu said, smiling gently and gracefully.

    Who else would this handsome lad be but Mu Chi?

    He had immediately come keep watch outside the Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor the moment he awoke and had waited so long before he saw her come out. Don’t even ask how he was still able to recognize her even after she had disguised herself before she came out.

    Because….. he would never admit, back at that time when he was barely conscious from the poison, he had felt himself surrounded by the aura emanating from this young lady that made him feel so ease, and that was a feeling that he would not fail to recognize.

    Moreover, she possessed such a beautiful pair of eyes.

    [But….. why is she not able to remember her already?]