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Chapter 28

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 28.1: Injured

    Lou Jun Yao was a little puzzled that she could actually tell that his powers had been suppressed and he laughed softly: “That’s right. In Cloud Heaven, if a powerful pugilist was to fall, those lowly rats who had always been eyeing that position would all gather together onto him. The world is a place where the weak would always be the ones suppressed and bullied.”

    Qing Yu nodded her head in understanding, and then patted him on the arm comfortingly. “Rest assured. I am still confident with a blood curse like this. Wait till you regain your strength and you can strike right back at them. For all those who have bullied and humiliated you, just go back and wreck vengeance upon them all.”

    Lou Jun Yao smiled without saying a word. [This kid, is really rather interesting.]

    It was almost midnight, and Qing Yu shot out a hand speedily to strike Lou Jun Yao’s acupoint, rendering him unconscious.

    It’s gotta be a joke. Although he had said that he wanted to be awake to see how she was going to undo the curse, but she would never reveal her secrets that easily, to prevent herself from being taken noticed of in future.

    Qing Yu sat herself down in a half lotus position, her eyes shutting slowly. A faint soft glow emanated from her body, the light slowly growing brighter till it encompassed a good half of the room.

    Over the man whose body was covered in blood red veins, the strange light began to pulse more quickly, and it seemed like something was scuttling around uneasily, trying to escape.

    And far away over several mountain ranges and oceans, upon a land that was of the highest level, the Cloud Heaven.

    Inside a luxurious and resplendent palace, within a particular courtyard, a woman lay upon a bed. But her brows were furrowed up slightly, seemingly in disturbed sleep.

    Her breathing suddenly grew more frantic, her face slightly pale.

    Her expression suddenly froze a moment, before a mouthful of blood spurted out of her mouth.

    The woman suddenly opened her eyes, and sat up in her bed, the expression on her face incredulous. “How is that….. possible! ?”

    The Emotion Devouring Curse she had planted….. besides herself, no one else could possibly dispel it, but someone was actually undoing her curse!

    [It’s just ridiculous!]

    The woman snorted in derision and her long slender finger drew a circle in the air, before she sent a powerful surge of tyrannical power out with a strike.

    [No matter who that was, they have to die!]

    The powerful force surged destructively straight towards her. Qing Yu’s brows knitted up slightly, like she had not expected that the other party would choose to retaliate like this. It seemed like she had met with a rather difficult foe.

    And, the force was clearly intended to send her to her doom.

    That strike seemed to have been delivered with all its might. If she chose to retaliate right at the moment, then the blood curse that she had dispelled halfway would turn out to be for naught, and the unconscious Lou Jun Yao would be subjected to backlash that would be a hundred times worse, and no matter how strong his heart was, he would undoubtedly lose his life.

    [This person is crafty indeed!]

    [Hmph. But, is she that easily bullied?]

    Regardless whether it was in her past life or present, Qing Yu was a person who would not allow herself to suffer aggrievement, and even if she were to die, she would drag her opponent down into Hell with her.

    Hence, when she took it upon herself to shoulder this terrifying power, she had naturally only done it after thinking deep and hard about it.

    Even if she was left with only half a breath, as long as her spirit did not die, she would be fine as she would just crawl into her dimensional space to heal her wounds. The spirit Qi in there was thick and robust and she would only need to remain in there for a few days for her to make a full recovery.

    But, her opponent was not blessed with such a choice.

    At the moment that Qing Yu took that strike, the most nefariously Yin (dark) move among the Burial Soul Arts, the Bone Dissolving Spirit Extermination, was already following the trail of power, to viciously adhere itself onto the attacker.


    Within the quiet tranquil night in Cloud Heaven, a heart rending scream tore through the air, shattering the silence.

    The moment that terrifying power adhered onto her body, her flesh visibly dissolved right to the bones very quickly, her spirit sizzling as it burned.

    In the span of just a few breaths, half her arm had turned to bones. Steeling herself, the woman cut off that arm completely, to stop the rot brought about by that surge of power.

    Chapter 28.2: Injured

    But even though all of that had happened in a few short moments, her spirit had sustained great damage, and she had no choice but to shut herself up in closed door cultivation for continued nights.

    On the other side, Qing Yu could feel that the power of the Bone Dissolving Spirit Extermination she sent out had dissipated, and she knew in her heart that her opponent must have cut of an appendage off his body, or it was impossible to stop her dark art.

    [Hmm….. Her opponent is quite vicious even to himself!]

    But she had finally succeeded in dispeling the blood curse. Qing Yu raised her eyes up towards the man on the bed. The red vein lines on his body seemed to have disappeared completely in an instant, and his powers had increased greatly.

    The suppressed powers were like a wild stallion freed from its tethers, spiraling out of control, quickly decimitating a good half of the painstakingly constructed room in a blink with a loud crash.

    The great resounding crash had not only alerted the two people standing guard just outside its doors, but shocked the people nearby awake from their sleep, thinking that a sudden clap of thunder had struck in the dead of the night. Not hearing any more noise after listening for a while, they then went back to sleep.

    Coincidentally the weather in the past few days had not been great, and hence, it did not cause much alarm among the people.

    Bai Zhi Yan and Lian Ji rushed inside speedily. On the bed, Lou Jun Yao was already dressed, in a robe of noble and majestic purple, his body tall and stalwart, his eyes chillingly cold, giving out an kingly aura where everything was beneath his notice.

    Lou Jun Yao like this, felt both familiar and strange at the same time.

    But Bai Zhi Yan knew better. [The kingly one who stood high and proud in Cloud Heaven, who had everyone in all directions submit themselves to him, has returned.]

    Finally, his body no longer under restraint, he no longer had to lower that noble head, never having to suffer the inhuman agony and pain anymore.

    Qing Yu’s brow lifted up in surprise as well, feeling like she was getting to know this person for the first time. Right after that, she smiled knowingly, and said: “Congratulations.”

    Lou Jun Yao, looked at her, and in that very rare moment, the corners of his lips lifted slightly.

    The two people were just a few steps apart, their gazes locked upon each other. Hence, Lou Jun Yao could clearly see that the young youth’s smile was a little stiff, and his already pale complexion was extraordinarily white.

    He was just guessing whether the young youth had sustained injuries when he saw the specks of tiny red blossoms upon the youth’s snow white robe, a sight that stung his eyes.

    Qing Yu’s brows pinched tightly together, never having expected that she would not be able to hold out much longer, and just as her mind was filling up with frustration, her body had already gone ahead to fall forward.

    Having come to this strange world for so many days, this should be the first time that she was injured.

    The moment Lou Jun Yao discovered that something was not right with the kid, he was already there right before the youth, his hands stretched out to catch that body that was slipping down to the ground.

    The body felt as frail and weak as he had expected it to be, his waist so slender it might not be able to withstand a single clutch of his arm, soft and supple like a young lady’s.

    Bai Zhi Yan’s focus of attention had not been on Qing Yu, and it was only when the figure of the youth was falling that he saw the specks of blood on his snow white clothes, startling him.

    “How did it turn out like this?”

    Lou Jun Yao was not going to dwell into so much details. His sharp senses were telling him that the youth’s aura was getting weaker and weaker, his body cold to the touch, and his heart subconsciously grew rather anxious.

    This was afterall his benefactor who had saved his life, and he had gotten injured while saving him. No matter what, he was feeling rather bad about it.

    He scooped up the youth and carried him horizontally across his arms, and went straight into the room he usually used to rest in. “Bai Zhi Yan! Come check on his injuries right now!”

    Bai Zhi Yan behind him was still in a daze.

    [The Lord….. actually carried a youth in his arms!]

    No matter how you looked at that scene….. It was just too strange. Although the young youth looked so petite and skinny, and possessed beautiful and alluring looks, but….. he was clearly male.

    Thinking back to the “gentle” demeanor Lou Jun Yao usually treated the little youth with, his mind unconsciously grew with a whole lot of other ideas…..

    Chapter 28.3: Injured

    “Get over here right now!”

    Bai Zhi Yan’s body shivered, and he immediately shot himself forward.

    Lou Jun Yao laid the figure down on the bed. Seeing the pair of eyes that were always spirited now shut, the exquisitely beautiful countenance unbelievably pale, his heart immediately became more jittery. Moreover, the youth’s body was splattered with blood.

    Just the sight of it was offensive to his eyes.

    Immediately, he reached his hand out towards the youth’s clothes, thinking to take off those white blood stained clothes.

    But, only the collar had been loosened and a large portion of that fair and smooth skin was exposed, Lou Jun Yao’s hand suddenly froze.

    The youth’s neck was beautifully slender, with an exquisitely sculpted collarbone, irresistibly enchanting.

    He knew that the youth was beautiful looking, and he had a pretty looking neck. But what astounded him was….. upon that smooth neck, there wasn’t an adam’s apple that was characteristic of a male.

    No matter how slowly a boy developed, it was impossible that he would not have an adam’s apple.


    Lou Jun Yao had some guesses in mind, and his slender finger conveniently pulled the white robe a few more notches down.

    “What….. are you doing…..” A cold tiny hand suddenly grasped his, stopping the man’s inquisitive action.

    In a groggy daze, she had felt that someone was taking off her clothes.

    No matter how unconscious she was, when in a strange or unfamiliar place, her body would instinctively retain a level of alertness. Realizing that the man was going overboard, she hurriedly struggled to open her eyes to stop him.

    It must have been the series of movements just now, that caused her hair to become a little messed up, and her clothes had also been tugged loose, to expose her neck and collarbone. Her alluring phoenix like eyes half open while looking at him rather warily and her face pale as a sheet, she looked so pitifully frail in her weakened state.

    Lou Jun Yao did not need to verify it to know that this person here was actually a dainty young lady.

    Though the hand that was gripped around his fingers was slender, it was very thin, its touch soft and exquisite, definitely not the hand of a young male youth.

    “My Lord, let me help…..”

    “Get out!”

    Bai Zhi Yan had just come in through the door and he had not even finished what he wanted to say when he immediately heard those two icily harsh words.

    “But isn’t Young Master Qing injured…..” Bai Zhi Yan suddenly clamped his mouth shut and kept silent. [Why had the Lord’s face suddenly changed completely? Didn’t the Lord just ask him to come and now he suddenly wants him to go out?]

    [Really. After becoming stronger his mood is also getting from bad to worse.]

    He had no choice but to retreat back out.

    “Shut the door.”

    Bai Zhi Yan’s feet took a stumble, and then quietly pulled the door shut.

    Lou Jun Yao turned his gaze back around, to look upon the youth who was struggling to keep his eyes open as he stared at him. No. He should say young lady.

    “Your clothes got dirty.”

    “I’ll change them myself.” Qing Yu’s brows furrowed up, as she struggled to sit upright. “I’ll be….. ugh….. I’ll be going back already.”

    [Damn it. That person was really….. vicious. Even till now, my body is still throbbing in pain.]

    “Are you certain you can still walk?” Lou Jun Yao looked at her in amusement. “I think you will not be able to even leap over the Gathered Cloud Loft’s perimeter wall.”

    Qing Yu’s brows creased up once again. Although she did not want to admit it, but, it would seem like,  she really wouldn’t be able to get up there!

    “Then….. Can I stay here for a night?” Qing Yu asked, as she looked at him a little helplessly.

    “Of course.” Lou Jun Yao nodded with a smile, and then went on to ask in slight bewilderment. “Why would you get injured by dispelling the curse for me?”

    “Someone was controlling this blood curse and when I was dispelling it, I exchanged a few blows with that person.” Qing Yu said as she rubbed her shoulders. “Both sides got injured.”