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Chapter 33

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 33.1: Hiding Out the Rain

    And what was Qing Yu doing going out so early and coming back so late?

    Speaking of it would really make her feel so helpless and become depressed.

    Ever since she managed to scare off Mu Chi the last time, she finally felt that the world had become peaceful.

    However, she had been too naive.

    That fella had not only come over the very next morning to block her way at her doors but had also seen through her “ploy”.

    He had then told her to not put up anymore senseless struggle as he would never give up.

    With a serious face he had even said: “You can choose to not like me, but you cannot stop me from liking you.”

    She had initially wanted to teach him a good lesson but Qing Bei had specially looked into his identity and found that that fella was not only from one of the Three Great Sects, he was also the most favoured Inner Disciple of the Limitless Sect’s Sect Leader. In addition to that, he was even previously a prince of the Green Wave Kingdom whom although renounced, the blood of the Imperial Family still flowed in that body of his.

    Moreover, the Crown Prince Xuanyuan Che was on especially good terms with him as well.

    That identity of his, was truly not an ordinary one!

    If he had been any regular person, it wouldn’t matter so much. But with so many links, it really made the situation rather prickly.

    Hence, Qing Yu gave up on that idea, and cowardly chose to escape.

    That’s right, as long as she was not in the Tranquil Abode, would that fella then possess an all seeing eye? As vast as the lands were, there would always been a place for her to hole up in.

    The Duchess did not have the time find trouble with them the past few days as she had been worried about her own daughter. Even if she was not in the Duke’s Manor for ten days or a fortnight, no one would notice a thing.

    Then where had she been in that period?

    About several ten miles’ distance away from the Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor, there was a cave. Someone should have probably lived in there a very long time ago and although it was a little overgrown with vegetation, but making do with the place for a short period, it provided a much better environment than the times in the past where she had to survive out in the wild.

    Over these past days, she just remained in the cave to cultivate her powers.

    And she also managed to cultivate some highly nourishing elixirs for spirit bodies, meant for her weapon spirit.

    Speaking of this, it was rather strange. That fella had clearly benefited quite a bit as well whenever she managed to gain a breakthrough in her own powers, so why had it suddenly seemed to have fallen back into a coma once again?

    As its Mistress, she really didn’t seem to command that much respect from it!

    But little did she know that the little fella in her body was not in a deep sleep at that moment, but it was because it had just devoured a powerful evil spirit and was digesting it. Wait till it had completely combined the evil spirit into itself and it would be the day it would make its reappearance to the world!

    The way Qing Yu cultivated elixirs was slightly different from other people in this world. In the <<Heavenly Insights of Medicine>>, it was recorded that when one’s Pill Refining Technique reached a certain level, one would not need to use a Elixir Cauldron to cultivate elixirs, but merely need to refine and reconstruct the herbs with an Elixir Fire, removing the impurities and extracting their essence. Finally, after undergoing constant laborious tempering, one would be able to condense the herbs into elixirs.

    This was undoubtedly reaching an entirely new realm.

    And Qing Yu had already done away with the need to use an Elixir Cauldron in her past life. But as some elixirs were a little more special and must not come in contact with the outside air, that would then require her to use an Elixir Cauldron.

    But being out here in the wild, it wasn’t all that convenient to make use of an Elixir Cauldron and hence she had cultivated the elixirs with her bare hands, the golden red flames of the Elixir Fire lighting up the entire cave.

    A loud crash of thunder sounded outside suddenly and it gradually started to rain.

    Qing Yu kept the elixirs she had cultivated away and looked at the sky outside, her brows creasing up together.

    The weather over this period had been rather gloomy but it had not rained. She had not thought that it would rain so suddenly.

    It seemed she would have to continue to remain in here for a good while.

    Qing Yu gave a long sigh and could not help but think of all her countless days of training in the past, in that cold and dark room, engulfed in endless desolate loneliness.

    Chapter 33.2: Hiding Out the Rain

    But during that period, her weapon spirit would always suddenly pop out from her body to try to cheer her up, and to chat with her.

    The little curled up ball inside the space was still coiled up quietly and the corners of Qing Yu’s lips then curled up slightly. “Little Burrow, I miss you so much!”

    The rain outside had not lightened up in the slightest, but had grown heavier instead. The sky outside was dark and grey that gradually covered everything in a layer of misty fog, making it impossible to differentiate whether it was dawn or dusk.

    Cultivating the elixirs had taken quite a bit out of Qing Yu and she was actually feeling a little sleepy at that moment, her eyes slowly closing.

    “This is just great Second Brother! There’s a cave up ahead and we can finally get out of this rain!”

    The figures of a man and a woman slowly appeared within the rain. The man was holding a outer layer of clothing over the two people’s heads, to shield themselves just a little from the rainwater.

    The person who spoke was dressed in a light purple dress with ruffled trim, a little drenched and her hair a little messed up, but her pretty face was still tinted with a sliver of delight. This young lady was the daughter of the Left Prime Minister, Yu Xiao Ning.

    “I really have to take my hat off to you Ning Ning. Don’t you know that the weather these couple of days isn’t all that suitable for travel? And you still insisted on coming out. This is just great. We’re now wetter than chickens drenched in soup!” The blue robed man was sunny and good looking, the expression on his face a little begrudging, but seemed more doting and helpless against the young lady.

    He was the Left Prime Minister’s second son, Yu Ting Xuan.

    Yu Xiao Ning stuck her tongue out mischievously. “Aiyah, Big Brother is always so busy you can barely catch a glimpse of him and Third Brother is such a playboy loitering among the flowers all the time. Only Second Brother is willing to keep me company. I’m really lonely you know!”

    “Naughty imp.” The man rapped her on the head with a laugh. “Hurry up and go inside to hide. It will be bad if you catch a cold.”

    “I know I know.” Yu Xiao Ning quickened her steps, and went running into the cave, with Yu Ting Xuan following closely behind.

    Qing Yu heard the commotion and slowly opened her eyes, to suddenly see a man and a woman barging their way in.

    The two people had not thought that there would be someone inside and the two of them were stunned for a moment. Yu Xiao Ning managed to react first, to smile gently. “We came in here to hide from the rain. Apologies as we must have startled the young missy here.”

    “It’s alright.” Qing Yu nodded her head at her. “Do as you please.”

    Upon saying that, she shut her eyes again.

    Yu Xiao Ning pulled her brother to come walk inside and found themselves a dry spot to sit. She suddenly let out a soft sneeze and she rubbed her nose as she said: “It’s so cold in here!”

    Yu Ting Xuan stood up and found a number of tree twigs near the cave’s mouth. He carried some of them over and lit it with spirit power, to start a small little fire.

    “Ning Ning, sit closer by the warmth of the fire so you won’t feel cold.” Yu Ting Xuan said gently.

    Yu Xiao Ning listened to him and shifted herself closer to the fire, her tiny hands stretched out to gather some warmth.

    At that moment, the inside of the cave regained its silence, and only the crackling of the burning twigs could be heard.

    Yu Xiao Ning must have been rather tired as having warmed up by the fire after awhile, she leaned against her brother and immediately fell asleep, letting out faint snores.

    Yu Ting Xuan hugged his own arms and was leaned himself back on the side, his gaze unconsciously drifting over to the other young lady sitting cross legged in the corner. Her countenance was exquisite looking, the air she exuded extraordinary, seemingly a member of prominent family clan with just one look.

    After looking at her for awhile, he then turned his gaze back.

    He gently shifted Yu Xiao Ning’s petite frame close to him, and placed his hand gently on her forehead to check if her temperature was normal before feeling relieved.

    Qing Yu had closed her eyes and rested for awhile. Her body feeling much better, she then yawned before she stood up from the ground, to lightly dust off her clothes.

    Chapter 33.3: Hiding Out the Rain

    The rain outside had finally let up a little to become just a slight thin drizzle. Qing Yu smiled helplessly and finally left the cave.

    Yu Ting Xuan had also noticed that the rain outside had lightened and he quickly woke he young lady beside him. “Ting Ting, wake up. We should be getting back.”

    “Huh….. Second Brother, I am very sleepy…..” Yu Xiao Ting rubbed her head on his shoulder, her voice soft and mushy, just refusing to wake up.

    “Sleep after we get back. It’s not safe here.” Yu Ting Xuan was really helpless against her and he half carried her up. “Stand properly, we’re going home.”

    Yu Xiao Ting’s eyes opened halfway and her face looking highly aggrieved, she said: “Second Brother, I don’t want to go. I don’t feel good. Boo hoo…..”

    The lass was always sharp and decisive, and strong as well. Yu Ting Xuan had never seen her acting like this and he immediately became anxious as he said: “What’s wrong? Where are you feeling uncomfortable?”

    “Headache.” Yu Xiao Ting answered, pointing at her forehead.

    Yu Ting Xuan quickly stretched his hand out to check her forehead. “It’s not hot. Why do you have a headache?”

    “Boo hoo, I just don’t feel well. I don’t want to go, don’t want to go…..” When a young lady was ill, no matter how strong she usually showed herself to be, at times like this they would always appear extraordinarily fragile. Seeing the large eyes brimming over with tears that threatened to fall, Yu Ting Xuan felt his heart wince with pain.

    “It’s alright, be good. Don’t cry, you’ll feel worse if you cry.” Yu Ting Xuan said comfortingly in a soft voice, before he then called out without a moment’s hesitation. “Will the young Miss please hold your step! ?”

    The young lady in white had already reached the cave’s mouth and she halted in her steps when she heard that, her head turning around with an eyebrow raised: “Are you calling out to me?”

    The pair of peerlessly beautiful phoenix like eyes were so alluring it stirred one’s soul. Yu Ting Xuan fell into a daze as he stared, clearly not expecting that the young lady with such exquisite features would actually possess such an enchanting pair of eyes.

    But at that moment he did not have the time and leisure to pay further attention to the young lady’s looks but went on to say: “Miss, can you help see what kind of an illness is my little sister afflicted with?”

    “Huh?” Qing Yu blinked. “How did you know that I possess the ability to do that?”

    “There is the fragrance of herbs on you, and only an Elixir Cultivator would have that kind of a scent.” Yu Ting Xuan explained incisively.

    [He can even smell that? What kind of a nose does he have! ?]

    Qing Yu was rather surprised by the man’s sharp sense of smell. But since the other party had opened their mouth to ask, she felt a little embarrassed to refuse, as that talent gifted upon her by the Heavens was meant to save people from death and to treat the wounded.

    She reached her hand out to feel the other young lady’s wrist. “It’s nothing much. It’s just a very slight fever. She’ll be fine with a prick or two from my needle.”

    Upon saying that, her slim and slender fingertips pulled out a silver needle that was as fine as a strand of a bull’s hair and she pricked Yu Xiao Ting somewhere on her forehead before Yu Xiao Ting was seen opening her eyes in a daze.

    “Is your head still painful?” Seeing that adorable look on her face, Qing Yu could not help but find it amusing as she opened her mouth to ask.

    Yu Xiao Ting shook her head, seemingly still a little dazed, before her eyes fixed right upon that enchantingly beautiful face, and she then actually asked Qing Yu: “Are you a demoness?”

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow. “Do I look like one to you?”

    Yu Xiao Ting shook her head again and then stared at her very intently. “You look, more beautiful than the demonesses in the books.”

    Qing Yu could not help but laugh out loud. “You’re so adorable.”

    She then turned her gaze over to Yu Ting Xuan who had an awkward expression on her face. “She’s alright now. I’ll make a move first. Goodbye.”

    Saying that, she did not even give him a chance to react, but got up and left the cave in a blink, the white figure walking very quickly under the rainy scene.

    The two people were mesmerized as they watched the figure disappear. Yu Ting Xuan retracted his gaze and found that his little sister was still bewitched. He stretched his hand out and waved it in front of her face as he called: “Ting Ting?”