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Chapter 34

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 34.1 : Hero Saves….. The Damsel?

    “Second Brother!” Yu Xiao Ting suddenly called out loudly to him, which made Yu Ting Xuan almost jump out of his skin. He then stared angrily at her and said: “Why are you shouting so loudly for?”

    “When did such an outstanding character appear in our Imperial Capital?” Yu Xiao Ning’s face was serious. “Logically, a young miss who is so pretty like this, we should at least get to know her!”

    Yu Ting Xuan was speechless. “…..”

    [This little sister of his….. Is her condition acting up once again?]

    [Unable to take her eyes off any beautiful person. She was clearly not that bad looking herself!]

    [She was also on very good terms with Princess Ning Feng as well, the kind that they told each other everything and anything.]

    [But the main reason for that was….. Princess Ning Feng had a face that made her the number one greatest beauty!]

    —— Gathered Cloud Loft ——

    “The other side sent news that Mei Ji destroyed several of the Hunter’s Guild’s secret bases.”

    Bai Zhi Yan looked at the man standing by the window, and said with a smile: “I heard that they captured that Little Monster of hers which got under her skin quite a bit, and she immediately embarked on a massacre.”

    Lou Jun Yao acknowledged with an indifferent grunt. “She has been idle for a long enough time. Let her go loosen her joints a little.”

    The corners of Bai Zhi Yan’s lips lifted up slightly and came walking over to stand beside him. “It is about time that the Lord returns as well. Having left Cloud Heaven for so long and roaming around in these two low leveled lands, it really doesn’t befit that “slaughter all in your way” character of yours back then.”

    “Really?” Lou Jun Yao lifted an eyebrow, his gaze growing deep and profound. “I have grown older afterall, and the times are no longer the same as before. I should exercise a little bit of restraint at least.”

    Bai Zhi Yan went: “…..” Fortunately he was not drinking tea at that moment, or he would surely choke himself to death.

    [This Lord here is really starting to act more and more weird. When did he start liking to tell corny jokes like this? It isn’t the least bit funny at all!]

    “The Dark Legion has been thrown into a frantic mess by the people from the Divine Temple and the Hunter’s Guild. Seeing that you are going to lose your position in Cloud Heaven, you really do not seem to be worried at all.” Bai Zhi Yan gave a sigh. “As the Divine Healer Sect’s number one prodigy, I was young and ignorant in the beginning, thinking that I will be able to attain great achievements charging forth with you. Who would have thought that the Dark Lord whose notorious fame quaked through the lands and sent shivers down people’s spine upon hearing his name is now unable to recover from just one setback…..”

    With an imperceptible smile, Lou Jun Yao looked at that sad and forlorn looking man, his handsome looking face seemingly showing a hint of admiration. “That’s rather good acting.”

    Bai Zhi Yan could not find any words. “…..” [Sigh.]

    He gazed at Lou Jun Yao with an aggrieved look for a while and noticing that the expression on Lou Jun Yao’s face seemed to change for a brief moment, Bai Zhi Yan turned to follow the man’s eyes.

    “Huh?” Bai Zhi Yan’s eyes widened. “Why does….. that person look so familiar?”

    “Qing Yu!” Mu Chi’s sharp eyes spotted the figure in front and immediately soared through the air to block her way forward.

    The faint smile at the ends of Qing Yu’s lips then stiffened.

    “I’ve finally managed to see you again.” The delight on the young man’s face was unrestrained, his handsome and sunny smile making the man look so lively and eye catchingly radiant.

    Qing Yu clasped her hand over her forehead helplessly. “Mu Chi, do not…..”

    Her body was suddenly caught in a tight embrace.

    And on that busy street with people passing up and down, the bustling noise suddenly turned quiet.

    A flawless young beauty and a handsome young man with a sunny disposition, the scene was just like a beautiful painting.

    “Qing Yu, can you not avoid me anymore? Do you really dislike me so much?” The young man’s voice was tinged with a hint of sadness.

    Qing Yu’s action that was about to push him away then paused.

    “All the way from when I was very young till now, even though I was thrown out of the Imperial Palace, my life had always been one where I got anything I wanted.” Mu Chi held on to the young lady tightly, his voice depressed.

    “I have thought it through very seriously. Is it because I have never failed to have what I wanted before, so I am feeling such a strong desire to possess you?”

    Chapter 34.2: Hero Saving….. The Damsel?

    “But, it is not that.”

    Mu Chi then released her gently. The eyes that were always smiling were now filled with emotions. “Qing Yu, I really like you, very much.”

    Qing Yu felt rather troubled as she knitted up her brows. Faced with the young man who was confessing his true feelings so earnestly, she didn’t want to reject him too harshly.

    [She should at least be….. a little tactful right?]

    “Why aren’t you saying anything?” Mu Chi asked when he saw her brows creasing up. Deeply afraid that she might be unhappy, he quickly said: “It’s alright. You do not need to answer me immediately. I can wait.”

    “But, I do not like you in that manner!” Qing Yu said with a helpless laugh. “I have merely saved your life that’s all, do you repay all your benefactors like this?”

    “Of course not. I only feel this way towards you.” Mu Chi hastily explained.

    Bai Zhi Yan watched with a highly amused face from above. “Heh heh heh. What day is it today, that we would be entertained by such a great show? That young lady is really rather pretty looking though, and the lad isn’t too shabby either. Rather compatible I must say…..”

    Lou Jun Yao cast a scathting glance at him and Bai Zhi Yan immediately clammed his mouth shut. [What had he said wrongly again?]

    Without waiting for him to clear his bewilderment, he already saw Lou Jun Yao turning around to walk outside. From the look of things, Lou Jun Yao was going to go out into the streets.

    “My Lord, where are you going?” Bai Zhi Yan quickly hastened forward to catch up.

    Downstairs, Mu Chi’s eyes widened into two big circles, looking highly infuriated. “I do not believe it! You are lying to me!”

    “I am not lying to you this time.” Qing Yu struggled to maintain a smile on her face.

    [Scoundrel, you really can’t see that the number of people gathered around us is becoming more and more?]

    [You’re not going to give up are you? !]

    “I have someone I like already. Mu Chi, you are great, and you deserve a better lady.”

    [These words….. sound so familiar. Why do they sound so much like what that heartless man from my previous life would say to a woman?]

    “I do not believe that!” Mu Chi roared loudly. “You must be lying to me! Unless you can get that person to appear before me right this instant!”

    Qing Yu chuckled to herself in her heart and with the slightest hesitation, her slender finger pointed haphazardly into a general direction. “The person I like….. is him.”

    Mu Chi turned his head with a furious gaze and he was then frozen.

    That person was dressed in a regal purple robe, his body tall and well built. He was about half a head taller than him, with Mu Chi already losing out a notch in height.

    Not to mention, that man also had peerlessly handsome looks.

    A pair of mysterious and unfathomable violet eyes filled with a kind of storm brewing in them, a powerful aura emanated from that body, that caused the hearts of people to unconsciously feel a sense of fear.

    A ring of people had been gathered around to pry and peer but suddenly, a large portion of them dispersed in an instant.

    Qing Yu’s hand still maintained its pose and when she saw the look of stunned defeat on Mu Chi’s face, her brow lifted up slightly. She grew curious and she raised her eyes up to see….. to freeze in place as well.

    [How did it come to be that fella? Could she be any….. luckier?]

    [And….. she was dressed in ladies clothes! Right, she wouldn’t be recognized as she was dressed as a girl!]

    Lou Jun Yao watched the changing expressions on her face and immediately found it rather funny. He walked over to stand beside her, her voice low and magnetic. “Encountered some trouble?”

    Qing Yu was stumped. “…..”

    [Should she pretend to not know her or should she pretend that she did not hear him?]

    When Lou Jun Yao saw that she did not say anything, he looked up and turned to Mu Chi. “Is this the guy you said was pestering you before?”

    “How did you know about that?” Qing Yu asked in bewilderment.

    [Alright. Having asked that, she had undoubtedly just revealed her identity.]

    [Let it be exposed then. She had not intended to hide that fact forever anyway.]

    “I can see that you’re getting a little impatient.” Lou Jun Yao curled up the corners of his lips. “We have not met for quite a long while, would you like to come up and have a seat?”

    Chapter 34.3: Hero Saving….. The Damsel?


    “Leave it to me.” Lou Jun Yao went on to hold her by the shoulders and handed her over to Bai Zhi Yan behind him. “Bring her up.”

    Bai Zhi Yan had been in a state of complete bamboozlement with everything that’s happening right from the beginning. Hence, when he heard the order given to him, he did not question it at all but immediately led the person away.

    “You….. are really the person that she likes?” Mu Chi’s face was one filled with highly complicated emotions. He had to admit that the man before him was indeed stronger than him.

    The edges of Lou Jun Yao’s lips were slightly raised. “Isn’t it already obvious?” Though those lips showed a hint of a smile, there was no mirth in those violet eyes. “You should know that you are not worthy enough of her and I hope that you will not continue to pester her as I do not exactly have a good temper.”

    Upon saying that, he did not even give Mu Chi a chance to speak and just turned around to depart.

    Mu Chi’s face went pale as a sheet and those sparkly eyes that were highly lively suddenly dimmed.

    Like he had lost his soul.

    From the second storey, Qing Yu could see it all clearly. His long sharp brows wrinkled together, Bai Zhi Yan at the side was looking like he had seen a ghost, his eyes unblinking as he stared at Qing Yu.

    On the other side, Lou Jun Yao was already slowly making his way up and he then walked right in front of Bai Zhi Yan to block out the penetrating stare he was giving her, to smilingly ask the young lady with an exasperated look on her face: “What, can’t bear to see him like that?”

    Qing Yu let out a sigh. “When young men in their youth are hurt by affairs of the heart, they often suffer psychological trauma very easily.”

    [That will really be a sin!]

    [But, she seems to have forgotten something rather important here.]

    “You….. You know that I am a girl?” Qing Yu raised up an eyebrow, suddenly leaning in close to look questioningly at the man who was seemingly greatly relaxed and indifferent. “When did you find out?”

    Lou Jun Yao looked at that face that suddenly came so close to him and was taken aback a moment, before he very discreetly put some distance between them. “That time, when you were hurt.”

    “When I was hurt…..” Qing Yu parroted as she muttered to herself, and the look in her eyes then suddenly changed. “So my clothes…..”

    “Don’t let your thoughts go wild. Yue Ji was the one who changed your clothes for you. I will not go so low as to take advantage of you in your perilous state then.” Lou Jun Yao could immediately tell what she was thinking just by looking at the expression on her face. It seemed that the little wild kitten cares about that quite a lot.

    “You wouldn’t dare anyway.” Qing Yu snorted derisively, and then picked up her teacup to take a sip from it. “Committing a blasphemy against your benefactor will cause you to be struck by lightning.”

    Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao laughed softly and his violet eyes shone with a unusual sparkle, so beautiful one could not take their eyes off them.

    “Will the two of you just hold it right there?” In that interval where neither of them spoke, Bai Zhi Yan finally had a chance to stick a word in, his enchanting peach blossom like eyes showing utter shock, and nothing else but shock.

    “You are….. Young Master Qing? ? !” Bai Zhi Yan’s eyes immediately surveyed Qing Yu’s face time and time again. “You….. You really are a girl?”

    “Isn’t it already obvious enough?” Qing Yu’s face was filled with contempt.

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes flashed, his thin lips unconsciously tinged with a faint smile. [Those words….. Didn’t he just say them?]

    Having gotten his answer, Bai Zhi Yan did not say another word, his mood clearly taking a dive in that instant.

    “What’s wrong?” [Why has he suddenly become like this?] Qing Yu was puzzled as she turned to look questioningly at Lou Jun Yao.

    Lou Jun Yao knew exactly why Bai Jun Yan was acting like this and he continued to tease with a smile. “He has always admired your skills and knowledge in Medicine and thought that you are a youth that’s more gifted than him as the greatest prodigy of the Divine Healers Sect. Now that he discovered that you are a girl, his heart is finding it a little hard to accept that’s all.”

    “Is that all?” Qing Yu blinked her eyes in incomprehension. “Is it all that important whether it’s male or female? Healers are not differentiated by one’s gender!”

    “That is true.” Bai Zhi Yan’s gaze was still gloomy. “But there isn’t a single Pill Refiner throughout the entire lands that is of your level is there?”