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Chapter 35

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 35.1: He….. Is Waiting For A Person

    If that bunch of old fogeys back at home were to come to know, they would surely be dealt with such a big blow that they would all immediately go meet their maker one after another.

    Even Bai Zhi Yan was feeling like he was going to vomit blood here.

    Qing Yu really wanted to laugh as she looked at that highly aggrieved face of his. “You are very highly skilled yourself, but what Medicine encompasses is really very wide, and the way we cultivate is not the same as well. If you need to, we can exchange knowledge and insights with each other.”

    “You will?” Bai Zhi Yan looked at her suspiciously.

    [Every Elixir Cultivator has their own unique way of raising their own cultivation and they do not reveal it to any outsiders. But she is now suggesting to exchange insights with him?]

    “Of course. Healers are meant to save people from death and treat the injured, but they cannot only focus on being too kind alone as that will just be too foolish. Since ancient times, the study of medicine and poison can never be separated. Knowledge in poison are just as important and it can also protect you when in time of need.”

    Bai Zhi Yan shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “You are not aware that all of us in the Divine Healers Sect are not allowed to cultivate skills poison and only evil witch doctors will cultivate them. But ever since the last time our sect suffered a sneak attack from a witch doctor that resulted in many of us dead and wounded, the Sect Leader then rescinded the prohibition order against the cultivation of poison techniques. But as we did not understand much about it, we are still rather weak in the field of poison.”

    Qing Yu listened to him attentively and only nodded in understanding after he finished. “No wonder you did not know that your Lord had a voodoo curse set upon him and it was not poison.”

    Bai Zhi Yan’s face filled with remorse.

    “But you cannot be blamed, as such a condition is very seldom seen.” Qing Yu saw how depressed he looked and quickly opened her mouth to say comfortingly. “You have already done very well.”

    Lou Jun Yao was seated on the side, looking at the two of them discussing a series of questions about Medicine.

    The young lady’s face was serious, and when she was talking about a particular topic, her spirits were absolutely soaring, her eyes sparkling, looking extraordinarily mesmerizing and enchanting. Bai Zhi Yan was like an obedient student, listening attentively.

    Lou Jun Yao’s gaze then unconsciously softened.

    No matter whether it was in Cloud Heaven or in the several lands he had been roaming about in these past years, he had always felt like something was still missing.

    But just what was he missing? Even he did not know it himself, but just felt rather empty.

    And it was just moments ago when he had stood by the window and was talking to Bai Zhi Yan when that figure suddenly came charging into his sight.

    That was when it had seemed to dawn upon him.

    From the last time that she had dispelled the Blood Curse for him, it had felt like a very long time since he had seen her.

    Before that, she would still occasionally come leaping over the perimeter walls suddenly, to check his condition. But after that, she had not come again.

    Maybe it was really like the way she had said. It was merely to repay the favour she owed.

    Initially after his suppressed cultivation had been freed, the limitations in these low leveled lands had been troublesome for him, as he would always be ostracized. So he could do nothing but to forcibly suppress his cultivation down once again.

    He has recovered, and he should have immediately returned back to Cloud Heaven, as his people were all waiting for his return. But he did not leave.

    What that kind of frustrated and lost feeling was, he did not know, but it made him extremely uncomfortable.

    It was until he saw that young lady, that he finally seemed to comprehend something.

    So it was all because of her.

    It was not known why. Seeing her had suddenly made his heart feel a lot more comfortable.

    Of course Qing Yu had not noticed it. She had a rather lengthy discussion with Bai Zhi Yan and a certain man was watching her for just as long a period of time.

    “In future, should I then change a form of address and call you Young Miss Qing?” Bai Zhi Yan had grown more familiar with her and he was becoming more natural and comfortable talking to her as he asked in jest.

    Qing Yu rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t make fun of me already like you’re some bookish prude. An evildoer like you going Young Master this and Young Miss that all the time, wouldn’t it look strange?”

    Chapter 35.2: He….. Is Waiting For A Person

    Being called an evildoer, Bai Zhi Yan was strangely embarrassed.

    “We’re already friends. Just call me Qing Yu.”

    Bai Zhi Yan liked that generous and unpretentious personality of hers and said with a laugh: “Then I will just call you Qing Yu.”

    “Mm.” The corners of Qing Yu’s lips curled up, her smile spreading into her eyes. Suddenly seeming to have thought of something, she took out a little box and put it on the table. “This is a gift for the two of you. The green one is an antitoxin elixir, which will make you immune to a hundred kinds of poison for six hours after taking it. The red one is a antidote pill, able to dispel most poisons. Right at the bottom in the hidden compartment is the poison gas ball. Once it explodes, it can kill all living things within a hundred mile perimeter. Use this one with care!”

    She explained with a slight pause between each word, which caused Bai Zhi Yan to be stunned into a daze. “You mean…..”

    “Aren’t the two of you leaving this place soon? Keep it to protect yourself. The time will surely come that you will find a use for them.” Qing Yu said smilingly. “Once you encounter an enemy or something, do not waste time. Just treat them to a poison gas ball and it is guaranteed that they will die a horrendous death, the kind where they will not die with their bodies intact.”

    “How do you know that we are leaving?” The low voice that came out this time, was from Lou Jun Yao.

    Qing Yu looked at him with a smile. “When I came in here, I sensed that there was a lot less people.”

    “You are very sharp.” Bai Zhi Yan nodded admiringly. “But….. why would you want to help us so much?”

    It was merely just for a ball of Polar Fire Core but not only had she cured the Lord of the condition that had tormented him for so many years, she had even gotten heavily injured while dispelling the curse.

    Now she was even giving them so many precious pills and elixirs.

    Such thoughtfulness, was truly a little hard to comprehend.

    Qing Yu saw the grave expression on his face and felt a little speechless but still went on to say: “Is there a need for that kind of an expression? It is always said that escort the Buddha all the way to the west. If you guys get yourselves poisoned by enemies when you go back, or lose your lives from a surprise attack, then wouldn’t I, as the person who spent so much effort that I almost gave half my life away to save you have done all that in vain?”

    Is that the reason for all this…..

    Bai Zhi Yan just didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Her reasoning was really irrefutable!

    But, it was really warming to one’s heart.

    Bai Zhi Yan’s memories were paused back at the time when this young lady had forcibly barged her way into the Blue Fire Icy Lake and sneaked off with the Polar Fire Core, proclaiming that she would repay the favour back in folds.

    Now, she had indeed paid them back, in double!

    After Qing Yu explained the uses of the pills, she did not remain there for long before she stood up to take her leave.

    The petite little figure went down the stairs slowly. This should be the first time that she was going out of the Gathered Cloud Loft through the front door.

    Lou Jun Yao’s gaze saw her the entire way out, till she disappeared from sight.

    “Jun Yao?” Bai Zhi Yan looked at him in puzzlement, a strange feeling in his heart, although he was unable to exactly say what that feeling was.

    Lou Jun Yao retracted his gaze. “Get our things prepared. We return tomorrow.”

    Once those words came out, it made Bai Zhi Yan’s eyes grow wide with shock. “What is going on with you? I have brought it up so many times with you before and said everything I could, but you had refused to give me a firm answer no matter what and just refused to leave. Today, you’ve….. suddenly changed?”

    The latter gave him a deep and profound gaze before he just stood up and went into his room.

    Bai Zhi Yan stared at the man’s tall back, the look in his eyes changing with myriad emotions as a fightful thought came into his mind.

    [The man had been standing by the window earlier, where the shade on his face had suddenly changed before immediately making his way out there.]

    [When he himself had been watching the fracas earlier the man had even thrown him a threatening glance.]

    [When the man saw that the young lady was being confessed to, his expression had been dark and grim.]

    [And what had those two been talking about after that?]

    [Whether he changed her clothes…..! ?]

    [My Heavens!] Bai Zhi Yan’s emotions were beyond being merely complicated right at that moment. [What has happened between those two that he did not know anything about! ?]

    Chapter 35.3: He….. Is Waiting For A Person

    “Little Ning, I’m here!” A happy and jovial voice sounded out from afar.

    Yan Ning Luo was changing and hearing that voice, she secured her belt and went to open her room’s door. “Why are you here?”

    Yu Xiao Ning walked inside with a smile on her face and leaned in close to say in a soft voice: “The Duchess came to see me a few days ago saying that you have been in a rather bad mood recently and told me to have ourselves some fun!”

    “Hmph! Mother is really so meddlesome.” Yan Ning Lou was indignant when speaking about that. “I really don’t know what has possessed her that she would actually want me to go try to win Yuanyuan Che’s favour! It’s just hilarious!”

    Yu Xiao Ning blinked. “But what the Duchess said isn’t wrong you know? You and Big Brother Crown Prince are afterall an engaged couple and the Water Edge Kingdom will be arriving here in a few days tops. If people from another kingdom are to see that the Crown Prince and his fiancee shares such a toxic relationship, it will surely make our kingdom look like a joke.”

    Hearing that, Yan Ning Luo knitted up her brows. She had not….. considered that aspect.

    “This concerns the Green Wave Kingdom’s face Little Ning. Can’t you suffer a little aggrievement and just warm up your relationship with him for the time being?”

    Yan Ning Luo’s anger subsided after hearing what Yu Xiao Ning said. What Yu Xiao Ning said was rather logical. The matter concerned how the kingdom would look to outsiders and she really could not possibly not show Xuanyuan Che, the Crown Prince of the kingdom some face.

    “Only you are able to be so glib. My Mother must have really wrecked her brains to have asked you to come play lobbyist.” Yan Ning Luo glared at her friend, but the admonishment was delivered with a laugh.

    Yu Xiao Ning stuck out her tongue mischievously. “Aiyah, I just knew that our kingdom’s greatest beauty is most understanding.”

    “Let’s go!” Yan Ning Luo then said.

    Yu Xiao Ning was taken aback a moment, and then revealed a smile. “Sure, let’s go, let’s go! The horse carriage is already waiting outside the door!”

    The two of them went out holding hands, both of them similar in size, with graceful and lithe figures, one extraordinarily beautiful, the other quick witted and pretty.

    These two pride of the Capital City seldom showed up together as one was often in the Faint Mist Sect while the other was always so busy running all the numerous businesses, big and small, under her. It was only just this year that she was able to afford a little bit more time for the two of them to gather together.

    “Heh heh, we’ve really been kept eagerly waiting here but only our Ning Ning is capable enough to do it. It isn’t an easy task to get our greatest beauty to agree to come out!”

    Accompanying that flippant mirthful male voice, a tall man immediately came jumping out from the horse carriage.

    “Yu Jing Zhuo?” Yan Ning Luo arched up an eyebrow. “What are you doing here?”

    Upon saying that, her gaze subconsciously turned to look inside the horse carriage, her innate instinct against a particular person telling her that someone else was in there without needing anyone to tell her.

    “Yu Xiao Ning.” Yan Ning Luo’s beautiful eyes half narrowed, her voice sinister sounding.

    Yu Xiao Ning felt a quiver run through her and displayed her pearly whites prominently, putting on an impossibly earnest smile. “Little Ning, didn’t you agree to it just now? That you will improve the relationship? Our kingdom’s face is at stake here you know?”

    Yan Ning Luo did not say a word, but just continued to look at her expressionlessly.

    Yu Xiao Ning gritted her teeth together and she pinched her herself hard. The next second, those witty eyes of hers were brimmingly wet, her hands and fingers pressed together as if in pitiful prayer. “My good Little Ning, I made a bet with my Third Brother that if I am unable to convince you to come, he can then throw such an adorable little me into the Lily Garden to do all kinds of menial tasks. Can you really bear to do that? Boo hoo…..”

    The Lily Garden is a little gigolo brothel Yu Jing Zhuo opened, which was actually a hidden organization that secretly gathered intelligence as many of the high ranking officials and nobles in the Green Wave Kingdom had quite an acquired taste for that kind of a flavour.

    Yan Ning Luo looked at how pitiful she was looking and she was feeling both infuriated and amused at the same time. “How childish are the two of you that you can make such a bet with him?”

    “So are you coming with us or not? The weather is just great today and it will be really nice just stepping on some greens right?”