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Chapter 36

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 36.1: Absolute and Instantaneous Kill

    “Tsk, can I still choose to not go? Yu Xiao Ning, it’s really a mystery how I came to become friends with you.” Yan Ning Luo swept her gaze over her, and then went on to completely disregard her presence, before climbing into the horse carriage.

    Yu Xiao Ning was taken aback, before she slyly shot her Third Brother a smug look, her eyes saying: [How? Do you concede?]

    Yu Jing Zhuo shrugged his shoulders helplessly. [Fine. Losers weepers. I’ll give you that map of the Mountains of Heaven and Earth when we get back.

    The two of them exchanged a series of meaningful glances with each other before they then climbed into the horse carriage one after another.

    Inside the carriage, Xuanyuan Che and Yan Ning Luo were seated on one side each, neither of them saying a word, a rare moment of quiet and tranquillity between those two.

    Yu Jing Zhuo and Yu Xiao Ning looked at each other and they saw surprise in the other person’s eyes. [When those two are not trading barbs with their tongues, they are actually rather compatible!]

    The New Moon Lake was situated in the central region of the Green Wave Kingdom, a newer and slightly more well known place of interest to travel to, where the water presented itself to be faintly blue with many colourful fishes swimming within, a breathtaking sight.

    Many picturesque pleasure boats and other vessels dotted over the lake’s surface, pairs of lovebirds and passing merchants, all kinds of people.

    When their reached their destination, Yu Jing Zhuo came down from the carriage first, to hold the curtain up to allow the two young ladies to get off.

    Yan Ning Luo did not often show herself in public but in the Green Wave Kingdom, there were few people who did not know her.

    Hence at the moment she stepped off the carriage, a series of collective gasps immediately sounded all around them. “It’s Princess Ning Feng!”

    “Ahhh….. ahhh….. it’s really her! !”

    “Heavens, she’s really so beautiful. I did not think that it will be exactly like what the rumours say. She’s just like a goddess!”

    “She’s the greatest beauty of all indeed. Hearing it a hundred times cannot compare to seeing it with your own eyes. That elegant air and grace is absolutely unmatched.”

    “And also the Left Prime Minister’s daughter, Yu Xiao Ning!”

    “Yu Xiao Ning is the Green Wave Kingdom’s most talented woman, and I had not thought that she would also possess such outstanding looks as well!”

    “She’s so adorable, and so very pretty. The Capital City’s two great beauties have actually come out together today!”

    “It is a great day today indeed!”

    “The Crown Prince has come here as well? ! !”

    “My sweet Heavens! The New Moon Lake is receiving so many great big entities today!”


    Yu Jing Zhuo was always gallivanting around outside and everyone knew who he was, so he played just an accessory role here this time, without much people paying all that much attention.

    He also had his own private pleasure boat here and he had already arranged for people to have it ready by the shore. When they saw him coming, they immediately came forward in greeting.

    “Young Master, everything is ready. This way please.” The man gestured respectfully in invitation.

    Yu Jing Zhuo walked up front to take the lead as he climbed into the boat, with Xuanyuan Che following right behind. Yu Xiao Ning and Yan Ning Luo were last to board.

    The pleasure boat then slowed moved out.

    On the boat, there was everything from fine wine to delicious food, entertainers playing zithers on one side, their long slender fingers picking out melodious tunes from their instruments.

    “Let’s all have a seat!” Yu Jing Zhuo was the host, and he began to show hospitality to his guests, attending to their needs.

    It was Yu Xiao Ning’s first time here and when she saw the luxurious fittings on the pleasure boat with its exquisite wine cups and jade ornaments, she could not help but to shake her head and say while clicking her tongue: “Third Brother, this pleasure boat of yours is not just commonly luxurious. I don’t think you can achieve such ostentatiousness without a few million taels at least!”

    “Haha. Ning Ning really knows her stuff. You can tell with just one glance! Unlike some other people, who were actually suspecting that these things are counterfeit.” Yu Jing Zhuo said with an easy laugh.

    “Tsk….. Did you think I was praising you? Can anyone else be as big a spendthrift as you? If you did not have that little gigolo brothel sustaining your expenditure, you will be thrown out of the house to sleep on the streets sooner or later!” Yu Xiao Ning spat disdainfully, dispensing with all courtesy.

    The latter then glared angrily with his eyes widened. “You impudent lass, is this any way to talk to your Elder Brother? No respect at all. If I end up spending all my money, I will then stick myself onto you!”

    Chapter 36.2: Absolute and Instantaneous Kill

    “Which family’s elder brother could possibly be this thick skinned and shameless?” Yu Xiao Ning pouted, not wanting to bother about him.

    “Did we come out today just to hear the two of you squabble?” Yan Ning Luo was getting impatient from hearing their quarrel, and she opened her mouth to interrupt icily.

    The two siblings immediately clamped their mouths shut, but they immediately discovered something strange in the very next second.

    The Crown Prince and Yan Ning Luo today….. They had really gotten along so peacefully for such a long period? From the time that they had come down from the horse carriage till now, at least an hour must have passed. Those two there, were being rather unusual today.

    “Erm…. In another few days, the Water Edge Kingdom’s emissaries will be arriving, and it has already been confirmed that the Duke of Vast Seas will be coming.” Yu Jing Zhuo cleared his throat before he said, to dispel the awkward atmosphere a little. “I would think that they are not coming here with friendly intentions!”

    “Ha! When was he ever capable of friendly intentions? That devil. He only came here once seven years ago and he destroyed half of this lady’s assets.” Yu Xiao Ning complained as she picked up a fresh red fruit, and sinking her teeth into it vehemently to vent her frustration.

    Xuanyuan Che glanced at her and then slowly opened his mouth to say: “The Duke of Vast Seas was already deep and unfathomable seven years ago. With these seven years that have passed, it is not known what kind of a realm he could have reached. But what is certain is that upon this lands, I do not think that anyone is his match.”

    “Sigh. I wonder. How many generations worth of fortitude the Water Edge must have kept for the Heavens to bless them with such an extraordinary figure to descend upon their lands.” Yu Jing Zhuo lamented with a sigh.

    Hearing them all discussing about the Duke of Vast Seas, Yan Ning Luo furrowed up her brows. “Is that person….. really that powerful?”

    Xuanyuan Che had always been proud and aloof, and if even he was saying that, that person must really be very strong indeed.

    When the others heard her ask that, they were all immediately taken aback before remembering back in those years, Yan Ning Luo had been in seclusion within the Faint Mist Sect, engaged in closed door cultivation with their Sect Leader, and was not aware of anything that happened in the outside world at that time.

    Yu Jing Zhuo was just about to speak when the deck of the pleasure boat suddenly lurched violently, and the group of people almost tumbled out of the boat. Fortunately they were all people of cultivation and they quickly steadied themselves.

    “What happened?” Yu Jing Zhuo roared loudly towards the outside in displeasure.

    But even after several moments had passed, no one answered him. Yu Jing Zhuo’s brows creased together and he stood up to walk outside, but was then met with the sight of the two attendants from before fallen to the deck, blood trickling out from the corners of their mouths, the shade of their faces an ugly colour.

    He crouched down and checked the pulse one of the men at his neck. He was killed by a powerful force that snapped his meridians.

    And at that moment, the lake’s surface had erupted into a chaotic mess. It was clear that not only their boat had people wounded or killed.

    “Third Brother, what is happening outside?” Seeing that there was no response from him for so long, Yu Xiao Ning voiced out to ask.

    “Ning Ning, all of you are not to come out!” Yu Jing Zhuo rushed inside to say.

    His gaze then quickly scanned across the surface of the vast lake in search, to quickly discover that there seemed to be a commotion upon the largest pleasure boat on the lake, and the upheaval seemed to be rather violent.

    Thereafter, a black shadow then came flying out from that boat to crash into the lake’s surface, the blue water that sprayed up with that splash dyed the colour of blood.

    “Hmph! Overconfident fool.” A figure in light blue suddenly appeared in his sight, the head of smooth black hair draped over the back, with wisps of blue strands hidden within, just faintly visible.

    Yu Jing Zhuo narrowed his eyes. That young lady did not look to be from the Green Wave Kingdom!

    On the opposite bank, several more black shadowy figures suddenly appeared, treading over the water’s surface as they approaching the boat, the tips of their toes just lightly touching the water, but were able to stand steadily on top without sinking.

    Yu Jing Zhuo’s eyes widened as he stared. Every single one of those people seemed hold cultivation levels above his, like they were all well trained members from a organization of assassins.

    “These people are Heavenly grade assassins from the Carefree Valley.” It was not known from when Xuanyuan Che had come out from inside, and then went on to say in a deep voice as he looked at the people standing upon the lake’s surface.

    Chapter 36.3: Absolute and Instantaneous Kill

    Yu Jing Zhuo’s eyes narrowed slightly.

    The Carefree Valley was last in rank among the Three Great Sects, but the assassins union among them was a faction the other two sects could never hope to match.

    They were segregated into four grades. The Golden Emblem Assassin, the Heavenly Grade Assassin, the Mystical Grade Assassin, and the Yellow Grade Assassin.

    Judging by the cultivation of these people, where they were able to stand upon the water’s surface and not sink for long periods, it could be seen that they should be some of the top few pugilists among the Heaven Grade Assassins.

    But for the Carefree Valley to mobilize such a great number of assassins, who were they seeking to kill?

    Weren’t they mobilizing too big a force here?

    It must be known that whenever they sent out just two assassins, it would already show that the target was no ordinary target. But before their eyes, they could see at least twenty people here.

    And the young lady in blue standing out there on that boat, was Yue Xin Yan.

    Two days ago, she had already pleaded with Qing Ye Li to bring her here to the Green Wave Kingdom.

    Never had she expected that they had just reached, they had immediately met people who were out to spoil the mood.

    Yue Xin Yan’s face was filled with displeasure. “Who sent you here? To think that you will have the temerity to want to assassinate us, do you know who we are?”

    Upon saying that, she did not wait for all those men to reply, but to raise up a finger lightly. Thereafter, the light blue waters of the lake became as if it was led, to rise and surge towards her palm, forming into a great ball of water that glowed faintly with lightning.

    In the next second, the young lady’s gaze flashed icily, and she detonated the ball of water viciously. An enormous torrential wave rose up from the surface of the lake, a impossibly shocking scene.

    All the black robed men hastily retreated, and as they were all well trained assassins, they did not show the slightest bit of panic. They summoned their spirit powers and put up their defenses, the lake’s surface immediately lighting up with spirit power glows in myriad colours, making for a breathtakingly beautiful sight.

    Yu Jing Zhuo stared in shock, his eyes growing wider, where he and Xuanyuan Che then summoned up their powers to steady their own boat.

    “How powerful!”

    “The Water Edge Kingdom’s Ninth Princess!”

    The two of them spoke at the same time.

    Similarly seeing the shock in each other’s eyes. The people from the Water Edge Kingdom had arrived and not a single person knew about it at all!

    Then, within that large pleasure boat, the person who still had not made an appearance would surely be…..

    “Xin Yan, come inside.” A male voice so cold it seeped into one’s bones sounded with a powerful oppressive aura, that struck violently at every one of those men’s hearts.

    The black robed assassins who had still been standing strong were immediately struck till they all vomited out a mouthful of blood by that oppressive aura.

    Yue Xin Yan pouted her lips when she heard that, but retracted her attack and went walking inside the pleasure boat unhappily. “Big Brother Ye Li, why won’t you let me fight them! ?”

    “It will dirty your hands.” Qing Ye Li said indifferently, his dark green eyes sinister and chilly. Permeating through the walls of the pleasure boat, an invisible force of power lashed out.

    Originating from the largest pleasure boat in the centre of the New Moon Lake, the waters of the lake was visibly freezing over with a thick layer of ice, gradually spreading out at a very fast speed. The faces of the assassins showed shock and terror and they turned around quickly to fly away. Unfortunately the speed of the ice forming was too fast and it froze the men within it.

    The sun’s rays shone upon the people inside the ice, which made for an oddly beauty sight. In the next second, it was suddenly like the fleeting bloom of a night cactus, wilting after it shows its beautiful blossom, where the ice cracked and broke, into fist sized ice pieces as they fell.

    The frozen lake’s surface was restored to its original state in moments, the varied colour fishes chasing each other merrily in the waters, happy as can be.

    The lake’s water was clear and pristine, like nothing had ever happened before.

    Yu Jing Zhuo and Xuanyuan Che was so stunned by the scene that they were not able to even say a word for a long while.

    That person had not even shown himself and he had already unleashed such a formidable strike. Just what kind of a terrifying level has he reached?

    Inside the pleasure boat, Yan Ning Luo’s eyes were lowered, her fists tightly clenched up. “It’s him…..”