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Chapter 40

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 40.1 : Killing Each Other


    “Don’t overthink it. I am just going to seek an understanding about it from Old Man Bai, to see what the ice and fire Yin Yang Grub and the Emotion Devouring Curse is really all about.” Lou Jun Yao’s eyes narrowed, his violet eyes showing its familiar terrifying tempest.

    In hindsight where vision was perfect, Bai Zhi Yan then realized. How could he have forgotten that this fella was one who avenged the slightest grievance inflicted upon him? If the culprit behind it was discovered by him, he wouldn’t even dare imagine the kind of fate that person would come to meet.

    Meanwhile, in the Bright Moon Divine Temple in the south.

    Within a enormous and luxurious manor, a woman completely wrapped up in an all black robe laid upon a bed, her exposed lower jaw deathly white and pale, which looked rather insidious.

    The wide loose sleeves fluttered noisily under the wind blowing in from outside the window. One of those sleeves was empty inside, while her other hand hung limply down at her side.

    After a rather long while, a series of strange chuckling sounds then came out from within that black robe. “Hahahaha. I, as a priestess of the Divine Temple, has become a useless chess piece just like this….. Temple Lord, you really have such a cruel heart.”

    Her head that had been hanging down low suddenly lifted up, black and purple lines under the skin filled her face, making her look like a evil spirit from Hell come to seek someone’s life. Her eyes were bulging out a little, and below that was a pair of lips garishly red like blood, the corners of the mouth split wide, a highly terrifying sight.

    “If I am to die….. I will drag someone to cushion my fall….. Hahahaha….. That useless piece of trash from the low level lands that dared to spoil my perfect plan….. I will definitely grind your bones and scatter the dust to dispel the hatred in my heart!”


    Mo Han Yan’s days recently had been absolutely nauseating for her.

    She had originally decided to come out of seclusion because of a change in Yan Su’s attitude towards those two illegitimate bastards in the Tranquil Abode which caused her heart great unease.

    But it might not have been so bad if she had not come out as coming out here had driven her so mad she wished she could throttle that little slut to death!

    Yan Su had not only often gone there to inquire about their welfare, he had even shown great favour to that lass. It was said that not only had she become smarter, she had even gotten herself a hidden expert as a Master.

    There was a time that Yan Su brought her along to attend a good friend’s gathering, and who would have thought that he would encounter an ambush by a gang of people. With Yan Su’s well known fame out there, though he was greatly respected, there would naturally also be people who hate him, with a good number of enemies as well.

    But he was highly skilled in martial arts himself and he was naturally no fearful of such strife, open challenges or sneaky ambushes alike.

    But unexpectedly, the enemies had someone highly skilled in poison who caused all four of Yan Su’s limbs to go numb, unable to move as he fell limp inside his horse carriage. Many of his guards outside were killed and wounded, and he was right about to see his own life fall into the enemies’ insidious hands. But he had failed to notice that the expression of the young lady beside him had not shown the slightest ripple of alarm.

    The horse carriage was broken apart and the sight of the pale faced and completely weakened Yan Su seated right next to the white robed young lady with an indifferent expression on her face formed an extreme stark contrast against each other.

    The enemies had clearly not expected that there would be a second person inside, and looking at her, she looked to be completely fine, seemingly not affected by the poison at all. The gang of enemies were all visibly stunned.

    Just as wariness started to rise in the hearts of those people, one person among them suddenly scrambled to pull out his own sword like he had gone mad to slash his sword at his companion beside him, cleaving that person in half right down the middle like he was splitting wood. The brutal and gory sight immediately caused the colour several faces to change.

    But only realizing it at that moment and trying to defend themselves was already too late for them. The person suddenly turned attacker originally did not possess a high level of cultivation and it seemed like he had suddenly turned into a peerless expert who had suddenly risen through the levels.

    The group of people were completely defenseless, completely massacred, and they were all killed in various brutal and horrifying ways. Even a great general like Yan Su who had slaughtered enemies in the tens of thousands upon the battlefield suddenly felt his stomach churn, nauseated by the sight.

    That person killed all his companions, and then raised his blade to slit himself across the throat.

    Chapter 40.2 : Killing Each Other

    Yan Su was still in a state of shock and was not able to react until the gentle voice of the young lady beside him rose up: “Father, are you able to move already?”

    That was when he then came to discover that he was able to move his body, and the numbness that took away all his strength had disappeared without a trace.

    The corners of the young lady’s lips before his eyes were slightly lifted, her face peerlessly beautiful. The sight before them was clearly one that would send a chill through the hearts of the most stalwart of men where mutilated corpses lay strewn over the wilderness, but the young girl’s face was looking just like normal, clearly not affected at all, as if she was not seeing any of this.

    “Qing Yu, aren’t….. you frightened?” Yan Yu looked at her, the expression on his face looking rather complicated.

    “Frightened? Why?”

    “Just now….. You were nearly killed by this group of people.”

    “But the fact is, I killed them all in the end isn’t it?” Qing Yu curled up the ends of her mouth, smiling warmly.

    That was when Yan Su then came to believe what she had said before.

    She had a very powerful Master who guided her in her cultivation, and imparted to her knowledge in Medicine, giving her the ability to protect herself and her younger brother.

    Yan Su might have believed that she really had a powerful Master, but as for things said about how strong she had become, he had not believed a word of it.

    Besides Little Ning who was gifted and highly intelligent, there were not many women in the Green Wave Kingdom who could be considered to be strong, in fact few and far between. And even Little Nian, was now already sixteen years old.

    But for this young little girl here, not even yet fourteen. If this was really true….. that would be really too terrifying.

    Yan Su stared at the person before him, and immediately grew flustered in the next instant.

    [Looks so much alike, to that person, her face completely alike. Even that personality, so much like hers.]

    “Today, I saved Father, so Father might come to believe my words now. I wonder if I can make a request?”

    “Tell it to me!”

    “I hope from here henceforth, in the Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor, nobody would be able to interfere with my life and that of Little Bei’s, including the Duchess.” Qing Yu’s devilishly mesmerizing phoenix like eyes narrowed slightly. “Father is often not in the manor and you would most probably not know my personality well. Although I have a rather good temper, but I detest having to deal with troublesome things. If anyone was to come find trouble with us, I will get very perplexed.”

    [When I get perplexed, I will naturally be in a bad mood.]

    [And when I’m in a bad mood, I will have to do something to vent out my frustration.]

    How could Yan Su possibly not detect the true meaning behind her words? After the initial shock passed, he unexpectedly came to feel that this young girl had an adorably candid personality and he demeanor then unconsciously grew a little doting and indulgent as he said with a slight smile: “As you wish.”

    Towards Yan Ning Luo, he had especially favoured and doted on her. She had shown great gifts from a very young age, and the Faint Mist Sect’s Sect Leader absolutely adored her. Yan Ning Luo was mature and sensible, never causing him much worry. But as she stayed in the Faint Mist Sect most of the time, the father and daughter relationship between the two of them were not that deep.

    And right before his eyes, another young little daughter of his whose looks were something people would not be able to take their eyes off had suddenly appeared. She was intelligent and obedient, but she was also full of bright ideas of her own and rather crafty, so easily likeable. Yan Su’s cold hard heart then suddenly seemed to have been heavily struck, feeling like he wanted to treasure and care for her.

    To make up for the ten over years lost before.

    Qing Yu was astute enough and she had sensed the change that had come over Yan Su, although she knew that he was actually seeing another person through her, whom most probably should be that short lived mother of this body she was occupying.

    But, since he was thinking to make up for not having been a good father to her, she was not entirely not amenable to reason, as she was also able to isolate themselves from that detestable Duchess as well, killing two birds with one stone. Yan Su was in no mood to attend the gathering anymore, and he just rehired another horse carriage to drive them back to the manor.

    Chapter 40.3 : Killing Each Other

    But upon returning back to the manor this time, something that everyone else would not be able to accept was bound to happen.

    As it was feared that the Duke’s Manor was about to undergo changes in its rule.

    When Yan Su came down from the horse carriage, he had then lovingly helped Qing Yu down right after, and then made an announcement that whoever was to see the Sixth Young Miss, they were all to being highly respectful to her, never to slight her in anyway.

    No one was to step into the Tranquil Abode as they wished henceforth and Qing Yu would be allowed to go in and out of the Duke’s Manor freely. That special treatment, caused all the other woman to feel all kinds of envy and jealousy, with all of them cursing at the young lass, thinking she was really not that simple a girl afterall to be able to win His Highness’ high favour and love, exactly the same kind of bewitching vixen like her mother was!

    Of course, no one had been as furious as Mo Han Yan was. She had immediately gone straight to Yan Su’s study, and looking at the man dealing with his official duties, she had taken a deep breath to push down the rage in her heart to say: “Your Highness.”

    Yan Su did not even raise his head as he grunted an acknowledgement.

    “Why would you want to do this? Have you forgotten the promise you made to me back then?” Han Mo Yan had her fists tightly clenched up under her sleeves. “You clearly told me that you will not soften your heart towards that woman who betrayed you, and will never care whether her children lived or died.”

    Yan Su’s hand paused in its writing, his head finally raising up to look at her. As a man close to forty, though his face showed slight signs of weathering, that mature man’s handsome charm had become more enchanting, and Mo Han Yan could not help but become a little smitten as she stared.

    “I had indeed said those words.” Yan Su stood up, looking down at the woman before him from his high vantage point, his gaze a little cold. “Is that why you went on to bribe the midwife when she was about to deliver, purposely tormenting her to suffer complications giving birth? Is that why when I was out on a military mission, you had the legs of a child who was just a few years old broken, causing him to become a cripple and condemned to be wheelchair bound for life?”

    Mo Han Yan’s eyes grew wide as saucers, staring at the man’s cold and icy expression in utter disbelief.

    [How….. How did he come to find that out?]

    [It’s not possible. There was clearly no one who knew about that matter as the midwife who handled the delivery had been eradicated. Except for that child!]

    [But he was fed with drugs that had turned him into an idiot and would not be able to speak of it at all. Then, who could it be? !]

    “For something not to be made known, it is unless the deed has not been committed!” Yan Su snorted derisively. “That gentle and kind Mo Han Yan who was once so loving and enchanting from before. Where has she gone to? Hmm? Your talents and great intelligence had all been used to devise such dirty tricks and insidious plotting?”

    “I think that I have not treated you shabbily. Back when I married you, it had naturally been because I loved you. You were generous and smart, understanding and kind. I admit it, My heart had indeed been moved by Qing Fei, but did you know this? She did not love me. Even when I made my heart’s intentions clear to her, she still rejected me!” Yan Su’s countenance turned rather dark. “I settled her in the manor only to protect her, as I owed her a debt of gratitude for having saved my life. But you….. You have caused me to bear the crime of being a dishonourable person and brought disgrace to my name!”

    This was the first time Yan Su had said such words to Mo Han Yan, which caused her to collapse to the ground, her countenance turned deathly pale, unable to recover her senses for a long time.

    [So, for so many years, everything she had done had been wrong all this time?]

    [She had hated that woman. She had thought that the woman who had snatched her husband from her had not even loved Yan Su at all. And….. she had sent that woman to her death with her own hands.

    Mo Han Yan stared into the icy gaze that Yan Su was looking at her which pierced right into her bones, and her heart came to understand that they…..would never be able to go back to the way they were before.

    And all of that, was witnessed by a pair of sparkling large eyes outside the door. The eyes turned away and then disappeared.