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Chapter 52

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 52.1: Crazy Mu Qian Shang

    “That person looks very strong.” Qing Bei said as he creased up his brows, feeling a terrifying oppressive aura coming from the guy even from afar.

    Qing Yu beside him look at him with an amused look. “Among the people present, besides the Duke of Vast Seas and that Xian Xin Zi, I think everyone else would only suffer torment under his hands.”

    Hearing that, the young lad then said in surprise: “Even the Crown Prince and Big Brother wouldn’t be a match for him?”

    “It would be very hard to tell.” Qing Yu lowered her eyes and said with a low whisper as she laughed.

    The two of them were talking in low voices over there, and was not aware that someone was looking at them unnoticed, measuring them up.

    That person suave looking, dressed in an elegant white brocade robe, an enchanting pair attractive peach blossom eyes highly seductive, his facial features all highly exquisite, the pure white robe worn upon his body giving the man an added sense of grace.

    Wasn’t that the owner of the Afterlife Loft, who was sitting in the judges panel as Baili Ji Ran, the Young Lord of the Carefree Valley?

    Because of his exceptionally outstanding looks, he had a special liking for beautiful people, with a highly viscous and critical eye for it. He had originally not intended to show up for such a boring competition but had come purely for the sake of going against the Carefree Valley. Out of curiosity, he had swept his gaze over the surroundings and he had then come to discover such an interesting little young lady.

    Firstly, it was the extraordinary grace and elegance she lent to her plain white clothes just like him, and secondly, she was able to tell with just one glance how different Mu Qian Shang was from everyone else. That was truly very interesting as even in the Carefree Valley itself, few people knew that Mu Qian Shang was a dual element wielder of light and darkness, a prodigy that was rare to see even in a hundred years.

    Baili Ji Ran had his interest piqued and he starting thinking whether the young lady could have come down from up there as well, and he immediately sent out his spirit energy to go probe that person’s cultivation.

    But before his spirit consciousness could even spread, it was suddenly repelled back by a highly tyrannical golden light. Baili Ji Ran felt a stinging pain deep within his spirit and he was then met with a long and narrow pair of gold and silver eyes. Inside those eyes, they seemed to hold a bottomless and immensely wide abyss, that would be able to devour him whole, warning him threateningly.

    His face immediately grew slightly pale. [That young lady….. where is she from?]

    All of it had happened only in the span of a few breaths and Qing Yu was naturally unaware of anything. It was also just a piffling matter to the golden haired youth who merely saw it as an inconsequential interlude.

    [Foolish humans. The day will come that they will be killed by their own curiosity. To think they even dare to cause such affront to his Mistress. Impudent fools.]

    The second round of the competition was beginning. After Mu Qian Shang went up, numbers continued to be drawn as the people kept deadly quiet, deeply afraid that they would be called.

    What was interesting was that the young men and young ladies who were all overflowing with fighting spirit just moments earlier were finding their legs beginning to turn into jelly before they even went up onto the stage, before they quickly decided to just give up and forfeit on their own accord.

    Counting carefully, there were as many as over twenty people who did that.

    Xian Xi Zi who was still calling out the numbers went speechless. “…..”

    Up on the highest seat, the smiling Green Wave Emperor’s face stiffened for a moment.

    The people below the stage were still silent. “…..”

    [What kind of situation was this?]

    Throughout so many years of the All Saints Day festival, this was the first time such a situation was occuring. These participants who have qualified for the elimination rounds were mostly people with significant powers. But before it had even started, people were already defeated without even fighting, and there were so many of them.

    The strange scene caused the surrounding place to once again fall quiet, before everyone heard the sound of laughter that could not be withheld any longer, bursting out all of a sudden.

    Everyone’s eyes turned in unison towards the sound, and they saw within the judges panel, the handsome white robed man doubled over and roaring with laughter, rocking back and forth with his attractive eyes half narrowed, the glint of tears hanging right at the corner of his eyes.


    Chapter 52.2: Crazy Mu Qian Shang

    Baili Ji Ran continued laughing for a while. He most probably came to realize that his actions were rather inappropriate before he stopped his laughing. “Sorry sorry. I lost control of myself for a moment. Apologies.”

    “I say Qian Shang, restrain that terrifying aura of yours a little. With you being like this, who would dare to go up and fight you?”

    His way of apology made people just want to beat him up.

    Mu Qian Shang up on the arena platform looked at him and lifted an eyebrow imperceptibly, seemingly a little surprised. But he did not say anything but obligingly hid the threatening aura spilling out of him a little.

    “Number ninety five, number one hundred and one.”

    These were the last two people who were to be called up for the second round. Mu Chi silently glanced at his number token. It was one hundred and one, and not far away from him was Xuanyuan Che, whose number token read ninety five.

    Ten years ago, the two of them had been vying for the Crown Prince position and ten years later now, they still had to contest for the position of male saint. This must be the thing they call destined fate.

    Among the fifty people, due to the fact that Mu Qian Shang had frightened off more than twenty people, there were now less than fifty people left up on the platform. After Xian Xin Zi made the announcement to begin the contest, a powerful black energy wave appeared in the middle of the arena. Some people were caught off guard by the surge of energy and were thrown off the stage. Mu Chi and Xuanyuan Che happened to be not far away from it and they summoned up their powers to steady themselves.

    After the wave of energy passed, when everyone turned to look after the shock, they discovered a bunch of people lying sprawled in various positions below the platform, and people who were scrambling and crawling their way off it. In the middle of the platform, stood a tall and slender figure in dark green, the expression on his face indifferent, looking highly aloof, like he had nothing to do with all that.

    But it was clearly obvious that that strange blast of energy had come out from his body.

    “What….. What was that just now?”

    “Black coloured spirit energy? !”

    “Was that the legendary highly powerful darkness element! ?”

    “To think that in all my living years, I am able to see someone who wields the darkness element, I can already die without regrets.”

    “No wonder the Seventh Prince is so strong! To think that he would possess such a powerful elemental attribute. I think even His Highness the Crown Prince might not even be a match for him.”

    And after that great blast of spirit energy, what everyone could see from afar, there was just a pitiful four other people remaining on the stage.

    The ends of Mu Qian Shang’s lips lifted ever so lightly, almost unnoticeable before his lips parted to say: “All of you come at me together.”

    That voice was actually highly enchanting to hear, like the clear melodic trickle of flowing water, but was also filled with complete arrogance. The expression of his face was however flat and indifferent, which made people feel that that was exactly what he should be feeling against them.

    Among the four remaining people, besides Xuanyuan Che and Mu Chi, the other two were disciples of the Carefree Valley. At that moment, the two of them clasped their hands over their fists, and said respectfully: “Senior possesses extraordinary powers, and we know very well that we are not your match. We are willing to forfeit.”

    Upon saying that, they then walked off the stage together.

    Xuanyuan Che was the Crown Prince of the kingdom and also the leading disciple of the Faint Mist Sect, so he had his own pride. [He carried the kingdom’s face in this contest and he can only win and not lose.]

    And Mu Chi was someone who never shunned from trouble. He was also an inner disciple of the Limitless Sect and his powers were not to be underestimated. Towards this Seventh Prince of the Martial Land Kingdom, rumours were flying everywhere about how strong and powerful he was. Hence, today would be a good day for them to pit their skills against each other.

    “Tsk tsk. Only the two of us are left now. If we go two on one, people will say that we did not win by virtue of skill. I shall take you on first.” Mu Chi stood forward first, the smiling eyes he had been born with filled with mirth, looking exceptionally attractive.

    Xuanyuan Che knitted up his brows, and said in a low voice. “Be careful.”

    Mu Chi shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, his easy and carefree demeanor one that made people unable to help themselves but look.

    Chapter 52.3: Crazy Mu Qian Shang

    “That youth still looks to be rather young. I wonder from who he receives tutelage from?” Someone below the stage who was unaware asked curiously.

    “Har? You don’t even know who that person is? The background he comes from is really illustrious!” The man who answered him then turned his head left and right to look before he lowered his voice to a whisper and said: “That person’s identity is a little complicated. He was originally our Green Wave Kingdom’s Sixth Prince but it was not known what wrong he committed that got him thrown out of the Imperial Palace. But not only is he now the most favoured inner disciple of the Limitless Sect’s Sect Leader, he also has the backing of his maternal grandfather who heads the top Medical Cultivator Family Clan of the continent and Heavens knows how many people are scrambling to get to know the Mu Family of medical cultivators through him!”

    Hearing that, the first man was overcome with awe. “Then he is really somebody afterall.”

    As Qing Bei looked at the young man up on stage, he was feeling that the man was looking highly familiar. Seeming to recall something, he then muttered to himself: “Is that the guy who came to the Tranquil Abode that time…..”

    Ever since Lou Jun Yao had stepped forward to say something to that guy, she had not seen him hovering within her sight anymore. He must have straightened out his thoughts. But speaking of Lou Jun Yao, it was wondered what kind of situation he would find after he went back.

    Qing Yu’s lips curled up. It was funny. Since that man had gone back, he must have been fully confident he would be able to deal with any eventualities. They would probably not have any further dealings not to mention they were people separated by two continents between them.

    A flash of blinding golden light suddenly pulled her thoughts back. Qing Yu lifted her eyes up to look, to discover that the blinding light was emanating out from Mu Chi upon the arena platform.

    The metal element, the top of the five elements. People gifted with this elemental attribute would usually also possess the ability to wield a second element in accompaniment. When the metal element manifests in battle, the wielder’s entire body would turn hard as steel, his skin impenetrable to weapons, where few would be able to match them. For people who came to be injured by the metal element, in the best scenario, they would feel a kind of smashing pain like they had been struck by a rock, and in the worst scenario, all the victim’s internal organs would rupture and be destroyed, to die on the spot.

    The metal element’s tyrannical power worked in tandem together with the lightning element and confronted with the highly rarely seen darkness element spirit power, it stood quite a good chance. Moreover, the young lad was still withholding another unknown elemental attribute.

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow in surprise. With that fella’s handsome countenance looking like a smooth and suave young lad, she really had not been able to tell that he would possess such a tyrannical elemental attribute, which was almost the complete opposite of his personality.

    In battle, Mu Chi was also completely unlike his usually slovenly and carefree self, his pair of eyes turned sharp and incisive. Mu Qian Shang on the opposite side then narrowed his eyes as he dodged a rush of wind from a palm strike that came at him right from the front, where the crowd then saw near the edge of the arena platform, the imprint of a palm that was a good three meters deep.

    “Whoa! That’s so powerful. The power of the metal element is terrifying indeed. If that palm strike had struck upon a person’s body, there won’t be very much left in him.”

    The crowd only saw the lad with the golden light attacking constantly, and Mu Qian Shang was only defending and not retaliating at all, seemingly at a disadvantage. But very soon, they then came to witness an incredulous scene.

    The young man in a suit of dark green suddenly stopped dodging, and just when Mu Chi’s terrifyingly heavy lightning infused fist was smashing straight towards him, Mu Qian Shang turned his palm and with a knife like chop, it struck Mu Chi heavily on the chest. What astounded everyone even more was the fact that upon that knife palm, was a bright golden spirit glow.

    Mu Chi’s shock overwhelmed his body’s reaction, and he was immediately struck by the blow, falling a meters back as he vomited a mouthful of blood.

    “How is that possible…..” Mu Chi coughed painfully, his eyes highly incredulous.

    All below the stage erupted.

    “Isn’t Mu Qian Shang’s spirit power element darkness! ?”

    “Could he possibly also possess the gold element as well? That is just to scary!”

    “The metal element that is known to be impenetrable has taken such a heavy hit!”