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Chapter 53

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 53.1: A Woman Like A Demoness

    Not a single person present there was not feeling shocked. The Green Wave Emperor up on his elevated seat lost himself for a moment and stood up from his Dragon Seat, his eyes staring fiercely.

    After Mu Quan Shang delivered that strike, he did not make any other moves because the result was already clear to see. The young lad was at that moment so weak he was even finding it hard to stand, and it was Xuanyuan Che who actually helped him to get back on his feet.

    “You are very talented, but compared to me, you still fall a little short.” Mu Qian Shang said nonchalantly, his words not sounding exactly like praise, but made a person’s blood boil.

    Mu Chi’s handsome face was pale. “How….. did you know…..”

    The metal element’s tyrannical power can be used both offensively and defensively, one of the best battle elemental attributes there was out there. It was said to possess no weaknesses and did not fear spirit power attacks from any of the elements.

    That was actually not the case as the metal elemental attribute’s nemesis was itself. If it came to encounter an opponent who similarly wielded the metal element, then it would then become a battle based purely on skill. And Mu Qian Shang’s attack earlier clearly showed that he was much stronger.

    Mu Qian Shang looked at the ugly shade on the lad’s face and curled up his lips. “Because darkness is the king among the elements, it can devour everything else. So it is naturally also able to imitate any of the other elements’ spirit powers because all these other elemental attributes was born out from it.”

    Upon saying that, the young man’s lips lifted slightly and actually came to reveal a slightly mischievous expression. With a flip of his palm which he held at a clever angle, a spirit power glow with two colours red and green appeared on his hand, where the spirit power glow of all the various colours representing the different elemental attributes then skipped over his palm.

    Of course that incredible and completely unimaginable scene was visible only to Mu Chi and Xuanyuan Che alone and the faces of the two of them changed right at that instant, with eyes like they were looking at a monster as they stared at Mu Qian Shang.

    [This guy….. was just crazy strong!]

    No wonder it was said that the darkness element was so rare it might not be seen in a hundred years. With such a Heaven technique, possessing the darkness element was as good as holding a killer trump card, where it was able to fully assimilate the powers of any element, and it was basically almost undefeatable.

    Maybe among everyone present here today….. even Xian Xin Zi who was known as a martial arts prodigy might not be able defeat him!

    Xuanyuan Che’s brows knitted up tightly. Even if that was the case, he still had to face the young man in battle. Otherwise, the name and reputation of both the Green Wave Kingdom and the Faint Mist Sect would suffer.

    “Cough cough. You might as well give up. Going out there will only get you a thrashing for nothing.” Mu Chi coughed a couple of times, saying with a bitter smile.

    Xuanyuan Che was about to say something when he heard Xian Xin Zi’s voice ringing out from the stage. “Because there is an insufficient number of people for this round, the contest is temporarily suspended. Everyone will be given an incense stick’s time to recollect themselves before we will carry on with the next round.

    There were only Mu Qian Shang and Xuanyuan Che left in this round. This also meant that after all the rounds of contests were finished, there would be a second part to the contests, and that segment of the competition would be very cruel and people participating in it would have to sign a death indemnity.

    So, was Xian Xin Zi helping him here or getting him into worse trouble?

    The second part of the competition might really cost him his life!

    The Green Wave Emperor also furrowed up his brows in displeasure. Xian Xin Zi who was a short distance away noticed his expression and she then smiled sweetly. “There is no need for Senior to worry. You must believe in the Crown Prince’s strength. He has always been very close to Mu Chi from a very young age. Seeing Mu Chi wounded like this, he must surely be quite affected, which would instead not be to his advantage if he continued with the contest.”

    “If Mu Qian Shang comes to strike a killing blow upon Little Che in the final segment…..” The Green Wave Emperor still could not help but be worried.

    “There is something Senior does not know.” Xian Xin Zhi then showed a deep and meaningful smile. “There is a flaw in the darkness element. When late night falls, if they see blood, they would fall into demonic devilry. So even if he comes to injure the Crown Prince, he would suffer from backlash himself. Hence, he would not dare to deliver a killing blow.”

    The Green Wave Emperor was taken aback a moment, and he then nodded smilingly.

    Chapter 53.2: A Woman Like A Demoness

    Qing Yu was not all that bothered towards the series of events, her long slender fingers rubbing the number token she held in her hand. She suddenly raised her eyes up to look outside the palace hall. It was not known from when a sliver of blackish purple mist came to form over the both mysterious and beautiful looking blood red moon. It was just very faint, and not really easily noticeable.

    She seemed to have become separated from her surroundings, to see everything before her from a third person’s perspective.

    The exceptionally slow moving competition suddenly ended very quickly like it had been fed with a speed hastening elixir, and the number three hundred and sixty eight that Qing Yu held in her hand seemed to have been completely forgotten, not called out at all from beginning to end.

    Things that were so clearly just right in front of her became very far away, the ecstatic cries and cheers of the people surrounding her a hubbub of noises.

    “Little Bei.” Qing Yu creased up her brows and called out to the youth beside her. However, there was no response from him, the expression of the youth highly excitedly as his eyes looked forward towards the arena platform, his mouth seemingly shouting something, like he had been possessed.

    It looked like everyone else were in the same state, but she seemed to have been isolated from all of this.

    “Little Burrow…..” Qing Yu called out to the weapons spirit inside her, but discovered that the golden haired youth seemed to be in a groggy daze, looking like he had no more strength left.

    “You want to know what happened? Come with me…..” A hazy voice that sounded like it came over the edge of the horizon rang out beside her ear. She instinctively turned her head to look and saw a human figure wrapped in a black hooded cape standing in front of the doors of the palace hall. The person’s face could not be seen and by the time she had turned to look, the figure was already turning to leave.

    Qing Yu went on to follow the figure outside as everything around her continued on, not a single person noticing that she had walked out from there at all, nor had anyone even seemed to have seen the hooded figure at all.

    It was at that moment that Qing Ye Li broke free from that mysterious dimension. He had just managed to regain his senses when a figure in white passed right before his eyes. An unexplainable sense of familiarity hit him very strongly. He subconsciously turned his head to look but could only see that figure passing fleetingly through the doors, and then disappeared from sight.

    Devilry’s afoot when things take an abnormal turn. The way someone had been able to trap several hundred people within another dimension without anyone realizing a thing was definitely not the handiwork of anyone from this continent.

    The green eyes then narrowed up dangerously. [Who could possibly dare to come down to a lower realm to commit such a treacherous atrocity! ? Aren’t they afraid that they will be punished under the interdimensional laws! ?]

    He needed to unravel this sealed up dimension quickly. Otherwise, if they were trapped in it for too long, these people would not be able to come out from it forever.

    The figure in front maintained a distance not too far nor too near, as if intentionally waiting for her. It was until they came to a tall towering building that the figure suddenly disappeared.

    Qing Yu swept a measuring gaze around the unfamiliar surroundings and searched through her memory for a clue. She then came to realize that this place was where the Green Wave’s Imperial Family came to pray and to make offerings to the Heavens, called the Barricaded Spirit Tower. It was said that enshrined within the tower, was the spirit body of an ancestor who holds incomparably profound cultivation that the Imperial Family worshipped.

    The Barricaded Spirit Tower was painstakingly constructed by a reclusive sage back then and it possessed very strong defensive powers with arrays set up within, protecting it from damage even if it was struck by powerful attacks.

    The long narrow eyes grew wary. [They had….. intentionally led her here?]

    “Heh heh heh….. I really wouldn’t have been able to tell, that a mere young tiny little lass like you is actually an skilled expert hiding such strong powers.”

    A bone chilling cackling sounded out from a ear stinging coarse voice rang out behind her.

    Qing Yu turned around in a flash and standing up high atop the pointed peak of the tower, were two silent figures, one tall and one short. They were both wearing loose and wide black hooded capes, the corners of their clothes fluttering lightly under the night breeze, and Qing Yu’s eyes instinctively narrowed.

    [Those two people….. No, maybe they could not be termed as people.]

    As under one of those hooded capes, it could clearly be seen that it was a skeleton!

    Chapter 53.3: A Woman Like A Demoness

    As for the other one, she seemed to be a woman. A large part of her body was rotting, her flesh filled with disgusting crawling maggots, with certain parts cleanly eaten up where the grisly white of bone showed.

    “What….. Hahahahahaha….. Disgusting? Terrifying? All this is given to me by a little lass that is you!”

    After laughing hysterically, the woman suddenly leapt off the tower and descended at a great speed, coming right before Qing Yu in an instant. The hood of the cape was blown off by the wind and her facial countenance could be seen clearly under the moonlight.

    A head full of white hair, with just a pair of blackish purple irises hanging outside her eye sockets, her face filled with what looked like a dense web of dark runes, seemingly branded into her skin, the marks burned deeply inside. With that sinister and terrifying looking countenance that was exactly like a demon, the ghastly blood red lips parted widely to let out arrogant and wilful laughter.

    The woman had seemingly flown straight down from the top of the tower, at an amazing speed, her mouth wide agape that seemed like she was charging straight at her to come bite her neck off.

    The speed of Qing Yu’s body reaction had always moved faster than the speed her mind moved at and she dodged the woman’s approach by leaping several steps back lightning quick, bringing her about ten steps’ distance away from the woman.

    At this closer distance, Qing Yu then came to notice that the woman was lacking an arm.

    “I do not even know you, and there is no long past grievance nor is there any recent bad blood between us. I wonder what are your intentions in leading me to come to this place?” Qing Yu asked with an eyebrow raised inquiringly. [It seemed like the source of all that uneasiness she had been feeling these days had been this woman. But….. why does she not even remember ever offending someone like her at all?]

    The woman seemed to be surprised for a moment upon hearing those words, and then as if she had just heard a great joke, she repeated: “No long past grievance nor is there any recent bad blood? Ha! Hahahaha….. This hand of mine….. and these wounds on my body….. were all caused by you! And here you are now saying that there is no grievance not vengeance between us. That is just so hilarious!”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu instantly seemed to recall something. But before she could think any further about it, the woman had already opened her mouth to ascertain what she was thinking in her mind.

    “Of all things, you just cannot, and you really shouldn’t have….. stuck your nose into people’s business, to save that man, and even wounding me so severely.”

    As she had thought….. She had saved a really troublesome one.

    “I do not know what kind of a venomous and insidious method you employed to turn me into such a horrifying state where I am neither human nor ghost…..” The woman removed the black cape covering her body and everything could be clearly seen in that instant.

    Although the Bone Dissolving Spirit Extermination had left her with no choice but to sever an arm off, but she had still been one step too late. Not only had her spirit suffered severe damage, her flesh body had started to rot at an accelerating rate as days passed. Her chest was almost just left with a empty shell after being eaten out by the maggots. This was one advantage of her being from the Bright Moon Temple. Even if she had already stopped breathing, she was still able to use a secret technique to be resurrected, and even though her flesh body was so badly wrecked and ruined, she was still alive.

    But despite that horrifying sight, the highly tense atmosphere suddenly turning highly hilarious.

    For no other reason than this.

    At the moment the woman undid her cape, the face of the young lady with the beautiful countenance immediately changed into a highly ugly shade.

    “If you know that you look neither like a human or a ghost, then keep your clothes on! Are you trying to defeat me by disgusting me to death! ? Hurry up and put it on! Quickly…..”

    The smile that had risen up upon the woman’s face when she had thought that the young lass was shocked by the sight now froze stiffly.

    Qing Yu had not considered that she might have hurt the woman’s feelings as she then went on to knit her brows up tightly in disdain and contempt. “I never fight ugly looking people, and you really bring ugliness to a completely different realm.”

    Ever since the Emotion Devouring Curse was broken, she was struck by the severe backlash and she had to suffer the constant torment of the ravaging rot on her body from the Bone Dissolving Spirit Extermination. Yin Chi no longer knew what she looked like at that moment but back when she was still one of the Divine Temple’s Ten Grand Priestesses, not to mention whether she had beauteous looks, she was at least a woman of exceptional grace and elegance.

    Not a single woman did not care about their looks, and there was absolutely no woman that could tolerate being told she was hideous.