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Chapter 54

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 54.1: Barricaded Spirit Tower Crisis

    Moreover, the young lady before her was exceptionally beautiful and mesmerizing, which just made a person even more jealous.

    Yin Chi already horrifying face then quickly twisted up even further, and a fiery rage burned throughout her entire body in an instant.

    “You….. You are looking to die!”

    Within that empty and vacant sleeve, something then seemed to squirm and wiggle, where several long thin shadows came to appear out of nowhere, to slip right into the mouth of the empty sleeve and began to grow maniacally.

    Qing Yu’s breath constricted, and looked closer at her. One half of the woman’s body had also been overrun with grisly and misshapen tiny grubs writhing around inside, looking just like a monster that was a receptacle for those parasitic grubs.

    Her sharp eyes could also see that many of those tiny bloodthirsty maggots tunneling in her body were feeding on blood that had already turned a congealed blackish purple.

    In order to continue to live, Yin Chi had come to make an evil transaction with grubs, to offer her own soul up as a sacrifice to the grubs.

    Besides possessing her own consciousness, everything else did not belong to her anymore.

    Only for revenge.

    “That body of yours….. is just wonderful!” Yin Chi gazed greedily as she measured up the young lady’s slender and soft body, her bright red tongue licking her lips. “Once I devour you….. I will then be able to be resurrected anew….. Heh heh heh….. That body will then belong to me.”

    A powerful array had been set up around the Barricaded Spirit Tower and if any intruder with malicious intent was detected, it would immediately activate, trapping the intruder within and initiate an attack till the person was killed.

    Qing Yu’s long upslanted phoenix like eyes narrowed. Once they start battling, the array would definitely be activated. [What is this woman thinking….. Even if she was unable to kill her, she is seeking for both of them to perish together?]

    “Mistress, don’t worry. I’m here.” A voice then sounded as the golden haired youth suddenly appeared, standing right beside the young lady.

    “Little Burrow, why have you come out?” Qing Yu knitted up her brows and admonished, slightly displeased.

    The youth winked mischievously. “It’s alright Mistress. This person would be a dead one in awhile anyway. No one will even know.”

    That tone of voice was as arrogant and smug as ever.

    The sudden appearance of the youth caused Yin Chi to be taken aback a moment, before she exclaimed in utter shock. “You….. You’re not human? What are you! ?”

    There was clearly an absence of any human aura coming out from the youth. Could he possibly be a transformed spirit beast?

    But for a spirit beast to be able to transform, it would need to have reached level fifteen at least. But in these low leveled lands, spirit beasts were only at level ten at most.

    How could this young lady possibly meet with such a blessed encounter, that she was able to have such a Heaven defying spirit beast come to do her bidding? It must be known that spirit beasts would start to develop spirit intelligence at level five and proud creatures like them would never come to acknowledge a human as their Master.

    However, no matter how hard Yin Chi wracked her brains, she would never be able to guess that the youth was not a spirit beast, but was in fact a powerful weapons spirit.

    Those eyes shining with unrestrained greed then fell upon the youth, measuring him up, which completely enraged Zang Mai.

    Gauging him up with such a rude and audacious gaze, that was a complete insult to him as a scarce and revered divine artifact.

    “Disgusting woman.” The utter contempt in the youth’s tone was clear and undisguised. “You dare to cause me such affront. You shall not need to keep those eyes any longer!”

    Upon saying that, before Yin Chi could even react, those eyes hanging out of their sockets were ripped right out, to roll horrifyingly on the ground. Before she was even able to cry out, she had already lost her eyes.

    “Arrrggghhh…… My eyes! My eyes! Damn it! Damn the both of you! !”

    Having lost her eyes, the woman went completely hysterical. The countless grubs writhing around her body became more active and starting to roam, detaching themselves from the woman’s body to attack Qing Yu.

    Chapter 54.2: Barricaded Spirit Tower Crisis

    “Little Burrow, you’re really being too rash here. Why have you dug out people’s eyes out of the blue?” Qing Yu complained as she dodged those grubs.

    The youth was not exempted from the attack as well but as he was not flesh and blood, he was not afraid of them at all but was just playfully imitating Qing Yu as he dodged, acting slightly frantic.

    “Who asked that ugly looking hag to stare at my handsome looking self? And she actually asked what I am? She is the one that is a thing! An ugly hideous thing!” The youth answered arrogantly.

    Hearing the reason, Qing Yu was speechless for an instant. Was this the perfect example of what people always say, “Whatever kind of Master one was would get them the same kind of weapon spirit.”?

    Even the things that came out from their mouths were the same.

    “But you have now gotten her all riled up and her battle powers has been elevated a few times. You are just going to get your Mistress here killed.” Qing Yu shot out several golden needles as she spoke, which struck unerringly onto the heads and into the brains of the grubs. Several of the thicker and stronger looking grubs immediately withered and fell limp.

    When the youth saw that move by his Mistress, he then widened his eyes pretentiously and exclaimed in mock praise. “Mistress, your skill with those needles has improved tremendously! Your accuracy with them has grown stronger by more than just a bit!”

    Qing Yu could not find any words to say. “…..”

    [That scoundrel, is this now the right time to be buttering up to her?]

    [Can’t he see the situation they are in? And he is still being all nonchalant about it. His personality really has not changed in the least…..]

    Having lost her eyes, Yin Chi’s attacks lashed out haphazardly. But very quickly, Qing Yu realized that something was not right. She suddenly recalled that when she first got here, there were clearly two of them, one male and one female. But now, there was only one before them. Then….. Where was the other man right at this moment?

    Before she could think any deeper, several longs thin worms that looked like snakes was already flying straight towards her, boring right at her head between her brows.

    Qing Yu was most naturally not going to let them have it their way. Her long slender hand stretched out, several golden needles gripped between her fingers. When those grubs came closer, they suddenly seemed to develop intelligence, suddenly dispersing, to surge towards several different spots on her body with their mouths wide open malevolently that emitted a disgusting smell.

    “Mistress! Look out behind you!” Not far away, the golden haired youth tangled up with Yin Chi suddenly saw something, and he shouted out anxiously.

    A tall black figure had suddenly appeared out of the blue behind the young lady who was surrounded by the grubs, his entire person covered by the hooded cape, his ghastly white chin exceptionally horrifying to see under the silver moonlight. His mouth parted slightly, revealing long fangs and looking rather excited.

    His body suddenly turned transparent in that instant, like he had turned into a spirit, and was seeking to slip right into the young lady’s lively body.

    “Damn it! Get away from me!”

    The golden hair youth exploded with rage when he saw that and he sent the hideous and disgusting looking woman flying several meters away with one punch. He let out a great roar, that resonated over the entire Barricaded Spirit Tower.

    Under the night sky, the tall slender body of the man who was barely just a hundred steps away from the Barricaded Spirit Tower suddenly stiffened.

    On another side, the Imperial Palace Grand Hall.

    Ten rounds of the competition carried on like it was being pushed on by something, coming to an end very quickly.

    There were only several more talented winners left.

    Although Xuanyuan Che possessed rather great powers, but faced with Mu Qian Shang who possessed the king of the elemental attributes, he had been defeated, destined to have no affinity with being this year’s male saint.

    Mu Qian Shang proved himself to be called the second biggest killing machine after the Duke of Vast Seas, his powers terrifying and astounding, almost  unmatchable.

    And the previous girl saint Yan Ning Luo, retained her title as the strongest female.

    From what everyone could see, the candidate that would become this year’s male saint, could already be ascertained to be the Martial Land Kingdom’s Seventh Prince, Mu Qian Shang.

    Chapter 54.3: Barricaded Spirit Tower Crisis

    Although the Green Wave Emperor was sorry about the outcome, there was nothing he could do. Just when he was about to say some polite words for the occasion, a sudden loud boom sounded explosively. The floor of the grand hall shook for a moment and many people were caught completely off guard, to fall wretchedly to the ground.

    “What is it? What has happened? ?”

    “Is the ground under our feet moving? Such a big blast!”

    Yan Su suddenly stood up from his seat, his face filled with shock. He knew that feeling only too well. “Your Majesty, that explosive blast seemed to be from the Barricaded Spirit Tower. Someone must have broken in there which activated the array’s defenses!”

    “What?” The shade on the Green Wave Emperor’s face changed. “Who has the audacity to come stir up trouble on a day like this? The ancestor tablets of the Xuanyuan Family’s past generations are enshrined within the Barricaded Spirit Tower. Except when we make offerings to the Heavens, otherwise even the Emperor, I, am not be able to go in and out of that place freely. The intruder must not be spared!”

    “Your Majesty please quell your anger. Why not go access the situation first before deciding. It might just be an accident.” The Martial Land Kingdom’s Sixth Prince Mu Qian Chen then opened his mouth to say.

    “The Sixth Prince might not be aware, but the Barricaded Spirit Tower is our forbidden grounds and we are only allowed to go in there once for the All Saints Day festival and access is strictly forbidden at all other times. The moment someone enters the place, the Barricaded Spirit Tower will lock itself down and only open when the next All Saints Day festival comes.” The Green Wave Emperor had his brows knitted up, looking highly worried. “If the spirit souls of my ancestors become alarmed, I fear that it will bring calamity upon the Green Wave Kingdom.”

    “It’s that serious? Then why not I go in to have a look?” A magnetic and pleasing voice filled with mirth sounded suddenly. “I am not from the Green Wave, so I think I should be fine going in there wouldn’t I?”

    Everyone turned their eyes upon the source of that voice. It was that handsome white robed man seated in the judges panel, his enchanting brow slightly raised up inquiringly, looking elegantly suave.

    The Green Wave Emperor was taken aback for a moment, but did not admonish the speaker. “And you are the Carefree Valley’s Young Lord? There is a barrier array around the Barricaded Spirit Tower. You will not be able to get inside…..”

    “Barrier array? No problem. We just have to undo it and open it up. If I am not able to do it, we still have Qing Shang here. Aren’t all of you convinced of the male saint’s powers yet?” Baili Ji Ran said half jokingly.

    The lad being mentioned then nodded in consent.

    “Your Majesty, the matter is of critical importance and we have to act despite risking admonition from the ancestors. It is better we go find out what has happened there.” Yan Su helped to say persuasively.

    Seeing the situation before him, the Green Wave Emperor then agreed.

    “Huh….. That’s strange. When did the Duke of Vast Seas disappear…..” Baili Ji Ran then asked in puzzlement.

    It was only at that moment that everyone then came to realize that the Duke of Vast Seas’ seat among the Water Edge Kingdom people was empty and unoccupied. But no one had noticed his departure at all. Even Yue Xin Yan who was closest to him was staring with wide eyes. “That’s strange. Where did Big Brother Ye Li go? How could I possibly not realize that he has left? ?”

    Everyone was completely baffled. They had naturally not known that if they had not been rocked awake from the illusory array they had been caught in by that explosive blast earlier, after just one more hour, they would then not be able to come out from it anymore.

    “Hahaha! Kid, your Mistress is doomed to die by my hands today! Why not you serve me instead!”

    Having been thrown a few meters out by a punch, it was merely barely an itch to Yin Chi whose puppet body that looked like it was neither human nor ghost anymore. Hearing the roar of rage that burst out from the youth’s mouth, even if she could no longer see it, she knew that the young lady must have already tainted by her own puppet.

    And Qing Yu was indeed not in an exactly good situation. That male puppet had managed to find an opening and a small half of his spirit had seeped into her body.

    The situation at that moment was highly strange to see. The young lady’s beautiful and alluring eyes immediately became lifeless, and her body stiffened, freezing in her spot. More grubs in the surrounding area were suddenly drawn here, spreading out in a densely web as they closed in on her, looking like they wanted to devour her.