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Chapter 55

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 55.1 : All Demon Feast

    “Give it up little lass. You body is doomed to belong to me….. If you do not resist, you will be spared from becoming feed for these grubs.”

    The man’s low gentle voice felt like it was imbued with a certain demonic power that was bewitching her consciousness.

    Qing Yu’s eyes darkened slightly. [She had taken several years to meld herself to this body completely and someone actually dares to come try to snatch it from her. That was just pure wishful thinking!]

    “Mistress!” The golden haired youth was frantic with rage. In a fit of anger earlier, he had lashed out with an attack that triggered the tower’s array, and he was now completely suppressed, unable to strike again.

    Yin Chi licked the corners of her lips evilly. All of a sudden, several figures similarly wearing black hooded capes had appeared. The thing that was different about them was under those capes, they were all sinister looking skeletons, and within their vacant eye sockets, they were lit up by an evil purplish black light.

    The male puppet was one that Yin Chi had cultivated and refined with half of her blood essence way back, where it could be said that they were almost of one body. By relying on the male puppet’s eyes, she was then able to clearly see everything that was happening.

    The shade on the face of the young lady with the flawlessly beautiful countenance had already turned a greenish white and it looked like a person that was about to expire. Yin Chi just couldn’t contain the joy in her heart. “Leave me that face of hers. When the time comes, I want to peel it off her with my own hands!”

    [Ha! You dare to laugh and scorn at me for being ugly?]

    [She will turn that little wretch into a faceless monster!]

    Zang Mai watched the scene before him and his gold and silver eyes were almost alight with fiery rage. He had just awoken and he still had not recovered many of his abilities. Seeing his own Mistress being profaned like this, ruthless anger rose up in his heart right to its boiling point. It would take just another slight nudge and it would erupt explosively.

    [He will not be able to stand there and watch his Mistress get hurt once again.]

    [He has had enough of it. This sense of helplessness.]

    [Having gone through it once, he will not be able to make himself see it happen again.]

    His narrowed eyes filled up with a black vicious glint in that instant, looking like deep pools within a dark cave.

    The aura around his entire body grew thick.

    “Don’t make any rash moves. I’m fine.” The young lady’s warm voice rang within his ears like the sweet melodic sounds of nature right at that moment.

    Zang Mai’s body froze as he stared at the young lady whose countenance had turned a greenish white and had her eyes tightly closed, wondering whether he had imagined that voice.

    But in the next second, what he was thinking was then answered firmly.

    “You dare to covet after my body? If I do not make you pay the price, I will not be Qing Yu.” The voice that had sounded out with a mirthful laugh, was however utterly sinister and unbelievably chilling to the ear.

    Vengeance for the slightest grievance. That had always been her style.

    Her personality was never pretentious, but at the same time, if anyone dared to antagonize her, she would definitely make that person regret that he had ever been born!

    [Just right for her. She has never tried it and does not know what’s it like to cultivate a puppet.]

    A ear splitting, pitiful and heart rending scream then suddenly tore out from the mouth of the male puppet whose face had been showing a greedy and covetous expression.

    Yin Chi’s joyous face that had been filled with glee then immediately froze.

    [Right before her eyes….. What is happening?]

    “Arrrggghhh….. Save me! Save me! I beg you! Spare me….. Arrgghh…..”

    [The young lady whom she had thought was almost about to die, was not showing the slightest sign of agony on her face at all?]

    With just one hand, she gripped the male puppet’s spirit form in the air, a blinding golden red flame in her palm razing the puppet’s body, despite his incessant howling and writhing struggles.

    Chapter 55.2 : All Demon Feast

    “Huh? What are you screaming about? Didn’t you want to take over my body? Come then!” Qing Yu’s face was smiling harmlessly, her hand even helpfully bringing the puppet closer to her body, which just caused the blaze to burn more merrily, the flames surging inside the male puppet’s body.

    “Arrgghh….. I can’t take it…… Kill me! Just kill me! !”

    That heart rending pain that quaked him right into his bones caused the male puppet to cry out so pitifully it was unbearable to see. Till the end, it was burned slowly bit by bit by the golden red fire till it turned into nothing but ash.

    Yin Chi’s face that had already turned white as a sheet then completely froze up.

    She had reared that puppet for many years and it was only after expending every effort she could give that she had come to possess such a strong power, that had accompanied her for the past hundred years.

    But now, by coming with her here to seek revenge, it had been burned alive and reduced into a pile of ash.

    Maybe no one knew what that male puppet really meant to her.

    That man had once been her lover.

    In order to have him resurrected, Yin Chi who was then a young lady at her budding prime had then been turned into her present wrinkled filled and hideously ugly looking self.

    So, even if the entire world was to abandon her, he would never do that.

    He had loved her, and likewise for her. Even if he had become merely a walking dead, who was incapable of feelings and only knew to take orders from her.

    But now, even he was gone.

    The woman had had her eyes gouged out, and in those dark and vacant holes where her eyes had been, tears of blood actually fell, and her blood red lips then curled up into a strange and bewildering arc.

    Within a hundred miles around the Barricaded Spirit Tower, a bone chilling crying wail rang out right at that moment. The countless silver spirit binding chains at the top of the tower that barricaded countless spirit souls clinked and rattled loudly, moving under a sinister wind. The full moon that was the colour of blood was then covered completely by a black mist, as an innumerable number of jet black ghostly figures leapt fleetingly through the air under the cover of the darkness of night, all of them seemingly heading towards a particular direction.

    “Demon Feast.” Baili Ji Ran spotted the black figures under the strange darkness of that night, and his eyes narrowed.

    [In that direction….. Wasn’t that where the Barricaded Spirit Tower was?]

    [Looks like it wasn’t just a case as simple as a mere intruder tonight. To be able to summon a Demon Feast, that was a feat only a high leveled Priestess in necromancy would be capable of.]

    “What is a Demon Feast?” Mu Qian Shang was just beside him, and he had naturally heard him suddenly utter those two words.

    Although Baili Ji Ran had indeed once been the Carefree Valley’s Young Lord, but his real identity was being the heir to one of the Four Great Family Clans of the White Fen Lands. Hence, he was naturally widely travelled and highly knowledgeable. Although it was not known why he had come to appear here, Mu Qian Shang had not wanted to poke his nose into the matter and had not exposed him.

    “Demons appear by the thousands, and where they tread, nothing shall live, all shall be devoured and swallowed.” Baili Ji Ran then paused a moment. “The powers of the Demon King….. Will be as strong as ten of you and me put together.”

    Mu Qian Shang was a prodigy who wielded both darkness and light, and he possessed an overwhelming advantage against all other elements. Although Baili Ji Ran did not have such enviable gifts like him, but he was still once the Carefree Valley’s top expert, where not even the Lord of the valley had been his match. No one knew how strong he really was, but since he was from the middle level realm, his powers were naturally not weak.

    But now, the Demon King he had described.

    Was indeed rather terrifying.

    So, just how big was this incident that was happening here tonight?

    The Barricaded Spirit Tower’s array had long been broken into and demonic shadows numbering many thousands had overtaken the area a hundred miles around it. The thick stench of blood wafted in from the forest and as far as the eye could see, the ground was littered with the broken limbs and mutilated corpses of wild animals whose blood had been sucked dry, a grisly and bloody sight.

    “My Lord! What is happening? How did this happen! ?” Ah Jin stared, his eyes wide with shock, unable to imagine that he would come to see such a brutal and tragic sight, and his attractive looking face turned rather pale for the first time.

    Chapter 55.3 : All Demon Feast

    Qing Ye Li’s eyes composed themselves as he stared expressionlessly at the countless number of dark shadows clinging onto the Barricaded Spirit Tower till its original looks could no longer be seen. A sense of unease rose up in his heart, a feeling that made him feel a little flustered but did not know where it stemmed from.

    “Scared?” He looked at the pale faced youth beside him to ask.

    Ah Jin had followed at Qing Ye Li’s side from a very young age and he had gone with him to trudge through battlefields before. He was not a person unused to situations but everything here tonight was just too strange.

    The sense of the unknown and the aura of death was just making his heart palpitate.

    But right then, the man’s one single word spoken without any emotion then seemed to calm his agitated heart, giving him strength to no longer fear.

    “Wherever my Lord goes, I will follow regardless of life and death.”

    That’s right, from the moment that this man saved him from under his enemy’s knife, that was what Ah Jin had then told himself.

    “Stay back.” Qing Ye Li’s slightly cold voice rang out, and Ah Jin subconsciously stepped further away from the man to the side.

    Thereafter, he then saw the man’s fair fingers pull out a sword that suddenly appeared from inside his sleeve, the entire weapon emitting a frosty chill. The sword’s hilt was a ferocious wolf’s head with its fangs bared, its eyes a dark green just like the man’s.

    In the next second, the sound of the sword’s edge slicing through the air could be heard, and an ice blue light charged straight towards the ghostly shadows malevolently.

    In the next instant, the air itself suddenly blazed up as it burned, and several ghastly looking figures fell from the Barricaded Spirit Tower, their fang filled mouths open to let out frightful howls. It was as if the ice blue fire was ghostfire, the very bane of these demons. The fires would not extinguish however hard they tried till they were all burnt up, and reduced into a fine powder.

    That one slash of the sword, had taken out at least several hundreds of those demonic spirits.

    Under the night, in a suit of red clothes, his silver hair fluttering, the man stood wearing a wolf shaped mask on his face, a murderous aura emanating from his body, looking like a soul reaping grim reaper straight from Hell.

    All those little spirit souls were frightened back in that instant. But of course they were not fleeing in panic as they knew that they still had their much more powerful leader behind them, the Demon King.

    Inside the tower.

    Having devoured a countless number of highly powerful evil spirit souls, its body immense enough to veil the sky and block out the sun, the Demon King’s pair of dark red eyes watched Yin Chi from his high vantage point, his voice tinged with arrogance and disdain as he asked: “You are the one who summoned us here?”

    The powerful oppressive aura seemed to make Yin Chi unable to help herself but to fall to her knees in obeisance. She endured the paralysing fear in her. “Yes I am, Demon King.”

    “Hmph!” The Demon King snorted contemptuously. “To have summoned me, have all you insignificant gnats prepared the sacrifice of a hundred bodies of flesh and blood?”

    Yin Chi was taken aback and she went on to answer calmly. “Demon King, please be appeased. The sacrifice I have prepared is even more nourishing than a hundred bodies of flesh and blood.

    “Oh? What is it?”

    “This young lady here is a rare find, possessing the purest and untainted blood meridians. Once you devour her, you will then be able to take on a flesh form, that would veil the evil aura in your body.” Yin Chi said, her face deferent.

    The Demon King subconsciously turned to look in the direction Yin Chi’s finger was pointing in, seeking to verify the woman’s words. The dark red eyes then stared widely, filling up with pure longing thirst. “Purest blood meridians? It was indeed the purest blood meridians, and it was actually the legendary blood meridians of the mother of all life! !”

    [Once he devours this young girl, then he would no longer need to fear those humans demon exterminators and slayers of evil anymore!]

    The Demon King was immediately highly delighted and he let out a wilful laugh that rose towards the clouds.

    Several black shadows flitted over anxiously and whispered to the Demon King. The Demon King’s laughter halted and his eyes narrowed up. “Looks like I will have to deal with this young lady quickly. Her helpers are already just outside, and holds great power.”

    “The Demon King does not need to worry. I can go hold them back for a while. It will be more than sufficient time for you to devour her.” Yin Chi’s face split into a highly vicious smile, and the figure of the woman then disappeared in that instant.

    And Qing Yu had not said a single word all this time. To the eyes of the Demon King, it was as if she was too terrified for words. Seeing that, he grew even more smug and arrogant. “Seeing that you’re so beautiful looking, I’ll allow you to kill yourself and let me devour you so you can spare yourself the suffering.”