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Chapter 56

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 56.1 : Peace and Calm

    Hearing the Demon King’s highly charitable tone, the young lady’s expression finally showed a sliver of change. She raised up an eyebrow and then broke into a low chortle. “But what are we to do now? I still do not want to die yet?”

    The instant that she lifted her face up, the mesmerizing pair of eyes that were so flawlessly beautiful glittering mistily, her exquisite countenance drawing a beautiful arc under this otherwise dark night.

    Even the Demon King was captivated by the heart thumping and soul stirring beauty.

    “A pity….. Thou is fated to be sacrificed to me on this day.” The Demon King seemed to be rather regretful as he said. He then opened his mouth wide after that. Maybe because it was the first time he was feeling pity towards a sacrifice offered to him, he had intended to just devour the young lady straightaway, to give her a quick and easy death.

    “Little Burrow. Return.” Qing Yu said that in a highly indifferent tone. Thereafter, Zang Mai found his body turning uncontrollably into a beam of light, and he then returned back into the young lady’s body.

    “Mistress! What are you doing?” The youth shouted out in frustration. He had been locked within the Spirit Dwelling and without his Mistress’ orders, he was unable to get out.

    “You just came awake and you must not get injured again.” Qing Yu communicated with him through her consciousness. “Rest assured. I sense that someone has come. It will be fine.”

    “You can’t! That thing is very powerful and you will not be able to handle him alone! Mistress, let me out…..”

    “So in your heart, I am someone that is so weak that I will die without you around?” Qing Yu laughed rather contemptuously. “Little Burrow, being like this, you are humiliating me quite a bit!”

    Right after that, she did not wait to hear the youth’s reply and just sealed up the dimensional space.

    And against the Demon King’s humongous mouth that was coming closer and closer to her, Qing Yu suddenly closed her eyes, looking like she had given up on resisting completely.

    Outside the Barricaded Spirit Tower, Qing Ye Li has finished off an innumerable number of those ghostly shadows. Just as he was about to go into the tower, he suddenly heard a shrill laughter that pierced his ears. Her body rotting all over, her face ruined, a woman suddenly came shooting down from the sky. “What powerful cultivation you possess. For such a tiny little low level piece of land, it is hiding quite a number of highly skilled experts.”

    The moment that Yin Chi saw the man, she had immediately recognized him. Wasn’t this the man who noticed her presence when she had first come into the Imperial Palace?

    Truly a case of the paths of enemies would inevitably cross.

    Qing Ye Li’s gaze darkened. “You were the one that drew all these evil spirits here?”

    “That’s right.” Yin Chi nodded with a smile. “I am using this place to settle a personal feud, and I would advise that you do not stick your nose where it does not belong. I am one who distinguishes benevolence and grievances clearly, and would never harm the innocent.”

    After saying that, she then looked appraisingly at Ah Jin behind with an almost imperceptible smile, the two black vacant and eyeless sockets a highly horrifying sight.

    “You are not from this Constellation Lands. You would not come here for no reason.” Qing Ye Li looked at the woman who was clearly dragging for time, his green eyes showing a sliver of a surge. “Who is that person in there?”

    “Oh?” Yin Chi could see that he seemed to be rather concerned about the young lady inside and she immediately revealed an evil smile. “Could you possibly be the lover of that little wretch in there? But I would think that not even her bones would be left by now. You’re too late. So rare and the purest blood meridians there is. If she had not failed to see what was for her own good, it would be great if she was cultivated into a puppet. What a great pity…..”

    The dark green eyes then narrowed up malevolently. [It was a young lady with the purest blood meridians in there?]

    [Could it be…..]

    [No, it’s impossible that it’ll be her. It most definitely must not be her.]

    All the blood in Qing Ye Li’s body almost seemed like it had congealed up in that instant, where a kind of fear then suddenly grew in him.

    But without waiting for him to think too long, he saw the woman before him suddenly turn her body halfway to glance towards the inside the Barricaded Spirit Tower, seemingly having finally a load lifted off her. The corners of her lips then lifted up into an unimaginably gentle smile. “I am coming to accompany you now…..”

    Chapter 56.2 : Peace and Calm

    The originally thin and skinny body then suddenly started to bloat up at a speed visible to the naked eye, to become a rounded ball. Seeing that, Qing Ye Li immediately formed a defensive barrier shield with both his hands, to isolate himself from the loud and deafening explosion, keeping the great blast outside. In the next second after the explosion, the defensive barrier was unable to hold up against the heavy load, and it shattered completely.

    At the same time, just as the Demon King’s wide open jaws was about to devour the completely defenseless Qing Yu, the young lady’s eyes which had been closed suddenly flared open. A pair of devilishly demonic pair of eyes that were filled with strong contempt and heavy sullenness glared angrily. “You dare come seeking to desecrate my Mistress’ body, utterly unforgivable!”

    The Demon King’s body that was like a great wispy cloud could not help but shiver uncontrollably. “You….. You are…..”

    “All Demon Oblivion!”

    Under these few power filled words, the resulting oppression caused all the wandering wild spirits floating around to be torn to shreds without even being able to let out a wail, their souls dispersed like scattered ashes. In a moment of terror, the Demon King had been too stunned to retaliate, his unbelievably immense body slowly shrinking, till it finally turned into a puff of black smoke that dissipated into the air.

    The blood moon that had been stained by black mist then gradually revealed its real face, looking so stunningly beautiful that drew the eyes of many people to it.

    The young lady wearing full white stood at the bottom of the Barricaded Spirit Tower, the night breeze blowing up the corners of her clothes aflutter, outlining her slender body to make it seem thin. The golden red colour in her eyes slowly faded away, to be replaced by a pair of clear and sparkling jet black eyes. Seeming like her body had already held out for a very long period, those beautiful eyes then blink slowly two times, before they gradually closed just as her body fell to the ground.

    After Yin Chi’s imploded her own body, many people came rushing over. But when they stepped into the Barricaded Spirit Tower, they discovered that everything was normal in the Barricaded Spirit Tower, without anything out of place. The defensive array was in still in place, like it had not been touched.

    But what surprised the people was that the Duke of Vast Seas who had disappeared earlier appeared in there.

    “Big Brother Ye Li, why are you here?” Yue Xin Yan who had been worried the entire time since she discovered that Qing Ye Li had disappeared was finally able to set her mind at ease the moment she saw him.

    But Qing Ye Li did not seem to have heard her voice as he remained in a crouching position, his fair fingers gripping a bloodstained piece of white cloth. The blood upon it was still wet and some of it had stained the back of his hand as well.

    Yue Xin Yan looked at him strangely. Big Brother Ye Li was obsessed with cleanliness and he always kept a distance away from such filthy things, much less go touch such a thing on his own accord.

    [Whose….. blood is that?]

    [He had still arrived a step too late. Besides the tiny piece of clothing under the gravel, not the smallest hint of a trace was left behind.]

    [But the aura emanating from the blood upon the owner of the cloth clearly showed that the person was still alive.]

    [Just whose actions had been so fast that he could possibly infiltrate into the tower before he came in?]

    [And had already taken away that person who might have already lost consciousness.]

    [It had been clear that the answer he had been seeking so desperately was about to be verified but all clues to it has now been so suddenly severed.]

    Qing Ye Li lowered his eyes, a wave of deep grieve washing over him.

    [Just when he had felt that he had come so very close, why was he still not able to reach it?]

    [Was this a punishment for him?]

    [Punishing him for not keeping his word, to not have lived well in that cold and merciless world without her in it?]

    [But what was he to do?]

    [She had been his life! Without her, how could he possibly continue to live?]

    The All Saints Day festival came to an end. When it was heard that this year’s male saint was a person from the Martial Land Kingdom, the people all felt a tinge of regret. But the female saint candidate was still Yan Ning Luo and they could not help but be awed, thinking she was indeed worthy of being the greatest lady prodigy under the Heavens, an undefeated and invincible legend.

    Chapter 56.3 : Peace and Calm

    How this would spread among the people was still not known, but something big had just happened in the Green Wave Kingdom’s Imperial Palace.

    The Green Wave Emperor had been carrying out his promise to bestow rewards upon this year’s highly talented male and female saints but his face was rather resentful right at that instant. “What did you say?”

    In the grand hall then, not only were the Green Wave Kingdom’s people there, people from the Martial Lands Kingdom and the Water Edge Kingdom were also present. And on all their faces, was a strange and indiscernible expression. From what the Green Wave Emperor could see, they were looks of undisguised ridicule.

    Right below the throne, the look on the face of the young lady in a light green chiffon dress was neither servile nor overbearing, though not showing the slightest tinge of fear. “I seek for Your Majesty to allow the arranged marriage between the Crown Prince and I to be called off.”

    Yan Su who stood below the throne had his brows tightly furrowed up and it had not once relaxed ever since he came back into the palace. Fortunately Yan Ning Luo had knew enough to consider her father’s ability to withstand such a shock and she had informed him of her intention beforehand. She had then just proceeded to ignore the ugly shade that had immediately come to show on his face that had been quaking with rage.

    Although the Three Great Sects stood beyond Imperial authourity, but her actions was as good as delivering a tight slap upon the Emperor’s face no matter how one looked at it.

    [When Xuanyuan Che had won the position of the male saint all these years, why had Yan Ning Luo not made any moves towards this at all? Immediately after Xuanyuan Che lost this year, she already could not wait to annul the engagement already? Did she have to make it look so ugly?]

    Yan Ning Luo ignored all the various kinds of looks the surrounding people were looking at her with and went on to say one word at a time: “I’m deeply honoured for the generous favour and love Your Majesty has shown to me ever since I was very young. Besides my father, Yan Ning Luo also sees Your Majesty as an elder I like the most. But when it comes to affairs of the heart, it cannot be coerced. Having already known the Crown Prince for so many years, maybe our personalities are not suited for each other and that is why we have not developed any feelings. Hence, I already had a discussion with the Crown Prince about this many days ago.”

    “This time, Yan Ning Luo is not asking for any reward to be bestowed, but will only ask for Your Majesty to grant me this wish.”

    The shade of the Green Wave Emperor’s face still did not look good as he turned to look at Xuanyuan Che. “You actually discussed about dissolving the engagement on your own in private?”

    “Yes.” Xuanyuan Che answered without rebutting for once and agreed with Yan Ning Luo’s words. “Towards Princess Ning Feng, besides admiration and respect, I have no other feelings towards her. We might be more suited to just remain fellow disciples as juniors and seniors.”

    “The two of you…..” The Green Wave Emperor’s teeth clenched together, seemingly unable to find any words to vent his frustrations.

    [Had they really so displeased with the marriage he had arranged and bestowed on them?]

    [That brat had always been telling him that he did not like Ning Luo from a very young age. He had thought that it was a little kid throwing a tantrum and playing around and had never thought that the two of them would come today right in front of the people from the two other kingdoms and slap their own faces….. These two scoundrels!]

    “Heh heh heh. A melon fruit forcibly picked off is never sweet. Why would Your Majesty insist on putting a pair of loggerheads together?”

    The person who spoke, was invariably Baili Ji Ran who almost seemed fearful that things weren’t already feisty enough. “Look at the Crown Prince who is so extraordinarily handsome, and Princess Ning Feng is beautiful as a goddess. Their suitors must surely be able to form a line all the way outside the palace already. Although such an important matter like marriage is usually decided through a match ordered by the parents, but they would only be blissful when they like each other right?”

    “Isn’t what Young Lord Baili said right on the dot? How many matches decided by one’s parents have already resulted in unhappy couples?”

    “That’s true, that’s true. Even if the marriage engagement is dissolved, isn’t Princess Ning Feng still the Green Wave Kingdom’s top female prodigy? That fact still wouldn’t run away. Your Majesty just likes Princess Ning Feng too much I think….. Hahaha.”

    Someone chirped in agreement, many of them playing peacemaker.

    This left the Green Wave Emperor with no other choice. Although he was angry that Yan Ning Luo had made him lose face before so many people, he still genuinely liked her and the anger dissipated out of him as he agreed to her request.

    However, Xuanyuan Che discreetly curled up the corners of his lips. [What if that woman really comes to run off with the Duke of Vast Seas one fine day?]