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Chapter 58

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 58.1 : We’re Now Even

    “We are together at last, and will never ever part again.”

    This was the woman’s voice, gentle and warm, in complete contrast to her incisive actions and blood filled smile.

    Qing Yu had seriously wanted to go have a clear look of her face, but it seemed that there was always a layer of mystifying fog shrouding her, casting the countenance behind an impenetrable blur. After speaking that sentence, the woman then slowly turned towards her, and her red lips parted slightly, seeming to be saying something, but there was no sound coming out.

    For some unknown reason, Qing Yu felt that the woman was looking at her.

    And the words that had not been spoken, through the shape of her mouth and lips, Qing Yu knew what she had said.

    She had said: [Sorry.]

    That woman had said to her, sorry.

    But why?

    “Little fox, wake up. Don’t sleep anymore…..”

    The blood coloured sky was gone in an instant, and the man and woman disappeared from before her eyes. Reflected in her eyes, was light purple satin around her.

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes groggily. [Where is this place?]

    “Sweet Heavens, thank the Heavens and Earth. The lass has finally come awake!” Bai Zhi Yan’s enchanting peach blossom eyes flared wide, his face showing highly exaggerated delight. “Look at me. Do you still remember me?”

    After the last parting, calculating it carefully, it had already been more than three months. With the little lass still so young, she might very well not know him anymore.

    It was most probably due to his overly loud voice, which to the young lady who had just awoken and was still feeling highly groggy must have sounded demonically deafening, immediately creased up her brows, her beautiful eyes closing a moment, seemingly in great discomfort. Her pale lips moved, and then spat out one single word. “Noisy.”

    And having been scorned and ridiculed daily to be a quack doctor by a certain heartless man for the past few days, to Bai Zhi Yan who had been longing for the little lass to awaken for so many days so he would be able to prove his skill, his heart praying and hoping as he watched her finally come awake, his outburst of pure ecstatic joy came to earn him just one word. “Noisy.” What he felt in his heart at that moment, crumbled would not even begin to describe it.

    Of course, that would not be the thing that would pain him the most.

    Lou Jun Yao who had been watching the young lady all this time had upon seeing that slightly impatient expression on her face, then immediately uttered expressionlessly: “Get out.”

    Bai Zhi Yan found himself incapable of speech. “…..”

    [Get out? Asking him to get out again! ?]

    [Damn it! Your great lord here doesn’t have a temper is it? Am I to be summoned or dismissed just by a word from you! ?]

    [Fine! I’ll go out! Who cares! ?]

    Bai Zhi Yan went walking out with his face filled with resentment, dragging the man who was dozing off in the corner along with him, not forgetting to slam the door shut behind him viciously.

    Qing Yu’s brows furrowed up as her head throbbed, and she was just about to lift her hand up to massage her temples when she discovered that her hand was gripped around something tightly.

    She looked down instinctively, and discovered that she was holding Lou Jun Yao’s hand.

    Those phoenix like eyes widened as she stared in shock, and she flung the hand away like it was a hot potato.

    Lou Jun Yao was speechless. “…..”

    [Tossed away after use. That bad habit needs to change.]

    It was after a good while that Qing Yu finally came completely awake. She had slept for too long afterall, and her body was feeling sore and painful all over. She summoned up her spirit powers to ease through her entire body, and then slowly sat herself up in the bed.

    After seeing that she had come fully awake, and a tinge of colour had returned to her pale cheeks, seeming to look fine, Lou Jun Yao then slowly said: “You’ve slept for five whole days.”

    Qing Yu was taken aback a moment. “What did you say? I slept for five days?”

    [The events of the All Saints Day festival were still all so clear in her mind, so how could so much time have passed so quickly? She was clearly feeling as if mere moments have passed, and that she had merely been trapped in a nightmare…..]

    [Wait.] The expression on Qing Yu’s face suddenly froze.

    Chapter 58.2 : We’re Now Even

    She could still clearly remember herself being trapped in her dreams, but why she unable to recall a single bit of the things that happened in there? She had forgotten it cleanly, and did not have a single clue.

    There was a faint blurry impression but the deeper she delved into her mind, the less she was able to remember.

    Even though she could not recall anything, she did not persist. “Didn’t you go back already? Why have you returned?”

    Lou Jun Yao arched up an eyebrow. “I was done dealing with my business and had nothing to do, so I came back to see you.”

    If those words were heard by the people from the Dark Region, they would definitely vomit out blood that would spurt at least three feet.

    Thinking about it, throughout the entire Dark Region, it was feared that the most idle person would be this very Lord here!

    When he went back, he had only needed to show his face to put everyone in awe, and every single little task was actually properly arranged and dealt with by several of his capable lieutenants. In Cloud Heaven, there were people who hated him so much they wanted to obliterate his entire clan, but there were also people who worshipped him like divinity of the Nine Heavens.

    Hearing those words from him, Qing Yu glanced at him with an almost imperceptible smile. “You really came back just to see me? Don’t you know that I very nearly lost my life because of you?”

    “You’re not that weak.” Lou Jun Yao seemed to not have noticed her displeased tone of voice and his violet eyes glittered dazzlingly. “This matter started because of me. I will deal with it properly. Moreover, I have not yet repaid the debt for saving my life. If we are to just go our separate ways from here on, wouldn’t that make me a heartless ingrate?”

    The certainty in his voice that nothing would happen to him seem to show that he knew some secret she was hiding.

    Qing Yu lowered her gaze and let out a soft laugh. “I wouldn’t say that you owe me for saving your life. I was merely just returning the favour for the Polar Fire Core. Moreover, it was your people who rescued me from the Barricaded Spirit Tower this time. So we’re even.”

    “And by that you mean?” The man’s gaze grew penetrating in an instant, the mysterious violet eyes looking much more immersive.

    “The woman who came to seek revenge on me was most probably just a pawn. The real mastermind behind it has not yet been dealt with.” Qing Yu said slowly, her long upslanted eyes looking right into his eyes. “I am not fearful of things like this, but I loathe bothersome trouble. You have too many enemies and I do not want to tread into such muddy waters. So it is best that we do not have any more dealings.”

    Saying that, she had already come off from the bed, and was smoothing out the creases on her clothes.

    Lou Jun Yao stood looking at her back, and immediately felt that something was not right. “Haha, and you intend to severe all relations?”

    “There wasn’t much of a relationship between us in the first place.” The young lady already had a hand on the door and was pushing it open, where her footsteps halted when she heard his words. She then turned her eyes to glance back at him. “We really could have been friends, but….. You are too dangerous. I would still like to live for a few more years.”

    The incident this time had left an especially deep impression which made her realize that lending a hand in the name of righteousness and sticking one’s nose into other people’s business are all illnesses. [Treatment is needed!]

    When Qing Yu went out, then saw Bai Zhi Yan. He was pulling on the seemingly boneless grey robed man and saying something. When he saw her coming out, his eyes lit up. “Have you recovered? Are you leaving already?”

    The bright sparkling eyes caused Qing Yu to knit up her brows. [What could have brought about that expression that was like a dog seeing a bone?]

    Maybe he saw that the gaze the young lady was looking at him with was a little strange, and Bai Zhi Yan was rather taken aback. “You really don’t remember me anymore?”

    “I remember.” Qing Yu nodded her head slightly, her eyes then coming to rest upon the grey robed man for about two seconds before she went walking out of the Gathered Cloud Loft. “May we never meet again.”

    Bai Zhi Yan stood there stunned, watching her walk out till she had gone a far distance away before he sputtered out in bewilderment: “What did she mean by never meet again? Could Lou Jun Yao have made her angry…..”


    A loud crash from upstairs interrupted his words, so sudden and abrupt that it shocked the grey robed man who had been sleeping with his head resting on the table awake.

    Chapter 58.3 : We’re Now Even

    “What happened? Is it an earthquake? ?” The grey robed man was highly flustered as he looked at Bai Zhi Yan to ask. Seeing that there was nothing happening anymore, his head then dropped back onto the table, and immediately made long and peaceful breathing noises.

    The corner of Bai Zhi Yan’s mouth twitched. [The day will come that this fella would not even know what killed him.]

    — Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor —

    In the Tranquil Abode, a tall and thin youth sat quietly on the stone stool within the courtyard, carrying the little snow toad in one hand, the other holding a medical book, where its edges were a little tattered, like it had been flipped and read frequently.

    “Little Snow, has Qing Yu gone away? She has never not come home for so many days before.”

    The youth muttered softly, and looking at his eyes closely, they were rather red and bloodshot.

    Ever since the day the All Saints Day festival ended, Qing Yu had gone missing, and had not come back at all. He had not closed his eyes to sleep for several days as all of this must be a dream. If he allowed himself to sleep now, he feared he would not be able to wake up from this nightmare.

    He believed that Qing Yu will definitely come back. She had promised him that she would always be by his side.

    The youth then covered his eyes with one hand, looking like he was trying to suppress the tears that were surging up inside.

    The snow toad in his arm suddenly leapt out with a croak, the little creature who had been silent for the past few days suddenly excited where a highly familiar voice filled with mirth was then heard ringing out: “What are you two doing out here? Waiting for me?”

    Qing Yu’s back immediately stiffened. [Was he….. hallucinating?]

    “Little Bei, right in the middle of the day and you’re dozing off? !” A hand suddenly slapped him on the shoulder, the slightly cold touch passing through his clothes onto his skin. The hand covering the youth’s eyes lowered and he quickly turned himself around, to stare fixedly at the young lady behind him.

    The red and bloodshot eyes startled Qing Yu a moment. “What happened?” [It has only been a few days she did not see the kid and he looked such a wretched sight, like he had been afflicted with lunacy.]

    Qing Bei just stared at her with wide eyes, looking unblinkingly at her, and then hugging her waist like a little child and burying his head into her as he uttered with a choked voice: “I thought you left.”

    Qing Yu was a little shocked by his sudden actions for an instant and she then looked on helplessly at the lost and pitiful youth who was acting like he had suffered endless aggrievement outside. She reached her hand out and ruffled his head. “Silly boy. What are you doing? How old are you already and you’re still crying your nose red? Aren’t you ashamed?”

    “You said you will never abandon me, and will always be by my side!” The youth was not showing the slightest sliver of shame as he went on to complain persistently.

    “Who has abandoned you? I just encountered something unexpected and that is why.” Qing Yu said with a sigh. If she had not gone out that day, it was thought that the several hundred people in the Imperial Palace Grand Hall would have met with disaster. But how was she going to tell the kid about that?

    Although he was slowly growing, but in many areas, he was still not strong enough.

    Qing Yu peeled herself out from the youth’s bear hug, and looked at that haggard countenance that had not slept for several days, her expression serious and stern. “Such situations, I hope that it will not only be the first time, but also for it to be the last time.”

    Qing Bei was taken aback, seeing her suddenly become so serious.

    “You must remember this. In this world, nobody can be depended upon, and you can only depend on yourself.” Qing Yu patted him on the shoulder, her eyes dark. “You must become strong, and you must first learn to have no weaknesses. You must still be able to continue to live no matter who leaves you. Do you understand? It is the same even for me. If the day comes that I am no longer around, I hope that you will be able to be so powerful that no one dares to trifle with you.”