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Chapter 59

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 59.1: All Seeing Soul Tracing Mirror

    Qing Bei just looked at her at in daze.

    In the few days that she disappeared, it seemed like the aura from the young lady’s body had become more profound and deep, and right in that instant, it felt as if she was giving him an exceptionally strict lesson that was forcing him to have to grow.

    “Sis…..” His eyes, then showed a sense of unfamiliarity and confusion.

    “Little Bei, it’s time to grow up.” Qing Yu sat herself down beside him. Looking at that innocent expression on her face, although she could not bear to, she still said softly: “Back when I was just about your age, I had already assumed the position as the head of a family clan. No matter how many people were unable to accept a little young girl like me as the head, I was more powerful than them, and they were fearful of me, not daring to utter a word of complaint.”

    The youth was a little surprised, as this was the first time that he was hearing her speak of her past to him.

    “What were you like in the past?” Qing Bei was suddenly highly curious.

    Hearing that, Qing Yu merely smiled faintly. “The me in the past…..” Her words paused, seemingly thinking back to times long past. “Was a cold and heartless walking corpse who knew nothing but to cultivate, where there was only one thing in my mind, which was to become stronger.”

    “Didn’t you have any family kin?”

    “Family? I did.” Qing Yu lowered her eyes, the ends of her mouth lifting up slightly. “But when placed before authouritative power, kinship is something one can choose to do with or without. Since the beginning of time, there has been no lack of examples of infighting where many have killed their own people.”

    Though she was speaking of it so lightly now, but when it happened to her, she had not been able to accept it at all.

    That was why in her previous life, she had chosen death.

    At least she could deceive herself, that from beginning till the end, all those beautiful memories in the past had all been real.

    Qing Yu gathered back her mind that had drifted a far way off, to then turn to the youth with a smile. “Do you remember when we met for the first time?”

    They were twins and they had been living beside each other since they were born. So when she said the first time they met…..

    “You were still so young then, but you were already able to choose to face death for your sister’s sake. There was bright shining hope in you and you deserve a better life. That was why I chose to save you.”

    After having lived to see her brother who was her closest kin turn maniacal against her because of money and power in his quest to climb higher, Qing Yu no longer trusted anyone.

    If even blood ties and kinship could be abandoned so completely, then what else was there in the world that would stay true?

    From being a kind and innocent young girl, she had grown up in an instant. She was clearly at an age where she should be most lively and prone to laughter but she turned to become matured and steady, like she had already lived through much of the vicissitudes of life.

    She could choose to give up everything and to not depend on anything or anyone. If holding all this power and authourity would make the people at her side betray her, then she would rather be the one standing at the highest point, where everyone else could only to look up to her.

    This youth here was just like she was back then, innocent and like a clean sheet, the bloodshed and the cruelty of the outside world having not tainted that pair of crystal clear eyes in the slightest. But with him like this, protected under her wing, how big a change would he be faced with if the day came that she had to leave him?

    She would never ever want to see such a thing happen.

    The flawless and beautiful face of the young lady then came to be tinged with a look of sadness, which made one’s heart wince to see.

    “Sis…..” Qing Bei called out to her hesitant, and his hand then held hers gently. His tone determined and resolute, he said: “I will become strong and that day will not be too far off. No matter what kind of….. bad things you might have experienced in the past, you must believe me. We are the two closest people in this world, and we will never hurt each other. The day will come that you will stand right behind me, and I will be able to hold up this end of our world.”

    Chapter 59.2: All Seeing Soul Tracing Mirror

    That still rather puerile and handsome looking face was young, sunny, and filled with great exuberance for life. HIs expression was serious and stern, and when he was making such a proclamation, he seemed to exude a certain kind of persuasive charm that made people want to believe him.

    The ends of Qing Yu’s lips curled up slowly, her slender fingers running through the young youth’s hair, and with a highly gentle voice, she said: “You will definitely achieve that.”

    From the first time she saw the boy’s eyes through the raging flames, she had seemed to see that he would live an extraordinary life.

    The most famous Wholesome Meal House in the Imperial Capital, famed to be a food paradise that was known throughout the Green Wave Kingdom. It was unlike all the other high class restaurants and teahouses who discriminated against the common folks, where everything sold in there were very reasonably priced, and not charged at outrageous prices. Hence, not only the royalty and aristocracy liked to frequent the place, the commoners loved to come here even more.

    And the Wholesome Meal House was overbrimming with customers everyday, because they only accepted five hundred orders everyday. Many who came late were not even able to eat a single bite of their cuisine and many were there who made reservations more than a month in advance.

    Over here, they did not care how revered or noble one’s identity was. It was rumoured that the boss of the Wholesome Meal House was also someone famous, with an illustrious background. No one had ever come to stir up trouble with the Wholesome Meal House before because even their waiters who served up the food were faultless whose manners were so excellent they seemed to have undergone very strict training.

    After having her marriage engagement called off, Yan Ning Luo was seen to smile a lot more.

    Especially when she was now one step closer to the person she admired so much.

    Yue Xin Yan loved to make friends with powerful people. She had always admired talented people who possessed high and profound cultivation and ever since she was defeated by Yan Ning Luo, they had become good friends.

    But she did not why, whenever Yan Ning Luo invited her out, she would always extend the invitation to Qing Ye Li to come out together with them as well, though Qing Ye Li had never once agreed.

    On this day, Yan Ning Luo brought Yue Xin Yan to come to the Wholesome Meal House. It was only after they had come to interact with each other that she realized the lively and jovial little princess was very interested in food. So, in order to pull the distance between them closer, Yan Ning Luo had taken the initiative to bring her to come here to eat the most famous and delicious food in the Imperial Capital.

    “Sweet Heavens!” Yue Xin Yan’s beautiful blue eyes grew wide as she stared, her face filling up with shock. “I have never seen a restaurant so overflowing with people. It is completely filled.”

    The Wholesome Meal House had three storeys in total, and at a glance, the first storey was completely filled, with many more people squeezed together without even a chair for them to sit on, while a whole bunch of people were also seen drinking and chatting along the the second level’s balcony railing.

    Yan Ning Luo looked at her shocked face and then said with a laugh. “You are not from the Green Wave Kingdom and do not live here, otherwise, you will know that this is the norm everyday. The Wholesome Meal House has so many people everyday, with people who come here from far and wide, just for one of their meals.”

    “It’s really that amazing? Then they must have a very excellent cook. I wonder if I can invite him to go cook in our Water Edge Kingdom.” The young girl’s thinking was both beautiful and innocent.

    “That will be difficult. The cooks here only only takes orders from their boss. Someone had previously put up a high offer to employ them but was flatly rejected.”

    As Yan Ning Luo spoke, she handed a crystal card to the good looking youth at the door. When the youth saw that, he took it respectfully and brushed his spirit power lightly over its surface before handing it back to her. He then made a gesture to invite them in. “The food has been prepared. Please go up to the Lunar Mark Chamber on the second storey.”

    Yu Xiao Ning had some dealings with the boss of the Wholesome Meal House and Yan Ning Luo had come to benefit from that as well, without needing to make a reservation every time she came here, where she was also provided with a private room.

    It might have been fate. After Yan Ning Luo and Yue Xin Yan came up to the second level and were walking past the Sun Mark Chamber next door, Yan Ning Luo heard a voice that was highly familiar to her, icy cold and emotionless, exactly like the feeling that that person made her feel.

    Chapter 59.3: All Seeing Soul Tracing Mirror

    “Is something wrong?” Yue Xin Yan saw her suddenly stop, and she opened her mouth ask in puzzlement.

    “The Duke of Vast Seas….. seems to be here too.” Yan Xin Yan said and then held her breath, before raising a hand to knock lightly on the door.

    After waiting for a while, the door then suddenly opened. A beautiful and alluring face looking highly flirtatious appeared smilingly before their eyes. It was such a beautiful and charming looking….. man.

    Behind the bead curtain inside, sat a man with his signature silver locks, and his identity was clear.

    “Hey, what a coincidence! To think that Princess Ning Feng and the Ninth Princess would be here as well.” Baili Ji Ran was taken aback for just one second, before he then said with an easy laugh.

    “Apologies if we’ve interrupted you. We heard your voices and just came over give a courteous greeting.” Yan Ning Luo said with a courteous nod, reserved and still dignified, making a highly intelligent call.

    That was what Baili Ji Ran thought in his heart.

    And Yue Xin Yan beside her, suddenly had a strange look in her eyes.

    She had known Big Brother Ye Li for so many years but even she had not been able to identify his voice just now. But Yan Ning Luo had been so certain that she had heard Big Brother Ye Li’s voice in an instant, which was just a little mystifying.

    Though Yue Xin Yan who had lived her whole life inside the Imperial Family and was innocent and kind, but she was also highly intelligent, immediately able to detect that something was not right.

    The answer with such a great sense of propriety immediately made Baili Ji Ran come to like the young lady a little. “Fantastic! Why not come in and have a seat?”

    He swore that he had merely meant those words as a casual courteous reply but the very next second saw Yan Ning Luo already lifting the corners of her mouth up to say with a smile: “If that is the case, then pardon us for intruding. I’ll get the people to send our food in here.”

    With his words already thrown out there, how could Baili Ji Ran refuse at that moment? So, he had no choice but to invite them inside.

    Behind her, Yue Xin Yan’s eyes glinted, becoming even more certain of the thought she had in her mind.

    [This Yan Ning Luo….. Towards Big Brother Ye Li…..]

    At that moment in the private room, the few people sat facing each other. Qing Ye Li sat there drinking without a word, and the atmosphere in the room was a little heavy. And when Qing Ye Li was in such a state, Yue Xin Yan usually did not dare to speak much. She had seen how Qing Ye Li was like when he flew into a rage, so she merely greeted him very briefly and then did not say another word.

    Seeing the situation Yan Ning Luo opened her mouth to say in a gentle tone. “You seem to be in a rather sombre mood recently and I wonder what could be bothering you. Share it with us and I might be able to help you with it.”

    And without knowing why, when it was clear that they had only met once but the way Yan Ning Luo was speaking to him was being natural and casual, like they had known each other for a very long time.

    “No need. Thanks.” The man’s voice was still as cold and distant as ever, seemingly isolating himself from everyone else, where no one would be able to reach his heart.

    Baili Ji Ran saw that the atmosphere had become a little awkward and he quickly laughed to release the tension. “Really grateful for Princess Ning Feng’s offer, but this is something I’m afraid you might not be able to help with, as even I have absolutely no clue at all.”

    “Will you be willing to share it with me?”

    “We are looking for a person, and this person could possibly look entirely different now from before. I have searched a good half of the Constellation Lands and have not even found a single clue.” Baili Ji Ran said with a shrug of his shoulders, a helpless expression on his face.

    “So I see.” Yan Ning Luo bit her lip and gave a soft laugh, her eyes turning towards the melancholy and rather depressing man. “If you’re looking for a person, maybe….. I just might be able to help.”

    “Are you serious?” Baili Ji Ran was startled a moment, and then asked in a surprised voice.

    Qing Ye Li who was drinking his wine had paused a moment as well, before he slowly raised his eyes up to look towards her, his dark green eyes revealing a faint glimmer of hope.