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Chapter 60

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 60.1: Coincidental Encounter

    Yan Ning Luo lifted up just one corner of her lips slightly, to reveal a beautiful smiling arc. “There is a secret treasure in the Faint Mist Sect that is called the All Seeing Soul Tracing Mirror. One will only need to focus all his thoughts to search for the person he wants to find and no matter at which end of the world that person is, as long as his spirit soul has not dispersed, the mirror will show how the person looks like and the location of the person.”

    Baili Ji Ran then opened his mouth to exclaim in surprise. “There’s really such an amazing treasure?”

    “The All Seeing Soul Tracing Mirror was what gave the Faint Mist Sect the ability to be able to apprehend all the traitors that betrayed the Faint Mist Sect and had fled thousands of miles away, regardless of how they had changed their looks or changed their identities and assumed other lives, they were all still unable to escape from being seen through by the All Seeing Soul Tracing Mirror.”

    Qing Ye Li’s face under the mask froze for a instant as his gaze finally came to fall upon the young lady directly across the table. His voice deep, he then asked: “I wonder, if Princess Ning Feng would be able to borrow that secret treasure for this Duke’s use.”

    “Of course.” It was only at that moment, that it felt as if an image of her had finally come to show in the man’s eyes. Yan Ning Luo smiled reservedly and nodded her head. “I’ll send word to my Master when I get back, and I’m sure he’ll agree to it. But as the journey from the Faint Mist Sect is long and far, we might have to wait for a few days.”

    “That’s alright.”

    Qing Ye Li was always miserly with his words, and this was an instant he could be considered to be talkative.

    A person that was able to make him come out to search for himself must be someone very important. Although she was curious, she was smart enough to not probe.

    Coincidentally, in the room just opposite them, was Bai Zhi Yan and that lazy grey robed man.

    After Qing Yu left the Gathered Cloud Loft that day, a certain person had flown into an unrestrainable rage and anyone that came into his path was not spared. Bai Zhi Yan howled and complained of the incessant aggrievement he had to suffer and he then finally chose to hide himself outside for the past few days, not daring to return, afraid that he would take up the role of being a punching bag.

    “Eh?” The grey robed man had been gorging himself silly when he suddenly lifted up his eyes to see a familiar figure.

    “What?” Bai Zhi Yan asked, his face filled with surprise. To think that this fella who only knew to eat and sleep would actually come to pay attention to something else.

    “That man!” The grey robed man pointed his finger, the expression on his face too profound to read.

    Bai Zhi Yan turned to look, and his eyes saw a masked man with silver hair who exuded an icy air, causing him to be rather taken aback a moment. Although the man was rather strange and bizarre, but that still shouldn’t be enough to make that lazybum look up and take notice.

    “The day when I was bringing the little lass back, I saw that guy just outside, like he was charging his way in towards the little lass and the defensive barrier outside had just been broken.” The grey robed man said as he grabbed up a chicken drumstick. “I was unable to determine his cultivation, but I can be certain he is very strong. He could very well be one of the little lass’ enemies as well.”

    “But the young lass doesn’t look like a person who would attract so much hatred does she?” Bai Zhi Yan said a little doubtfully. “But that is still a valid suspicious point. I must remember to remind her of this the next time.”

    Although this fella was was usually not dependable, always so lazy like he had no bones in him, his skills were not to be underestimated, where there were not many in Cloud Heaven who was his match. So if even he was saying that the man was strong, then it would seem like that man was definitely not any ordinary character.

    Bai Zhi Yan glanced into the room opposite again and raised his fingers up to rub his chin. [Has this low level lands recently turned fragrant and appetizing? There was really quite a good number of strong and capable persons gathered here at the same time!]

    Here in the Left Prime Minister’s Manor, even the Third Brother of Yu Xiao Ning who she cared the least about had come to notice that something wasn’t right.

    The playboy who was known throughout the entire Imperial Capital had seemingly not be seen appearing among the smoky red light districts, but had instead been staying at home, cultivating his body and mind.

    That’s right, cultivating body and mind. According to Yu Jing Zhuo’s words, he wants to be a man of culture from now on.

    Chapter 60.2: Coincidental Encounter

    With that, when Yu Xiao Ning heard those words, she was so astounded that she was not even piqued when presented with the chance to earn money but had just stared blankly at the man who was a perfect copy of a refined scholar before the table. She wouldn’t have said it, but when he became serious, he really had a little bit of the flair of a noble young master. Although he was always up to anomalous antics, but he had received proper schooling and was well learned.

    “Third Brother, tell me good and proper now. What kind of huge setback did you come to suffer? Or have you been possessed by some sort of devilry?” Yu Xiao Ning then stretched her hand out worriedly to feel his forehead.

    “Shoo shoo shoo, go to the side and play. Don’t come disturb me here.” Yu Jing Zhuo smacked her hand away and said impatiently.

    Yu Xiao Ning blinked her large lively eyes, her face sly. “Tell me whether it is because you lost a bet to that Mo Fei Ran fella with the penalty being that you have to shut yourself in to self reflect, and you’re not to go pleasure seeking outside?”

    Yu Jing Zhuo was tickled into laughter by those words. “That guy? This lord here has never lost a bet.”

    “Then why?” Yu Xiao Ning asked with a scornful glance at him. “If you had not lost a bet that forced you suddenly to change so suddenly, don’t tell me that spring has come in your life and you’ve found the one?”

    Thinking about it, it was not possible at all you know? Her elder brother was too big a playboy.

    Who would have guessed that the moment those words left her mouth, Yu Jing Zhuo’s expression became startled and he murmured: “Is it that obvious…..”

    It had just been a blind and wild stab and she had gotten it right! ?

    “You you you….. tell me the whole truth now. Which family’s young lady are you thinking of harming! ?” Xu Xiao Ning’s pair of almond shaped eyes were wide, as she questioned aggressively.

    “What do you mean by harming? It is called meeting the right person alright! ?” Yu Jing Zhuo looked at her with a sideways glance and then seeming to have thought of something, the corner of his lips lifted up in a smile. The way Yu Xiao Ning saw it, the smile looked incredibly sheepish. “Ning Ning, if you are to see the lady, I think you will be even more astound than me!”

    “What? She’s someone I know?” Yu Xiao Ning arched up an eyebrow to ask.

    “I don’t know if you know her, but she is of one family with your best friend, Princess Ning Feng though.” Yu Jing Zhuo slowly revealed that fact.

    “A lady from the Eternal Peace Duke Manor?” Yu Xiao Ning blinked her eyes. “Based on my knowledge, there is a total of five young ladies in the Eternal Peace Duke Manor. Besides Little Ning, the other ones who possessed rather good looks would be Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu. The Fifth Young Miss is sickly and has never stepped out through their doors before. The last one is still very young, just past ten years of age. So, can Third Brother tell me which one caught your eye?”

    “None of them.” Yu Jing Zhuo shook his head.

    “Could you have possibly grown fond of a servant maid in there? !” Yu Xiao Ning exclaimed, highly frustrated.

    Yu Jing Zhuo rolled his eyes at her. “What a joke. Will someone Yan Xi Cheng has personally introduced as his sister be a servant maid? If you don’t believe me, I’ll bring you to the Eternal Peace Duke Manor one of these days to go have a look. The looks that young lady possesses is in no way inferior to Yan Ning Luo at all.”

    When he came to speak of that, he then massaged his brows rather helplessly. “But it’s just that her personality is a little cold.”

    “Heh heh heh. A lady who is colder than Little Ning? This is getting interesting. Why wait for another day. Third Brother, why not we go bum a meal off the Eternal Peace Duke Manor today, and we can go see this beauty you are telling me about as well.” Yu Xiao Ning’s personality had always been rather feisty and impatient. After whetting her appetite like this, how could she be expected to still sit back and wait?

    “Do you think that is a good idea?” Yu Jing Zhuo then said hesitantly.

    Actually, he was afraid that he would come to leave a bad impression before the young lady once more and that would gain him nothing at all.

    “Just tell me whether you would like to see her!”

    “I do.”

    “Isn’t that good enough? What are you still dawdling for? Wait here and I’ll go get the carriage readied.”


    It might be because Yan Ning Luo was able to help him find the person he sought, Qing Ye Li’s attitude towards her came to improve a little. So when she extended an invitation to Yue Xin Yan and Qing Ye Li to come visit the Eternal Peace Duke Manor as her guests, on this rare occasion, Qing Ye Li agreed to it.

    Chapter 60.3: Coincidental Encounter

    Of course Baili Ji Ran who loved to be part of everything was not to be left out. After getting to know that Qing Ye Li would be going to the Eternal Peace Duke Manor today, he had just showed how thick skinned he could be by tagging along.

    And the reason for that was not known. Even though that man’s personality was so cold and emotionless where the amount of words he uttered over those several days might not even reach ten. But maybe Baili Ji Ran was just born with an innate shamelessness in him where he did not mind that chilly face at all, playing the role of a inseparable leech very well.

    The horse carriage slowly trundled along and came to main doors of the Eternal Peace Duke Manor. A small little fair skinned hand lifted the carriage curtain and without even waiting for the coach driver to bring the carriage to a complete stop, a light blue figure jumped down from inside.

    Coming right behind, was the suave and handsome white robed Baili Ji Ran. He looked at the young lady before him with a measuring gaze and said: “The Ninth Princess really doesn’t bother herself with trifling things, such a lively bundle of joy!”

    Yue Xin Yan raised an eyebrow, her azure blue eyes bright with a rippling gleam, beautiful like the reflection off water’s surface. “Thanks for the compliment.”

    Baili Ji Ran almost swooned from those beautiful and mesmerizing eyes and he quickly steadied himself. [The feng shui of the Water Edge’s was indeed nourishing. Their people are all so beautiful looking he could not find the words to describe them.]

    After Yue Xin Yan jumped off, she then obediently ran up to the front of the horse carriage, to wait for Qing Ye Li to come down.

    The man was dressed in a black brocade robe today, his stature tall and slender, the head of silver hair a striking contrast like snow against those black clothes. HIs wolf shaped face mask revealed a perfectly shaped jawline and red thin lips, his lustrous green eyes noble and mysterious.

    Inside the Eternal Peace Duke Manor, all the servants have been told that a very important guest would be coming today. They were all to pay careful attention to their actions and watch their words, so as to not offend the important guest.

    Everyone was initially very curious just what kind of an important guest it was that they all had to be warned so sternly. Even when the Crown Prince came, they had not been told in such a serious tone.

    Hence, though they were worried on one hand, they were also filled with eager anticipation on the other.

    Although they were all busy with their own tasks, but they could not hold down their curiosity as their eyes turned to look inquisitively all around. And it was exactly because of their inquisitive glances that caused all their faces to change in colour immediately, the hair on the back of their necks standing up in an instant.

    That man with his head of silver hair and that mask…..

    That was the devil that not a single person did not know about, where even kids would cry from fright of, the Duke of Vast Seas!

    Everyone of them just wanted to cry at that moment.

    Why would this god of slaughter come to descend upon their Eternal Peace Duke Manor today?

    “You’re all here. Come right in.” A gentle and charming voice of a woman slowly reached them, where Yan Ning Luo then came walking out slowly from the side.

    The young lady who was as chilly as a goddess was in a deep red flowy dress today, its two sleeves decorated with exquisite falbala trim at the edges, which looked elegant and vibrant, the slim fit of the design at the waist making her already slender waist seem even more delicate and fragile.

    It might be because they had never seen such a stunning and enchanting Yan Ning Luo where in that instant, even the people from the Duke’s Manor who had seen her so often were immediately dazzled in their spots with awe.

    The young lady’s dressing elevated the beauty of that face that could bring cities and kingdoms to their knees to new heights, adding a good measure of alluring seduction.

    Baili Ji Ran was the first one to break that atmosphere as he said with a laugh: “Princess Ning Feng is indeed the greatest beauty, her beautiful looks and exquisite grace not one ordinary people could hope to compare with.”

    Yan Ning Luo smiled faintly, her gaze imperceptibly passing over the figure of that cold and indifferent man. “Baili Ji Ran’s manner of words will cause the Ninth Princess to be displeased.”

    Yue Xin Yan played along and shot a gaze out of the corner of her eyes at him. “That’s right. Isn’t this Princess here beautiful then?”

    “Ninth Princess, your humble one had just praised that you are very lively and adorable moments ago!”