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Chapter 62

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 62.1: Do You Know, I’ve Been Looking For You

    Qing Bei had very rarely seen her lose her composure like this and he could not help but feel puzzled as he asked: “What, have you heard of the name before?”

    Qing Yu lowered her eyes and gave a light laugh. “No, just thought it sounded familiar that’s all.”

    [How could she possibly….. have not heard that name?]

    [Qing Ye Li, that was a name she had given out herself!]

    [Hearing that name again after so many years, it felt as if it was from several eons ago.]

    [It probably wouldn’t be that coincidental would it? !]

    [It had clearly been someone she would never ever meet again, but whenever she came to remember, her heart still felt a twinge of regret and longing.]

    Towards the concerned gaze of the youth in front of her, Qing Yu gave him a reassuring smile. But right at that moment, a voice suddenly rose up out of nowhere.

    “Little Yu, where can you be? Do you know that I have been looking for you…..”

    The arc at the corners of Qing Yu’s lips immediately froze.

    On the other side, Yan Ning Luo was chatting with Qing Ye Li and the other guests when a enchanting and pleasing voice sounded out from a far distance away to reach them. “Little Ning, I’ve come to see you!”

    A pretty young lady in a light purple chiffon dress then came to show up in their eyes, causing many of their eyes to brighten up. Yu Xiao Ning had highly lively looks and her facial features were exquisitely good looking. She often wore a smile on her face, with two adorable little dimples, making her extremely likeable, drawing people’s hearts to her easily.

    Yan Ning Luo looked at her, her eyes showing a tinge of smiles as well. “Ning Ning.”

    After Yu Xiao Ning came in, Yu Jing Zhuo came following in right behind her. He was wearing a sky blue brocade robe, his body tall and slender with a handsome and sunny disposition. It was not known whether it was because he had been cultivating and recuperating his morals and body, he was exuding a faint elegance like lustrous jade.

    Yan Ning Luo arched up an eyebrow in surprise. “A rare guest! But my elder brother is not in the manor at the moment. I’m afraid that you will have to wait for quite a while before he’ll be back.”

    “It’s fine, it’s fine. My Third Brother came purely because he’s accompanying me today.” Yu Xiao Ning quickly answered for him and then suddenly came to see the several other people in there. Her face turned to shock as her eyes bulged. “Ninth Princess? The Duke of Vast Sea? ? What are you doing here! ?”

    The young lady’s expression was just too adorable. Her big eyes were clearly telling everyone: [Have my eyes been seeing where I was going? Have I come to the wrong place? ?]

    Baili Ji Ran immediately burst out laughing, unable to hold it in. Yue Xin Yan was also beaming with a wide arc on her lips. Only Qing Ye Li was still indifferent and expressionless, showing neither delight nor rage.

    Yan Ning Luo was also almost driven into laughter by her exaggerated reaction. But in order to maintain propriety and manners, she merely curled up her lips and said: “I invited the Ninth Princess and the others to come visit the Duke’s manor here today. And by a stroke of coincidence, you have the honour to meet them today as well.”

    [But she has no intention of wanting to see that detestable Duke of Vast Sea at all alright?]

    Towards the Duke of Vast Sea who had destroyed the first restaurant she had opened after so much effort back then, she was still feeling highly bitter about it.

    This was a perfect example of a red eyed meeting between enemies.

    The most hateful thing was not just the destruction of the restaurant, but it was when she had gone to reason with the culprit who had committed a deed so heartless and devoid of conscience, the other party had very calmly given her just three words in response.

    He had asked: “Who are you?”

    That’s right! He had so callously asked her who she was without feeling the slightest remorse!

    That had set the base for a irreparable feud!

    Yan Ning Luo knew what she was angry about and she walked over to pull her aside with a laugh before she said in a low whisper. “Alright. Don’t be petty and small minded now. You must not be seen as a joke to them. They are guests here.”

    “I am not holding it against him here only because of you.” Yan Ning Luo said through tightly gritted teeth.

    Chapter 62.2: Do You Know, I’ve Been Searching For You

    “Good good good, Ning Ning is the best.” Yan Ning Luo said encouragingly, where her gaze then spotted Yu Jing Zhuo who seemed highly distracted and looked like he was eager to get out from there, which puzzled her. “Why will your Third Brother accompany you to come over here today?”

    She must not be blamed for being curious, as that fella’s infamy as a rootless playboy really rang too loud and it was hard to see his person all the time. He was always either immersed in those smoky and hazy places seeking pleasure or engaged in drinking revelry with several friends, a gang of scoundrels making merry, the biggest hedonistic wastrel that everyone knew well.

    And the news that this biggest wastrel had recently mended his ways was no secret at all.

    Speaking about that, Yu Xiao Ning then remembered the reason she had come here for and her eyes lit up. “Let me tell you. My Third Brother has his eyes set on one of the ladies in your Eternal Peace Duke Manor, and he has changed himself completely because of her. Isn’t that just unbelievable! ?”

    That was just as amazing as a rotten pebble turning into a priceless gem!

    Yan Ning Luo’s expression turned into astoundment, her gaze complicated as she turned to look at Yu Jing Zhuo. “Yan Xi Ruo or Yan Xi Wu….. Which one has he taken a liking to?”

    “Neither one of them. He said he met her back at the palace banquet.”

    The image of a person came into Yan Ning Luo’s mind at that moment. But as Qing Ye Li was there, she did not give it any further thought. “We’ll speak of that later. Since you’re here, sit down and have a meal with us.”

    Yu Xiao Ning sat down, and as luck would have it, with just one seat in between them, was Qing Ye Li. Her lips stiffened, a little unhappy, but she did not show it too much, but had gone on to chat with Yue Xin Yan beside her. “Ninth Princess, I am Yu Xiao Ning.”

    Yue Xin Yan blinked her beautiful blue eyes. “I know about you. The Green Wave Kingdom’s most talented woman, a good friend of Princess Ning Feng’s.”

    “So you’ve heard of me?” Yu Xiao Ning said happily with a smile, the two little dimples so adorable looking. She then cast a careful glance towards a particular man and went to lean in closer to say in a low voice: “Does the Duke of Vast Sea have a bad temper? Seeing that he’s always looking so cold and icy all the time.”

    Yue Xin Yan looked at her in surprise, but was not angry. She smiled with stiffened lips and then said: “Big Brother Ye Li is a very good person. You’ll come to know that after you come to interact with him.”

    Yuy Xiao Ning rubbed the goose bumps rising up over her arms, showing that she thought that scenario to be a horrifying one.

    Qing Ye Li looked expressionlessly outside the door, his gaze far distant for an instant. Baili Ji Ran beside him was saying something to him and he was not paying attention to him at all. It was just for a very brief instant, that a strange feeling in his heart seemed to be pointing out the way to him.

    In just a few moments, the servant maids who have been waiting outside the doors heard the order for them to bring in the delicious and exquisitely prepared delicacies in turn, to be arranged upon the enormous round table.

    “The dishes have been served. Let’s have something to eat.” Yan Ning Luo opened her mouth to say gently, her gaze then turning to look at Qing Ye Li directly opposite her. Seeing that he looked a little distracted, she called out to him. “Qing Ye Li, the Eternal Peace Duke Manor’s head chef has great cooking skills. You should have a taste and see how it compares to the food in your Water Edge Kingdom.”

    Qing Ye Li raised his head up slightly, his voice magnetic and cold, filled with a different kind of attraction in its tenor. “Thank you Princess Ning Feng for your kind hospitality.”

    The atmosphere at the table immediately became a little strange in that instant.

    It was the first time they were hearing someone call the Duke of Vast Sea by his name.

    No. It should be the second time. Back at the palace banquet, Yan Ning Luo had already addressed him like that once.

    Her tone had been so unbelievably natural, and the Duke of Vast Sea had silently acknowledged it?

    Everyone’s eyes could not hide their gaze secretly measuring the situation, seeking to spot anything strange or fishy.

    Chapter 62.3: Do You Know, I’ve Been Searching For You

    The warm sunlight spilled in through the window, and Qing Yu who was resting with her eyes closed heard slight movements. Raising her eyes to look, a beautiful bright coloured bird fluttered its wings as it stood on the window ledge, its green eyes looking around back and forth in a highly human like manner.

    “Little one, where did you come from?” Qing Yu asked with a smile.

    The little bird chirped a couple of times, stretching out its tiny little claw to reveal a tiny little bamboo tube tied to its leg.

    [Is that….. the legendary message by homing pigeon?]

    But anyway one looked at it, the bird did not look like a pigeon at all, but more like a expensive species the nobles kept as pets.

    She walked the few steps over there and stretched her hand out to retrieve the bamboo tube. The next instant, the bird had fluttered its wings and flew away, disappearing quickly before her eyes.

    Qing Yu raised up an eyebrow slightly, not paying it much attention as she went on to take the note out from the bamboo tube and unrolled it.

    The next second, the phoenix like eyes that had been narrowed lazily glinted briefly, and the note was then turned into ashes in her palm.

    “Little Bei, I’ll be out for awhile.”

    The Tranquil Abode was in the most remote spot in the Eternal Peace Duke Manor and for one to go outside from there, a person will need to use a horse carriage. Otherwise,  just walking to the main doors of the manor will taken them an hour.

    But as there were guests here in the Duke’s manor today, not many people were moving about within, which made it more convenient for Qing Yu to move. She quickly employed a technique that shrunk the ground into inches for her, coming to reach near the main hall in just a mere moment, and it was just a few more steps away before she would be out through the door.

    Unintentionally, she then discovered Yan Xi Rou craning her neck to peek inside the main hall. Qing Yu creased up her brows and quickened her steps, thinking to avoid her but was however one step too late.

    “Qing Yu?” Yan Xi Ruo’s eyes were wide as she stared, looking a little surprised which then turned into anger. “Didn’t you say that you are not interested in seeing the Duke of Vast Sea? And here you are on your own so sneakily!”

    “I don’t care. Since you’ve come, we’ll go in together. You are eager to see the Duke of Vast Sea yourself anyway, so don’t try to hide it anymore.” Yan Xi Rou was already holding Qing Yu’s arm as she spoke, like she was deeply afraid that she would run away.

    “…..” [She merely just want to go out.]

    Qing Yu showed an innocent smile. “Elder sis, you’ve misunderstood. I ordered a dress to be made the day before and I am just going out to pick it up.”

    “Is that so?” Yan Xi Rou looked at her suspiciously. “I’ll believe you for now. But why not we do this? Let’s go pay our greetings to the Duke of Vast Sea first and then I’ll go with you to pick up your dress. How does that sound?”

    She was thinking that when she was being admonished by Yan Ning Luo, she’ll at least have Qing Yu to be her shield. Hmm. She’s really just too clever.

    Qing Yu’s gaze turned to look at her a moment, and then she said obediently. “Alright. Elder sis, you must not let go of me. I am a little nervous.”

    Yan Xi Rou saw that she was indeed looking rather ill at ease and immediately thought that she was just shy, therefore relaxing her guard. “Alright then. I’ll walk in front and you follow right behind me. You will not be nervous in that way.”

    “Anything my elder sis says.”

    That highly obedient manner made Yan Xi Rou feel a great sense of satisfaction in her heart and she then released her grip on Qing Yu, before turning herself prettily to walk in front.

    In the next instant, she felt that something did not feel right as that bashful and cooperative look was nothing like that languid and elegant young lady with a powerful presence from before at all.

    “Yan Qing Yu!”

    That furious howl quickly startled the people having their meal inside and Yan Ning Luo instinctively knitted up her brows as she called out: “Who is that shouting outside?”

    The servant maid standing outside the door immediately came in and said in a soft voice. “It’s the Third Young Miss and the Sixth Young Miss. They seemed to have gotten into an argument.”

    “Absolutely outrageous.” Yan Ning Luo berated softly, and her eyes darkened before she said apologetically: “Apologies, how embarrassing.”