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Chapter 63

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 63.1: You’re so Cruel

    Outside the door, Qing Yu massaged her brows feeling rather helpless, her body leaning very casually against the tree. “Judging from how loud you were, I believe you do not have to peek at them so sneakily anymore. They have all been called out here with your hollering.”

    It was probably because the sun’s rays that were shining on her felt too comfortable and her beautiful foxy looking eyes were narrowed lazily from the glare. With one hand cradling the back of her head, she struck a complete contrast against the other pink clothed young lady, looking as beautiful as one depicted in a painting.

    That scene, felt so highly familiar.

    Some time in the past, she had seemed to have looked at someone, as she had similarly portrayed this same beautiful scene to that person’s eyes.

    “Big Brother Ye Li…..”

    The expression on Yue Xin Yan’s face was startled as she looked at the black robed man who was still exuding a chilly aura despite the bright sun shining down, walking one step at a time outside. This sudden action from him had shocked everyone there.

    And Qing Yu’s indifferent and languid expression suddenly turned cold, her long phoenix like eyes glinted sharply as she turned to look in a particular direction, her body tensing up in wariness as she faced the approaching danger.

    A massive and ferocious looking beast had its jaws wide open as it moved at great speed, lunging viciously straight towards that tiny white figure, kicking up terrifying stir that was right about to tear everything in its path to shreds.


    It was not known whose shrill and broken scream it was, which turned hoarse and choked within the person’s throat before the scream could complete.

    Time seemed to freeze right in that second.

    Before anyone could even react to that sudden and unexpected turn of events, they were all made to watch that exquisitely beautiful young lady about to die a violent death.

    The ferocious beast had pounced and landed right in front of her, its eyes that were as big as bronze bells malevolent. In the next instant, it raised it head to let out a roar into the skies, a roar filled with melancholy, and also delight from reunion after such a long time, tears flowing down from its beastly eyes.

    What a complete reversal!

    No one had thought that the young lady who should have died under the jaws of the beast would still be standing alive and well in front of them.

    Yan Xi Ruo had already fainted from fright the moment she saw the massive beast appear.

    Inversely, the white clothed young lady who was merely a half step away from the massive beast stood there with the expression on her face unchanged, as her mesmerizing phoenix like eyes flashed with a conflicted glint.

    Towards that highly familiar presence, even the golden haired youth in her body could sense it, falling into shock and unable to recollect himself. “It is the….. Jade Eyed Void Traversing Beast? !”

    The massive ferocious and violent beast was as obedient as a kitten, plopped down before the young lady, its beastly eyes sparkling brightly and its heart filled with joy.

    “This is just….. too unbelievable.”

    After that shrill scream just now, Yue Xin Yan’s face was at that moment showing pure and utter shock.

    This ferocious beast was Big Brother Ye Li’s personal mount, rumoured to be an Ancient Divine Beast who was able to swallow the sky and block out the sun, an immensely powerful beast. Except for its Master, it hated to come into close contact with anyone else, becoming highly ferocious. Over so many years, even she had only seen it a few times on occasion, and had never gotten close to it before. Moreover, without its Master’s summons, it usually would not appear at all.

    But now, it seemed to have leapt out from its dimensional space on its own, and was being so close and friendly to the young lady like a close companion.

    Who is this young lady?

    Qing Yu leaned forward slightly, a hand stroking the massive beast on its head. The tense and stiffened body of the beast then relaxed and softened under the young lady’s gentle strokes, as soothing purrs then came out of its mouth.

    “It still likes you the most.”

    No matter whether it was the past life or present, even though she had changed her flesh body, that unique spirit soul of hers that was one of a kind could not be erased off.

    Hearing that voice Qing Yu was taken aback, and she stood up. Her eyes darkening slightly, she asked: “Who….. are you really?”

    What that note had told her earlier was to be wary of this man that was now standing before her.

    That night during the All Saints Day festival, when she faced the Demon King, this man had been just outside the Barricaded Spirit Tower.

    Chapter 63.2: You’re so Cruel

    What was his objective?

    And why is this Jade Eyed Void Traversing Beast here?

    The mysteries have been unraveled and had the answers risen to the surface. And she….. was instinctively just unable to believe it.

    The corners of Qing Ye Li’s lips showed an imperceptible hint of a arc as he looked at that face he did not recognize at all, but held a pair of eyes that he knew so very well, her demeanor and gaze exactly identical to the girl he remembered in his mind.

    She was still alive and well. Standing here right in front of him. How great is this!

    From everyone else’s perspective, this scene just could not be any more shocking and astounding to them.

    “Are my eyes playing tricks on me? The Duke of Vast Sea is actually speaking to a woman?” A corner of Baili Ji Ran’s mouth twitched, thinking that he must be hallucinating!

    Yue Xin Yan was probably the one who understood Qing Ye Li the most there, and she knew that this cold and emotionless man who was never prone to words towards everyone could not possibly do something so out of character without reason.

    And the reason was….. She suddenly recalled something in that instant, her azure blue eyes becoming wide as she stared. “This lady, looks very much like the one in the painting!”

    Although she had only seen it once, and she did not have a very impression about it, but the strange attire of the woman with her hair highly tied up and the special presence she had exuded, was very much like this lady!

    After Yue Xin Yan mentioned it, Baili Ji Ran’s gaze brightened. “Really very much alike.”

    Up till now, it could be said that this young lady was the closest match they have seen to that painting.

    From the moment that Qing Ye Li had started walking over, the shade on Yan Ning Luo’s face and already changed. [How could Yan Qing Yu possibly know Qing Ye Li? And the two of them seem to be on such familiar terms as well…..]

    [Could something have happened during the years she was in the Faint Mist Sect?]

    [No. Impossible.]

    [A person who is so timid and weak with just a pretty looking face could not possibly have anything that can even attract the gaze of Qing Ye Li!]

    [She will never allow such a thing to happen.]

    [But…..] Yan Ning Luo’s fingers clenched up tightly, her pretty looking eyes turning gloomy. [The young lass seems to have become different somehow.]

    “Just who are you….. really?” Qing Yu unconsciously took a step back, her eyes locked upon the man before her. Under the menacing wolf shaped mask, the pair of dark green eyes were like those of a beast, terrifying to see.

    “Someone once told me, that the “Li” in my name does not represent parting but reunion after a long time.” Qing Ye Li parted his lips to say softly, his slender fingers slowly covering over the mask of his face, where he then took it off.

    From their angle, everyone could not see what he was doing at all, but only to see that he had actually taken off his mask!

    The Duke of Vast Sea had endless rumours spread about him, making him out to be almost godlike. Some have said that he was as hideous as a monstrous demon, while some have claimed that he was as handsome looking as the gods, but no one has really seen his real countenance. However, on this very day, he had shown his looks that he had never revealed to people before, to a young lady he did not know.

    Under that mask, was a face that was so fair the skin almost seemed translucent.

    Without the cover of the mask, that green pair of eyes looked more penetrating and enchanting, highly invasive. Over that fair complexion that looked rather pale, were thin lips strikingly red like blood, as if they had been nourished by fresh red blood a countless number of times, to become so startlingly red.

    Before he had been transformed, Qing Ye Li was a refreshing and clean looking youth with an elegant and handsome countenance. Now that he had grown green eyes and a full head of silver hair, together with the mark of a wolf’s head with its fangs bared, his clean looks had been buried deep underneath, making him look demonic and evil.

    “How did this happen?” Qing Yu’s eyes widened, seemingly unable to believe that the person before her eyes was the young youth she still remembered in her mind.

    Qing Ye Li did not seem to have seen the pained look in the young lady’s eyes as his fingertips hesitantly touched her face. “You’re so cruel….. Uttering those words that left me behind so easily….. When you had clearly said you will never abandon me…..”

    Chapter 63.3: You’re so Cruel

    The soft voice that was almost just muttering to himself and his action of gently caressing the young lady’s face was a scene that should be so unbelievably lovely, but not the slightest bit of warmth could be felt for it. Those slender fingers clasped firmly around the young lady’s think neck in that instant, like he was going to snap off that brittle and fragile life within his grasp.

    “Whoa, has that fella gone mad! ? Is that the person he has been to trying to find? Finally finding the person after so long, is he intending to kill her now! ?” Baili Ji Ran found his heart thumping and his skin crawl, the always suave and handsome face of his almost cracking.

    [He can bear to kill such a beautiful looking young lady! ?]

    “Big Brother Ye Li will not do that.” Yue Xin Yan said with her brows knitted up. Although she knew the man as someone cold and emotionless, but he was not as brutal and cruel as what the rumours say about him. At least she knew that he was not one that would commit murder for no good reason.

    Moreover, this young lady could very well be the person he had been trying to find all this time.

    Everyone was concerned with the situation in front of them but they were all helpless to do anything. When Qing Ye Li walked out there, he had already set a barrier array around himself, clearly to keep all of them out. Hence, all they could do was to watch with ants in their pants while they stood in their spots.

    Yan Ning Luo had stood there quietly as she listened to their conversation, and had gained an understanding of the situation.

    The person that Qing Ye Li wanted to find, was a woman, and the woman was someone who looked very much like Yan Qing Yu.

    Then….. Then what kind of meaning did that woman hold to him?

    But no matter who that woman was, even if it was only as a substitute, that person must never be Yan Qing Yu!

    This young lady’s mother had already stolen all of her father’s love back then, and now she has to go fight for the man she had loved for so many years with the daughter?

    If that was really the case…..

    Then she cannot be blamed for disregarding family ties.

    With her vital point clasped in someone’s grasp, Qing Yu did not become frantic with panic. She knew this man better than anyone else, and no matter when, he would always rather let harm come onto himself before he would allow her to suffer the slightest bit of pain.

    In those livid green eyes, there was nothing but pain. Feeling the strong pulse of life under the neck in his grasp, Qing Ye Li did not calm down but felt rage well up further inside instead. “Till today, I can still vividly remember you all covered in blood, unmoving in my arms….. Was I only a plaything that you casually picked up and that was why you did not care what I would be like without you, and what kind of unbearable pain I would come to suffer!”

    He was clearly not exerting that much strength but the hand clasped around the young lady’s neck was bulging with striking green veins. He was struggling very hard to suppress his feelings but the man who never showed any emotions on his face was seemingly losing control of himself when facing this young woman.

    When they first met, the pair of eyes that had not contained the slightest sliver of humanity had then only seen the figure of one particular person ever since. Throughout the long lonely passage of time, it felt as if only being by her side made him feel there was any meaning in living, and that the world was a beautiful place.

    He did not understand the complexities of humanity, but just possessed a pure and simple heart.

    He had immediately taken a liking to that young girl with that warm smile, willing to hand his back in her hands, willing to leave the place he had lived in from young. And it was just purely because of that liking that he unhesitatingly chose to follow and stay by her side, offering all of himself to her, including his very own life.

    But she had come to choose to die quietly away, leaving him to live in loneliness and solitude. To him, that was undoubtedly the most cruel form of punishment.

    Qing Yu closed her eyes, unable to continue to listen any more. His hand was trembling violently, which left several red marks on her neck under the his fingers. “Little Ye, I’m sorry.”

    She had underestimated the blow her death had brought onto him, and underestimated just how deep his obsession had really been.