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Chapter 64

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 64.1: Filled with Rage as if Cuckolded

    He was born different from others it was thought that his transformation was just a matter of time.

    But if nothing unexpected happened, he might never ever transform. But her death had sped everything up and caused his transformation to be prematurely brought forward.

    Qing Yu sighed a long sigh as she gently touched the trembling hand around her neck, to then say in a soft voice: “Little Ye. I shouldn’t have gone back on my word. I was tangled up with too many impediments in my previous life to be free but fortunately the Heavens has given me another chance to choose once more, where you and I are in the same world and we have come to meet each other.”

    Qing Ye Li’s eyes flashed with a glint, seemingly starting to relent. In the next instant, the expression on his face suddenly became startled as the hand that felt just as cold as it had in their previous life closed over his, lifting it up to press against her cheek and holding it there. “See? It’s warm. Do you believe what you are seeing now? I am still alive.”

    The man’s fingertips quivered, his eyes dark and unreadable, and his thin red lips then moved slightly as he asked in a slightly hoarse voice: “Can I….. hug you?”

    [Not enough. This is still not enough. He wanted to truly be able to feel her real person and presence.]

    Like in their previous life, he had not dared to go close to her. But on so many countless nights, he had just watched her sleeping face, not because he did not care enough for her, but was too afraid that he would lose that.

    If he had taken the first step and attempted to bridge that gulf, some things were impossible to revert to the way there were.

    Hence, he had never dared to hug her, but just only once, which was when she had been covered in blood, her breath gone from her dead body as she laid in his arms.

    In that pair of green eyes, there was a sense of longing, and also unease.

    Qing Yu’s gaze became more gentle, stretching her arms out lightly. The man was startled and dazed a moment, before he embraced her hard into his arms, so tightly as if he was to crush her deep into his bones.

    The massive beast right beside them just watched curiously with it eyes widened, docile and obedient, not moving at all.

    That scene came to portray an indescribable beauty and harmony.

    The towering and muscular body of the black robed man was locked in a tight embrace with the slender white clothed young woman, his silver locks tangled together with the young lady’s luxurious black tresses, their bodies indistinguishable. Although the expression on the man’s face could not be seen, but it could clearly be felt from that incomparably cold and emotionless man’s body, a kind of gentle and tender sentiment, and the deep emotional attachment he felt towards the person he held within his embrace.

    They were clearly two people who couldn’t possibly have met before, but standing together there, they looked just so compatible.

    “This is the first time I am seeing Big Brother Ye Li like this.” Yue Xin Yan said rather emotionally.

    Having known him for more than a decade, a man who had always been so icy cold, she just could not imagine seeing such a warm and endearing side of him. That person who was able to win a place in his heart, was just so incredibly fortunate!

    Yu Xiao Ning could not hold herself back from clicking her tongue and saying: “To think that that great big demon is even capable of love. I really pity the lady whom he comes to fall in love with.”

    What a splendid looking girl that was, and she had fallen into the wolf’s den just like that.

    Yan Ning Luo was expressionless as she dug her fingernails into her palm. “If that is the person you people are looking for, then I’m afraid the Duke of Vast Sea has mistaken her for someone else.”

    Hearing that, Baili Ji Ran and Yue Xin Yan both turned to look at her, looking rather puzzled.

    Yan Ning Luo still maintained an appropriate smile on her face as she continued to say: “This girl, is a commoner born from one of the Eternal Peace Duke Manor’s concubine. Due to her timid and weak personality, she has kept herself inside this manor for all this time for the past ten over years, never once having set foot out through the door. So how could she have possibly come to have met the Duke of Vast Sea before?”

    “Is that true?” Yue Xin Yan asked, raising an eyebrow, before she continued to ask. “But from what I saw, that young lady does not seem to be timid or frail at all. Did you see the moment when that ferocious beast appeared? She did not even panic in the slightest. Could someone with so much composure possibly be timid and weak?”

    Chapter 64.2: Filled with Rage as if Cuckolded

    “The Ninth Princess’ words are rather reasonable.” Baili Ji Ran nodded his head in agreement. “The young lady has an extraordinary air about her and it is seen that she is intelligent and quick witted with just one look.”

    Even Yu Xiao Ning was looking at her good friend in surprise. “Little Ning, she should at least be considered as your younger sister right? Why does it look like you do not know her well? When I was ill previously, she had cured me of my condition, and even my Third Brother had said that she possessed great healing skills.”

    [And she had said that the young lady does not go out much. Although Yu Xiao Ning had only seen the young lady outside once, but from the familiar and easy way she knew her way around, it would seem like she had been out and about many times.]

    Yan Ning Luo looked at the two people locked in a tight embrace. The gaze of her clear and beautiful eyes then underwent many cryptic changes. A corner of her mouth then curled up on one side and her voice was soft and slow. “Looks like over the years I was in the Faint Mist Sect, she must have met with quite a number of fortuitous encounters!”

    It seemed like her claim of having a reclusive expert as her Master carried more than a bit of truth to it.

    Otherwise, how could she possibly be able to gain this man’s attention.

    But so what if that was the truth? Things that she could not get, by hook or by crook….. must also never become that girl’s!

    Mother had lost to that girl’s mother back then, and she must definitely not lose to her now!

    What no one had noticed at all, was Yu Jing Zhuo who had initially come here with the sole purpose of seeing the young lady he had come to like, but he was now seeing her hug the Duke of Vast Sea like they had just been reunited after a very long time, and the blow to his heart was anything but trifling.

    As everyone’s attention were all drawn to that scene, he then went on to depart from the Eternal Peace Duke Manor without a sound.

    [Looks like he has been cultivating his body and mind for too long already. Alas, such a kind of life was not suitable for him and it’s better to continue living his life drunk and sleep when fallen into a dead stupor! In memory and condolences to the budding feelings of love that had been slaughtered before it had even begun.

    At that moment, Qing Ye Li then seemed to have ascertained it. Though after he released Qing Yu, his gaze still continued to be firmly fixed upon her.

    And Qing Yu who had been on her way out for an appointment had had her worries dispelled after ascertaining Qing Ye Li’s identity. Since her concerns had been cleared up, there was no longer a need for her to go out and she then decided to give the appointment a miss.

    Moments later, a grey figure then left the scene without anyone noticing.

    — Gathered Cloud Loft —

    “What did you say? That little lass knows the Duke of Vast Sea?” Bai Zhi Yan asked in surprise.

    As they did not see Qing Yu come over after so long, they had gotten the grey robed man to go investigate.

    After the grey robed man came back, he firstly poured out a big cup of water to gulp in all down before he said: “Not only does she know him, their relationship isn’t just any ordinary one. The two of them were even locked in a long embrace.”

    “What! ? They embraced each other? ? Then what about Jun Yao! ?” Bai Zhi Yan just exclaimed without thinking, before he immediately felt that something felt wrong.

    [Why had he suddenly dragged Jun Yao into it? He had just been a little concerned about that little lass and it had not seemed like anything….. special?]

    The grey robed man was shocked by that astounded look on Bai Zhi Yan’s face and he then raised up an eyebrow to gesture to Bai Zhi Yan, indicating for him to turn his head around to look behind.

    In the next second that he turned around, he immediately saw a noble and mysterious figure clad in lavish purple clothes as expected, seemingly having stood there for quite a while with his violet eyes narrowed cryptically, and it was not known what he was thinking, but just giving people the feeling that he was not a person to be trifled with at all.

    Finally, that man then opened his revered mouth. “What is….. that person’s name?”

    The grey robed man was rather taken aback. [Since when had he ever bothered to ask about such trifling details?] But he still went ahead to answer truthfully. “Qing Ye Li.” And he did not forget to add right after: “And, I heard the little lass call him Little Ye.”

    Just as he thought, the man’s aura that had felt a little strange immediately felt a whole lot more oppressive, and the railings at the edge of the second level suddenly started to groan and creak painfully before they splintered into pieces and fell.

    Chapter 64.3: Filled with Rage as if Cuckolded

    Bai Zhi Yan’s body nimbly dodged faraway, the corner of his mouth twitching as he looked at the mess scattered all over.

    [Great lords!]

    [He had spent a fortune employing people to construct those railings! !]

    [A few words he did not like to hear and that guy is venting it out at his expense! Did that scoundrel think that his money was picked up from the streets! ?]

    “Go investigate into this person’s background.”

    Lou Jun Yao threw down those words, and then disappeared from his spot. Only the Heavens knew where he had gone to find people for him to vent his rage on.

    Anyway, as long as one was around that highly temperamental fella, one would always be in jitters.

    “Hee hee hee.” The grey robed man shook his head as he looked at the mess across the floor, and he then said in ridicule: “Why is the Lord becoming more and more childish? The way he had looked earlier was exactly like someone who heard that his beloved had cuckolded him and had no where to vent his rage!”

    “Err…..” Hearing that, Bai Zhi Yan looked at him stunned, and could not find the words to refute his words.

    [What he said is really rather fitting…..]

    On another side, Qing Ye Li summoned the Jade Eyed Void Traversing Beast back into the spirit beast dimension and removed the surrounding barrier.

    Now that everyone was able to get closer, Yue Xin Yan was the first one to run over. “Big Brother Ye Li.”

    Seeing her up close, Yue Xin Yan then came to discover that the young lady possessed such outstanding looks, so dominatingly beautiful and flamboyant, a kind of aggressive beauty that was hard to forget after seeing. Her simple and bare dressing, instead gave her an added sense of valor, but was a little different from the lady in the painting. Though the elegance and demeanor felt very similar, she was more astoundingly beautiful.

    It was not known why, but Yue Xin Yan liked her exceptionally much though she was seeing her for the first time. Hence, she gave a sweet smile and said: “I am Yue Xin Yan.”

    Qing Yu was a little surprised to see that sweet smile. The young princess had a highly contagious smile which put people in a good mood unconsciously and Qing Yu smiled back faintly and said: “Ninth Princess, I’ve heard of your great name.”

    “Just call me Xin Yan.” Yue Xin Yan said with a wink, and then continued to say playfully: “I had not thought that constantly bugging Big Brother Ye Li to come with me on this trip to the Green Wave Kingdom would yield such unexpected rewards, we really have not made the trip in vain. Big Brother Ye Li has been searching for you for such a long time so can I consider myself to have helped a great deal?”

    Qing Ye Li then lifted a corner of his mouth on this rare occasion and replied: “Can.”

    “Then are you going to reward me?” The young princess tilted her head and asked persistently.

    “What do you wish for?”

    Yue Xin Yan’s witty blue eyes then turned. “I wonder of Big Brother Ye Li can bear to let this beautiful lady spar with me a little?”

    Hearing that, Qing Ye Li cast a helpless glance at the young princess and said: “This bad habit of wanting to spar with everyone you meet has got to be kicked.”

    “Why? Can’t bear to?” Yue Xin Yan widened her eyes in mock shock.

    “Not that. You are not her match.” Qing Ye Li said indifferently.

    Seeing her face fill up with utter disbelief, Qing Yu could not help but laugh softly. “Ninth Princess, in the past, your Big Brother Ye Li was not my match as well.”

    Yue Xin Yan was completely astounded by those words as she looked at Qing Ye Li. “Is that true?” And the man nodded his head.

    Only with that, was she then willing to give up on that idea. If even Big Brother Ye Li who possessed such maniacal gift had not been her match before, then just how terrifying could this young lady really be?

    Baili Ji Ran and Yan Ning Luo then came walking over with the rest of the people. Compared to Baili Ji Ran’s and Yu Xiao Ning’s curiosity, Yan Ning Luo’s eyes were dark and gloomy.

    This was the first time that she was properly seeing Yan Qing Yu who had once been someone so insignificant.