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Chapter 66

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 66.1: Secret Discussion

    Qing Bei subconsciously felt a chill run through him and he shot up onto his feet very quickly, the medical book in his hand falling to the ground with his sudden action. “Greet….. Greetings to the Duke of Vast Sea!”

    “…..” Qing Yu was startled a moment by his action and she then smiled helplessly. He was so excited that he was even stuttering. So this fella admires Little Ye so much!

    Qing Ye Li glanced expressionlessly at him and then said: “No need for such formalities.”

    Qing Bei then dared to straighten his back, the expression on his handsome face excited and filled with fervour.

    Qing Yu stretched her hand out and patted the youth on the back as she said with a laugh: “No need to be so nervous. He is a friend of mine and you will see him often in future.”

    “Friend?” Qing Bei looked at her in surprise. “But, why have I not heard you mention that before? And when I spoke about the Duke of Vast Sea, your reaction had been calm and composed.”

    “Because I had not recognized him yet then!” Qing Yu said as she blinked her eyes innocently at him. “Alright. You just continue reading your book. I have some things to discuss with Little Ye.”

    Qing Bei stared dazedly as he watched the two people walk inside, and it was a good while before he regained his senses.

    [What did his elder sis call the Duke of Vast Sea?]

    [Lit….. Little Ye? !]

    In the room, Qing Yu immediately opened a hidden compartment under the dressing table at the side the moment she came in and took out a small black porcelain bottle.

    “Sit down.”

    Qing Ye Li listened to her and sat himself down as he watched the young lady walk over to him to nimbly remove the mask on his face. Before his eyes that were seemingly rather puzzled, she pulled the stopper off and poured the transparent liquid inside out onto her palm, where she then gently covered it over the ferocious looking wolf’s head mark on his forehead, retracting her hand back only after a while.

    “What are you doing?” Qing Ye Li had always trusted her fully and completely and he was not worried that she would do anything to harm him. Towards her actions, he was merely feeling rather puzzled.

    Qing Yu did not say anything, but just picked up a mirror from the side and handed it to him.

    Qing Ye Li raised his eyes to look into it and saw that his forehead was completely clear, without any traces of a mark. He lifted his hand to touch it, and he did not feel the protruding flesh like it was before. His green eyes gazed at her in shock. “This…..”

    “That mark, must not be seen by anyone. You were born different from normal humans and the bloodthirstiness of the wolf tribe runs in your body, but you are also gifted with talents and intelligence a hundred times better than others. I do not know whether it’s a gift or a curse for you.” Qing Yu sighed softly, her gaze helpless and conflicted. “If it wasn’t because of me, you might never have to undergo such a transformation…..”

    “From my perspective, it is good.” Qing Ye Li said holding her arm, his eyes looking straight at her. “At least I can possess sufficient strength, to no longer need to see something happen to you before my eyes and be utterly helpless. I have no regrets turning to look like this, because I am finally holding enough power to protect you.”

    “Little Ye…..” The young lady’s eyes were faintly misty, like she was touched but at the same time, seemingly sympathetic.

    [This fella has really changed a lot. He was such a quiet and silent youth from before, and not to mention him being able to say such moving words, it was hard to even see him open his mouth at all. This is the first time that she is hearing him speak right from his heart.]

    “There is something I want to tell you.” Qing Ye Li paused for a while, before he then slowly opened his mouth to speak.

    “What is it?”

    “I am thinking to bring you back with me to the Water Edge Kingdom.”

    Qing Yu was taken aback, but she did not immediately reject. “Why?”

    “The Water Edge Kingdom is too far away from here and if you come to meet with danger, I will not be able to rush here in time. Moreover, I have strongly held on to the belief that you are still alive all these years and now that I’ve found you, I will naturally want to bring you back with me.” Qing Ye Li said, his tone serious.

    Chapter 66.2: Secret Discussion

    “What kind of danger could I possibly encounter? Don’t you believe in me?”

    “That time back at the Barricaded Spirit Tower was dangerous enough.” Qing Ye Li then seemed to have thought of something and his eyes darkened. “That day, who brought you away from there?”

    If not for the fact that someone had interfered that night, he would already have been reunited with Qing Yu, and not have to waste so many more days for nothing.

    But for that person to be able to bring her away from there right under his eyes without him realizing, that person must surely be highly skilled.

    But….. How had Little Yu come to know this person?

    After he took the initiative to ask, Qing Yu immediately recalled about that woman who had disappeared into thin air. “Did you see a hideous looking woman that day? Did you kill her?”

    “No. She detonated herself.” Qing Ye Li furrowed up his brows, displeased that she was changing the topic. “You still have not answered me. Who was the person that brought you away?”

    Qing Yu was feeling a little helpless. “Someone not important. Anyway, I will not have any more dealings with them anymore. Why are you insisting on knowing for?”

    “Is the other party friend or foe? If it’s an enemy, they will definitely become the root of much trouble in future.” The man calm and measured tone, together with those dangerously narrowed eyes, seemed to tell her that if she were to say it was an enemy, he would immediately want to root out the other party completely.

    “Don’t overthink it too much. I saved that person once before, and it can be considered I was their saviour. So now, we’re even and do not owe each other anything anymore. The other party is a person from one of Cloud Heaven’s factions of power and I have no intentions of establishing any links with them. I was drawn into trouble this time because of them and that is why they sent someone to rescue me. I will keep my distance away from them from now onwards.”

    “You have become a lot less subdued.” Qing Ye Li said, a little surprised by her words. She was arrogant and wilful in the past and would never lie low and keep a low profile like this.

    Qing Yu twitched a corner of her mouth and said rather self deprecatingly. “Reborn into another life, I would naturally treasure my life more. Afterall, I do not think that I will have the fortune to be able to be reborn once more.”

    The atmosphere grew heavy and Qing Yu did not want to continue to harp on that topic. She then asked quizzically: “When did you come to this world? And you become the Water Edge Kingdom’s Duke of Vast Sea?”

    Hearing those words, Qing Ye Li’s gaze turned dark as he replied in a deep voice: “The day you died, Qing Tian Lin’s humiliation turned into rage when he found out and he did not even want to spare your dead body, seeking to use you as a cultivation vessel. After I got into a dispute with them, my body suddenly started to undergo a transformation, and I then….. lost my mind completely, killing everyone in the entire clan. My consciousness was blurry for a period and when I woke up, I was already in the Water Edge Kingdom. It was the Emperor of the Water Edge Kingdom who saved me while I was unconscious at sea.”

    Qing Tian Lin was Qing Yu’s elder step brother born from a different mother.

    Although they were not born from the same mother, but in the large Qing Family where there were innumerable numbers of branches, Qing Tian Lin was closest to her among all other siblings, treating her very well ever since she was very young.

    Qing Yu had liked this elder brother who doted on her very much and no matter what kind of a face she put on before others, when she was before him, Qing Yu was seen to be always the most innocent and guileless little girl.

    But ever since Qing Yu had been picked in the clan’s selection trials among more than a hundred children to inherit the position to become the next Clan Head, Qing Tian Lin’s pure and innocent love towards her had then changed.

    Because the family clan’s two secret treasures that had been handed down for several hundred years, the <<Burial Soul Arts>> and the <<Heavenly Insights of Medicine>> were skills that only the current sitting Clan Head was able to inherit and cultivate, and besides the Clan Head, only the Clan Head’s intimate partner was able to have access to these two secret treasures.

    Hence, after Qing Yu was selected, she found herself suddenly having many more suitors who were seeking to get close to her. As a girl with exceptionally outstanding looks, she already had no lack of suitors, and when the news spread, the number of people who wanted to become her future husband became as many as carp in the river, like people blindly following a trend.

    Chapter 66.3: Secret Discussion

    But in the end, it resulted in every single one of them being driven off by that elder brother who doted on his younger sister, and Qing Yu was actually rather moved by his actions at that time. But unknown to her, the elder brother she liked and respected had actually developed some insidious thoughts.

    Against all propriety and morals, vile and despicable thoughts of drugging her had come into his mind, to force her into an intimate relationship with him.

    And Qing Yu who had never been guarded against her elder brother would never have thought that he would ever do something like this. If it wasn’t for Qing Ye Li who was always watching her by her side, it was feared that the step siblings might have broken the taboo by engaging in an licentious relationship.

    Even since then, the lively and innocent young girl who loved to laugh so much then seemed to grow up and mature in an instant, becoming cold and highly aloof.

    Hearing the name Qing Tian Lin once again, Qing Yu’s eyes dimmed for a brief moment, but recovered very quickly. “Is he….. dead?”

    “I’m not sure.” Qing Ye Li knitted up his brows, seemingly a little vexed.

    “Not sure? What does that mean?”

    “I had injured him severely that day, and all his meridians had been completely severed. He was struggling on his last breaths but he stopped breathing very abruptly. I felt that was rather suspicious as my impression of him was that he was not someone who would die so easily.”

    Qing Yu’s eyes flashed with a glint. “I remember that he secretly learned the Family Clan’s forbidden techniques and one of it among them….. was a technique that allows him to resurrect his soul through dying corpses. It can be employed when people are just about to die but still on their last breaths, where he can then devour that person’s spirit to gain new life. As devouring a live person’s spirit soul was just too insidious, when the previous Clan Head was in power, he set a rule that if it was discovered that anyone secretly learned such forbidden techniques, they would be punished by having their spirits severely wounded, and their cultivation completely dispersed. But Qing Tian Lin had been very smart. Even though he had been practising them for many years, he was already able to conceal his forbidden technique’s aura.”

    Qing Ye Li’s turned dark when he heard that. “You mean….. that he could still be alive? And could possibly have come to this other world like us!”

    “I will not deny that possibility.” Qing Yu said.

    “Then aren’t you in even greater danger?” Qing Ye Li’s face creased up in worry. “You need to go back with me to the Water Edge. In that way, I can at least protect you.”

    “Aren’t you thinking of me as being too weak?” Qing Yu shook her head in helplessness. “In the previous life, I had had no other choice as I was unable to bring myself to strike Qing Tian Lin. Even though in the end he had….. But he had once treated me with a sincere heart in the past afterall.”

    It was always so cold and unfeeling in large family clans. Qing Yu’s parents had both died when she was very young and she had been brought up by her grandfather. Qing Tian Lin was the only kin that made her feel the warmth of kinship and that was why at the very end, she would rather choose her own death in order to grant him his maniacal ambitions and tyranny.

    Qing Yu’s gaze turned to look gently outside. The handsome looking youth was sitting quietly outside. He was clearly still reading his book intently but his gaze would occasionally drift over her way, seemingly curious about what the people inside were discussing about, but still remained seated steadfastly outside, looking like he was just keeping watch for them out there.

    Qing Ye Li saw that the aura around her had turned to become highly gentle and he then noticed the direction of her gaze.

    “That child is…..”

    “That’s my younger brother, Qing Bei.” Qing Yu’s lips curled up slightly in a smile. “I cannot go with you to the Water Edge. But at least we have met and it’s good enough that you know that I am here. You do not have to worry about me as people who have died once treasure their lives very much more and if anyone intends to bring me harm…..”

    The corners of the young lady’s smile then deepened, her beautiful facial features becoming absolutely dazzling and gorgeous. “I will have their lives first.”