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Chapter 67

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 67.1: Return Journey

    Bright Moon Divine Temple

    A graceful and elegant woman in a cloud coloured dress was seated quietly in the darkness in a room filled with twinkling specks of blue lights.

    Surrounded by those blue light specks, were numerous square shaped jade tokens, every one of those tokens flashing intermittently, looking like countless eyes suspended up in the air.

    Suddenly, a rattling sound reached the ears. It was a jade token on the extreme left that was suddenly shaking, before it quickly fell down to smash into pieces, to turn into a fine powder.

    The woman’s exquisite brows and eyes were then tinged into a slight smile and right after that, a pleasing voice then rang out softly. “Yin Chi’s soul tablet….. has crumbled. She died so pitifully.”

    The ten of thousand jade tokens in here all represented the fate of a person. The intensity of its glow showed a person’s life force and if its light was extinguished, it would mean that the person has died.

    And the extent of the damage on the soul tablet indicated the kind of pain the person had suffered before his death. If that person had died peacefully, the soul tablet would just lose its light. Breaking into half would mean that person had died unnaturally, and when it broke and crumbled it would mean that they had been tormented to death. The crumbled dust that Yin Chi’s soul tablet had turned into meant that her spirit soul had completely dispersed, and not a single bit of her presence existed anymore.

    “Temple Lord, I fear that someone else’s hand has a part in this. It has been quite a while since Yin Chi died but it is only now that her spirit has been destroyed. It seems to me that the other party is intentionally doing this to throw us off.” A white robed man was standing just behind the woman, and he now came forward to say respectfully.

    “Haha.” The woman laughed softly, seemingly in delight. “Has the Dark Lord left from the Dark Regions recently?”

    The white robed man was taken aback a moment, looking like he had been surprised by the question. “He has. The Dark Lord left about seven days ago.”

    “It would seem like this person that Yin Chi was seeking vengeance upon, in rather intricately linked to the Dark Lord. To think that he would personally go forth, it looks like he must be rather concerned!”

    “Temple Lord, would you need me to go look into it? This person must not be underestimated and if he comes to Cloud Heaven in future, it might be disadvantageous to us.” The white robed man asked, testing the waters.

    Hearing that, the woman narrowed her eyes ever so slightly and glanced at him. “Don’t stick your nose into it. Is a person that the Dark Lord seeks to protect someone you dare to antagonize?”

    “But Yin Chi is afterall a member of our Bright Moon Temple. Even as a traitor, she should be punished by us. The other party is just someone from those low level lands, and what they are doing is a direct challenge to the authourity and might of our divine temple!” The white robed man said indignantly.

    “Fool!” The woman flicked one of her sleeve which sent the man’s entire body flying a far way out, the powerful and oppressive force causing the man so much agony he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

    “The Emotion Devouring Curse that Yin Chi planted on the man has been broken and with the kind of intelligence he possess, how could he possibly not be able to guess who was culpable? We’ve as good as lost the battle and now almost the war! Here you are still thinking to antagonize him further! ? Although my Bright Moon Temple holds control over the fate of the lives of the countless people under the Heavens, and even when the Dark Regions today is not like what they were in the past, as long as the one man, Luo Jun Yao is present, they will never be shaken off from their position! Do you understand?”

    The white robed man’s face was white as a sheet, his body sprawled on the ground. Enduring the pain in his chest, he said: “Your subordinate has been foolish, and I ask for the Temple Lord’s punishment.”

    “Forget it! You’re dismissed!” The woman said in a cold voice, before turning around with a flick of her sleeves, no longer giving the man a single glance.

    The slender body stood straight backed in that spot for a long while before she then slowly lifted her head up. Under the twinkling blue glow of the countless soul tablets, there was a faint red light mixed up among them, standing out from all the others.

    The corners of the woman’s lips lifted up, and an indiscernible smile broke on her face.

    Chapter 67.2: Return Journey

    In the end, Qing Ye Li was still not able to persuade Qing Yu to go with him.

    He could disregard anyone else’s opinion, and insist on having his way, but he could not possibly not care about what Qing Yu thought.

    Even though Qing Yu did not agree to leave with him, Qing Ye Li had not remained in the Green Wave Kingdom much longer. After they asked for leave from the Green Wave Emperor, they had then embarked on their journey back to their own kingdom.

    The day the Water Edge Kingdom were leaving, it was as grand as when they had come, with everyone coming out to watch.

    The Crown Prince Xuanyuan Che represented the Green Wave Emperor to see them off and many of the citizens lined the streets to watch, like they were glad to see this god of slaughter finally go.

    The large convoy trundled along on their way and then suddenly stopped abruptly when a soldier shouted out loudly. “Who are you!”

    The Chief of Guards seated upon his horse recognized the person and he was taken aback a moment. He then turned himself around and said in a soft voice towards the person inside the horse carriage. “Your Highness, it’s Miss Qing.”

    A hand suddenly lifted the curtain in the carriage and the eyes under the mask were dazzling bright as he looked at the white clothed figure in front, a young lady with exquisite looking features. Her hair was lifted up behind her by the wind, and when she turned her head sideways to look his way, strands on her hair then gently caressed her cheek, a highly alluring and seductive sight.

    The several soldiers at the lead of the column were caught off guard as they stood there bedazzled.

    Out here in the wilderness and such a peerless beauty had suddenly appeared before them, could it be a demoness who had sucked out the life essence of humans?

    Qing Ye Li came walking down and looked straight at her. “Have you changed your mind?” [You’re willing….. to leave together with me?]

    Qing Yu winked and then playfully lifted her hands up in a shrug. “I have clearly not.”

    The bright sparkling eyes then suddenly dimmed. From what she saw, that expression was just like a little wolfhound who had just spotted a juicy bone and then saw the bone suddenly disappear right before its eyes.

    Qing Yu then laughed rather helplessly and then walked in closer right under the stunned gazes of the soldiers, coming to stand right before Qing Ye Li. “I came to see you off, and also to give this to you.”

    Upon saying that, a porcelain white hand turned to show her palm, where two bottles suddenly appeared, one green and one white.

    Qing Ye Li took them. “What are these?”

    “Didn’t you tell me that the Water Edge Emperor is frail and weak, his body ill of health? I think his sickly body is mostly due to illness inherited right from the time he was still in his mother’s womb. In the green bottle, are Blood Nourishing Elixirs that I cultivated. Use the Mind Gathering Fluid in the white bottle with his bath by just dripping two drops into the water. Remember to not put in more than that or his frail body might not be able to withstand it.” Qing Yu relayed her instructions carefully.

    Qing Ye Li clutched the two tiny little bottles tightly in his hand and the look in his eyes changed, seeming like he wanted to say something, but he did not say anything in the end.

    “This will help nurse his body’s basic constitution first and if I happen to come to the Water Edge Kingdom in future, I can help purge out the poison for him, for him to make a complete recovery, as repayment for having saved you back then.” Qing Yu raised her eyes up to look at him, her words sounding one after another. “I do not wish for you to be tied down in anyway, as you should be free.”

    Qing Ye Li in the past, knew nothing of even the most basic things about human interaction. Now that he had become the Duke of a Kingdom, controlling the entire Water Edge Kingdom’s army, it was not known how much he had had to give within all that.

    That part of him was very similar to herself. Never wanting to owe anyone any favours, always seeking to repay the other party hundreds or even thousands of folds.

    Hearing everything that Qing Yu had said, Qing Ye Li’s body stiffened, and then his slightly cold voice that was tinged with a sliver of yearning then said: “If I can, I only want everything to be just like before, to always be by your side. Even if I am just one among several hundred hidden guards around you, just to be able to always see you will make it the thing that I will want to do most.”

    Chapter 67.3: Return Journey

    At the last moment of parting, the tall man with his towering frame then slowly lowered himself to gently lean against the young lady’s thin shoulder, and his habitually cold voice was tinged with an almost imperceptible gentleness.

    “I had always felt that we will never part and that is why I have never asked before.”

    “But now, at the moment that we finally managed to meet after overcoming countless obstacles, I want to tell you, Little Yu, when there are only the two of us left here in this alien world, to me, the world that Qing Ye Li lives in needs you to exist, and only just you.”

    “You’ve said that you will never abandon so you will have to take full responsibility for your words.”

    It was not known from when that the man who was never good with words was capable of such warm and gentle words, with such thick endearment and love, just like that Jade Eyed Void Traversing Beast, who was only able to show such trust and sentimentality to its companions.

    Qing Yu sighed as if she had not heard him, her fair slender fingers lifting up to rest on the back of the man’s head lightly to pat him reassuringly.

    The entire convoy from the Water Edge Kingdom stared utterly flabbergasted at the scene before their eyes.

    To think that their Duke who was always cold as ice and a man who never liked anyone to come close to him would have such a side to him. To be so reliant on a young lady like this, his body seemingly at such complete ease like they have never seen before, the icy aura fully absent.

    To witness the scene of that tall and towering man leaning on the young lady, not only did they not feel any discomfort, it was in fact highly harmonious and soothing.

    The tall and burly Chief of Guards then slipped over to come beside Ah Jin, and then asked slyly: “Who in the world is that young lady? That the Duke is being so intimate with her?”

    Ah Jin rolled his eyes at the man. “Can’t you tell when it’s all so obvious?” [Are you a retard! ?]

    Of course Ah Jin had not spoken that out loud as all men were proud and loved to saving face.

    No matter how reluctant he was, Qing Ye Li needed to go already. With the Water Edge Emperor in such poor health, he could not possibly wait too long.

    The Water Edge Kingdom’s convoy then slowly moved far into the distance.

    Qing Yu stood in her spot outside the city for quite a while before she turned around to leave.

    But right after she left, a person came walking out from within the shadows. In a flowing fairy like light green dress, her countenance peerlessly exquisite, cold as frosty snow, with a light pink flower on her forehead, which lent another tinge of glamour to that reserved and disciplined countenance.

    This person was Yan Ning Luo.

    She had seen the entire scenario that occurred earlier with her own eyes.

    She had not forgotten Qing Ye Li’s eyes that had been gentle as gentle waters. She would never have imagined that Qing Ye Li could ever turn to become someone so gentle and so approachable.

    And all of this, had been because of one girl, Yan Qing Yu.

    [Ha. They are really going to force her hand?]

    A sinister glint then tainted those clear bright eyes and those beautifully manicured nails then scratched out five finger marks upon the tree bark beside her.

    On her way back to the Eternal Peace Duke Manor, Qing Yu could not avoid having to pass the strategically located Gathered Cloud Loft.

    And it was coincidentally at the very moment she was walking past the place that a mirthful male voice sounded out behind her. “Oh, what a coincidence. Rather than a proper invitation, isn’t a chance encounter so much better?”

    Qing Yu’s steps halted and she came to a stop. In front of her was a man dressed in highly flamboyant red, the ends of his lips lifted in an enchanting smile, his narrow peach blossom eyes widened. “Young Master Qing, I haven’t seen you for a long time!”


    [Has this demon been waiting here specially just to snub her?]

    Qing Yu was in no hurry to get away but just crossed her arms up. “You need something?”

    “Can’t we just have a casual chat? Aren’t we already friends?” Bai Zhi Yan said disarmingly.

    Without knowing why, seeing this fella always made her unconsciously think of this saying.

    Unsolicited ingratiating flattery can only come from the wicked and thieves!