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Chapter 68

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 68.1: Watching the Spectacle

    “If there’s nothing then I’ll be going.” Qing Yu said with a indifferent glance at him, and was going to move around him to continue on her way.

    Bai Zhi Yan then said with a teasing laugh from the other side. “You’ve just come back from seeing your little lover off?”

    “You followed me?” Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

    “Will I need to tail you to know that? The area around the Gathered Cloud Loft has my eyes everywhere and it shouldn’t surprising that you have been spotted passing through here.” Bai Zhi Yan was not showing the slightest guilt at having been caught but was smiling broadly at her. “Since you’re already here, why not come in for a cup of tea?”

    Qing Yu knitted up her brows, not knowing why this fella was insisting on standing in her way and not letting her pass.

    She was just about to say something in response when out of the corner of her eye she saw a person slowly walking over. Qing Yu was taken a back and in the very next moment, she quickly grabbed Bai Zhi Yan by his clothes and pulled him to go around a corner. Only after she saw that the person has walked a far way off past the front did she then walk out, her gaze looking rather complicated.

    [Yan Ning Luo? Where had she….. just come back from?]

    Bai Zhi Yan saw that she was looking rather distracted and he turned to look at the figure that had just gone a distance past while he said: “You know that person? When you passed the Gathered Cloud Loft earlier, she appeared about a cup of tea’s time behind you and was following you.”

    “She followed me…..” Qing Yu raised her eyes up to look at him. “And I did not notice anything?”

    That joke was not believable in the slightest.

    “You don’t believe me?” Bai Zhi Yan was immediately felt his anger rise when he saw that contemptuous gaze. “What good will it do me to lie to you! ? Although these low level lands cannot be compared to Cloud Heaven, but all those sects and clans here hold quite a number of treasures with strange powers, so there are no lack of artifacts that can hide one’s presence. Unless they meet with a absolute and peerless expert, most people will not be able to sense them.”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu lowered her eyes and was thoughtful. [Yan Ning Luo was a Inner Disciple of the Faint Mist Sect and it was highly possible for the Sect Leader to give his favoured disciple a few of those artifacts.]

    [So, this shows that she was clearly still not powerful enough!]

    But thinking back on it, as the Crown Prince had been the one who saw Qing Ye Li off to the city gates, Yan Ning Luo who had just called off the marriage engagement would inadvertently be in an awkward position to show herself. So she had merely intended to just see Qing Ye Li off in secret but had coincidentally encountered Qing Yu and witnessed everything.

    It seemed that Qing Ye Li really held a rather special position in Yan Ning Luo’s heart.

    And Qing Yu just could not help but have the feeling that calling off the marriage engagement was something that Yan Ning Luo had been planning to do for a very long time, just so that she could stand beside Qing Ye Li openly.

    Looking at the situation, it was feared that Yan Ning Luo was seeing her as an imaginary enemy…..

    Seeing Qing Yu deep in thought, Bai Zhi Yan did not disturb her. But that peace only lasted for a short instant when a loud smashing crash startled the two of people.

    Qing Yu was merely a little bewildered and did not give too much of a reaction but the enchanting looking red robed man who had been sporting a brilliant smile on his face immediately reacted instinctively like he had been conditioned into it, to dash right into the Gathered Cloud Loft.

    Immediately after that, his exasperated and infuriated voice rang out loudly in a shout: “Lou! Jun! Yao! Your father I have just gotten people to repair the railing two days ago! Have you become addicted to breaking railings already? !”

    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..”

    He sounded like he was really furious, to even use the word “your father”.

    Although Bai Zhi Yan looked to be every inch the complete opposite of conformity, an absolute wastrel and a good for nothing, but he was afterall still a young lord born from a noble family, so needless to say, his manners and demeanor had always been impeccable.

    For a man who was long used to be able to not reveal his emotions, such emotional outbursts of pure unbridled rage was really rare to see.

    But, having dealt with that man Lou Jun Yao before and knowing him to be someone who was capable of restraint and suppressing his emotions, why had he flown into such a rage all of a sudden?

    Chapter 68.2: Watching the Spectacle

    Qing Yu was merely feeling curious as she took a few steps closer towards the door. With that one look, she actually came to see a man that could be considered to be slightly familiar looking.

    In a full white robe, the exceptionally handsome looking man with a beautiful pair of eyes more devilishly seductive than a woman’s was at that moment rather wretched looking, with a chunk of hair on one side of his temples seemingly broken off.

    It was actually Baili Ji Ran who was always seen hanging around Qing Ye Li.

    At that same moment, up on the second floor was a man in a lavish purple robe with his back leaning languidly against the wall. A handsome countenance seemingly favourably blessed and crafted by the hand of God Himself that looked so mysterious with his pair of heart stirring violet eyes lazily narrowed, his light coloured lips curved in an imperceptible smiling arc. The aura surrounding his body was clearly so lazy and indifferent but it was so oppressive that made one unable to catch his breath.

    Bai Zhi Yan was stunned for a moment when he felt the strange oppressive air after he came in. Upon seeing Baili Ji Ran at the side, he then seemed to understand and his face twisted up in displeasure as he said: “You still dare to come here?”

    Baili Ji Ran’s face was one of bitter laughter, but before he could say anything, Bai Zhi Yan was already saying sinisterly: “Isn’t this kid here courting your own death here?”

    “I really do not have any ill intentions! I am just purely thanking the Dark…..”

    “Shut up!” Bai Zhi Yan interrupted him viciously. “Haven’t I already said that it was just purely by accident? And here you are still aggressively coming here! If not for the fact that that group of people were too blind to see, coming to antagonize someone they shouldn’t have, do you think you will still be alive now! ?”


    “Don’t think just because there was a chance encounter between us and you think we have a relationship between us now. That is entirely not possible at all!”

    “I really am not…..”

    “Someone as weak as you are isn’t even qualified to be my subordinate!”

    “Just hear me out…..”

    “If you dare go out there and blab your mouth, be careful that I’ll come destroy you!”


    It was probably because he was too exhausted from being covered in bruises and injuries that Baili Ji Ran just gave up trying to explain himself, where he just remained there like a wilted little grass to suffer the other party’s insults and ridicule.

    After Bai Zhi Yan said a whole bunch, he then looked up at the man upstairs and said: “I’ll say, you can get as displeased as you want with him, but do you have to vent your frustration out at the expense of my money?”

    If not for the fact that the Gathered Cloud Loft he had opened for the past few years was also being run as a brothel underneath its facade, where he had been getting a constant source of money providing information to the Rich Fragrance Loft, which was an assassin’s guild, his little bit of savings would already have been depleted because of that fella up there.

    “Can you tell me why you have chosen to come down to this lower realm lands to suffer for? There are clearly so many things still waiting for you to go deal with but here you are acting like an idler with absolutely nothing to do. Seeing us all running our legs ragged and you do not feel the slightest bit of shame and remorse?” Bai Zhi Yan said with his head lowered and looking highly pained as he pointed a finger at the man, his face like he had expected so much more of that man.

    The man upstairs finally moved his body and his beautiful violet eyes flashed with a glint, his expression seemingly bewildered. “Isn’t that what you are supposed to do in the first place? Why should I feel any guilt?”

    [What does his mean by putting on that face that looked as if it was a matter to be expected and completely right! ?]

    [Just where was he getting that sense of superiority from! ?]

    But there was just such a kind of people in the world, where even if they did not do a single thing, they just had that certain charm that subdued the people around them, making them slog like a horse for them willingly and without a single word of complaint.

    The greatest evidence of that could be seen on Bai Zhi Yan himself.

    Bai Zhi Yan then seemed to sigh out in exasperated helplessness before he said: “Just when are we going back?”

    “I don’t feel like it.” The other party casually tossed out those cold words.


    “Is a reason even needed?”

    Baili Ji Ran was left out there to dry like he was insubstantial as air as the two men conversed without paying him the slightest attention. It was as if they were confident enough that he would not spill the beans, and even if he did, they would be able to silence him before he could do that.

    But just as he was thinking to leave feeling all gloomy and depressed all by himself, his eyes suddenly lit up. “Eh? It’s you?”

    Chapter 68.3: Watching the Spectacle

    [Is she Qing Ye Li’s beloved?]

    [Didn’t he say that he was bringing her with him? Why is she still here?]

    Qing Yu nodded and then walked inside. “Why are you here?”

    “It’s a long story.” Baili Ji Ran gave a long sigh. “I had just merely seen my saviour and wanted to thank him but was misunderstood to be harbouring bad intentions.”

    Qing Yu looked at his sad and depressed but still alluring pair of eyes before she said in a low mutter: “It’s probably because you do not look like a good person.”

    Baili Ji Ran could not find anything to say. “…..”

    “Oh? You know this kid?” Bai Zhi Yan watched the two people conversing happily and he asked in surprise.

    “You guys….. know each other?” Baili Ji Ran belatedly realized, suddenly noticing that he had been immediately blasted downstairs the moment he came in but this young lady who was walking in so calmly was completely safe and unscathed.

    Qing Yu did not answer but it was a beaming Bai Zhi Yan who opened his mouth instead. “Not only do we know each other, our relationship in not any ordinary one as well! Our Lord cares greatly for her.”

    Baili Ji Ran face twisted up in utter shock. “You….. You actually? How could you possibly come to be acquainted with them….. And that man Qing Ye Li…..”

    That look of shock and incredulity on his face looked as if he had just seen her commit an absolutely deplorable and heinous crime.

    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..” [What did she even do?]

    “Have you and the Dark….. No, I mean how could you have come to be tangled up with them? Aren’t you Qing Ye Li’s beloved one? He said he was going to bring you with him but you have now appeared here….. Did you stay behind because of this man? ! You’ve betrayed Qing Ye Li!”

    It must be said that Baili Ji Ran’s imagination was really just too rich, to be able to imagine the scenario into one of being heartlessly abandoned by one’s beloved, a moving and tragic scene where one carries his torn and bleeding heart back to his kingdom, and Baili Ji Ran was immediately indignant with rage for Qing Ye Li.

    Qing Yu remained silent. “…..”

    [How is it that she was not aware of all these things he was claiming….. Betraying Little Ye and leaping into the arms of another….. Is he misunderstanding something here…..]

    Bai Zhi Yan and Lou Jun Yao were both stunned for a moment by those words they had just heard.

    Those two men had indeed built up a great rapport over many years as they remembered nothing else of all those words but just the ones that said “stay behind because of this man”.

    [Because of who…..]

    [Is it Lou Jun Yao?]

    From the moment the man with the lazy expression had seen the young lady appear at the door, his gloomy and depressed mood had instantly improved by quite a bit. It was not known why, but it was really just that amazing. Even when he had seen her dressed up as a young youth who had been treating his condition with a serious expression on her face, he had felt a strange sense of comforting ease.

    His depression and rage that had started when the young lady had said they were even from then on evaporated in that instant when he saw her, no longer feeling angry about anything.

    And that statement from Baili Ji Ran that said “stay behind because of this man” had caused a certain place in his heart to jump in excitement out of the blue, although he himself was not aware what had caused it.

    But just knew that he was feeling….. Happy? This must be what being happy feels like!

    On the other side, Qing Yu was massaging her brow. “You must be misunderstanding something here. The relationship I have with Little Ye is not what you are thinking. So betrayal does not come into the picture at all.”

    “Then why didn’t you leave with him?”

    “Why do I have to leave with him? This is where my home and family is.”

    But those words came to mean a different thing in Baili Ji Ran’s ears. To him, when she said her home and family, it included Lou Jun Yao as well.