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Chapter 70

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 70.1: Why Not Go To The Faint Mist Sect

    The eyes of the royal concubines and ladies present all looked rather surprised.

    This young lady, seemed to be a little different from the last time they saw her just some time ago.

    It was clearly still the same countenance, but the air and demeanor around her suddenly felt different.

    Yan Su’s attitude towards Qing Yu had turned to become very good these days and it could be said that with the exception of Yan Ning Luo, he doted in Qing Yu the most, hence, he did not say anything much but just asked in concern. “I heard Little Bei tell me that you went out to deal with some business?”

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow and looked at the youth seated opposite her, to see him blinking his eyes at her like he was trying to hint something.

    Understanding what he meant, where the kid must have come up with an excuse for her, she laughed lightly. “That’s right. I had to deal with some business and also saw a friend off going on a long journey.”

    Yan Ning Luo had probably seen everything and there was probably nothing that Qing Yu could hide, but seeing her being so honest about the whole thing, it caused Yan Ning Luo to lift her eyes up to look.

    Yan Su nodded when he heard that. “Your Big Sister Ning Luo is going back to the Faint Mist Sect tomorrow and the whole family has gathered here today to hold a simple farewell dinner as we don’t know how many years it will be before she will come back again.”

    Although the stalwart and iron blooded man did not show any emotion on the surface, his words were filled with reluctance for her to leave.

    Yan Ning Luo had gone into the Faint Mist Sect since she was six years old and she was now already sixteen and going on to seventeen, the number of times she came home less than what one could count on one hand. She had stayed for a whole month this time and it was longer than the few times she had come back before.

    Yan Ning Luo looked at her father’s rather sad expression and her heart softened before she said reassuring in a soft voice: “I will come back to see you whenever I have time in future but as the faint Mist Sect has their rules for its disciples to not remain in the secular world for too long as it will affect one’s cultivation, I can only try my best to fight for a chance.”

    “Sigh. I really do not know whether it’s a good or bad thing for you to join the Faint Mist Sect!” Yan Su creased up his brows and sighed a long breath. “And you do not even have a sibling at your side to look out for you in there and it must be really very lonely for you in there all by yourself.”

    Yan Xi Cheng had stayed in the Faint Mist Sect for two years when he was much younger but he had pulled out after that, suddenly deciding that he wanted to follow his father to tread the battlefields. His ambitions lay in protecting his country and not in the pursuit down the path of cultivation.

    The other girls in the Eternal Peace Duke Manor all either had weak body constitution or were not gifted enough, unable to even reach the Faint Mist Sect’s minimum threshold, otherwise, if they had been able to at least remain in there for a year or so, when the reached marriageable age in future, having once trained in the Faint Mist Sect, it would be something that would put them in a much better light!

    After Yan Su’s rather emotional speech, the corners of Yan Ning Luo’s lips lifted slightly and her gaze glinted with an imperceptible smile as she turned slightly to look down the table before she said in a voice with deep undertones. “If Father is afraid that I’ll be lonely, that situation can be easily resolved.”

    “Oh?” Yan Su turned to look curiously at her and then asked “Little Ning has a good idea?”

    Feeling completely bored without anything else that interested her while seated further down the table, her beautiful eyes were eyeing the delicacies on the table, thinking when it would be time to eat. Upon hearing Yan Ning Luo’s words, Qing Yu’s heart dropped with a thud, an ominous feeling quickly rising up inside her.

    “The Faint Mist Sect recruits new blood every year but there is just a limited number of places, accepting only fifty people. One will only need to pass the selection trials for them to be accepted and they would be given one month’s probation period. During that period, there would be all kinds of tests and stringent training but those who are able to persist and endure through it would be officially accepted into the Faint Mist Sect as a disciple.”

    When she finished, Yan Ning Luo then directed her words further down the table. “Xi Ruo and Xi Wu, didn’t both of you pass through quite a few rounds during the All Saints Day competition? Both of you can go try out for it and you might be lucky enough to make it through. And Little Sister Qing Yu, although you have not been all that outstanding before, but haven’t you gotten yourself a powerful Master now? You must surely be rather skilled now and you even know Medicine. I’m certain you will surely be very well liked by all the teachers.”

    Chapter 70.2: Why Not Go To The Faint Mist Sect

    The faces of Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu had already changed. [What kind of a wicked scheme was this woman planning this time?]

    [Asking them to take part in the Faint Mist Sect’s trials? !]

    [Who didn’t know what the Faint Mist Sect lacked the least were highly skilled experts! ? Any door guard in there would be more than he seems! With all of them possessing such mediocre talent, were they really expected to go there to disgrace themselves?]

    [Wouldn’t they just end up disgracing the face of the Eternal Peace Duke Manor’s face by going there?]

    Qing Yu who had shown a lackadaisical demeanor all this while then narrowed her eyes. [Yan Ning Luo wants her to go join the Faint Mist Sect….. For what?]

    [Is she planning to have her killed in there? Or was she going to torment her with all kinds of humiliation throughout the one month’s probation period where she would then feel so humiliated from shame that she would then kill herself?]

    [Hmm….. She’s got it all planned out!]

    Upon hearing those words, it must be said that Yan Su highly approved of it. Besides allowing the few girls to go out and see a bit more of the world, they would also undergo some hardening from it while providing Little Ning with a companion within the sect. Wouldn’t that be just perfect?

    It was clear that he had not ever thought that the sisters might not be getting along at all.

    With that thought in mind, Yan Su then raised his eyes and looked at his daughters to open his mouth to ask: “What do the few of you think?”

    “Father, we’ll definitely not be able to pass the trials. The Faint Mist Sect’s conditions is just too harsh and they have so many rules and regulations. We’ll surely be driven to madness in there!” Yan Xi Rou lamented in aggrievement. “Your daughter would very much prefer to accompany Father and Mother by your sides, and allow us to exercise our filial piety.”


    It was not known who had burst out, unable to suppress their laughter and they then saw the Royal Consort Mo Han Yan who had remained quiet all this time start to say with her enchanting eyes filled with ridicule: “You two are just as old as Little Ning, younger only by several months and Little Ning is now already ranked among the Faint Mist Sect’s Inner Disciples, the Green Wave Kingdom’s most talented female. But here you are both not seeking to improve yourselves at all but just want to enjoy a leisurely life in comfort, seeking only pleasure. I fear that in time to come, even your husband to be’s family will look down on such a useless and incompetent daughter in law.”

    Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu were birthed from two royal concubines and when Mo Han Yan’s words sounded, the faces of the two women reddened in shame, immediately lowering their heads down and did not dare to say anything.

    At most other times when Mo Han Yan intentionally tried to make things difficult for them, they were still about to rebut a few words at least. But the words she said today were highly reasonable and knowing that their daughters were indeed so pampered till they had accomplished nothing, and the disparity between them was almost like Heaven and Earth compared with Mo Han Yan and Yan Ning Luo, so no matter how indignant they felt in their hearts, they could do nothing but to silently endure it.

    On this rare occasion that Mo Han Yan had said those words in such an upright manner for once, even Yan Ning Luo looked at her in slight surprise.

    She was afterall a refined lady born from a noble family and her grace and demeanor would not be the same as most others. Without mentioning anything else, Mo Han Yan with her position as the Mother of the family would already be deterrent enough.

    “The Duchess is right. The two of you have indeed been lacking in ambition all these years and some putting you through the mill would not do you any harm.” Yan Su said in a slightly deepened voice as he looked at the obediently silent girls before he showed a satisfied smile. Staring at the ashen faced Yan Xi Rou, he then said: “Look at your younger sister Qing Yu. Has she said a single word in refusal? And to think that you are two years older than her. Such a complete lack of the Eternal Peace Duke Manor’s fine manners and bearing its people have to always show.”

    Yan Xi Rou was berated suddenly out of the blue and her heart was feeling highly aggrieved where she then immediately cast a reproaching look towards Qing Yu.

    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..”

    [Here she was silent without even having said even a word and the whole thing has suddenly been turned onto her?]

    “Alright, that’s decided then. Today we’ll have a good meal with Little Ning. Let everyone pick up your chopsticks!”

    Chapter 70.3: Why Not Go To The Faint Mist Sect

    What they called a family feast was just the whole big family sitting together to have a meal, to munch on home cooked dishes.

    Yan Ning Luo and her parents chatted merrily together with her brother on their end of the table, like they were one family by themselves.

    As for the remaining royal concubines, those who had daughters would chat with their daughters, those without daughters would then just form pairs together, painstakingly discussing topics of inconsequential value, like: “This hairpin of yours really compliments your complexion. Where did you buy it?” or “We should go to the Thousand Silk Pavilion to go have a look at their latest products next time.” or something like that.

    And on this side, Qing Bei just picked distractedly at the vegetables in his bowl and then said in a low voice. “Sis, are you really going to the Faint Mist Sect?”

    Qing Yu had not really thought about it but was just focused on eating. Hearing him say that, she then raised her eyes and asked: “Hmm?”

    “I heard that once one went into the Faint Mist Sect, one would not be able to come out as and when they liked unless they were driven or thrown out, otherwise it would be at least two years before they would be able to come out.” Qing Bei said in a rather depressed voice.

    Seeing that the youth was looking rather depressed, Qing Yu curled up her lips and laughed. “Why, are you afraid that you’ll not see me for that long a period?”

    “It’s not that.” Qing Bei shook his head, his eyes looking slightly conflicted as he said: “I am just worried….. That woman Yan Ning Luo is thinking up all kinds of ways to get you into the Faint Mist Sect. Is she thinking up some nefarious scheme wanting to harm you.”

    “Afterall, her mother is such a sly and venomous woman.”

    He would never be able to forget in this life how he had both his legs crippled when he was at an age most appropriate for him to cultivate and his body poisoned to the point of almost collapsing.

    The hands of the youth placed upon the table were tightly clasped together where he then trembled slightly involuntarily. A slender and fair hand suddenly reached over and held him. Raising his eyes, he saw the young lady’s face filled with a gentle smile as she said softly: “Don’t worry, if she wants to pit herself against me, she’s still many years too early. I’m not some soft and squishy persimmon that would allow myself to be kneaded and shaped as others wish afterall.”

    Inversely, she was someone who held grudges and would avenge grievances done onto her. People who took an inch from her would have her taking a yard from them and if anyone really antagonized her would definitely not want to see her really when she’s really furious.”

    Qing Bei shook her head. “I still can’t help feeling worried.”

    “Then what do you want to do?” Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow to ask.

    “Let me go with you to the Faint Mist Sect!” Qing Bei’s voice was resolute as he said determinedly.

    Hearing that, Qing Yu threw a meaningful glance at his legs below the table. “Have you forgotten that you are now supposed to be someone with both his legs crippled and unable to walk? Do you intend to bring your wheelchair to go in there with me?”

    [Wouldn’t that be too attention grabbing?]

    [And the Faint Mist Sect would most probably not accept handicapped people would they?]

    The youth’s lips lifted up faintly at the sides and the expression on his face was a little sly as he said: “Isn’t the date to the Faint Mist Sect’s recruitment still half a year away?”

    “And then?” Qing Yu asked with a smile as she waited to hear the other half of what he had to say.

    “A miracle could possibly happen within this half a year’s time and I would be able to stand up again!” The youth said with a confident look on his face.

    The corners of his lips were tinged with a mysterious and indiscernible smile and his highly confident expression was exceptionally eye catching, filled with the kind of youthful exuberance that a boy his age was supposed to possess.

    It just made one unconsciously want to smile in delight together with him.

    In the midst of chatting with Yan Ning Luo, Yan Su unintentionally happened to chance upon that scene and the expression on his face was taken aback for a moment.

    Those two highly similar looking faces, so young and beautiful. The ends of his lips formed a faint arc. Especially that young lady, who had inherited her mother’s alluring and heavenly blessed enchanting eyes that immediately made a part of his heart collapse inwards, to drift back into the far past…..