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Chapter 71 - What’s Important are the Elixir Cultivators

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 71.1: What’s Important are the Elixir Cultivators

    Early the next morning, everything had been all prepared.

    Yan Ning Luo was about to leave the manor and everyone had come out to see her off, the horse carriage already waiting outside the main doors.

    “Father, Mother, you must both take good care of your health. I will come back to see you when I have the time.” Yan Ning Luo’s voice was gentle as she said.

    Han Mo Yan held her hand and her eyes were filled with reluctance and sadness. “Sigh. Although you have always not stayed at home since you were very young, but Mother has always been worried that you are suffering out there.”

    Yan Ning Luo patted her hand reassuringly. “Why would I be? Master is very good to me, and I am one of the Inner Disciples as well. People just can’t wait to win my favour so how could I possibly be suffering? Moreover…..” Her words then paused and her gaze turned to glance at the several figures at the back before the ends of her mouth curled up. “Half a year later, wouldn’t my sisters be coming to the Faint Mist Sect to keep me company already?”

    Han Mo Yan’s brows knitted together and sighed an almost imperceptible sigh. [With the kind of talent they have, it was feared that they wouldn’t even make it past the first round that tested one’s level of talent.]

    The mother and daughter pair spoke for a while more before Yan Su’s deep voice said: “It’s time to move out. The journey to the Faint Mist Sect is long and arduous and it is better that you reach there before dark.”

    When it got dark, who knew what kind of dangers it would hide?

    Yan Ning Luo nodded her head and turned around to walk down the steps before climbing up into the horse carriage. Just before she left, she opened the carriage’s curtain and bid everyone farewell and then looked towards Qing Yu standing right at the corner, her lips moving soundlessly.

    She had said: [I’ll be waiting for you.]

    The horse carriage then disappeared in an instant and Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow in indifference. [What did she mean that she’ll be waiting? Was she so sure that she’ll make it past the Faint Mist Sect’s selection trials?]

    Up in Cloud Heaven, in the lands up in the north, the Dark Legions headquarters sat.

    “The Dark Lord is such a scoundrel, to have gone gallivanting down in the lower realms again and leaving the miserable few of us here to guard the old nest. If he continues to not care and bother with things like this, he will surely get replaced by that despicable cad Zhuge Xiong sooner or later!”

    The palace that already had a dark shade to it was made even more sinister and terrifying by the gloomy aura of suppressed rage and restraint.

    Upon the highly luxurious and opulent elevated main seat that was a throne carved into the image of a terrifying snake, a man sat grandly, dressed in a royal blue brocade robe, his gaze sharp with a pair of sword like brows and red lips with white teeth, a highly handsome man.

    As he vented his frustrated anger, he slapped his hand heavily upon the snake’s head on the arm of the chair and he then seemed to see the head suddenly move like it had come alive. It let out a loud hiss and opened its fanged mouth wide ferociously.

    “ARRGGHH~ Oh my mother!”

    The man cried out wailing as he scrambled and tumbled off the chair in a crawl, his clothes becoming covered in dust from falling wretchedly to the ground in fright.


    It was the sound of stifled laughter from a woman. “How is it? That seat isn’t that great to sit in is it?”

    The man’s face was still looking rather shocked as he sat on the ground, his eyes staring unblinkingly at the seat up there. [What was that just now? Was that an hallucination? The snake’s head was there still in place like it had no moved!]

    He immediately leapt to his feet from the ground and turned to look at the people in the palace hall. “Did I see a ghost? Did any of you see that snake move just now? It even bared its fangs at me wanting to eat me up! !”

    In the end, everyone shook their heads without exception.

    Mei Ji’s devilishly seductive eyes raised an eyebrow alluringly and she said with a laugh, a hand covering her mouth: “I’ve told you before to not go sit on the Lord’s throne for no reason as that is not a seat any ordinary person can sit on.”

    The man’s face was furious. “Why is it that when his very person is not around, even his chair is going against me? Why! ! ?”

    “Maybe it’s because you are easily bullied.” Mei Ji said with a sympathetic look on her face.

    Chapter 71.2: What’s Important are the Elixir Cultivators

    “Alright, stop kidding around already. Let’s talk about more serious matters!” In the first seat below the throne, sat a gentle and refined man with a cold demeanor, who looks like a scholar.

    And in the grand hall, besides the man who had that malicious trick played on him and Mei Ji, there was also another white robed man who was untainted by even a single speck of dust.

    The aura around him was so clean and pure it felt as if he was a child unacquainted with the affairs of the world. His countenance was peerlessly good looking, like a deity in a painting, except for that dark red eyes that seemed to be filled with tears of blood, crystalline clear and completely untainted, giving people the feeling he was one of the deities among the Nine Heavens, almost ephemeral and illusory like, looking so highly harmless, but exuded an indescribable kind of detached chill.

    The scholar like man then opened his mouth to say. “Those guys from the Hunter’s Guild were rather shocked by the sudden return of our Lord recently and till now, they had not dared to stir up trouble or have gone against us. But though they have called a halt to their actions, it does not mean that we should just remain quiet and just wait for things to happen. The disciples of the Dark Legion numbered in the hundreds of thousands before but we are now left with less than one hundred thousand, our might greatly decreased. I think we should recruit more people to join us and if there isn’t anyone in Cloud Heaven, we can look for some great sprouts from the White Fen Lands and develop them, preparing ourselves for times that we happen to be in need.”

    With those words, the several people were all silent for a while till the man in the royal blue robe opened his mouth to speak: “We should act on that quickly but we can’t rush something like this. It was because we recruited great numbers of people before that allowed the spies from Zhuge Xiong to sneak in among us. Although our numbers are smaller now, but among all the people left, they are all our own people. We have to be careful with this and I’ll rather do without it than have it carried out in careless haste.”

    “This time, I agree with what Xun Luo is saying. So what if we have less people? If we train them up and bring up their fighting powers, a single man on our side will be able to take on a hundred enemies. We from the Dark Legion have never been dependant on the number of disciples we have but individual prowess.” Mei Ji said with her lips curled up, her eyes shining with proud and absolute confidence.

    Her eyes then turned towards the white robed man beside her, and her gaze softened before she said with a laugh. “Little Monster, do you have any suggestion?”

    The white robed man had been surprisingly quiet all this time and hearing someone call his name, he raised his eyes and then slowly spoke, his voice sounding like a breeze passing over the surface of water, sending faint ripples through the air. “Elixir Cultivator.”

    He only said those two words and did not expound further, but the others looked like it had suddenly just dawned upon them.

    “You are saying that we should recruit a few Elixir Cultivators?” Xun Luo looked as if he had just been enlightened. “Why didn’t I think of that! ? It was exactly because we were poisoned by that scoundrel Zhuge Xiong’s poison that we suffered such bad losses, where so many of our people died. Even Little Monster had suffered from it.”

    “If our Dark Legion has many Elixir Cultivators behind us, we wouldn’t need to be afraid of him and his nefarious tricks anymore! I will go ask them to act on it immediately.” Xun Luo was fired up and he was going to stride right out when he was held back but a voice.

    “Ordinary ones won’t do.” The white robed man continued to say softly.

    Zhuge Xiong himself was a very high leveled Elixir Cultivator and was highly adept with poison, reaching almost to the realm of perfection.

    Mei Ji glared at Xun Luo angrily. “Can’t you just hear Little Monster out till he’s finished? Are you in such a hurry to go get yourself reincarnated?”

    Xun Luo was deflated. “…..” [I’ve realized my mistake. Will that do?]

    “At least of the Green Bronze level.”

    The grades for Elixir Cultivators had a total of seven levels. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Green Bronze, White Silver, Platinum and Supreme Emperor.

    And every grade had another ten levels in between, the difference from one level to the next very great. In the low level lands, a Silver grade Elixir Cultivator was considered to be outstanding and a gold grade Elixir Cultivator would usually be able to hold a leading position within a family clan.

    Chapter 71.3: What’s Important are the Elixir Cultivators

    But in Cloud Heaven, Gold leveled Elixir Cultivators of the first and second grade are a dime a dozen throughout the streets and one must at least be above the sixth grade before one could be considered to be outstanding. In the Divine Healers Sect, it was rumoured that the lowest level Elixir Cultivators were at least at the Gold level’s third grade, a centuries old family clan holding powers that was not to be underestimated.

    A Green Bronze level Elixir Cultivator. It was feared that it would be rather difficult…..

    Unless the could get the Young Lord of the Divine Healers Sect, Bai Zhi Yan to personally go to the Divine Healers Sect to poach several Elixir Cultivators over to come over to the Dark Legion.

    But thinking about that it, it would not be possible. Even their Young Lord himself had already come to the Dark Legions and if they were to ask him to go back to his own family clan’s territories to poach people asking them to betray their clan, his father would surely have his legs broken for sure.

    Watching the frustrated and depressed looks on the faces of the people before him, the white robed man’s pure and unspoiled blood red agate eyes flashed beautifully. “The elixir I took the last time had come from the hands of an Elixir Cultivator whose level surpasses Bai Zhi Yan.”

    “What did you say?” The scholarly looking man was taken aback a moment. “Bai Zhi Yan is the Divine Healers Sect greatest prodigy, a Elixir Cultivator at the Platinum level’s fourth grade, at the same level as Zhuge Xiong and you are saying that there is someone who is at a level higher than Bai Zhi Yan? !”

    “That’s right. Could it possibly be one of the Divine Healers Sect’s old ancestors? That would already be a sage who does not interfere with worldly affairs. What use would that be?” Xun Luo shrugged, his face one of helplessness.

    Mei Ji’s reaction was probably the calmest among all of them. She was silent for a while before she suddenly lifted her eyes to look at the white robed man. “Are you speaking of the elixir you were given while you were unconscious after we rescued you from the Hunter’s Guild?”


    Hearing him admit it himself, Mei Ji’s face became rather unnatural looking and her mouth muttered inaudibly: “This cannot really be true…..”

    “What cannot be true?” The scholarly man and Xun Luo asked at the same time.

    “Bai Zhi Yan mentioned before that the Lord’s strange affliction has been completely cured by a Divine Doctor with unsurpassable skills and those elixirs were a gift from the benefactor who saved the Lord’s life.” Mei Ji said with a woodenly expressionless face.

    “Isn’t that a good thing? Why are you showing that expression on your face?” Xun Luo said as he clicked his tongue.

    Mei Ji then gave him a scornful look. “The most important thing is that the high leveled Elixir Cultivator is still a young little lass in her teens and is a person from the low level realms.”

    “What are you saying? ! A little lass in her teens! ?” Xun Luo’s eyes almost popped out from his head as he stared. “Are you making fun of me at my expense here?”

    The scholarly man did not say anything but his face was one showing nothing but incredulity and disbelief.

    Although the white robed man did not outwardly express much in the way of shock, his pair of red eyes still flashed with surprise.

    “I just knew that all of you will not believe me.” Mei Ji’s lips stiffened. “Because even I cannot believe it myself.”

    “But it is said that the Lord has gone back to the lower realms seeking to rope in that little Divine Doctor into our Dark Legion but as she still does not possess enough power, it would require quite a period of time.”

    Xun Luo blinked his eyes and rubbed his chin in suspicion. “Would something like that require him to go handle personally? Moreover, doesn’t the Lord detests coming into contact with the female human species the most! ?”

    Within the entire Dark Legion, besides Mei Ji, the only woman who was candid and magnanimous, never one to be bothered by trifling and insignificant details, already considered to be one of the guys that made Lou Jun Yao see her in a different light, only Mei Ji was able to even come close to his shadow. All other women were no different from air in Lou Jun Yao’s eyes.

    Hence, even the Temple Lord herself in the Divine Temple who was rumoured to be as beautiful as a goddess was someone their Lord had turned a blind eye to.