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Chapter 72.1 - Saw Through The Pretense

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 72.1: Saw Through The Pretense

    After Yan Ning Luo left, there wasn’t much of a change in the Eternal Peace Duke Manor.

    It was not known whether it was due to the effect of Yan Su’s words before, but even though Han Mo Yan still did not care to see the pair of siblings in the Tranquil Abode around, she did not come find trouble with them.

    “Sixth Young Miss, Second Young Master, Lord Yun is here.”

    With the announcement from the servant girl outside the door, the gentle and refined green robed figure of a man then appeared, coming inside led in by the servant girl.

    Yun Qi was the Imperial Palace’s Head Elixir Cultivator and he was merely just over twenty years of age, but was already a Gold level first grade Elixir Cultivator. It was said that the Green Wave Emperor had helped his Master many years back and to return the favour, the Master had gotten his own disciple to come to the Green Wave Kingdom’s Imperial Palace to unconditionally help resolve the Emperor’s worries and difficulties for a period of three years.

    Due to the request made from Yan Su, Yun Qi would come check on Qing Bei’s condition every month to help him regain the mobility of both his legs.

    The servant girl immediately went out after leading Yun Qi inside.

    Yun Qi stood there quietly with his hands behind his back, his gentle eyes gazing at the beautiful and vibrantly coloured plants thriving in the courtyard that swayed gently under the breeze, a vivid and highly pretty sight.

    A tiny and adorable little bird then flew down from the sky, seemingly having been drawn by the brilliant colours, it sharp beak pecking curiously at one of the white flowers shaped like a round plate.

    Something incredible then happened.

    In the middle of that white plate shaped flower, a crack suddenly appeared which turned from a thin line to become a mouth filled with sharp teeth, immediately biting onto the long feathers on the back of the bird’s tail, leading it to let out a startled cry, struggling valiantly and managing to fly away in escape.

    The mouth on the round plate shaped flower then pouted like a displeased child as it spat out the feathers, before it then hid its mouth from sight once again.

    Yun Qi’s eyes flashed with a glint as he stared uncomprehendingly at the rows of beautiful plants.

    [All these seemingly innocent looking plants, were they all…..]

    “Is Lord Yun interested in my garden?” The languid mirth filled voice of a young lady suddenly rang out.

    Yun Qi was startled as he turned his eyes.

    It was at the moment when the sun had risen up high up and a young lady in a white dress was standing there at the open doorway, looking like she had come bringing endless light, so brilliantly bright that one was unable to look straight at her. There was a faint tinge of a smile on her lips, though not warm, but felt just right, that would not make a person feel distant.

    The last time that Yun Qi had come here, he had not seen Qing Yu. So, seeing that there was another young lady in the Tranquil Abode, he asked a little puzzledly: “Miss, you are?”

    “I am Little Bei’s elder sister. My name is Yan Qing Yu.”

    The young lady then strode over as she walked down the steps, her exquisitely alluring countenance seemingly gilded with a sheen of light, her upslanted phoenix like eyes slightly raised, mesmerizing and soul stirring.

    Yun Qi was dazed for a moment, before he quickly regained his senses. “Miss Yan, I am here to check on the Second Young Master’s recovery progress.”

    “We’ve troubled you. Please.”

    At that moment inside the room, Qing Bei was teasing Little Snow.

    It was strange to say in the least. He had always avoided Little Snow whenever he could before, unable to even look at the little Snow Toad at all. But ever since the time Qing Yu had gone missing for a few days where Little Snow had stayed by his side in accompaniment, the two of them having only each other to depend on throughout that period, Qing Yu had changed his attitude towards the toad, no longer disgusted by it, and even finding it rather fun to play with.

    The tiny Snow Toad on the table was sprawled flat, giving people the feeling it had completely given up on living.

    Seeing that scene, Qing Yu quickly rescued the Snow Toad from its predicament. [This kid is really becoming more and more lawless. How can he make fun of her little adorable pet like this?]