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Chapter 72.2 - Saw Through The Pretense

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 72.2: Saw Through The Pretense

    Qing Bei was just about to say something when he saw that there was another person following behind Qing Yu and he immediately turned to become obedient. “Big Brother Yun, you’re here. I’ve troubled you once again.”

    “This is part of my job anyway.” Yun Qi said gently, his gaze passing fleetingly over the Snow Toad in the young lady’s hands.

    Although Qing Bei was seated in his wheelchair, but the mental state he exhibited was unlike anyone who had been unable to walk and suffered from sickness for a long time. Yun Qi then gently rolled up the legs of Qing Bei’s pants. Although the youth’s legs were thin, but its muscles were defined and shape of the legs were normal, seemingly very strong.

    People who had both their legs crippled, no matter how strong their body’s constitution was, could not possibly remain no different from a normal healthy person.

    The first time that Yun Qi had checked the youth’s condition, he had already felt that something did not feel quite right and what he saw now just made him more certain.

    The ends of his lips lifted slightly and his slender fingers suddenly pressed on an acupoint when his legs bent. “Do you feel anything here?”

    [So itchy…..]

    That was the only thing that was going through Qing Bei’s mind at that moment.

    But he could not show it and his face was largely unchanged but for a slightly frustrated look. “No.”

    “Is that so?” Yun Qi arched up an eyebrow and the he exerted a bit more strength into his hand. “Still do not feel anything?”

    [Itchy! Itchy! It’s so itchy!]

    [My Big Brother don’t press that point anymore. I’m almost at my limits and am about to reach my hand down to scratch it!]

    The youth’s hands placed at his sides pinched the soft flesh at his hips and he secretly drew in a deep breath. “No….. feeling.”

    “That is strange.” Yun Qi then gave up on tormenting his legs and his hands released their hold on them.

    Qing Bei then breathed out in relief.

    Yun Qi then unexpectedly laughed lightly and said. “Second Young Master, do you know? The acupoint that I pressed just now, for a person who has both legs crippled, they should be able to feel that. If you did not feel anything, that just shows that your legs are completely fine.”

    The moment those words were said, Qing Bei immediately backtracked and replied: “Actually, I did feel something just now. It was incredibly itchy like there were ants biting my leg.”

    Once he said that, he felt that something felt wrong and his eyes widened. “You tricked me?”

    He had definitely felt that but Yun Qi had said that only people who had both their legs crippled would be able to feel anything!

    [Isn’t that clear that he had been played? !]

    Yun Qi gave a low laugh. “It would seem like the weak and chaotic pulse I felt the first time I came to check on your condition was something you set up intentionally as well. Why are you doing this?”

    The youth’s eyes turned cold and then said solemnly: “You could have continued to pretend to not know anything. Bringing it out so clearly into the open, aren’t you afraid that you would not be able to walk out from here today?”

    “Little Bei, you are not to be rude to Lord Yun.” Qing Yu’s voice wafted in lazily from outside the door. “Will your childish tricks be able to escape the eyes of a Gold level Elixir Cultivator? Since Lord Yun had helped you the first time, then he would naturally help you to the end.”

    Hearing that, Qing Bei’s face looked at Yun Qi strangely, like he did not really believe that the man would continue to help him hide it.

    Yun Qi did not exhibit any displeasure on the surface but just turned to say with a faint smile towards the young lady outside the door: “The young Miss is a high level Elixir Cultivator and my humble self has embarrassed myself here. The garden outside is filled with amazing flowers and strange plants, every single species possessing lethal poison that would kill with one touch. But when all these highly numerous and varied types of poisonous plants are combined together, they completely neutralize and cancel out each others’ toxins, a rare sight to be seen. I fear that only my revered Master might be able to compare to the young Miss’ high level of medical knowledge.”