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Chapter 72.3 - Saw Through The Pretense

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 72.3: Saw Through The Pretense

    “Lord Yun has very sharp eyes indeed.” Qing Yu’s lips curled up, her eyes swirling with a gleam. “I hope that the Lord can continue to play dumb. This child fell to harm under the nefarious scheming of wicked people at a very young age and he had no other choice but to do this. He is at a juncture that calls for an appropriate opportunity that would allow him to stand on his feet once again. Over on my father’s side, the Lord will only need to tell him that the boy is currently recovering.”

    “My humble self understands.” Yun Qi nodded. “I will take it as I do not know anything.”

    “Thank you.” The young lady’s lips split into a smile, that looked more radiant than the sun outside.

    Yun Qi lowered his eyes without any change in his expression. “In that case, I shall take my leave.”

    “Take care my Lord.”

    After seeing Qing Yu see Yun Qi out, the youth then asked in puzzlement. “Why will Yun Qi help us? Is it because Sis is an Elixir Cultivator and he wants to butter you up?”

    Driven to laughter from the youth’s question, Qing Yu then rapped him on the head. “Can’t you see the righteous air in that man, one without worldly desires? Would such a sagely person be one that would seek to win my favour?”

    “Then why?” Qing Bei could not understand it. “And did he really see through me the first time? I had clearly made my pulse become one just like what a seriously ill person’s would be like!”

    “Firstly, your subterfuge is still not up to par. Moreover, this Yun Qi is not just any pretty vase but someone with real skills and you think you are able to pull wool over a Elixir Cultivator’s eyes?” Qing Yu said as she shot him a glance.

    Qing Bei could not help but click his tongue and said: “Looks like this Elixir Cultivator is very good!”

    “Otherwise why do you think all those Elixir Cultivators are all so rich? As long as you have the name of Elixir Cultivator hanging above your head, you’ll be respected wherever you go, as even a single low grade elixir pill can sell for several hundred taels.” Qing Yu’s gaze then darkened. “But….. there are also too many people calling themselves Elixir Cultivators who go around swindling people.”

    The Cloud Heaven had the Divine Healers, the White Fen Lands the Elixir Cultivators Association and in the Constellation Lands, it was the top Elixir Cultivator Family Clan who passed their medical knowledge down the generations, the Mu Family.

    The Mu Family’s current Family Head was Mu Qing Tian and he just celebrated his fortieth birthday several days ago.

    Mu Qing Tian was an upright and impartial man who was kind to people and enjoyed a very good reputation. But he had no sons to his name but just one lone precious daughter, the only memory of his late wife he had. He had not remarried all these years as he did not want his daughter to be aggrieved in anyway, a highly affectionate father.

    And the daughter he had held so very precious to his heart, had truly not disappointed him.

    Though a girl, the way she handled and dealt with matters did not lose out to any of the boys, and no one in the entire clan did not accept her as the Young Lord.

    At that moment in the training square, was a very tall girl dressed in black combat clothes, the snaking whip in her hand cracking viciously through the air to cut down a tree that was about as thick as a grown man’s waist, that then fell to the ground with a loud crash.

    “Whoa whoa whoa! Elder sis’s cultivation has grown quite a bit recently!” A mocking voice filled with ridicule reached her from behind.

    The girl retrieved her whip and threw a glance at him. “When did you come back?”

    “I came back last night and I did not go disturb you as it was too late.” Mu Chi replied with a lazy yawn.

    “I heard that you lost to that fella Mu Qian Shang and you lost exceptionally spectacularly.”

    Mu Chi’s face stiffened and he then snorted derisively before saying: “I can’t be blamed for that at all you know? That maniac already completely topped me just by elemental attributes alone and there was no way I could fight against that at all.”

    “Excuses. You’re still too weak.” The girl said scornfully as she turned around.

    It was a face that could be considered to be pretty and adorable but not very outstanding, though with a pair of incredibly clear and lively eyes, like they could strike right upon people’s hearts, which lent an added sense of radiance to that slightly bland countenance.