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Chapter 73.1 - You Can Go Secretly Learn

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 73.1: You Can Go Secretly Learn

    This was the Mu Family’s Mu Lai.

    A Elixir Cultivator at the Silver level’s eighth grade, wielding dual elements lightning and fire, a rare and highly skilled cultivator of both martial arts and medicine throughout the lands. And because of her tyrannically powerful cultivation together with her swift and decisive hand, she was given the title of Lady Devil by the people.

    Though he was mocked like that, Mu Chi did not try to explain any further but just clicked his tongue and said reluctantly: “Yes yes yes, I’m weak. Will that do? How can I possibly compare with a prodigious genius like you?”

    “Good that you know that.” Mu Chai said coldly.

    Mu Chi was speechless. “…..” [No sense of humility at all.]

    “There is still half a year’s time before the Faint Mist Sect will open up to recruit new disciples and I am going to go.” Mu Lai said softly as she took the handkerchief from the servant’s hand to wipe off her perspiration.

    Mu Chi was taken aback a moment, and was then a little puzzled. “Weren’t you unwilling to join any of the sects? When I wanted you to come with me to the Limitless Sect before, you had rejected me flat!”

    “All the various sects care about too many trifling details and have all kinds of rules. I will naturally not want to be bound.” Mu Lai said with a jeering smile. “But as I am now stuck at the Silver level’s eight grade and have not been able to break through, I heard that there is a kind of spirit spring in the Faint Mist Sect that can help a Elixir Cultivator breakthrough the level bottlenecks and I thought that I might as well go try my luck.”

    “So that’s the reason. And I thought you’ve straightened out your thinking.” Mu Chi nodded his head in understanding, but then suddenly seemed to have thought of something. “But, once you are accepted into the Faint Mist Sect, then it will be two whole years before you will be able to come out!”

    Mu Lai looked at him with a calm expression on her face. “I am only interested in the spirit spring and am not going in there seeking to cultivate for immortality. Who would dare stop me if I want to come out?”

    [Is that even acceptable…..]

    [But that was indeed the style of the Lady Devil.]

    But it might as well be that. The Mu Family was famous in the Constellation Lands and everyone would naturally know that they were a family clan of Elixir Cultivators. Moreover, Mu Lai did indeed have what it took for her to be so haughty and arrogant.

    Mu Chi was deep in thought when he heard her ask in an emotionless voice: “Why, on your trip back to the palace this time, your relationship with the Emperor did not thaw?”

    “Thaw out our relationship?” Mu Chi’s voice sounded like he had just heard the biggest joke. “Will you be able to recollect back water that you’ve thrown out? I’ve already said it back then. Even if he begs me, I will never return to that place.”

    “He is afterall still your father.”

    “Ha! I have already shown him great benevolence by not killing him.” The youth whom everyone knew to be sunny and good looking seemed to have hidden all the bad things deep in his heart, where no one would ever be able to reach.

    Just what had exactly happened deep inside the palace then, maybe only he himself knew.

    Mu Lai’s brows creased up, but did not say anything more.

    Having come back to the Gathered Cloud Loft for tens of days and it seemed that the intention was that they would be staying there for quite a long period. Bai Zhi Yan then reopened the covert Rich Fragrance Court which was fronted by the teahouse used as a disguise, its business sad and dismal, with just two or three people idling around in the main floor as they chatted with each other.

    Meanwhile, the Rich Fragrance Court on the other hand was overflowing with people, many of them regulars who came frequently, and also people recommended by others.

    It was said that the ladies here had the most outstanding looks in the Imperial Capital, both talented and beautiful. Anyone who came before would not be able to extricate themselves, enjoying themselves so much they would forget to even go home.

    And the fine wine and delicacies in Rich Fragrance Court was also one of a kind, where many of the nobles who had tasted all kinds of gourmet foods and delicacies attested that the taste of their food would leave what the Imperial Chefs were able to whip up in the dust.

    But their prices were also exceptionally expensive. Though that was the case, it did not stop the footsteps of the people from coming here. They were afterall people who had no lack of money and their closure in the past few months had roused up a bout of displeasure among them.