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Chapter 73.2 - You Can Go Secretly Learn

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 73.2: You Can Go Secretly Learn

    Looking at the Gathered Cloud Loft from the outside, it could not look any more ordinary, its size just about right, looking neither unpresentable or decrepit, nor was it too ostentatious or attention grabbing. Throughout that street in the Imperial Capital, it was considered to be one of the less conspicuous looking buildings.

    Of course, the majority of the people who had not come here before would all be deceived by its unattractive facade.

    It was only after one had truly stepped inside that they would discover that there was much more than meets the eye.

    You would never be able to imagine that such a small little teahouse had actually been separated into three enormous sections.

    Besides the teahouse and the Rich Fragrance Court, there was also an exquisite and beautiful little courtyard with a room hidden inside, with a long and winding corridor that had a little bridge and a small running stream, filled with colourful fish chasing each other playfully, providing a highly lively sight.

    Lou Jun Yao was used to enjoying the comforts in life and no matter where he was, the environment must always be warm to the heart and pleasing to the eye. Using Bai Zhi Yan’s words to describe it, every single brick and every one tile here, was all money money money!

    But as they had a dimensional artifact, they would be able to carry this place away with them anytime they wanted. Otherwise, when they leave from here, wouldn’t they be wasting such a precious and invigorating spot?

    At the end of that long corridor was a pavilion, where Lou Jun Yao and Bai Zhi Yan were currently engaged in discussion. A screech then tore through the air, and the bare and empty table suddenly had a gorgeous multi coloured bird appear on it. Its beautiful eyes fluttered weakly as it stomped its little clawed feet lazily.

    “Why have you come here again?” Bai Zhi Yan said rather mournfully as he twitched a corner of his mouth before he took off the nifty little bamboo tube on its feet. He continued to prattle on as he read the note: “Does that Xun Luo really have nothing better to do? We have the Voice Transmitting Device and he chooses not to use it, insisting to imitate others by passing notes through this whole homing pigeon thing. I fear that this little thing here is about to scratch someone already.”

    The bird was one of the rarer and more expensive species in Cloud Heaven. Although it looks small and petite like a pet, it was a rare species that was able to fly ten thousand miles in a day, a divine bird that was able to enter the void and pass through dimensions. It understood humans and for that, it was very well liked by people in Cloud Heaven.

    “Huh? The Dark Legion has started to recruit Elixir Cultivators? ?” Bai Zhi Yan blinked his eyes. “Could it be because they found themselves at a disadvantage the last time and they want to prepare themselves beforehand now? But aren’t they setting the requirements a little too high?”

    Lou Jun Yao did not even turn his eyes but could roughly guess what was written on the note. His thin lips arced up slightly and he then made a statement that had Bai Zhi Yan scratching his head. “I heard that Zhuge Xiong was initially from your Divine Healers Sect.”

    Bai Zhi Yan was taken aback before he replied. “I think he came out from under the Third Elder’s hand…..”

    “Since he was from the same sect as all of you, I would think that he knows the Divine Healers Sects ways inside out. So if the Dark Legion was seeking to recruit Elixir Cultivators, people from the Divine Healers Sect would basically be excluded.” Lou Jun Yao said in an unhurried tone, before he laughed softly. “But alas, Gold level Elixir Cultivators can be found everywhere on the street but only in the Divine Healer Sect would there be a higher chance for them to find a Green Bronze level Elixir Cultivator.”

    Bai Zhi Yan immediately understood hearing that, his devilishly handsome looking face becoming a little perplexed. “How could I have forgotten about that? Looks like the chances of their plans coming to fruition is not that high!”

    “Don’t we have you here though?” Lou Jun Yao said with an imperceptible smile.

    “Aren’t I from the Divine Healers Sect as well?” Bai Zhi Yan said, shooting him a glance.

    The man’s mesmerizing violet eyes then came to be tinged with an unfathomable glint and he said softly: “You can go secretly learn something from the Little Fox.”

    “Any why have I not thought of that before! ?” It suddenly dawned on Bai Zhi Yan. “I suggested that we should discuss Medicine together before. Even though I was rejected, I should have shamelessly persisted! I must definitely secretly pick up a skill or two from there!”